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How To Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

How To Make Your Own Unique Cherry Blossom Pochette Invitations

How to Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

To create the inside of the invitation I layered two sets of paper. The first is some plain white cardstock I used to print the invitation wording onto. The second is some decorative spring green damask paper. The inside diameter for this pochette is 5.5″ by 5.5″. So I cut the decorative paper into squares measuring 5 1/8″ by 5 1/8″. The white cardstock with wording I trimmed to 5″ by 5″. I think the absolute easiest way for you to get the wording centered onto the paper, would be to have your cardstock cut to 5″ by 5″ and then print straight onto the small squares, provided that you are printing it DIY form your home computer. Otherwise I would have it set up 2 or more to a page and then copied and cut for me. -) I also print some response cards to the white cardstock. I printed them four to a page and trimmed it down to a smaller size. I do have a free wedding stationery template you can use to help with this. It even has cutting guidelines to help you trim them down.

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Ideas And Tutorials To Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

Beach Wedding

And I know what some of you will say. “Planning a wedding is time consuming and stressful. When will I have the time to make my own wedding invitations?” Simple. Get help.

It takes time to research different invitation vendors and artists. You then have to take the time to pick out and order the invitations as well. It could take just as much time, maybe even less, to take a trip to the arts and crafts store to pick out papers and supplies. Save even more time by picking them online. Then you just have to come up with a design and make just one invitation. Next enlist the help of some of your most creative friends and family members. While you are busy with all of the other details of planning a wedding your friends and family can help you out by taking over the assembly of your invitations.

Still worried about time issues? Here are some ways to help speed up the process:

  • Use blank cards to make your own wedding invitations. Many of the ideas on this site can be made using blank cards. Just print onto the outside and then decorate the inside.
  • Utilize the services of a local copy shop to help get the text on paper. You can also have your invitation cut and folded. It is inexpensive and fast.
  • Use our complete with printable RSVP’s and Thank You cards. We even offer deluxe kits with STD’s, menu cards, programs, and much more.
  • Get Your Wedding Invitations Professionally Printed

    While you can print your wedding invitations at home, we recommend going to a professional printer and having them print it with high-quality images paper. Choose from the below paper when you send them your design:

    • Board paper: this paper is quite formal and is best known for its rough, high-quality texture
    • Coated paper: gives cards a glossy sheen

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    Designing Your Diy Wedding Invitations

    If you enjoy art, graphic design or calligraphy, then you might want to take it a step beyond the template and design your own wedding invitations.

    First things first: The words are the most important part, so make sure you get a second pair of eyes to proofread!

    Then, to create the basic layout of your invitation, you can use a free trial of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator a free online program like Canva or PicMonkey or a word-processing tool like Word or Pages.

    Important design elements to consider include fonts, line spacing, alignment, colors and theme.

    Yates, for example, added an image of a golden snitch to allude to her Harry Potter-themed engagement, while Nathey went rustic to match her cabin wedding.

    When it comes to fonts, you can download them for free at DaFont. Or, you can buy them The Budget Savvy Bride has suggested font pairings for DIY invites.

    As a rule of thumb, you shouldnt mix more than three fonts and should stay consistent throughout the invitation suite .

    This Is A Tutorial For Making Cricut Print And Cut Invitations

    How To Make Your Own Wedding Invitations for under $50 ...

    One of the areas that where you can save the most is in making your own invitations. Ive had friends that spend thousands of dollars on their invitations. I didnt have the heart to tell them I just looked at it for about 5 seconds and then tossed it in a drawer.

    The Cricut almost pays for itself if you made your own invitations with it. You can create and design everything within the Cricut Design Space app. Alternatively, you can also do this with any editor like Google Docs, Slides, Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

    In this tutorial will demonstrate how to do design, then print and cut wedding invitations within the Cricut Design Space app using this watercolor vellum invitation example.

    This sheet of paper by the way costs less than 10 cents.

    The same thing can be done with other editors, you will just have to cut it by hand.

    You can also pair this with an intricate floral sleeve. I have a separate tutorial on how to cut these using a Cricut along with a set of free templates.

    If you are interested in this DIY wedding invitations project and would like this peach watercolor swatch or the wedding sleeve templates to give it a try yourself, they are both available for free in my resource library.

    *this article contains affiliate links for your convenience, see full disclosures here

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    Diy Wedding Invitation Kits

    DIY wedding invitation kits are available to help brides-to-be put together their own DIY invites without needing to think too much about the logistics. These might just include paper and ink, pre-cut paper stock and embellishments, or pre-printed cards that just need to be folded or personalised with a ribbon tied around them or something similar.

    Wedding Invitation Creator Saves You Time And Money

    Online wedding invitations are like first dates, you need to make a good impression. Your invitation is also the best way to build your guests excitement about your big day! Regardless Whether youre looking for a more reserved version of invites or rather an outgoing goofy one, we have a template for everyone. Use our online wedding invitation maker to inform your loved ones about the big day. hassle free.

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    Choosing The Right Papers

    Another crucial aspect to consider is how your DIY Wedding Invitations are going to look with the different papers and finishes. If you have worked on more earthy, natural and organic designs, our Kraft paper is going to really complement your theme. Classical and retro designs look authentic on our textured papers and our shimmering papers like Ice Gold and Pearl Polar simply ooze glamour. If you want your designs to speak for themselves, or fancy a more modern tone, Silk and uncoated papers are a solid choice. We also have a whole range of eco-friendly paper options if you want to have a greener wedding which you can check out here.

    If you have strict colours you want to stick with, youll need to bear in mind that some papers will alter how your printed colours appear. Choices like latte-coloured Kraft, the fine lines of Laid and creamy Acquerello will all slightly alter your printed colours, so make sure youre aware before you order. Our wedding paper guide gives a full rundown of every single one of our options so is a great place to start if youre unsure. And if you want to get a feel for the papers yourself, you can order a free sample pack right here.

    Supplies To Assemble The Invites:


    Instead of messy glue sticks, I used this amazing product: the Scotch Tape Runner. I purchased it in the crafting section at Walmart, but you can also order it on . I got one of these and 2 refills. They cost around $5-7 for the dispenser, but the refills are a little less. These little runners were so easy to use and work great, so I cannot recommend them enough.

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    Diy Wedding Invitations: How To Create Beautiful Custom Designs

    Weddings are gorgeous affairs with beauty infused into even the smallest details. Leading up to the big day, brides and grooms find themselves immersed in a world of choices, including invitations and wedding stationery. With elegant options ranging from custom hand-painted designs to letter-pressed invites and laser-cut wooden albums, wedding invitations can quickly become pricey. Most couples spend between $400 and $650 on wedding invites alone.

    That doesnt mean you have to blow your entire wedding budget if you want stunning invites. You can still have a gorgeous design by making your own wedding invitations. Here, youll find everything you need to know about designing DIY wedding invitations, including paper and online invitation options. Plus, youll find some of our favorite wedding invitations that you can customize online to help you get inspired.

    When In Doubt Just Customize The Design

    If, after reading all this, it turns out youre not as crafty as you thought, remember there are still ways to get creative with your wedding invitations even if you dont go the DIY route.

    When you order invites from your local stationery store or sites like Wedding Paper Divas and Minted, you still get to choose the design and colors.

    But, unlike with DIY invites, the company takes care of the rest.

    Amy Gagnon, for example, used a company called Invitations by Dawn.

    I filled out information as to what I was looking for in terms of look, style, theme, etc, she says. They then sent me a folder full of sample paper, color palettes, text samples and so on.

    Once shed chosen the perfect combo, she ordered it from the site. It arrived as a single sheet she folded up to mail.

    Gagnon loved her invitations, which cost about $1.50 each. My hand touched every part of them, she says. And then these two little hands went out in a snow storm on Valentines Day to send them out because it was cute, darnit.

    Thats it! Now you know how to craft your DIY wedding invitations. Now all thats left to worry about is the band, the food, the cake, the dress, the honeymoon

    Ready for a glass of wine? I certainly am!

    Your Turn: Did you make your own wedding invitations? Was it worth it?

    Ready to stop worrying about money?

    Get the Penny Hoarder Daily

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    Check Your Computer And Printer

    If youre printing at home, its important to make sure all of your equipment is working properly. Your computer screen may not give you a great depiction of how the design will actually print,” says Weber. Home printers tend to be a shade or two darker, while cost-effective web or local printers are usually a bit lighter.

    Spend time printing tests and adjusting the settings on your printer to get the colors you want, and invest in a sample or two if youre having your print shop do the heavy lifting so you can get the color balance to come through perfectly. Once you’re all set, it’s time to hit the print button.

    Dont Forget The Sticky Stuff

    Make your own wedding invitations, is there any need at ...

    Inserts can be stuck into cards really quickly and easily using adhesive tape pens. Attach inserts to the left-hand side of the card near the spine, so the insert will fall open when the card is opened.

    For sticking embellishments onto cards, PVA craft glue dries quickly and easily and more importantly, is clear when dry. For creating raised layering of card and papers then 3D sticky pads give that slight 3D effect. In addition, ribbons can be left loose or secured with a line of adhesive tape pen.

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    The Final Step: Mailing Your Invitations

    Next, its time to visit the post office to weigh your entire invitation and see how much postage itll require.

    As for postage stamps, you can purchase custom versions with your face on them but itll cost you more than $1 per stamp. Instead, heres how to save money on Forever stamps.

    When it comes time to finally blissfully!!! mail out your invites, its a good idea to physically bring them to the post office.

    That way, you can ask the postal worker to hand cancel them . Some post offices will do this for free, while others charge up to 20 cents per envelope.

    A Note About Cutting:

    PRO TIP: Be sure to print your designs on your paper BEFORE trimming/cutting. I didnt do this, and feeding the pre-cut papers through my printer was an absolute NIGHTMARE. Take it from me you dont want to do that. I highly suggest printing the designs first and then having them cut or cutting them yourself. Save yourself the agony. Trust me.

    I assembled the invitations with a tape runner I purchased at Walmart. You can see the assembly process below. I just centered the layers using my best judgment and attached them with the tape runner.

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    A Put Time Love And Effort Into The Finishing Touches

    If youre going to be making your own invitations, youll want to make sure that you dont just make a generic card that anyone can come up with. Make it relevant to you and your partner. Make it personal to yourself. If it means taking a few hours to figure out exactly how it should look, then so be it. The finishing touches should suit you down to the ground. Turn it into a project that you put your heart and soul into after all, youll want every aspect of your wedding to be perfect!

    *Disclaimer This is a collaborative post. This post has been pre-written.

    Save Money With Diy Wedding Invitations

    Make Your Own Wedding Invitations in a few easy steps – Quick and Easy Invitations to Make At Home

    Planning a wedding on a budget requires creativity to ensure that you save money as much as possible, while still achieving a beautiful wedding. One area for potential savings is with your invitations. Professionally printed invitations can cost you at least $3 each plus postage, but you can make your own DIY wedding invitations for a fraction of the cost!

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