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How To Write Place Cards For Wedding

How Do You Write On Wedding Place Cards

How to make place cards, Place Card Ideas, DIY Wedding or Thanksgiving


While you can spend time labeling each wedding place card in hand-written calligraphy, we know you likely don’t have too much extra time on your hands. That’s why we recommend ordering printed or printable place cards ones online. Sites like The Knot Invitations and Etsy allow you to print all the information you need directly onto the table cards, so all you need to do is set them up on your reception tables.

If you’re dreaming of DIY handwritten place cards, we recommend taking a calligraphy course, or simply practicing your print ahead of time. Then, draw on them on a solid, firm surface with a small-tipped pen or marker for sharp, clear lines. Another alternative? Laser cut wedding place cards.

Brown Fox Creative Wax Seal Cards

Courtesy of Etsy

Hand-torn edges plus a wax seal make for the perfect combination of elegant and romantic in these escort cards. You get up to three rounds of digital proofs before theyre printed just FYI, the wax seal does need to be put on by you. You can also hole punch and add a delicate ribbon for an even more special effect.

I Only Want To Assign Tables Do I Have To Use Place Cards Too

I suggest place cards unless youre opting for a very small wedding with 50 or fewer guests.

In theory, as long as guests know which table they should sit at, you can be fairly confident that everyone will sit at the appropriate place. Do be prepared to have a few seating mishaps if you leave out the place cards, however! Mistakes happen, and Aunt Gertrude might just plop down at Table 6 instead of Table 9 and not realize her blunder until another guest arrives for his or her seat. And then theres always the unexpected guest who RSVPd with regrets but shows up and takes a seat promised to someone else . In any negative scenario, you risk putting your guests in an embarrassing situation.

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Ways To Share Seating Assignments

You dont realize how many options there are to display your seating assignments until you dive into wedding planning. So, what exactly is the difference between escort cards, place cards, and seating charts, and which one should you use?

Wedding escort cards are the most traditional and formal. Typically, the guests name is calligraphed on the outside of a small envelope, and inside the envelope is their seating assignment. This can be used in conjunction with place cards, or it can be used on its own.

The same can be said about seating charts, which are more modern and trendy. A seating chart typically lists each guests name alphabetically by last name or grouped by table. The guests can then find their table and sit at any seat, or you can have place cards indicating exactly which seat is reserved for which guest. Place cards can also be used entirely on their own, set up on a separate table outside the reception for guests to pick up on their way in.

Something to consider when choosing how to display your wedding seating arrangements is if you are giving your guests a meal choice. If you are, place cards are necessary to indicate to the catering team which guest is getting which entrée choice. If youre having a buffet or only one entrée choice, place cards are completely optional.

Are Wedding Place Cards Necessary

Fairy lights Wedding Place Cards Name Place by ...

If you’re not having a seating plan and are happy for guests to sit where they like, you clearly don’t need place cards. This kind of thing works best at an informal wedding, such as a back garden celebration. However, if the food is being served by waiting staff, some venues will insist on a seating plan, so they know where people are who have allergies and need special meals. You may want to have a seating plan anyway. In those cases, place cards make it much easier for guests to find their seats.

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Make The Elements Multifunctional

Beyond reusing the actual display, consider a two-for-one method with your actual escort cards. Have your escort cards double as wedding favors for attendees. After all, “escort cards don’t have to actually be cards,” Abney reminds us. Mini bottles of hand sanitizer with guest names and table numbers written on the bottles will effectively communicate the seating information needed while acting as a gift for your loved ones. That’s a win-win everyone will enjoy.

Lieb Photographic LLC,Pottery: Erika Millholland Ceramics

Not only did these pottery mugs support a local artisan, giving guests their mug as part of their escort card was a pandemic-friendly decision. Guests used the same vessel all evening, ensuring less contact and safer food-service, before taking the pastel-hued pieces home at the end of the night.

How Should I Address My Escort Cards

Rather than create an escort card for every guest , create an escort card for each party if seated at the same table. Use the following for examples:

Mr. and Mrs. John Smith

Single with Unnamed Guest: Miss Jane Doe and Guest

Unmarried Couple: Ms. Jane Doe and Mr. John Smith

Family: The Smith Family

Woodland Seating Chart

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Details Matter: Get Your Name Place Cards Just Right

Its important that your guests rsvp so you can plan all the details of the day, and if youre planning to have name place cards, then you dont want to end up ordering more than you need for guests who arent coming. You will have already checked the spelling of everyones names when you sent out the wedding invitations, at least you should have, but it doesnt hurt to double check the spelling to make sure there are no mistakes on your named personalised place cards.

There are plenty of different aspects of the design of your name place cards, from the colour pallets to the style of lettering. All of it can tie into your overall theme and match all your other Paperlust wedding stationery, whether you want rustic, classic, cute or modern. Our talented Australian designers can create something truly unique and extraordinary for your stationery. Because were Australian, we can also design Australia-specific place cards to match your location, including place cards Sydney inspired and place cards Melbourne inspired. When you choose place cards to match your city, everything goes together perfectly.

Perfectly Written Place Cards With Cricut Explore Air

DIY Place Cards Custom Cards for Cricut Wedding | How to Add Tails to Fonts

Happy Monday! So happy to be back with another post in partnership with one of my favorite craft brands, Cricut! Ive been so excited to create some DIY wedding projects using this awesome machine. In celebration of wedding season rapidly approaching, Ive partnered with Cricut to put together a super simple DIY project that you can create for your big day!

I decided to put together a table setting that is lovely and rustic chic! I love this simple table setting with a burlap table runner, and a burlap wrapped vase filled with faux lavender. I decided to push my Cricut Explore to its fullest potential by creating a project that shows off the features of Print + Cut, Scoring AND writing with a pen! The end result is a simple but chic place card that is customizable for any wedding theme.

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What To Include On Your Wedding Place Cards

Place cards require a bit more information than escort cards since they serve multiple purposes. In addition to the guests name and table assignment, an important item that needs to be included on your place cards is your guests meal choice. The easiest way to do this is to assign a different colored sticker or gemstone to each entrée choice so that it is less obvious to your guests and matches your color scheme. However you choose to code your guests meal selections, its important to let your planner and catering team know!

What Names Should I Use On My Wedding Table Plan

I usually advise putting full names on the table plan if you can. It will help your guests find their names quickly and will alleviate any confusion with duplicate names. If you want to keep it really informal and just want to go with first names thats fine too.

If you do have duplicates in this instance, It should be obvious to your guests, by whom they are seated next to which they are: e.g. Richard & Jo on table 1, Richard & Sarah on table 2 should be fairly obvious to them which Richard is which.

Another option is to put the surname initial after any duplicate names lots of couples do, it doesnt look odd, and you dont need to do it for everyone.

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What Do You Write On Wedding Place Cardsjenny Demarco Photography

What you write on your wedding place cards is entirely up to you. You definitely need to include the guests’ names, but other than that, there are no set rules. If you want to add more information, you can always include the guests’ assigned table numbers as well. You can also include a sweet message, like “welcome” or “at last” or any other sort of greeting to get your guests excited. Pro tip: Don’t forget to order cards to display table names too.

Scripted Ever After Acrylic Place Cards

3 DIY Wedding Place Card Ideas

Courtesy of Etsy

Modern and glam, these acrylic place cards can be hand-painted with your choice of the background color or left blank, and finished with your preferred text font and color. They can easily go from more abstract to full-on dramatic, and their sturdy weight ensures you never have to worry about them getting blown away in the wind.

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Do I Need Wedding Place Cards

Wedding place cards are always a good idea, no matter how elegant or casual your celebration is. Place cards can literally help you plan, as they help your guests feel at ease knowing where to sit and whom to sit by, plus they can even help your vendors when it comes to delivering food/beverages and directing traffic. In general, wedding place cards might be small in size, but they serve a big purpose that can help your celebration run smoothly.

So, why cant you just allow your guests to choose their seats? People naturally spread out when doing so, which means that youll have random chairs in between groups that will cost more, and it might make it so that some people dont have chairs. This could result in more open seats or lost meals, which can increase your final cost and create frustration. The only instance where you might really be able to skip place cards and seating charts is if youre having a small celebration, such as in your backyard. Typically, if youre having over 20 peopleespecially if youre mixing groups or renting tables/chairsa seating chart will come in handy.

That being said, as with everything wedding-related, its your day to make your own! While place cards are recommended to make your guests comfortable, help you plan, and manage the crowd, theres no rule that says you have to have them.

Whats The Purpose Of A Wedding Place Card

Place cards serve as a way to tell guests where to sit. While you might think just providing chairs is all you need, place cards can cut down on confusion and costs. They help ensure that you have the right number of seats so that you dont pay for extra chairs, and they give your attendees a place to sit back and relax. Place cards can also help facilitate traffic for buffets, and separate any family or friends that need to keep their distance from each other.

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Ways To Diy Those Place Cards Yourself

Posted on August 03 by new jersey bride

Wedding DIY enthusiasts, heres a project that you can do without jeopardizing your big day!

Place cards are the perfect item to make yourself, adding some extra design flair to those essential little cards that tell guests where theyll be sitting. With so many ways to decorate those cards, why would you ever just take plain ecru cards and write out names and table numbers? Theres so much more you can do to make them pretty, theme-matching, even sparkly and personalized.

Here are the top trends in wedding DIY place cards:

Tell us how youll DIY your place cards

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When Should I Make My Wedding Place Cards

elegant placecards

Creating wedding place cards can be a time-consuming process, but you want to wait until your seating chart is set and youve received your RSVPs before diving into the process. This is so you can plan for table numbers, as well as not spend extra cash on cards for guests who RSVP their regrets. Ideally, you want to have your place cards completed about a month before your wedding date, so theres a little wiggle room for any edits, additions, or replacements needed.

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Do I Need Place Cards At My Wedding

Not all weddings use place cards. Here’s how you can decide whether or not you need them for yours.

First off, do you have assigned seating?If you don’t then you almost certainly do not need place cards.Stop reading here and go celebrateyou just checked one more item off your wedding planning list!

If you do have assigned seating you still don’t need place cards.Another option you can consider is a seating chart.At its simplest, this is basically a piece of paper that lists all of your tables and for each one shows which guests are seated there.Seating charts are typically easier to make and cheaper than place cards, so they can be a good alternativeto place cards if you don’t have any reason not to use them.

If you have assigned seating and don’t want to use a seating chart then you will probably need place cards or escort cards.What are escort cards? Keep reading to find out.

Papercasestudio Fresh Magnolia Leaf Place Cards

Courtesy of Etsy

Magnolia leaves are the epitome of Southern charm as such, we love these as an option for any type of Southern nuptials, though theyre also a choice pick for couples looking to bring in some more organic or earthy elements into their big day.

The sturdy, deep green leaves are hand-painted with your guests names in either white or gold and can last up to three weeks if theyre stored properly and refrigerated. Not to mention that this is a great sustainable choice for those looking to minimize their environmental impact.

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