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What Is The Best Material For A Men’s Wedding Band

Stainless Steel Wedding Bands For Men

The 5 Types of Men’s Wedding Bands Which Metal is Best For You? | Modern Gents Trading Co.

When you hear stainless steel, you probably think of kitchen appliances not jewelry. But for durability and quality, as well as the way it looks, stainless steel is one alternative to traditional platinum and gold wedding rings that you should consider.

After all, if its strong enough to build the Empire State Building, it can handle whatever you throw at it.

The 2 most commonly used types of stainless steel in mens wedding bands are:

  • 304 Stainless Steel Rings and wedding bands made from 304 stainless steel have very high oxidation and corrosion resistance, meaning they wont rust. Its also considered hypoallergenic.
  • 316L Stainless Steel For a higher quality of steel, 316L stainless steel is used. Its often called surgical-grade steel because its used to manufacture surgical instruments and is hypoallergenic. While chlorine and saltwater can harm stainless steel, 316L has a greater resistance to corrosion than other types. Good news if you forget to remove your ring before taking a swim.

Dont let the durability of a stainless steel wedding band fool you. Despite its strength, its an extremely lightweight metal. Thats good for a ring that you plan on wearing every day.

Speaking of shine, when it comes to mens wedding bands of any metal, there are several finishes to choose from.

Need A Wedding Band That Works As Hard As You Do Weve Rated The Toughest Metals Around To Help You Choose The Right One For Your Ring

Sometimes life can be tough. And, whether its your job, a demanding hobby, or a rough and tumble lifestyle, your hands often bear the brunt of your hard work. When choosing a wedding band, youll need to make sure its rugged enough to keep up with you and continue looking good. Ater all, youll be wearing your ring for the rest of your life so make sure its toughness is true to the hand that wears it.

Move over platinum, gold, and silverthere are new metals on the block for mens wedding bands and theyre stronger, more durable, and more affordable than the old standards. Although not truly new, these contemporary metals are quickly gaining popularity for rings and its now their time to shine. Theyre versatile and beautiful and hold up better than their traditional counterparts. Additionally, they have a modern look and feel with far more appeal to todays tastes and styles. Best of all? They cost less than traditional metals. Whoever says you cant have it all has never met these metals!

You may have already guessed, but Jordan Jack has a great selection of rings in all of these great contemporary metals along with classic and timeless gold and silver. No matter your metal preference, Jordan Jack has the perfect ring for you. With a free home try-on service, you can also confidently make your choice of engagement or wedding band without the hassle of going store to store.

Lets meet the contenders from super strong to nearly indestructible:

Mens Wedding Bands: Titanium Vs Tungsten

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When it comes to shopping for the perfect wedding band for a man, you want to consider things like durability, cost, and comfort. Mens wedding bands can be made from a big variety of materials two popular options are titanium and tungsten.

So when it comes to titanium vs tungsten, which is best for mens wedding rings?

Are titanium rings as strong as tungsten rings?

Both tungsten and titanium are durable and great options for mens wedding bands, but tungsten is harder and heavier while titanium is less rigid and light. One material isnt necessarily better than the other, and what makes the best wedding band depends on preference.

This article will give more details about these popular materials that are used in mens wedding bands. Find out which will be best for you. Lets get started!

You can have your titanium or tungsten wedding ring designed in a variety of ways for a very customized look.

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Titanium Vs Carbon Fiber

Now lets compare titanium vs carbon fiberwhich is not a metal but a combination of several thin fibers bounded andtwisted together and woven into fabric. Carbon which has the chemical symbol of C is the basic buildingelement of our universe. Being a symbol of cutting-edge tech, carbon fibercombines strength and lightweight. Actually, it is three times lighter thantitanium. Carbon fiber is durable and hypoallergenic.

Carbon fiber is popularas an insert material for inlaid rings made of tungsten, zirconium, andtitanium. Rings made of carbon fiber are relatively easy to maintain they canbe washed with water and non-abrasive soap. Carbon fiber rings from Titanium Buzz come in a variety of styles withleather-like textures, colored inlays, stitched patterns, and more.

Sonoma And Napa Countys Premier Source Of Mens Wedding Bands

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For the last 140 years, our jewelry specialists at E.R. Sawyer Jewelers have been helping Sonoma and Napa County couples find the perfect wedding bands. The metal that you select for your wedding ring should fit your personal style, your lifestyle, and most importantly, look amazing on your hand for years to come.

Visit our Santa Rosa, or St. Helena jewelery store for a complimentary wedding or engagement ring cleaning. Grab a coffee or browse the local shops while we quickly buff and wash your ring and make sure you dont have any loose stones!

Contact us online with any questions or to learn more about finding the perfect mens wedding band!

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What Are The Best Materials For Men’s Wedding Bands

men’s wedding bands

When you’re choosing the best material for a men’s wedding band, it’s not just about what looks good. It’s also about finding the material that speaks to you and tells your story for all to hear.

With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to decide on the best material for mens wedding bands. To make the decision a little easier for you, here are some of the most popular wedding band materials, both traditional and alternative.

Sterling Silver Wedding Bands

Sterling silver is a favorite among men who prefer either an extremely toned down look or a rock-and-roll look at an affordable price. Its one of the least expensive metals in wedding rings and like gold, it has been around for centuries. Textural interest is a big draw when it comes to sterling silver as the softness of the metal allows for all different types of design details. But this is also one of its drawbacks its high maintenance, scratches easily, and could bend out of shape if its really light weight. It will also tarnish quicker than other metals so you will need to have it polished, cleaned, and checked regularly.

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Mens Wedding Band Styles

Wait you thought you were done? Choosing a wedding band isnt all about the looks it has to be wearable, too. Heres a breakdown of 4 of the most popular band styles.

  • Classic Court or Comfort Fit Bands This style of mens wedding band is rounded on the inside and out. Its commonly known as the Comfort Fit because it wears comfortably on your finger and slides on and off with relative ease. And since a wedding band is something you wont take off often, its all about comfort. Known also as Full Court and Traditional Court, it’s the most common shape and style of ring.
  • D-Shape or Dome Bands This style of ring is just as popular as Full Court bands. Unlike a Classic Court, the outside of a D-Shaped band is round, while the inside is flat. This gives it a dome shape on top or a D. D-shaped bands are perfect for men wanting a closer fit without sacrificing the traditional shape of a Comfort Fit band. Dome-shaped bands, like the classic court, are less likely to get caught on clothing or machinery.
  • Flat Ring Flat bands and rings are exactly what the name says flat. Designed flat both inside and out, flat bands are known for being comfortable to wear but are more likely to catch on clothing and machinery.
  • Flat Court Bands You can think of Flat Court Rings like an inverted D-shaped band with a flat outside and a round inside.
  • Gold Wedding Bands For Men

    Trying On Affordable Amazon Men’s Wedding Bands & Review

    Gold is traditionally the most common and classic choice for wedding bands for men and for good reason! This timeless jewelry metal will simply never go out of style. From yellow to white, to rose gold hues, this jewelry metal offers you a plethora of options:

    • Yellow gold is usually a combination of pure gold with a little bit of zinc and copper. Yellow golds rich hues compliments people with warm undertones in their skin.
    • White gold rings have a silvery-white color, which gives it a cool and contemporary look that tends to suit fair and rosy skin tones.
    • Rose gold is a mix of pure gold and copper. The copper is what gives rose gold its signature hue and adds durability. But take heed if you have sensitive skin, copper is not hypoallergenic. Rose gold looks good on both warm and cool skin tones, but it particularly suits those with olive and pink undertones.

    The Durability of Gold

    Gold is a naturally light and malleable metal. Because it is so soft, it can be bent or scratched rather easily. A higher karat number indicates a higher percentage of gold content, but more gold also makes a ring less durable.

    People who work with their hands a lot may want to choose no more than 14-18 karat gold wedding bands. A pure-gold 24-karat wedding band will likely not stand-up to an active lifestyle.

    Gold Wedding Band Care

    Avoid chlorine, bleach, or any other abrasive chemicals. Always remove your gold wedding band before getting in a pool or hot tub, and keep it covered when cleaning.

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    The Complete Guide To Wedding Bands For Men

    Emma Bixenman

    While a ton of thought and preparation is put into selecting an engagement ring for your fiancé, shopping for the grooms wedding band is a crucial and often overlooked step in the wedding planning process. When it is time to choose his own wedding ring, he may find that he is overwhelmed with options and does not know where to start.

    If that describes you, dont let your ring be an afterthought! Since you will be wearing it for the rest of your life, your wedding band should reflect your own unique personality and lifestyle. Read on to learn about the top eight things to consider when choosing wedding rings for men.

    Which Is Better For Mans Wedding Ring Tungsten Or Titanium

    Tungsten and titanium are both excellent choices for a wedding ring, and neither is better than the other. When choosing between the two, it is really about personal preference and your lifestyle. However, after talking with multiple couples, tungsten seems to be the preferred choice with real buyers.

    When shopping for a wedding band, you will likely consider the following:

    • Durability

    Lets explore each factor further.

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    What Is The Toughest Mens Ring Material

    Theres generally less bling associated with grooms than with brides, but that doesnt mean your wedding ring should be an afterthought. Youll be wearing it for the rest of your life it should be something that reminds you of your wedding, your partner, and the commitment you made to each other. It doesnt have to cost thousands of dollars, either. If you work with your hands, or just arent used to jewelry, you might need a ring that can stand up to a lot of abuse without having to remove the thing every time you get your hands dirty. Below, we take a close look at which ring metals are most durable. And what is meant by durable?

    In This Article

    Where once a simple gold band was the norm for men, there are now dozens of metals, and plenty of non-metal options to pick from. Youll want to consider various criteria when looking into rings, and some of them might not be as top-of-mind as preparing for the wedding, getting groomsmen gifts, and the all-important wedding-day hosiery choice. Dont worry, were cutting through the BS ASAP.

    More Materials That Are Great For A Mans Wedding Band


    Gold and tungsten may not always be an option, so if you cant use either for your wedding band, thats fine. You can explore many other alternative materials for creating a fantastic ring. These materials include:

    • Platinum
    • Sterling silver
    • Silicone

    Based on your daily needs, you can consult your jeweler to make a great wedding band on a budget with any of these materials.

    It is so easy to add elements to the mans wedding band to match the look and style of the brides wedding ring or engagement ring.

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    White Gold Vs Yellow Gold

    Gold is a fantasticchoice for wedding and engagement jewelry, especially for women. Pure gold is too soft for jewelry and can be easily damaged so it is mixed withother metals such as copper, silver, nickel, zinc, and palladium to make it stronger,more durable, and keep its shape. Lets take a closer look at different typesof gold and compare whitegold vs yellow gold that are the most popular choices and are bothbeautiful in their own way.

    Yellow gold used forrings is a combination of pure gold mixed with silver, zinc, and copper whichgive the alloy a beautiful golden hue and help jewelry stand up against thedemands of everyday wear. The alloy mixture for white gold includes such metalslike zinc, palladium, platinum, and nickel. In order to get a white appearance,rings made of white gold undergo a rhodium plating process which gives the finished piece a shiny, lustrouscoating.

    Ringsmade of yellow gold can be resized, require less maintenance, and are easy towork with during repairs but they are prone to scratches. Rings made of whitegold have a cool and contemporary look they are protected from wear and tearby rhodium coating but they require more maintenance like cleaning, polishing,and periodical rhodium plating every few years.

    How To Fit And Size Your Wedding Ring

    No matter how flashy or resilient it might be, no mens wedding band in the world can do its job if it doesnt fit around your finger. In other words, you need to know how to fit and size your wedding ring. For that, you can download a ring sizer by clicking here. Once youve determined your size, you should confer with this Ring Size Chart to further determine which mens wedding rings you should be looking at. Next, click through the catalogue on Mens Rings Online to find the ring you want, knowing exactly which size youre looking for.

    A few things to note:

  • Wider bands commonly deliver a tighter fit, and most men go up half a size when shopping for wider bands.
  • Fingers can physically change throughout the day, so be sure to wear the ring multiple times before deciding if its not the right fit.
  • Fingers can also physically change depending on the season, and Mens Rings Online offers a Fit For Life policy that can resize your ring when necessary.
  • Not all modern metals are created the same, so if you swap one out for another you may have to adjust the size.
  • Different jewellers might give you different results when determining your ring size. Thats why its best to buy a ring from the same vendor who helps you determine your ring size.
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