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How To Ask Groomsmen To Be In Wedding

A Great Growler Groomsmen Gift

Asking my Groomsmen to be part of the wedding!

Not every bachelor party is traditional, some like to go into the wild. So if youre a wild man who doesnt need to bar hop, you absolutely need a growler as the unique way of how to ask groomsman to be part of your wedding. This engraved doubled-walled stainless steel growler ensures that even hours into the woods, you and your groomsmen will still have plenty of ice-cold beer with you! How great of a gift is that?

How To Ask Your Chosen Groomsmen

Now that youve chosen your groomsmen, its time to ask them. Here are three ideas to help inspire you when asking your chosen groomsmen to be part of your big day.

Just ask

Some of you might like to keep things straight-to-the-point and simple when asking your groomsmen, and theres absolutely nothing wrong with that.

More and more, were seeing elaborate ways of asking your chosen groomsmen, but if you dont think your groomsmen will appreciate the gesture and/or its not your style, theres no shame in simply asking without the big show.

The only rule hereno emails or texts, ask in-person. When in-person is impossible because of distance, a phone call is your next best option.

Give a gift

If you want to take it up a notch, theres no shortage of groomsmen gifts out there. Some of our favorites include:

  • Personalized beer mugs/whiskey flasks
  • Something to wear on the big day
  • A groomsmen proposal box
  • Bottle of booze with a custom label
  • Cigars
  • Sporting equipment

The main thing to consider when getting a gift to ask your groomsmen is the customization. If youre going to go out of your way to get a gift, customizing with a name or adding something that asks will you be my groomsmen makes the gift feel special.

An event, a video, a song

And lastly, if you really want to step it up when asking your groomsmen, you can bring all of them together for an event , you can record a silly video that proposes the question, or you can even write a song if youre musically inclined.

A Cigar With A Custom Label

Gather your man group for an outing on the links and gift a cigar for the day. The message will be as clear as the greens on an approach shot when they read the personalized label wrapping their stogie. Pick your favorite colors, and label them according to their names and wedding titles. This is a groomsmen proposal gift that will turn heads and get the boys revved up for the big day.

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Cigar Lounge And Special Cigar Wrappers

You can treat your buds to a cigar lounge. Invite them via a text message that you have something to celebrate and want them to join you at the lounge. You can plan everything out with the cigar lounge manager. Depending on your budget, you can give out individual cigars with a customized wrapper, or you may present each groomsman with a personalized box of cigars with the invitation to be your groomsmen on the cigar wrappers.

Ask All Your Groomsmen At Once

Pin by Melanie Cumberledge on Wedding Ideas:

If youre having a larger wedding party or the thought of going through the process of asking someone to be your groomsmen multiple times feels overwhelming, you can always knock it all out at onceand ask all of your future groomsmen to be in your wedding at the same time.

The key to success with this strategy is to make it an event. Invite all of your soon-to-be groomsmen to get together for something funsuch as a backyard BBQ, hiking adventure, brewery tour, or even your engagement party.

Once you have everyone together and having fun, you can give a short speech on why these people are such an important part of your life and why you want them to stand by your side on your wedding dayand then ask everyone collectively if theyll be your groomsmen.

Chances are, youll be met with a resounding yesat which point everyone can go back to the fun and festivities.

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Enlist Your Groomsmen Card

EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT!!! Single man getting married, groomsmen service required. Propose to your groomsmen in style, with this groomsmen proposal cardthat will complement any of our groovy gifts or just a great way to ask your guys to be in your wedding party.Don’t stand alone in front of the crowd, enlist a great team to stand by your side on your wedding day.

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A bottle by itself is the most pedestrian of gifts, but slap on a label that personalizes the flask like its only meant for your groomsmen and shazaam, you have gift magic! The BroLabel is the perfect way to ask your buddy that important question. Treat your favorite guys to a bottle of their favorite sauce, but with a message they cant ignore. This flask is going to find a special spot in their man cave bar and be used for years to come.

Or You Can Go Over The Top

There is always the option of being so obvious and so over the top with your groomsmen invitation idea that it creates a humorous, unforgettable moment. Embarrass your boys at work by sending them flowers with official invites. Or you can ask them in private while still passing around roses. The idea is to embarrass them while creating an awkward yet joyous moment.

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Go Deep With Whiskey Barrels

Deep South Whiskey Barrels and Red Head Oak Barrels have a variety of customizable products including their best-selling oak barrels which can be used for barrel-aging spirits to tweak their flavor or just as a cool way to dispense the liquor of your choice.

Their custom bar mirrors and wall hangings also make great groomsmen proposal gifts. Maybe your groomsmen would prefer a drink with a different kind of kick if so, try the whole bean coffee from Deep South Barrels.

Watch And Cufflinks Set

Asking 2 Bridesmaids and 1 Groomsman to be in our Wedding!!

This watch and cufflinks gift set is the perfect accessory for your groomsmen. It comes with a watch that is constructed from durable bamboo wood and leather straps with high-quality Japanese made quartz movements. You can have this gift personalized by having it engraved with 3 to 4 lines at the back of this beautiful timepiece.

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Open A Box Of Macarons

These sweet confections ooze feminine perfection, which is why they are an ideal way to propose to your bridesmaids. Plan to send each person a box of varying flavors, but before you drop them in the mail, have a calligrapher write out Will you be my bridesmaid? in edible glitter on the cookies, says planner Jennie Maretti of Pixies & Petals. She adds, Food is always popular.

Send Them A Humidor With Cigars

Its not every day that he will have the luxury of lighting up a cigar, not alone, but with his best buddies. Imagine the delight in his face seeing these cigars! Let him have that luxury with this gift as you ask him to be your groomsman with a note that says “Wait to light these up till my wedding day.” Your wedding is a perfect occasion to indulge himself with his favorite friends in the world. Have the box engraved with his name, role, and wedding date to make it extra special for him. Its one thoughtful groomsmen proposal gift he will surely remember you by.

Looking for a creative and funny groomsmen gift? If you want to pat your groomsman on the back with a thank you for being a friend, then do it with a gesture that counts. A stein is a stein is a stein, but not when you put a super cool likeness of your buddy on it. It’s only then that your tall gorgeous drinking glass becomes a stage for self-adoration, all while chugging down your favorite frosty one. Who knew one could enjoy man’s favorite past time out of a mini version of themselves. Now that, men, is a super cool groomsmen gift idea.

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The Classy Groomsmen Gift

The men you want in your future wedding party are classy gentlemen, so you want to give them a classy gift when you ask them to be your groomsmen. Theyll definitely want to toast to you and enjoy a cigar immediately upon receiving this pint glass and cigar gift. You and your boys will have a blast together enjoying your favorite beer and stogies.

Sing To Your Groomsmen

Perfect way to ask your groomsman/best man to be in the ...

Got a gift for rhyme and rhythm? Write a quick, possibly silly song that chronicles something funny you know about your friend or some of the dumbest things you’ve done together. Even if you keep it light, writing a song is a pretty great way to show your groomsman that you value their friendship and want to keep him around. Extra points if you can figure out something that rhymes with “groomsman”… “You’re the best at playing Doom, man… will you consider being my groomsman?”

It might be hard to pull off something with this product quality, but if you and your fiance are up for it you can use the video below for inspiration.

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The Ultimate Guide To Picking Your Groomsmen

No matter how involved with the wedding planning process you are, theres one task that no man can avoid when helping to plan the big daypicking groomsmen.

While it might seem like you can simply pick out your best mates and call it a day, there are a few considerations youll want to make when selecting your groomsmen.

Not sure how to go about the process? From choosing the right men to what you should expect of your groomsmen, this ultimate guide answers all your biggest questions

Hold A Special Scavenger Hunt

You can stage a scavenger hunt that consists of various clues. Give your guys one item at a time to find and return with it in a progressive scavenger hunt. You will select items that symbolize or directly relate to a wedding, such as a pillow tiara , a bouquet, bell , a plain ring, bowtie, and so on. Your last clue can be a video you made in advance that is the big reveal where you ask them to be your groomsmen. You can have as big an ending to your fun as you wish. If you live in a rural area, you may decide to stage a fireworks show, depending on local laws about firework displays. You can invite your bride and bridesmaids to join you in an after scavenger hunt party, complete with a delicious food spread.

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Propose To Him With A Custom Gift Set

Like a groomsmen gift from the gods, this groomsmen proposal gift set has it all. This custom-made gift set will equip your groomsman to be prepared for whatever the night has in store for him. With a variety of items packed neatly inside this round matte black box, you’ll thank your groomsmen for their service with a sampler style list of items he’ll use no matter the occasion. The only thing missing is a knife, .

Remarkable Custom Beer Mugs


The all-time perfect combination: your friends and beer mugs. Your future groomsmen will never want to put these remarkable mugs down, and with the personalization, theyll know that you spent so much time and effort on making them the best groomsmen gifts ever. Theyll definitely want to use them at the reception when they propose a toast to the happy couple!

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Send A Singing Telegram

A really fun and creative way to ask each groomsman to be in your wedding is with a singing telegram. This can be done on an individual basis if your friends don’t live in the same city or nearby. If they are all local, invite them over for a meal and arrange for the sing-a-gram to arrive before everyone sits down to enjoy the meal. You can ask the singer to pretend they’re delivering pizza or dessert for your get together.

What Should You Give As Groomsmen Gifts

You now know the whens, hows, whos, and whys of groomsmen gift giving. It’s time to move on to the whats. There is no right or wrong answer, honestly. Every group of friends and family is different. Some types of groomsmen gifts will be much more meaningful than others. Gag gifts could be the most special. Sentimental gifts might be more valued. This is something only you can decide. However, to help you get an idea of the possibilities, here is a comprehensive list of potential groomsmen gifts that you could use.

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How Should I Thank My Groomsman After The Wedding

And lastly, now that the wedding is complete, youll want to thank your groomsmen for standing up with you. To do this, you can keep it simple or go for something more elaborate. As always, though, being courteous and extending some form of appreciation is highly recommended.

Here are some ideas to spark your inspiration:

  • Keep it simple with a hand-written note and personalized card .
  • Speaking of a photo, you can also choose to have one of your photos printed and professionally framed.
  • Plan a boys night out after the wedding to celebrate .

Beyond that, you can take a look at any of the gift ideas for asking your groomsmen and use those as thank you gifts as well. You certainly dont have to go all out and get multiple gifts both for asking and thanking, but the little touches will go a long way here.

Why Do I Need To Get Groomsmen Gifts

How to ask your groomsmen

The expenses surrounding a wedding seem endless. So when it gets down to the nuts and bolts, it can be tempting to snip and cut items wherever possible. There are some items, though, that you just need to spend money on. One of these is the groomsmen’s gifts.

Before we get into the logistics of giving groomsmen gifts, it’s important to understand why you give these gifts. Understanding the meaning and significance of the gifts will help you choose the most appropriate items to give.

Beyond the fact that etiquette gurus say that groomsmen gifts are a must, these gifts are a tradition. It’s one of those small tokens that serves as a pillar to the occasion as a whole.

Another, more basic reason for giving these gifts is that they are a simple thank you. The process of planning and hosting a wedding, as well as the entire season of being engaged, is overwhelming and stressful. It takes support and help from each and every single groomsman. They will all play a role, no matter how big or small. And you need to thank them for taking on the additional responsibility. Even if they didn’t actively participate in planning the wedding, they did spend the money on their suit, the bachelor party, any gifts for the bachelor party, their accommodation, their flights, their engagement and wedding giftsnot to mention the time and energy they invested. The groomsmen gift helps to let them know that you appreciate that.

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