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What Finger For Wedding Ring

Is The Ring Finger Connected To The Heart

Which HAND Does a Wedding Ring Go On | Wedding Ring Finger

How about no. The vena amoris does not exist. The vasculature in your hands is pretty much all the same, and there isn’t one vein in your hands linked directly to the heart. The belief originated in ancient Egyptian times and influenced the modern wedding ring custom in the Western part of the world.

What Are The Different Types Of Engagement Rings Designs

At Michael Hill we offer a wide range of different engagement ring designs to account for the many different styles and personalities of the men and women who wear them.

Most engagement rings feature a central stone, usually a diamond – though gemstones such as sapphire and morganite are also popular. Some engagement rings feature a centrepiece with a cluster of smaller stones that are set to give the look of a larger stone, or to create a unique shape, called cluster engagement rings. Engagement stones come in a range of cuts, including pear, round brilliant, princess, oval cut and more. These can be set in a solitaire style, with the stone taking centre stage on a white or yellow gold band, or in a halo style, surrounded by a ring of smaller diamonds for added sparkle. Vintage-inspired engagement rings are also a popular choice, offering a uniquely romantic charm.

Strictly Star James Bye Reveals His Finger Almost Fell Off In Rehearsal Room Injury

The EastEnders actor was bandaged up as he admitted his wedding ring was ‘the only thing keeping my finger on’

Strictly Come Dancing star James Bye has shown that taking to the dancefloor is not without its risks, revealing that he sustained a gruesome injury during rehearsals.

The EastEnders actor left viewers shocked during his appearance on It Takes Two on Tuesday as he showed the damage to his ring finger, which was wrapped in a bloody bandage. James admitted that he had been attempting to show off to pro partner Amy Dowden when the accident happened.

The Strictly pair were chatting to host Rylan about how rehearsals were going ahead of the upcoming Movie Week, which will see James take on the role of Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy. But things had taken a grisly turn for James in the rehearsal room, The Mirror reports.

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James explained: I was trying to show Amy how strong I was in the rehearsal room so I did a few pull-ups He then held up his injured hand and added: I ripped my finger open.

The story drew gasps from the crew behind the cameras as James admitted: The finger almost fell off. The wedding ring is sort of the only thing keeping my finger on.

Luckily, James appeared to be taking the ordeal in his stride as he joked: Well see how we get on with that one!


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A Practical Explanation For Wearing An Engagement Ring On The Left Hand

Since most people are right-handed, there is a certain practical sense to wearing an engagement ring on the left hand. An engagement ring and wedding band receive less wear than if worn on the dominant hand. Some refer to the right hand as the active hand. The opposing hand causes less wear for wedding bands and engagement rings.

The Ceremony Of Putting On Wedding Rings During The Wedding Vow

Why Do People Wear a Wedding Ring on the Right Hand?

How is it now? During a church wedding, the priest no longer places the wedding rings directly on his hands. After the first part of the marriage vow, when the newlyweds vow love, faithfulness and marital honesty and the priest blesses them, the marriage is sealed with wedding rings.

The priest says the line: May God bless these rings, which you are to put on each other as a sign of love and fidelity and holy the rings. Then he addresses the couple with the words: As a sign of marriage, put on your rings and gives the couple a plate with rings.

The young people themselves reach for the rings and say one another , simultaneously putting the rings on the ring finger of the right hand:

Husband: , accept this ring as a sign of my love and faithfulness. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Wife: , accept this ring as a sign of my love and faithfulness. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

After the words of the oath and the gesture of putting on the wedding rings, the marriage is considered to be concluded.

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What Does It Mean To Wear A Wedding Ring On Your Right Hand

There are many different reasons that people wear wedding rings on their right hand instead of their left. It could be related to their specific culture or familial traditions, or it might just be because they like the way it looks!

Men in some cultures specifically wear rings on the right hand instead of the left. Its also common practice for gay couples to wear rings on the right hand instead of the left to subvert the tradition. Some divorced people even switch their rings to their right hand if they want to keep wearing them but not on the traditional hand.

It doesnt mean any one thing to wear wedding rings on your right hand there are plenty of reasons why some people switch up the usual ring finger.

Which Finger Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring On

Given this knowledge, most wearers dictate their fourth finger on their left hand as their engagement ring finger. Since it’s become so mainstream over the years, the engagement ring finger is generally known to be on the left hand. However, there aren’t any steadfast rules about ways you must wear your wedding jewelry. If the ring feels comfortable on another finger or your opposite hand, you can wear it wherever you please.

Bonphotage Fine Art Photography

If you’re planning your wedding and looking down at that sparkler, you’re probably wondering how you’ll wear your engagement ring on your wedding day. The first thing to note is that married people typically wear their wedding bands closer to their heartsâin other words, below the engagement ring.

Probably the most popular way to swing this is to move your engagement ring to your right hand for your walk down the aisle. That way, your fiance can slide your wedding band onto your left hand, and you can then later place your engagement ring on top of it.

“Usually people have slightly larger ring sizes on the right hand, but as long as it is within a quarter of the size, this should work,” Ghanimian says. If the engagement ring is too big or too small to do thisâor you just don’t want to take the engagement ring off âit’s okay to put your band above your engagement ring. Some people even have their wedding band soldered to the engagement ring so that it becomes one piece of jewelry and represents the marital bond.

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Guide To Wearing Your Engagement And Wedding Rings

have been exchanged as part of wedding traditions for hundreds of years. Theyve become universally recognized as symbols of promise, devotion and everlasting love A Diamond Is Forever. But on which hand and finger should your engagement and wedding rings be worn, and how are they worn around the world?

Which Goes On First The Wedding Ring Or Engagement Ring

Wedding Ring Widths Shown on the Finger

Once married, the engagement ring goes on the finger after the wedding ring with the removal of the engagement ring for day-to-day tasks.

Such actions come from practical considerations. Removal of the engagement ring for day-to-day tasks ensures protection to ensure the continued shine and sparkle of the ring.

Both the wedding ring and engagement ring go onto the same finger of the left hand.

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Different Traditions In Other Cultures

In the United States and the West, wedding ring traditions come from Europe, but other marriage rituals exist worldwide. Many cultures worldwide have different conventions on which fingers people wear their wedding rings on. The wedding ceremony looks different for people around the world as well. Some cultures wear wedding rings on their right-hand ring finger.

Orthodox Christians have the tradition of wearing the wedding ring on the right hand. In Greek Orthodox weddings, the bride will wear her engagement ring on her left hand, and during the wedding ceremony, the wedding ring is placed on the right hand.

People wear wedding rings on the right hand in many European countries, including Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Austria, Latvia, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, and Ukraine. People in South America like Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, and Peru wear their wedding rings on the right hand instead of the left hand.

In India, the left hand is considered unlucky or impure, so engagement and wedding rings are worn on the right hand. Overall, where the engagement and wedding ring are typically worn depends on the culture.

What Finger Wedding Ring Can Go On: Here Are Some Interesting Facts

The significance of the wedding ring is unarguable. The tradition of the wedding is been there since the ancient period. The ring symbolizes the unbreakable bond of a forever commitment and union between two individuals. While the role of the ring in the marriage is unquestionable, people often argue on what finger the wedding ring goes on.

In most of the culture, the wedding ring goes on the ring finger. Usually, in the western culture people wear the ring in the ring finger on the left hand. In case you dont know, the fourth finger of the hand is known as the ring finger. But why is the ring is worn exactly on the fourth finger of the left hand?

We have researched out some interesting facts behind the uses of the ring finger of the left hand for wearing the wedding ring. Below, you will find the facts and details about the theories of this tradition.

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The Meaning Behind Wearing Wedding Rings On Your Right Hand

Weddings come with many norms and traditions that span across cultures and societies all over the world. No two cultures are the same. Manyif not mostcustoms and traditions are wildly different. Thats why culture clash is a real thing.

Perhaps the most prominent wedding tradition is the exchange of wedding rings between two people. Depending on where youre from, the finger you choose to wear your ring on and the hand you wear your wedding ring on might look very different from couples in other countries.

For example, in American tradition, when a person gets engaged, they put their engagement ring on their left hand, while tradition in other countries is a right hand ring. Its common on the actual wedding day to also add the wedding band to your engagement ring finger. But, this tradition isnt the norm for all cultures.

Wedding Ceremonies That Use Rings

Inspiration 70 of What Finger Wedding Ring Women


Mixed usage and non-use in other Christian Churches

While most Christian Churches have the exchange of rings within their wedding liturgies, some Christian denominations eschew the use of wedding rings.

Some conservative Mennonite groups do not wear jewelry, including wedding rings, as part of their practice of plain dress. The Amish do not wear wedding rings but the men are clean shaven before marriage and grow a full beard after marriage.

Among Quaker Christians, especially Conservative Friends and Holiness Friends, the wedding ring is traditionally not worn as a part of their testimony of simplicity. Among Quaker groups that do wear wedding rings, the following wording is used by the bride and groom as they are exchanged: “With this ring, I thee wed.” The Friends General Conference, for example, teaches that “Although wedding rings are not necessary in a Quaker wedding, the couple may exchange them if they wish. This is often done after they speak their vows.”

Traditionally, adherents of the Seventh-day Adventist Church do not wear wedding rings. The usage of wedding rings among Seventh-day Adventists, however, has increased.


  • Judaism: “You are consecrated to me with this ring according to the law of Moses and Israel.” In Orthodox Judaism, only the groom declares this in Hebrew but in Reform Judaism, both the bride and groom declare it. Many Orthodox Jewish men do not wear wedding rings.

Alternative wedding rings

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History Of Wearing Wedding Rings On The Ring Finger

The history of wedding rings dates back to ancient Egypt, as archaeologists have found evidence in hieroglyphics that brides would wear a ring, according to the BBC. Other ancient cultures wore wedding rings as well, and people have been slipping wedding rings on their left ring finger since the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

The reason the fourth finger was the wedding ring finger of choice? Theres a touching explanation. In ancient times, it was thought that there was a vein in your finger on your left hand that ran straight to your heart, explains Bernadette Chapman, founder of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners. And the heart, of course, was thought to be the center of our emotions. So ancient Romans called this vein the vena amoris, Latin for vein of love.

Our knowledge of the human body has evolved greatly since then. Most notably, we now know that humans have no such vein, sadly. In addition, we know that the heart is an organ for pumping bloodbut that hasnt stopped us from continuing to talk about it in romantic, emotional contexts. Likewise, we still wear our wedding ring on our fourth finger!

Can I Wear My Wedding Ring On My Right Hand

Short answer: Yes! While wearing your wedding ring on your left-hand ring finger might be tradition, theres no rule that says you have to follow that tradition. Ultimately, the choice comes down to personal preferenceyou can choose to wear your rings on whichever finger is most meaningful to you.

If youre wondering about the meaning behind wearing your wedding ring on your right hand, the answer varies depending on different cultures and religions. While some early Romans adhered to the vein of love legend and placed the ring on the left hand, its also believed that some viewed the left hand as untrustworthy and unreliable, while the right hand symbolized honor and trustthus, the wedding band was worn on the right hand.

Ancient legends aside, there are plenty of cultures today that wear wedding rings on the right hand. Again, it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

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The Choice Is Yours On How To Wear A Ring

When it comes down to it, how you choose to wear a ring and on what finger, is your personal choice. If you are interested in palmistry or are a superstitious person, you may read this article as a guide for where to place your rings in the future.

If you liked this article and want to read more on jewelry and fashion trends, check out the rest of our blog! You wont be disappointed!

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How To Wear Them

Removing Wedding Ring From Swollen Finger After 18 Years || WooGlobe

The great thing about promise rings is that there is no strict rule on what finger we should wear, and it is optional for every person and every couple. Regarding that, we can wear them on every finger we want, or even decide to wear them on the chain on our neck if we are not someone who loves to wear jewelry on our hands. Everything is about their meaning and what they represent to us, so there is no wrong choice when it comes to wearing them.

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A Wedding Ring A Symbol Of Marriage And Its History

Wedding rings have been with us since antiquity. As early as 6,000 years ago, newlyweds exchanged rings made of reed or hemp as a sign of their marriage.

The ancients associated this jewelry with the wedding ceremony and it is still so today. Wedding rings invariably symbolize the same values: love, fidelity and durability. Round, straight rings, put on by the spouses on each other, become the seal of the wedding. Since they are supposed to be timeless, they are usually smooth and devoid of decorative stones and made of gold. Sometimes, an engraving is hidden inside to add a more personal touch to the jewelry.

The wedding ring is also characterized by a round shape. It is not a coincidence. After all, a circle that has neither beginning nor end means infinity. When translated into marriage symbolism, it is supposed to mean eternal love. It also matters where and how the wedding ring is worn. Which hand and finger will be appropriate to represent your feelings and marital status?

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Can You Get Married Same Day In Vegas

Yes, you can receive your marriage license and get married the same day in Las Vegas. Click here to see the requirements for obtaining a marriage license. Nevada has no blood test or waiting period. The Marriage License Bureau is open from 8 a.m. to midnight, 365 days per year and does not take appointments.

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