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What To Wear To A Beach Wedding

Select Shoes That Are Easy To Remove

What To Wear To A Beach Wedding: Wedding Guest Outfits & Ideas | Next

Even if youre going somewhere hot or on a beach, dont forget that there may be occasions where its necessary to enter a building. If your hotel requires formal dress codes for entry , you wont be able to get away with wearing sandals or flip-flops!

Pack a pair of shoes that are easy to remove and wont cause blisters, even if you have to walk a lot. Flat boots or ballet flats are ideal for this just be sure to bring a small bag or wrap to put them in so they dont get mixed up with all the other outdoor shoes youre wearing!

Whats The Dress Code For A Beach Wedding

Beach weddings can be either formal, casual, or somewhere in between. That information is nice to know, but on its own doesnt really help you when trying to figure out what to wear to the beach wedding.

Here are some pointers about formal vs. casual before getting to the actual suggestions for what to wear to the beach wedding.

Check the invitation or the wedding website for dress code specifications. If its beach formal, that basically means suits for male guests and long dresses for women. Its not too different from regular formal wear, except that you want to seek out light fabrics if possible, and women will wear chunky heels or formal sandals instead of stilettos.

If its not formal, you have a lot more leeway to work with. Casual weddings what-to-wear-to-a-beach-weddingopen up the options of wearing short sleeves, sandals, and fun beachy colors and patterns. Semi-formal gives you options as well, although you want to keep some of the formal elements intact.

In any case, dont wear sneakers, denim, or cargo to a beach wedding. And unfortunately, unless otherwise specified by the bride and groom, bathing suits and beach towels are a no-no during the wedding, even if your beach trowel has shag.

Types Of Beach Weddings And Looks You Should Aim For

You may be at a loss as to which garments make up the perfect beach wedding ensemble is it appropriate to wear your Hawaiian shirt from the 80s? Should you take your tuxedo to dry cleaning? What kind of shoes do you need? Should you wear themed or crazy mens socks? Should you go barefoot?

So many questions!

Of course, there is no simple answer to these questions, as with any other wedding, or, for that matter, life. Although beach weddings are, indeed, less stiff and conservative than traditional church weddings, there are several rules to keep in mind in relation to what kind of wedding the bride and the groom opted for. Yours is to respect their wishes and keep in line with the desired style of the wedding. It all depends on the following factors, all of which we will devote due attention to:

  • The degree of formality
  • Whether it is an indoor or outdoor wedding i.e. weather
  • The theme of the wedding

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What To Do In The Event Of Bad Weather

Bad weather is a big seaside consideration. Its important to ensure you have tents or another type of covered section where guests can shelter if the weather takes a turn for the worst. Also consider having a plan B option of another location just in case an outdoor beach wedding isnt conducive on that day.

Dresses To Wear To A Beach Wedding: The Complete Guide

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are some of the most fun nuptials to attendthe ocean breeze, the vacation vibe its all just so romantic and festive at the same time. Perhaps the least enjoyable part of receiving a shorefront wedding invite, though? Figuring out what youre going to wear. Finding dresses for beach weddings can be trickier than others for a variety of reasons: Formality, terrain , and weather all factor into your decision. You want to look stylish and appropriate but you also want to be comfortableits a delicate balance.

Ahead, weve gone ahead and simplified the process for you. Read on for your complete guide to dressing for a beach wedding.

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What Type Of Attire Should I Wear To A Beach Wedding

If you are looking for the best beach wedding outfit, we have you covered. Depending on the dress code of the event, there are different quality options that you can choose from. From formal gowns to comfortable and customizable clothing options, there are different outfits to wear to a beach wedding.

For a beach ceremony the attire is usually dressy casual, as guests will have to walk through sand towards the ceremony space. Having a more casual wedding allows the guests to match the relaxed vibe of the surroundings of the ocean and wear different beach themed outfits.

Many couples getting married on the beach will dress less formally a beach wedding dress might be shorter, lighter, and less formal than a church wedding dress.

Dressy casual beach wedding attire can be described as semi formal or casual. Although this is the usual attire for beach weddings, it does not mean that all beach weddings are this way.

If the bride and groom have specified in their invitation, on social media, or in person that the attire should be formal, you should respect their wishes and dress accordingly.

Beach Wedding Attire For Men And Women

The two biggest differences between beach wedding attire and other wedding dress codes lies in the color palette and footwear, says Pamela Spence, a wedding planner at Making Memories. You won’t typically see a little black dress and heels at a beach wedding. Utilize breathable fabrics, fun prints, and simple, high-end staples for an effortless-yet-refined beach wedding look. Avoid denim and cotton t-shirts at all costs, and only wear shorts or sandals if the venue/event is especially casual.

In addition to avoiding black, a traditional wedding guest color, consider small touches that lend toward the theme without going overboard. Carry a sweetgrass clutch or consider a fishtail braid for your hair to elegantly add a beachy vibe.

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Let The Wedding Concierge Agent Help You Find The Best Options

One of your first points of contact will be a Beaches wedding concierge agent, whose job it is to collect all the necessary information from you, so your wedding experience can begin. The agent will speak to you about your beach wedding ideas and help you choose a resort and a venue within the resort to have your wedding. Dont worry, theres nothing rushed about the process, youll be able to take your time to make the best decision for you and your family, over multiple sessions. Based on availability, the concierge agent will make booking arrangements on your behalf for your dream Caribbean wedding.

See all Sandals all-inclusive resorts

Good to know: All Beaches and Sandals resorts are located on a beautiful white sand beach with turquoise waters. Some couples choose to get married with the family at one of the Beaches resorts and spend their honeymoon in a Sandals resort afterwards.

Close to Beaches Ocho Rios, youll find adults-only resorts Sandals Ochi and Sandals Royal Plantation. Nearby Beaches Negril, youll find Sandals Negril – both located on the beautiful Seven Mile Beach in Jamaica. Beaches Turks & Caicos is the biggest Beaches Resort featuring one of the largest water parks in the Caribbean and the worlds most beautiful beach – but doesnt have a Sandals Resort nearby.

Summer Beach Wedding: The Best Accessories

Beach Formal & Beach Wedding Dress Code – What To Wear & What To Avoid – Gentleman’s Gazette

For Him: Ties are great but they can cause and catch sweat, so a good alternative is a bowtie. Depending on the wedding theme, you can also wear a fedora hat to shade your face. A pocket square will not only look dapper, it will be a useful way to wipe away any sweat if it gets too hot.

For Her: You dont need a lot of accessories for a beach wedding as simplicity often works best, but a statement piece is necessary to bring your entire attire together. A chunky necklace or bracelet would work really well with any long chiffon dress or midi floral.

Other accessories you may need include a hand fan, a portable USB fan, sunglasses, and maybe even an umbrella these will help you keep cool during the ceremony. Rechargeable misting fans are a great idea, too.

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Mens Casual Beach Wedding Attire

A beach wedding means you might encounter a spray from water hitting the shore or the sun beating down. Sand is also inevitable. So its no wonder why most beach weddings are casual. If your invite mentions mens casual beach wedding attire, you have the green light to reach for shorts. Pair them with a bright and bold bohemian floral print short-sleeve, button-down and don boat shoes. Weddings by the water are the ideal opportunity to choose brighter or lighter colors and quirky prints. Give a Hawaiian or nature-inspired print shirt a try. Youll fit right in with your laid-back surfer vibe.

Can Mens Beach Wedding Attire Include Shorts?

Its a resounding yes, but proceed with caution. Shorts get the go-ahead when deciding what beach wedding attire for men you should wear. However, we still want you to be conscious of the coastal wedding dress code. Weve mentioned this before but only wear shorts to casual and laid-back events. Additionally, shorts are your best bet for summer or spring mens wedding attire. Choose from cotton or linen fabrications and leave the denim at home. Youll still want to look refined and polished, so pick a crisp, clean pair with little wear and no distressing.

Beach Wedding Guest Dresses

Are you wondering what to wear to an upcoming beach wedding? We have selected beach wedding guest dresses for every dress code! You’ll be able to create the perfect beach wedding guest outfit with one of these dresses. From casual sundresses for informal ceremonies to breezy gowns for formal beach club ceremonies, we’ve found a beach-ready dress. Perfect for coastal weddings and tropical beach destination weddings!

Shopping and image sources: Dress: ASTR the Label Santorini Dress in Navy Blue Floral from | Earrings: Vanessa Mooney The Interlocking Hoop Earrings in Gold from Bracelet: Kendra Scott Davie Cuff Bracelet in Gold Dichroic Glass from | Clutch: KAYU Cassia Clutch in Gold from |Shoes: Steve Madden Lori Kitten Heel Sandal in Tan Lizard from

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Avoid Tuxedos And Suits

If you are the type of person who cant wait for an opportunity to don a tuxedo or a suit since they are the ultimate conveyor of elegance, be wary. Any suaveness that you might exude wearing your sharpest suit may diminish if you start sweating profusely and start exuding, well You get the picture.

If you are a suit aficionado, wear a suit made of light, thin fabrics like seersucker. Alternatively, you could swap your suit jacket for an equally dashing blazer, vest or suspenders, as these garments are less stuck up than suits and tuxedos, but still sufficiently elegant. For those who are unfamiliar with how to incorporate these elements into their outfit, take a look at tips on how to wear a vest or how to wear suspenders effortlessly.

Fill In The Details With Your Personal Wedding Planner

If you are attending a beach wedding, here are some wedding outfit ...

Once the initial process is complete, youll be introduced to your wedding planner. Youll be able to make your first appointment at this time. Expect to receive a welcome letter by email.

You will revisit some of your beach wedding ideas and revisit the finer details of your wedding with your wedding planner, who will help you make any final decisions. Your wedding planner will also give you documents and tools, some of which will highlight all the services available for your Beaches wedding. The goal is to achieve perfection in your wedding, so dont be afraid to ask questions.

At this point youll also be able to book accommodation for you and your group. Ask about available add-ons or wedding inclusions, which can enhance the classic free wedding package available with your booking. You can also choose to trade your free wedding for $500 worth of credit towards your customized wedding. This credit can be used for décor, the reception, entertainment, activities, photographer, DJ, and other wedding preparation including select options at the spa.

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What Do You Wear To A Beach Wedding As A Guest

All variations of styles are acceptable at beach weddings. Short skirts, long dresses, and even jumpsuits have a home on the sand. Solid colors are popular, and its always a good idea to suggest light, breathable fabrics like khaki, linen, or the increasingly popular seersucker. Its highly recommended that guests dress in layers to better deal with the weather as it changes throughout the day.

Your Honeymoon Starts Right After

What better way to start your honeymoon than waking up in an all-inclusive resort – where everything is taken care of! With unlimited 5-Star Global Gourmet dining at up to 21 specialty restaurants per resort, unlimited cocktails, spectacular swimming pools and water parks, just about every land and water sport you can think of, and luxurious suites, Beaches is the perfect place for your honeymoon. Remember: its all included in your stay!

Prefer to have your honeymoon at an adults-only resort designed for couples? Book one of the amazing luxury honeymoon suites at one of the nearby all-inclusive Sandals Resorts. While the kids and family are having a blast at the beach and in the water parks, you can have a romantic time off and get pampered.

Sandals guests are welcome to enjoy all amenities at their nearby Beaches Resorts, so feel free to spend a few days with family as you wish.

Expert tip:Sandals Ochi and Sandals Royal Plantation are both a 15 minute drive from Beaches Ocho Rios. Sandals Negril is located on less than a 3 minute drive from Beaches Negril, both located on the beautiful Seven Mile Beach in Jamaica.

Whether you choose a simple and intimate beach wedding close to home, or an extravagant beach wedding in the beautiful Caribbean, you cant lose when you plan a beach wedding. There is nothing as unforgettable than a beautiful ceremony on the sand, surrounded by the ones you love. Its what dream weddings are made of.

to start planning your dream wedding today.

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