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Who Pays For Wedding Bands

The Invitations And Other Stationery

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Wedding invitations can range from complicated packages with multiple envelopes and pre-stamped RSVP cards to simple handwritten notes or, today, even emailed invitations with links to the couple’s wedding website. In all circumstances, though, the bride’s family is responsible for the creation, printing, and mailing of the invitations. The bride’s family also takes care of the creation and printing of any announcements and of programs to be handed out at the ceremony.

Who Picks Out The Wedding Bands

Just as with every decision youre likely to make about your wedding, the answer to this question is up to your personal preferences. Traditionally, wedding bands had far fewer design and style options than they do today. Most often, a simple, smooth metal band sufficed for both wedding rings. Today however, couples have far more options for how to approach choosing a wedding band.

For the bride, there are several approaches to choosing a wedding band to accompany an engagement ring. Some opt for a band that closely matches their engagement ring, while others choose a band that they can wear independent of their engagement ring. Many engagement rings can even be found as a wedding set with a matching band already included. Then, the grooms band can either be a distinct, preferred style or something that matches the brides wedding band. Our Grove Set is a perfect example of matching bands that can all be purchased together and are stylistically synced with each other as well as the engagement ring.

Most couples today go to their jeweler and pick out wedding bands together as a couple, with each person ultimately having final say in their ring. It is often the case that the bands will not match. Instead, theyre representative of what each individual personally wants to wear as a symbol of their own style and what the ring symbolizes.

What Does The Grooms Family Pay For

While the brides family plays a more prominent role in your wedding and fields more of the minor intricacies of the day, the grooms family often takes on a small handful of major expenses to even the scale. Here are some basic items often paid for by the family of the groom.

  • Wedding Bands: The groom is typically responsible for procuring the wedding bands, but many couples today choose to split the cost or purchase each others rings.
  • Grooms Attire: Its customary for the grooms family to pay for the grooms wedding attire, though today it is more common for the groom to purchase his own. In some cases, the groom or his family pay for the bridal bouquet and boutonnieres as well.
  • Rehearsal Dinner: The rehearsal dinner is sometimes considered optional, particularly for smaller weddings, but can be a great way to calm those nerves and bring your closest friends and family together for an intimate dinner before all the other guests arrive and the music starts. With so much else for the bride and her family to worry about, the grooms family traditionally handles the rehearsal dinner, arranging the venue, organizing the food and drinks, and covering all expenses.

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Who Is Supposed To Buy The Wedding Bands

Tradition states that the bride should purchase the grooms wedding band, along with providing a small gift. Equally, it has been the expectation that the groom purchases the brides wedding band in return.

That being said, whether or not you follow this tradition is a decision that you will personally have to make.

It all depends on the context.

And this is why not all couples continue to follow it.

This is why you sometimes hear that the man exclusively purchases the wedding bands, or that a bride has taken on the full cost.

Ultimately the decision is all yours.

But if you are not sure about what to do, consider the following factors and how this could influence your decision.

Tips For Buying A Wedding Ring


In the planning phase, it never hurts to have a couple of extra tips to guide you during the purchase of a good wedding band that will make the couple happy and suit their tastes well without breaking the bank. After all, this jewelry is expected to accompany the couple forever.

Take the following tips into consideration:

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Who Pays For The Wedding Traditionally

The act of marriage is almost 5000 years old, and modern traditions have been baked in for the majority of that time. Things have changed drastically over the past few decades and will continue to do so as our society rapidly evolves.

Its unlikely that well drop tradition entirely we love a lot of it but its always best to ask questions when youre not sure. We all have to teach each other.

Come back often and well keep you posted with the latest and greatest of new trends and help guide you through balancing tradition with social updates.

How Much Do Wedding Rings Cost

There is no answer to that question. A wedding ring can cost as little or as much as you like. Of course, the wedding ring is symbolic. But since you have it for the rest of your life, you want it to be as beautiful as possible. The material of the wedding rings affects the price a lot, so it is worth looking through all our collections first and then focusing on the wedding rings you like. Those that also have the price tag you have in mind.

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More Topics Of Discussion

Discussing how to purchase the wedding bands can be the beginning of quite a few more conversations that should probably follow.

In most cases, as soon as you walk into any jewelry store they will ask you what you are looking for.

You will hear things like ring size, ring color, ring metal, diamonds, gemstones, moissanite, lab-grown diamonds, carat, and a variety of others words you may not be familiar with.

Discussing things like this beforehand could be quite beneficial as you try to explain what you want and need for an engagement or wedding band.

Another very important thing to discuss is the price.

What is your price range? How much should you spend on the grooms ring? How much does the bride expect you to pay for hers?

Understanding one anothers expectations first and then working out the best solution will help you both be on the same page while shopping for rings and other bought necessities for the wedding.

Be sure to discuss all these things and have a price range ready to tell your jeweler.

It may also be helpful to come prepared with a couple of pictures of the style of engagement and wedding band you want to have.

Maybe you want to match your rings to your spouses. Or maybe you dont want any diamonds in the wedding band, while the other person wants a lot.

You can find exactly what you want if you look hard enough!

Who Pays For The Wedding Here’s The Official Answer


Here is the breakdown of the traditional way to divide up the budget and figure out who pays for the weddinguse this as a starting point, and not the final word.

Setting a wedding budget is one of the most important parts of planning. But before you can figure out how much you can afford to pay for your big day , youll need to decide who pays for the wedding. Of course, theres the old-school, traditional way of figuring out financial responsibility. However nowadays, there are actually lots of ways to divvy things up. Many couples pay for their own wedding themselves. Some families split things up more equally, or perhaps one family contributes and another does not.

If youre an LGBTQIA+ couple, paying for the wedding wont be divided along gender lines, so couples and their families need to devise their own budget plan . But in the end, its really up to you to decide what works best for you and your families. Here is the breakdown of the traditional way to divide up the budget and figure out who pays for the weddinguse this as a starting point, and not the final word on the matter.

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Who Buys The Grooms Wedding Ring

Much like wedding bands for men were not popular for men in the United States until the 1940s, the same can be said for other cultures around the world. Wedding bands or engagement rings for women, however, can be traced back as far as the Neanderthal days. At this point, a woman would wear a “ring” of grass or twig tied around her waist to symbolize loyalty. Later, wedding rings made of leather, bone or ivory would be worn by women in Ancient Egypt. The tradition of wedding or engagement rings for women would continue for many years to come in nearly all cultures. Still, men’s wedding bands did not become widely popular until after the trend began in America. The exception, however, began in Romania, where it is customary for both husband and wife to wear silver rings after their 25th wedding anniversaries. In this situation, it is the custom for each partner to gift a silver ring to the other.

Today, in most cultures, it appears as if there are two prominent practices. Either the groom purchases both wedding bands himself or his fiancee purchases his wedding band and presents it as a gift.

Do Couples Pay For Each Others Wedding Rings

Your grandparents, both your side and your spouse side, see to it that your parents wedding follows the traditional marriage to a tee during their time. It means everything was spot-on, from preparations to the executions to the parties to the honeymoons and almost everything about a successful and memorable traditional wedding. It also means whatever your grandparents tell your parents what is going to happen, come hell or high water, that is whats going to happen no matter what.

For example, if it means that the bride and her family would have to do this and that, thats whats going to happen. Likewise, if the groom and his family would have to execute this and that, by all means, thats whats going to happen. Maybe why you are named like that, maybe just maybe, your grandparents have something to do about it. But that was then. Now is a new completely ball game.

The younger generations now live in a time where they can be flexible and pliant. They can make some adjustments to ensure the same outputs are produced, considering that we live and thrive in complex and difficult times. Wedding traditions evolve with the changing times. Your wedding may look different from how your parents wedding look a few years back. During your parents time, gender would be a consideration in some roles that need to be done to ensure a successful wedding.

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Who Pays For The Flower Girl Dresses And Ring Bearer Attire

The parents of your littlest attendants will pay for their children’s attire. The flower girl dresses and ring bearer attire is typically chosen by both the children’s parents and the couple.

Again, this list of who pays for the wedding is based on traditional roles, and nowadays, it’s rare for anyone to follow it exactly. We advise all couples to have an open and honest discussion with family members about their roles in the wedding budget before starting the vendor selection process.

What Does The Brides Family Pay For

Celtic Wedding Band Princess Cut Sapphire and Diamond Wedding

Spanning many centuries and cultures, it has traditionally been the brides family who pays for much of the wedding, from the dress to the ceremony. Here are some items on your wedding budget traditionally covered by the family of the bride.

  • Engagement Announcements: When the lucky couple are finally ready to go public with the good news, it typically falls to the family of the bride to pay for the engagement announcement in the local newspaper. If the grooms family or the couple live in a different city, the brides family still traditionally pays for the announcements in those papers as well.

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The Traditions: Who Pays For What

Traditionally, the bride’s family was responsible for paying for most of the expenses for the wedding and the reception. Because of that, they are typically in control of making the major decisions about the style and size of the wedding. The rules, however, have been in flux for a while, so use these traditions as a guideline to establish what you want for your own wedding and to determine who will pay for it.

No Really Who Pays For It

Still, that leaves the question of who pays for the groom wedding band. If the groom pays for it himself, it might not feel like a gift from the bride. However, this might be the best way to ensure he gets the ring he desires. Statistics say that grooms rings can average around $1,200, depending on material, style, diamonds or no, and so on. This price tag might be too steep for one persons salary, so it may be important to split the cost. Or, even better, check out some amazing grooms rings available for $599 or less.

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Who Buys The Grooms Band

Similar to who buys the brides wedding band, many couples have opted for making both ring purchases together. Even mens wedding rings can be costly as they contain a lot of metal. For this reason, couples may choose to purchase rings for each other, or together using the same pot of money. While the price between a mens and womens wedding ring may not be completely equal- especially if one of them features accents- paying for them using one of these two methods is a good idea to even out the expenses.

While most of the attention is often on the brides wedding rings- both her engagement ring and wedding band- the grooms band is frequently left as a last-minute purchase. It is true that mens wedding bands are much more simple in design than womens, but that doesnt mean theyre any less important. They are still just as significant in representing marriage and should have just as much thought put into the buying journey. Couples may even opt to match their wedding bands slightly, and in which case, will most likely need to be purchased together. Some matching wedding rings will have similar metalwork or accent stones- although they may still differ in shank width. No matter who buys the grooms band- whether together or separately- it should be purchased with the brides wedding band in mind as well.

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