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What To Put In Wedding Guest Gift Bags

Wedding Gift Bag Ideas To Welcome Your Guests

How to Make Gift Bags for Wedding Guests

Its difficult to land on the right wedding gift bag ideas in 2020. Most advice columns list items that are overdone, way too expensive, uninspired, or impractical.

Thats why were here.

Read on and find wedding gift bag ideas that are perfect for a range of ages, tastes, budgets, effort, and style.Our suggestions work as-is but you know your guests best. Feel free to swap out a few items with gifts that are more suited to your friends and family.

A Warm Welcome: Gift Bags For Guests

Whether they came from 10 miles away or a few states, your wedding guests often travel to make it to your big day. Between the wedding prep and festivities, it can be difficult to show them how much you appreciate their journey. What better way to thank them for going that extra mile than with a welcome bag full of wedding weekend necessities?

Nearly all couples we work with are providing welcome bags for their hotel guests, says Rachelle Mazumdar, director of weddings and events at Style-Architects. Its a wonderful way to welcome guests to the Twin Cities and to thank them for making the trip.

Starting the Party Off Right

Welcome bags can serve as a considerate gift to jet-lagged guests. A safe rule is to factor one bag per hotel room. Often there is a reservation deadline two weeks prior to the wedding date. At that point, the hotel will be able to provide you with an estimate of how many rooms your guests have booked.

When deciding how best to distribute the welcome bags, make sure to contact the hotel for advice. There is likely a charge for to distribute these to guests, whether to the rooms or handed out at check-in, says Mazumdar. Be sure to get to the hotel the day before any guests are scheduled to arrive.

Treats and Necessities

Welcome bags can be tailored to fit your wedding theme and are a nice surprise for guests when theyre checking in. When deciding on what items to include, consider the three Cs: comfort, customized and considerate.

Small Jars Of Your Favourites Wedding Gifts For Guests

As mentioned before homemade jam is a great thank you gift for your guests. If you have a favourite sort of spread or food that you cant get enough of, and everyone knows about it, consider giving that as a present gift. You can put everything in small jars and decorate them according to your style. This is an especially great gift if you are hosting a rustic, modest wedding.

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Hangover Kits And Emergency Kits

An emergency kit is an absolute must for any destination wedding welcome bag. Theyre so easy to put together and also are very inexpensive to make.

Hangover Kit Bags

You have a couple of options when it comes to hangover kit bags. You can either make your own or buy cute ones from places like Etsy or Amazon.

Hangover Kit Bag Toppers

If youre planning to make your own hangover/emergency kit, you can easily do so by placing your contents into a quart-sized ziploc bag with a custom bag topper.

You can make these bag toppers yourself, or purchase a digital download .

Special Bonbons A Scrumptious Treat

10 Cute Wedding Hotel Gift Bag Ideas 2020

Everyone loves sweets and desserts, making this is a great thank you gift. These handmade bonbons dipped in either dark or white chocolate, symbolize the bride and the groom. This is a truly elegant and creative idea and will definitely show well in see-through wrapping paper. By placing a sticker on the small package, you can write up the date of the wedding and the names of the married couple.

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A Few Of Your Favorite Things

Sharing some of your favorite things into the wedding welcome bags with your guests is not bad, right?

Probably, its your favorite tea, local snacks, a little bottle of Tuscan olive oil, spring beer from a local brewery, a deck of cards or locally featured crafts

Whatever, these little details that capture your personalities as a couple are trying their best to make special fun welcome bag additions.

Believe, your guests will surely love it.

Who Pays For Wedding Welcome Bags

There’s no hard and fast rule as to who should cover the cost of wedding guest welcome bags. If you and your partner are paying for the wedding yourselves, gift bags and guest favors typically fall under this umbrella. But if either of your parents are helping to cover costs, don’t assume they’re paying for wedding hotel bags. The best way to avoid confusion and make sure everything gets checked off the list is to sit down with them to discuss their budget and exactly what they plan to help out with.

Sposto Photography,Green Apple Event Co.

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Chocolate Mix A Delectable Treat To Make

This is a very lovely, creative and tasty treat. Grab a jar for this. All you have to do in the jar is, put layers of chocolate and cocoa on each other to create brown waves. After arriving home, your guests will be able to make warm mugs of hot chocolate for themselves, if they pour some milk in the jar. Jars of hot chocolate would also make a fantastic homemade birthday gift!

Other Miscellaneous Tips & Tricks

Tara’s Tips – How to create a gift bag for wedding guests
  • Make room in your budget for welcome bags from the start. It may seem like a bottle of water, custom cookie, and a bag of popcorn is a simple, budget-friendly gift, but the truth is, it adds up. When planning for this, make welcome bags its own category. $400 is usually a good number to start with You can go up or down depending on what your numbers are looking like! Then say youre expecting around 40 guests to be staying at the hotel, and youll know to keep the bags at $10 each. From there, you can divvy up $2.50 for the tote, $2.00 for the water bottle + label, $4 for the popcorn, and just plan that way.
  • Dont forget to factor in the delivery fee. Most, if not all, hotels in Chicago charge a fee to delivery bags. This can be anywhere from $2-7 per bag so it definitely helps to plan ahead!
  • Study your rooming list from the hotel. You really only need to buy 1 bag per room, but probably want to add enough snacks/treats for a number of people who are staying in the room!
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    What Are Wedding Welcome Bags

    Wedding welcome bags are basically goodie bag wedding bags hotel gift bags for wedding guests.

    Yes, its a great way to say, Hello, were happy your here! and the perfect little thank you for making the journey to your wedding.

    It can also include much other information like your celebration.

    Also, its the perfect place for putting any area info if youre having a destination wedding.

    See, welcome bags for wedding guests can help express more.

    Thus, lets go on to see what to put in hotel bags for wedding guests can help express your appreciation properly.

    Small Cube Turquoise Candy Treat Boxes

    The Small Cube Turquoise Candy Treat Boxes are high-quality oily craft boxes with a classic design. It helps present your charming favor with grace with its elegant aqua blue color. It comes complete with 50 pieces of white ribbon for gift bows. This is one wedding favor that guests and loved ones will truly remember you by.

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    Chicago Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas

    by Breanna Manzie | Oct 11, 2017 | Tips |

    Whether youre hosting a destination wedding or local wedding, one thing that will welcome your guests in the best way possible is a welcome bag. Your wedding weekend officially kicks off the moment guests check in at their hotel, and receiving a welcome bag is, without a doubt, going to set the tone. Its such a nice way to thank your guests for spending their weekend celebrating with you, whether theyve traveled across the country or just across the city.

    As wedding planners, we get the, What should I put in my welcome bag? question a lot. And the answer is never just a simple list. It really depends on the budget, guest count, type of wedding, what the couple personally likes, etc. There are always the essentials for those who are on a budget and dont necessarily want to go all out, and there are the amazing extras for those are into the idea of going a little crazy and splurging. Either way, the most important thing is to make sure your welcome bag is personalized in some way

    Photos: Amanda Megan Miller, Gerber + Scarpelli

    Stylish Desserts Easy And Beautiful Wedding Thank You Gifts

    Wedding Welcome Bags

    Bonbons on a stick are a tempting delight. Wrapping them in cellophane, these small bites are not only tasty but practical. You can attach name cards to the sticks, which assign your guests to their table. The other side of the card can be decorated with the newly wedded couples names and the date of the wedding.

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    Perfect Papier Personalized Matches

    Courtesy of Etsy

    If you and your fiance love collecting matchboxes as souvenirs from favorite restaurants, then this is the perfect wedding favor for you. Not only do matches always come in handy, but the modern personalization is a super cute touch. You can also pick the paper and print color to match your wedding decor!

    Gold Ribbon Wedding Favor Box

    These Gold Ribbon Wedding Favor Boxes are made of high quality oily coated paper, ultra thick . It is can store 5-8 Alpenliebe candies, or 2 Ferrero Rocher, or 5-8 Dove chocolates. The original boxes are flat and only takes seconds to assemble. Its the perfect favor box to adorn your gold themed wedding.

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    Dcor And Home Keepsakes

    Want to make sure your wedding favors get plenty of use? Consider offering home and décor knick knacks, like playing cards, coasters or bottle stoppers. Browse the best keepsake wedding favor ideas below.

    Romance is part of any wedding, but if you’re made it your theme this wedding favor idea centers around the flickers of candles. It’s a dreamy gift that includes a colorful dip-dyed pouch too.

    Minted votive with dip-dyed pouch, $5 each,

    Want your guests to think of your wedding even after the day passes? Give them personalized keychain bottle openers. It’s a handy tool most people don’t even realize they need until they have it on hand.

    Engel Custom Decor personalized bottle opener keychain, $55 for 10,

    After playing games with far too many singles, you finally drew a solid hand with your one-and-only. These playful cards will lead to plenty of games for your guests in the future.

    Shutterfly All Love playing cards, $20 each,

    If you’re hosting a rustic wedding, these cork coasters are an ideal end-of-night surprise. With your names and date, guests can take these home to protect their furniture all while remembering your beautiful day.

    Awersie personalized cork coasters, $2 each, m

    The next time your guests open a bottle of wine but don’t polish it off by the end of the night, they’ll think of this wedding favor.

    All Things Angelas heart-shaped bottle stopper, $75 for 25,

    Ella Celebration key bottle openers, $30 for 50,

    Creative Wedding Gift Boxes Great Wrapping

    Wedding Welcome Bags Welcome Boxes to Gift Your Guests

    A perfect wedding thank you gift is always personal. If youre crazy about coffee, your guests will probably know about it. So it would come as no surprise to them if they get mugs, filled with coffee beans or instant coffee, as a present. Decorate the mugs with your names and the date of the wedding.

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    What To Put In Welcome Boxes And Bags

    To begin, youre going to start with you guessed it! a bag or box. Here are a few options.

    Tote Bag

    We love a bag that can be re-used. A tote bag like this is deep enough to be filled to the brim. It also includes a chic personalized leather label, FREE! By Minted.

    by mokoandcompany

    And of course, kraft paper welcome bags are always a great choice and cost effective if you have many guest bags on your list. These are by EstablishedCoGifts.

    by establishedcogifts

    And you can also get these custom stickers to make your wedding welcome bags personalized. Get them at LabelsRus.

    If youre making a welcome bag for a bridesmaid, splurge a little on a bag she can use forever preferably one with a durable handle. The tote can be a part of her bridesmaid gift.

    Welcome Boxes

    Prefer boxes? Wedding welcome boxes are a new-ish trend vs. bags and were loving this look, too!

    This style is by LabelsRUs:

    buy here

    Now you have your welcome bags and/or boxes its time to fill em up! Heres what to put inside.

    Snacks Wrapped In An Adorable Manner Wedding Gifts For Guests

    The emphasis is on the packaging involving this gift. The wrapping of the snacks can be colour-coded, for example using the same colours in the wrapping, as the same colours you use for your wedding decor. Decorate the small bags with lace, flowers, small decor stones or anything you want. Finally, write your names on it and the small package is already finished! You can put whatever youd like in the small bag of goodies sweets, chocolates or nuts.

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    Don’t Forget To Provide Welcome Bags

    Comfort the jet-lagged and travel weary with a little something left in their hotel rooms. Imagine their delightwalking into their temporary living quarters and discovering a basket of fresh fruit, a tin of local chocolates or a bottle of chilled bubbly. What you choose to give depends on your resources, and can be as lavish as a free massage at the hotel spa or as simple as a plate of homemade chocolate-chip cookies. The purpose is to let guests know you appreciate their effort to join you for your special day.

    Create welcome packets of relevant information to leave in guests’ rooms with another copy of your wedding itinerary, plus local brochures and sightseeing maps. Enlist the aid of your wedding crew to assemble and distribute all these treats. Finally, add that finishing touch and pen a personal note thanking each guest for coming to celebrate with you.

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