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Black And Red Mens Wedding Ring

Grey Ring With Red Inlay

Men’s Ring & Pinky Ring Collection – Gentleman’s Gazette

Metal: Black Zirconium

Width: 8mm

Price: $850

This modern red band has a red inlay made from Red Heart Wood. It’s a great ring if, once again, you want some red in your ring but don’t necessarily want it to overpower to band. The ridges in the black zirconium make this ring stand out from a standard band!

Black Wedding Rings As A Political Statement

There are certain groups and organizations that use black rings as a political statement. Its a way to help them promote ideas like equality in marriage laws. Because some people still dont have the ability to marry due to their sexual orientation, these organizations use a black ring with the word equality written on it to symbolically protest against something they feel is unjust in our government.

So, just what does a black wedding band mean? Clearly, it depends on who you ask. Whatever the reasoning or meaning attached to black wedding rings, we say they make an attractive, affordable, and eye-catching option for couples everywhere. Are there really any downsides? We think not.

Black Wedding Rings As A Nod To Ancient History

For some couples, a black wedding bands meaning is an ode to ancient history, from back when the Greeks and Romans would carve rings from black onyx, which is a type of quartz. Though some of these rings may have been used in weddings, some may also have been worn for mere fashion or as a status symbol. The Romans often made seal or signet rings as a way to identify themselves and prove their authenticity.

For some couples, it could be they just find “the old ways” to be more romantic and intriguing than other styles that are available today.

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Wedding Ring Black And Red Men

Mens Black Rings Made Functional

(8mm) Unisex or Men

At Etrnl, we believe in designing modern pieces that go with the flow of contemporary living. Whether youre always on-the-go in the office or work as a personal trainer all of our mens black rings are created to reflect your way of life.

With a long-standing reputation in Australia, our customers turn to our range for an alternative take on what it means to sport jewellery. Be it a wedding ring or other sentimental design all of our pieces are a nod to practicality.

Mens black rings from silicone to tungsten

Having spent time in the market and thoroughly understanding our customers needs, we turned our line into a collection thats backed by versatility.

Choose from high-quality wooden designs, silicone black mens rings, tungsten and carbon fibre weve got you covered.

Why choose silicone?

Sporting non-toxic materials and pleasing aesthetics, silicone is a great alternative for a variety of jewellery.

Because it supports our customers busy lives, we use this material to ensure our pieces offer flexibility, durability and comfortable wear something metal cannot do. Ditch the fear of damaging or scratching your beloved ring and opt for a design thats crafted to last.

The crowd-favourite tungsten

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Explore Diamond Black Rings

Glittering with scintillating fire, diamonds pair beautifully with black rings. Artfully crafted using high-quality materials, Helzbergs black rings for men and women stand out for all the right reasons. Enhanced with brilliant white or depthless black gems, each piece makes a bold statement.

Helzbergs wedding bands are available in a variety of materials. Not sure where to start? Our team of jewelry experts can help you decide on a wedding ring that best suits you. Schedule a wedding and engagement ring appointment online or in-person at a Helzberg Diamonds near you.

Mens Black Wedding Ring

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Black Diamond / Black Moissanite

Thanks to various celebrities opting for colored gemstones, black diamond engagement rings are getting more popular.

What is usually done in an engagement ring is using a black diamond as a center stone, and setting it with rhodium-plated gold, yellow gold, or titanium.

To give it more contrast, settings where black diamonds can cover the rings are used. Thin bands are usually used, so when paved, the ring is almost black in color.

Others accentuate the black diamond center stone with various black gemstones. It can either be black diamonds, black spinels, black sapphire, black moissanite, or onyx.

In other designs, put white diamonds or white moissanite to give the ring more personality.

Similar to black diamonds, black moissanite is also a good option especially if you want to use ring settings with multiple stones, such as pave, channel, or halo.

Black Wedding Bands As A Practical Solution

Keep Fit Metallic Finish Silicone Wedding Band Ring Set

There are many instances where people do work have jobs that can be damaging to their rings, such as crane operators, construction workers, and other manual labor positions.

Despite the risks, they still prefer to wear their original wedding ring at all times. Often, the metals from which black wedding bands are crafted are quite strong, especially in the case of metals like titanium or tungsten.

You wont be worried youre scratching it up or causing irreparable damage, because its scratch resistant and built to withstand harsh conditions.

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Black Wedding Bands For Comfort Or Safety Reasons

Asking “what does a black wedding band mean” may not always be the right question. Instead, try asking a person why theyve chosen to wear a black ring. Sometimes its less about wedding rings meaning and more about necessity.

Certain careers make some wedding bands dangerous or uncomfortable to wear. Couples that work in dangerous fields will often go with a black wedding band made of silicone.

Firemen, and men who do extremely strenuous work find their hands swell up from time to time. The restriction of wearing a metal ring can not only be uncomfortable, but it could also cause actual pain. It can become a real problem, especially if you have trouble removing it because of the swelling.

Imagine a fireman inside a burning building, trying to find and save people, only to discover their fingers have begun to swell and hurt, but they cant do anything about it. The distraction can impede the firemans ability to think clearly under extreme circumstances.

People who work with liquids or wet substances and who get these substances on their hands regularly may be afraid of losing their wedding ring by accident. Massage therapists, people who prepare food for a living, people who work at sea, professional athletes all of these careers come with risks. Many couples avoid these risks by wearing a temporary black wedding ring.

When silicone rings are worn, they can be stretched and removed, or easily cut off if necessary, without causing undue injury.

Black Wedding Bands To Embrace The Macabre

There are plenty of people in the world who are just dark in personality and style. People with a love of theater have a flare for the dramatic, as do goths and people that have a passion for the macabre. For people fascinated with dark things, a black wedding band only seems fitting as both a personal statement and a style preference.

Honestly, if you asked for a black wedding bands meaning a few decades ago, it would have been immediately been associated with all sorts of negative connotations ripe with death and satanism. Today, gothic people that are inclined toward the darker things in life are much more mainstream and accepted. Ergo, so are their black wedding rings.

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Our Range Of Tungsten Rings

We here at Manly Bands invite you to take a look at our entire Tungsten Collection of manly wedding bands. We know there is more to picking out a wedding band than just finding one that looks good. It has to feel good, it has to fit good, and it has to BE good for what you need. Whether you are the lead mechanic at the shop, the head maintenance tech for the plant, or the best damned handyman in the whole house, you may need a ring that can take some punishment. Tungsten is there for you, bro.

Just start here: The Overlord. You can’t get a ring that so perfectly honors one of cinema’s most iconic bad-ass villains without Tungsten. That sleek, sexy shine blends with the deep, dark, menacing black carbon fiber inlay. This ring doesn’t just promise the world a Force-Choke if they cross you, it promises to be able to take one itself.

And on the other side, you have The Peacekeeper. Solid Tungsten, with brushed metal. Silver, Blue, shiny, but subdued. This ring makes a statement, but not a loud and obnoxious one. It speaks of a quiet, but incredible inner strength, one that should not be questioned.

Tungsten / Tungsten Carbide

Mens Wedding Band Black, Red Wedding Ring, Tungsten Ring, Engagement ...

Tungsten or tungsten carbide is the one, if not the main, metal of choice for black wedding rings. It is alloyed with carbon , hence the term Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten is a heavy metal known for its toughness and durability. While it is not scratch-proof, it is scratch-resistant.

Surprisingly, tungsten is also brittle and will crack when extreme pressure is applied. Thus, rings made of tungsten cannot be resized, or be made into extremely intricate designs.

Like platinum and gold, Tungsten is hypoallergenic, which makes it suitable for persons with metal allergies. However, unlike platinum and gold, tungsten is more affordable.

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Red And Black Mens Wedding Rings

Black Wedding Bands As An Emotional Statement

For some, a black wedding ring can symbolize courage and strength. Its not just representative of physical strength, but strength of conviction, too. Therefore, it says something about the person wearing it.

If both people in a relationship wear black wedding bands, it may be done as a way to symbolize a very strong relationship, bound by an unusually strong sense of commitment.

This not only says something about each person individually, but it also speaks to their love and devotion to each other. Couples so deeply committed are usually in it to win it and rarely stray, or even consider something like divorce.

As a side note, some people wear black rings on the middle finger of the right hand. This isnt a wedding band per se, but it may be worn to indicate the wearer isnt open to approach from the opposite sex. Its a way to assert their asexuality and convey the message, Back off. Im not available.

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What Does A Black Wedding Ring Mean

The symbol of a black wedding ring or black engagement ring is as varied as the people wearing it. Because of its color, some say that black wedding rings symbolize power, courage, and strength .

As to engagement rings, it is more of a trend or style preference than anything else. The usual materials used for engagement rings with black bands are gold-cobalt alloy, or black-rhodium-plated, and black titanium. These metals can be used for intricate designs and can be resized when needed.

Mens Wedding Band With Red Inside

Mens Tungsten Wedding Band with Rose Gold and Diamonds by Heavy Stone Rings, TAHAGI 8mm

Metal: Black Zirconium

Width: 8mm

Price: $775

If you are looking for a red band but don’t really want the red to show, than this band is the one. The red is only on the inside of the ring. When wearing the ring you’ll just see the beautiful black zirconium.

Width: 8mm

Price: 199

This ring features a stunning black and red opal on the inner part of the band. It’s made from black ceramic, so is a great pick if you are on a budget!

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In Support Of Firefighters

The Men’s Thin Red Line Wedding Ring is a great choice for that person who either has a love for red or who loves to support firefighters across the country. It’s a uniquely stylish blackwedding ring that carries a quietly powerful message wherever it goes.

Each men’s wedding ring is fabricated from an unique metal that turns dark when heated to ultra-high temperatures, creating a hard, ash-colored coating that will never flake or wear off. The 1 mm-wide groove through the center has been crafted into a red colorway that gives the Thin Red Line Ring its name.

The inside of the ring has been shaped in a nice comfort fit, while the outside of the band is completed with a satin finish and polished edges. Each firefighter wedding band is available in any whole or half size.

Please note: Due to the quality of the materials in this ring, there is a $35 charge for all rings sized 13 and higher. This price will be shown at checkout.

Explore the complete collection of zirconium rings at Titanium-Buzz.

  • Satin finish with polished edge
  • Made in the USA

Black Wedding Bands As A Style Statement

Theres no denying that black wedding rings are fashionable in todays culture. Many people choose to wear them just because they like them, not because of any hidden meanings attached to it.

Wearing a black ring stems purely from a desire to differentiate themselves from their more “traditionalist” friends or family members with traditional metal rings and make a statement.

Still, others might associate wearing a black ring with progressive thinking or outright rebellion against social norms. Whatever the motives, a black wedding ring certainly makes a statement and conveys an edginess that you just cant get with a plain wedding band made from silver or gold.

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How To Use The Manly Flat Ring Sizer

Note: It’s best to measure when your hands are cold, not after a Manly workout when they are likely swollen with power and ingenuity.

  • Pop the desired size out of the flat sizer and find one that fits comfortably snug.
  • Shake your hand like you’re waving goodbye to your future in-laws and see if it stays in place. If so, that is your standard size! If not, keep trying. You should have to twist it a bit to get it off your finger. Otherwise it will be too big.
  • Make sure to consider whether you want to be able to spin your ring around a lot or if you want it to go on and stay on day and night and adjust your chosen size as needed.
  • Wear your chosen size around for the next couple hours while you do manly stuff, just to make sure it is, in fact, the droid you’re looking for.
  • Head back here to buy your Manly Band!
  • – This flat sizer contains sizes 5-15 in whole and half sizes, then sizes 15-20 in whole sizes only

    – Sizes 5-7 are 6mm in width

    – Sizes 7.5-20 are 8mm in width

    Please note: Ring Sizers are FINAL SALE and not eligible for return. Please pass on to a friend if you are done with yours and have no further use for it.

    Disclaimer: Please keep in mind, it all really boils down to how you want the ring to fit. Note that there should be a little resistance when taking it off. If your knuckles are big, do not size down for the smaller widths.

    Still totally stumped? We’d be glad to help, so email us:

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