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How To Make A Wedding Spreadsheet

Wedding Budget Excel Spreadsheet By A Practical Wedding

Wedding Budget Spreadsheet | Simple Excel Wedding Budget Planner | Create a Wedding Budget Download

A Practical Wedding provides a wedding budgeting spreadsheet that guides you through the planning process without you even knowing. Start with an overall budget, break that budget down by category, and start checking things off your list. Before you know it, youll have everything planned and accounted for without spending an extra dime.

This works perfectly as a Google sheet, but for those who prefer a more tactile approach, it works just as well as wedding printables.

All The Wedding Planning Spreadsheets

A Practical Wedding doesnt just hook you up with a wedding budget spreadsheet it presents you with an entire suite of free wedding planning spreadsheets including:

  • Complete Wedding Workbook for Formal Weddings
  • Complete Wedding Workbook for DIY Weddings
  • Wedding Checklist

You can check out all the options in the suite here.

How Do I Track Changes That Coming From The Wedding Website When Someone Has An Update Something

This magic is hidden under the hood. All RSVP statuses from the Wedding Website will synchronize automatically with your Wedding Project, and you will see the most recent data, dietary restriction, and who bring a plus one guest. Event if anyone changes their mind, you will see the chain of their responses.

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Wedding Planning Spreadsheet #: Guest List

Keep track of all your guests, their contact information, whether youve sent their invitation, what meal theyd like, and more! TIP: The invitation number means that youll mark each invitation with a number . This allows you to find out who sent in the invite if they forget to include their name. Youd be surprised how often this happens.

Free Wedding Budget Template By Katie Jakub For Google Sheets


When she was a bride-to-be, Katie Jakub was extremely budget-conscious. She knew that sticking to a budget didnt mean she had to sacrifice a beautiful wedding, though. So she created a spreadsheet that logged everything as she prepped for matrimony:

  • Wedding budget
  • List of photos she wanted on the big day
  • Day-of timeline
  • Music plans for the DJ
  • Items that needed transport on the wedding day or before
  • A cute countdown clock

The best part of this spreadsheet genius? Jakub decided to share her wedding budget template for free with Femme Frugality audiences.

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Divide The Guest List Into Categories

Divide your list into four categories. From A to D. In the A, you should include all the people you can not marry without.

Aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends of the school you keep in touch with should go to the B list, in your list of C should include co-workers, friends of your parents, and neighbors. Finally, your list D, distant cousins, friends you lost contact with. If you need to cut your list, start with the D.

How To Use A Wedding Spreadsheet

First, create a spreadsheet using either Excel or Google Sheets. I prefer the latter because its easy to share with your fiance, wedding planner or any other interested parties.

My mom and day-of-coordinator had access to my spreadsheet so they could refer to it if they had any questions. Tiller even offers the option to create a shared spreadsheet for you and your partner.

Once you have the document created, create a header row with the following attributes:

  • Vendor: Name of the vendor
  • Type: What service theyre providing, i.e. flowers, food, alcohol, etc.
  • Deposit: Most vendors require a deposit before the wedding to secure the date
  • Total Amount Due: How much the total is, including tip
  • Status: Paid or unpaid
  • Notes: Anything miscellaneous you need to remember, like invitation send-by dates or unsigned contracts
  • Phone Number and Email Address: Always good to have these within reach

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Free Wedding Budget Template By Offbeat Bride For Google Sheets

Offbeat Bride also offers a fantastic, free wedding budget template. While you wont get Jakubs DJ page, countdown clock or transport list page, you will get the addition of a hotel block comparison page, a point-of-contact list, a venue comparison chart and a packing list. Under the File menu, make a copy in order to edit your own version.

Both spreadsheets are comprehensive which you end up using will ultimately depend on your personal wedding planning goals.

Open Wedding Spreadsheet in Google Docs

So What Is The Average Wedding Cost Anyway

How to set up a wedding budget in Excel

Thats a great question, and one that you should indeed be asking. We like this site to check on current averages by state and type of expense since things change from year to year.

The average cost of a wedding nowadays might come with some sticker shock, but as you take a deep breath remind yourself that these are just averages. It is absolutely possible to still plan weddings on a budget with a little creativity and perseverance.

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Wedding Planning : Wedding Budget By Brideside

The best thing about Wedding Planning 101 from BridSide is how thorough the categories are. With many wedding budget trackers, you wind up with surprise expenses simply because they didnt fit into a category. With BrideSide, youre able to distribute your budget according to your priorities and account for every single expense that youre bound to encounter.

Find it here.

As you can see theres a wedding planning tool out there for everyone. Its not a one-size-fits-all situation so make sure to read through the descriptions and take the ones that sound appealing for a test drive until you find the one that works perfectly with your style.

Why Organization Was So Necessary For Me

A sad-but-real truth: wedding planning takes over your life for at least a couple months. Youve heard everyone who has done it say that. I thought wed be different. Ive planned so many events, I could plan a wedding in a month, I said. And yeah, you totally could. But Im a designer at heart, and details are important to me. I grew up in the hospitality business, so entertaining and making guests feel special is also super important to me. We took on a lot for us to have a really special wedding, and I feel like I reclaimed a little piece of my sanity every time I offloaded information from my head into a spreadsheet, clearing space in my mind for the other things in my life.

One of the most time consuming things is comparing vendors. For instance, you do some research and email 10 seamstresses in one push. 3 of them will call you while youre at work the next day, 2 of them will email back , and 5 wont respond for a week . Youre now tasked with managing 510 conversations at different points in different ways per vendor type! To prevent frustration, I began by defining what I needed to know from each vendor to make my decision, and as I collected that information from the vendor, Id drop it into the spreadsheet. It was clear at any given point what information I had and what information I needed, making follow-ups so much easier.

Our first venue spreadsheet. YES, there was more than one iteration.

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How To Make Your Wedding Guest List Excel Spreadsheet

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Congratulations! Youre engaged! I bet your head is spinning with all the people and plans you hope to include in your special day! It is time to start putting names to paper and building your Wedding Guest List Excel Spreadsheet. How big will your wedding be? How expensive? All these answers and more are truly contingent on your Wedding Guest List, the headcount and the numbers involved. Did you know that the best way to control your budget is to control your Guest List? It is

We recommend you make your Guest List in an Excel Spreadsheet. With the ability to sort and calculate there really is no better method. In fact, we prefer it so much, were going to give you a FREE one and walk you through building it!

You can also buy a !

Free Wedding Checklists For Planning Budgets Guests And More

How To Create A Wedding Budget // How To Create A Wedding ...

These stress-free tools are just what you need to plan the perfect big day…

Need help planning your wedding? Here at Wedding Ideas, weve produced a fabulous set of free wedding checklists to help you organise your big day. From wedding planner guides to guest spreadsheets and how to organise a hen party, our free downloads break the whole planning process down.

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Need More Wedding Planning Basics To Get You Started

In addition to wedding spreadsheets, weve got tons of basic wedding planning resources at your fingertips. Weve got wedding budget advice, wedding schedule advice, wedding invitation wording tips, planning your ceremony, vendor advice, dealing with family issues, how to find a dress, where to find venues, and even more. If youre worried about it, weve covered it.

How To Manage Your Wedding Budget Spreadsheet

The key to any successful wedding budget spreadsheet is, of course, to keep it as updated as possible. To that end, Kuchemba recommends inserting new costs as they come in/you sign contracts. You may also want to have a monthly reminder in your calendar to sit down with your partner and family to discuss where the budget is at that current moment, says Kuchemba.

Whats also helpful: differentiating between more fixed costs and more malleable costs at the beginning of the budgeting process. Your photography and videography estimates, for example, likely wont fluctuate unless you add or subtract hours of service, and the same typically goes for music and entertainment services, your officiant, and the costs to occupy your ceremony and reception venues.

Other expenses will increase and decreasesometimes dramatically soas your guest count rises and falls because they are explicitly tied to how many guests theyll be catering to. These categories typically include bar costs, food costs, rental upgrades, and floral arrangements . Keeping those more fixed costs in mindand selecting those vendors on the earlier sidewill give you a better idea of how much wiggle room you have in categories you wont know final pricing for until later.

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Can I Import The Existing Guest List From The File

Yes, sure! Whether you have the guest list in the Excel XLS file or CSV, you can use the importing tool. The algorithms of the Wedding Planning Assistant, while the importing, will recognize duplicates automatically, and then the merging options will be suggested. So, you don’t have to re-do your guest list from scratch.

If You Missed It Above You Can Buy A Clean Copy Of Every Spreadsheet I Shared Here:

WEDDING BUDGET SPREADSHEET GUIDE: (walk through of the wedding spreadsheet. Wedding planning help)

You can read more about wedding planning in my How much does a wedding really cost? post and my upcoming designing my custom dress post! Stay tuned for that one. And feel free to comment or shoot me an email if you have questions or found something here useful!

Cayleecaylee.betts at gmail dot com

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Planning Tools : Wedding Venue Comparison Chart

We launched a comprehensive and totally customizable document of wedding planning spreadsheets if you’re the type to get down with spreadsheets like I am. First… Read more

You may be following along with this series on our new totally customizable document of wedding planning spreadsheets. Theyll help you build out the best wedding planning binder for super organization in spreadsheet form .

First we featured a big olwedding timeline, then we featured the guest list planner, then the budget calculator, and now were showing you the wedding venue comparison chart, which is a chart we havent seen elsewhere before in this form. Were talking a total venue chart to fill in with your venue option totals, specific amenities, parking information, notes, and photos to help you make your wedding venue decision.

You can snag the whole set of complete planning docs Well be highlighting each spreadsheet in their own posts so you can see whats in each.

Heres the whole set of wedding planning docs, including some weve seen nowhere else:

You can download all 10 of the spreadsheets to open in an app of your choice, or save them to your own Google Drive, and customize the hell out of them to fit your own offbeat wedding. Alternately, you can print them out, download them as a PDF , or email them to a friend or planner.

Invitations For C List

When it comes to the C list, its normally a group you would like to invite BUT inviting them might put you over the guest capacity at the venue or may push you to an uncomfortable place with the budget. If you hit a roadblock with this I have a workaround. Youll have to plan a little further in advance and be a little more strategic but its a great solution if this is exceptionally difficult.

Youll want to plan to send two rounds of invitations. The first round goes to your A and B list with an early RSVP date. Once you get the RSVPs back from the first round youll get an idea of the people who do not plan to attend so you can make room for the C list. Be very careful here because youre going to have to plan way ahead of time. Instead of sending invitations at the traditional time, youll want to send them well ahead of that. You need to give yourself enough time to send the first round, receive RSVPs, record who is and isnt attending, order more invitations and then have them sent out with enough time for the C list to be able to RSVP so you can communicate that over to your vendors affected by the final guest count.

Pro tip: Another roadblock my clients hit is when it comes to creating the seating chart for their RSVPs. When youre creating the guest list, in addition to ranking them, group them by the way you would have them sit at your tables.

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Wedding Planning Checklist #: Who To Call List

Heres the document youll want to provide to anyone who may need help on the wedding day and days leading up to it. Trust us, you dont want everyone calling you for help. Include your planner, if you have one, and any key wedding party and family members who can direct guests to their appropriate destinations and answer questions.

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