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When To Send Out Wedding Save The Dates

Have A Wedding Website No Matter What

How To Send Save The Dates

Whether you decide to send out STDs or not, I cannot stress how important it is to have a wedding website these days. You just never know if you will quickly need to inform anyone of any changes. Websites are the fastest way to communicate everything important about your day. It can never replace your Wedding Invitation, but is used in tandem with your invites or Save The Date to give guidance and updates to your guests. There are many free website tools for couples out there, such as WeddingWire, TheKnot, Zola, etc. However, if creating a website seems daunting for you, a private Group can be another great way to effectively update your guests.

Is It Rude Not To Rsvp

It is perfectly polite, however, for hosts to call friends to ask if they plan to attend. In fact, if you want an accurate headcount, you have no choice but to call those who havent responded and ask whether they plan to come to your event or celebration. Yes, its an awkward conversation. Be friendly, not accusatory.

How To Address Your Save The Dates

Addressing your save the date will be the first opportunity to solidify if the guest is allowed to bring a plus one or not. Here are some examples to consider as youre addressing your envelopes:

Single Guest Use Mr., Ms., Miss, Mrs. as necessary:

Miss Jane Smith

636 W. University Drive

Mesa, Az 85201

Guest with a Plus One Add and guest to the format of the original guest invited:

Miss Jane Smith and Guest

636 W. University Drive

Mesa, Az 85201

Unmarried Couple Both first and last names should be used as well as Mr. or Ms.:

Mr. John Doe and Ms. Jane Smith

636 W. University Drive

Mr. and Mrs. First and Last Name of the husband:

Mr. and Mrs. John Doe

636 W. University Drive

Mesa, Az 85201

Similar to the married couple format, except you add an extra line, underneath the parents, with their childrens first names:

Mr. and Mrs. John Doe

Jack and Jill

Jared Platt

Be Prepared For Your Wedding Stationery To Take Up More Of Your Budget Than You’re Anticipating

Invitations and save-the-dates are pricier than you might expect.

According to a study conducted by The Knot, the average cost of wedding stationery was $590 in 2019. Save-the-dates took up about $150 of that amount, and invitations and RSVP cards were $280 on average. Other paper needs, like thank-you notes and place cards, are also included in the cost of wedding stationery.

If you opt to work with a calligrapher to create custom invites, it could cost between $5,000 and $8,000, according to Brides. The price doesn’t vary that much based on how many guests you invite. Rather, the cost changes based on the type of paper you choose and how you get the items printed, as Brides reported.

Although some invitations require large chunks of change, you can find invitations that fit your budget.

It’s a good idea to mentally prepare yourself to spend close to $1,000 on your stationery, and be sure to shop around before committing to one package.

Dont Forget To Mention The Wedding Venue

Save the Date Cards and Postcards

Although your RSVP cards is the formal invitation to your wedding and will contain the main information about your wedding event, you can still add important details you want your guests to know on your save the dates.

This is something you can especially do if youre going to have electronic save the dates over posted ones. This is because it can require less work preparing them online since there are many wedding websites out there with tools that can help you make with these invitations.

Sending Them Too Early

On the contrary, if you send them any earlier than thatsay, a whole year in advancethey may toss the notice aside and forget about it. Also, you should never send out formal wedding information before setting things in stone just in case plans change or something falls through. In the event of an unexpected switcheroo, your best bet is to update your wedding website, pick up the phone and start spreading the word. You do have the option of sending out another mailing that explains the dilemmabut a personal, verbal notice is the best way to avoid confusion.

Pay Attention To The Wording

Vega recommends that couples put just as much time into the save the date wording as they do into the look. It has been said that the wedding invitation sets the tone of your wedding day, she says. However, if the save the date is the first piece of info your guests will receive, I would say this will set the tone as well. Make sure you’re setting the tone through your wording that you want for guests to experience and feel on your day.

Electronic Save The Date Etiquette

Paper save the dates are one and done explains Sheils. You stuff, send, and are finished! That is…unless you have an incorrect address, she says. But with electronic save the dates, there is a different set of etiquette questions that can come into play because guests may have overlooked or completely missed the email. It may have hit spam, or they may have accidentally deleted it. So, reminders may be sent, but also try not to hound your guests, she advises.

When To Send Destination Wedding Invitations

When do you send out save the dates and wedding invitations?

If youre planning a destination wedding, you may want to give guests a little more notice so they can figure out travel arrangements. Consider sending your invitations 12 to 16 weeks before the wedding, keeping in mind that you may want to book a block of hotel rooms for guests or recommend other accommodations at your destination.

Classic Save The Dates

Nothing sets the tone for a stunning, classic wedding more than lush greenery. This simple yet sophisticated palette allows you to send out your save the dates quickly, even if you havenât made concrete decisions around your other wedding colors.

Show off your engagement photos with a photo save the date card. Let your love take center stage with a sweet image you can add easily to any save the date photo card.

Simple, right? Equally simple: finding a save the date and coordinating wedding invitation that matches your ceremonyâs style. Read more to find out when to host every wedding-related event, from the engagement party to the bachelorette. For inspiration on how to choose a wedding venue check out our interview with the planners behind Mavinhouse Events.

Should I Send An Evite Postcard Or Traditional Mailer

Depending on your wedding style, there are a lot of options of formats to send to your guests! Evites offer an inexpensive, beautiful, but a less formal route to tell your guests about your wedding. Also, keep in mind the evites can get lost in spam folders of many guest email, especially if you dont regularly email them.

Postcards are a fun and unique way to announce your date, especially for destination weddings. Keep in mind you save on cost of envelopes but its the same amount to mail a postcard as a it is a traditional card with envelope that can protect your card.

Traditional save the dates are timeless and cherished but can be extremely pricey if you go with a elaborate design. Keep it simple!

Devon Stoebe Photography

Should Save The Dates Have Last Names

It is a good idea to include your names, first and last, especially if you are not including a photo on your save the dates.

DO include last names on save the date cards.

If the design looks better with first names, thats okay just make sure your last names appear in the return address so guests know exactly who is getting married. 🙂

Take Into Account Your Guests Outside Of Your Area Or Country

When To Send Out Save The Dates in 2020

One thing that you should remember is that the exact date of when you should send out your save the date invitations should be a personalized according to where most of your wedding guests are living.

You need to consider your family members and other loved ones who live far away so that they can make the necessary travel arrangements. These are things such as book hotel rooms, organize childcare if they have children too young to travel, and go to travel plan registry information centers to beat the crowd. They may even turn your wedding event into a holiday weekend if they receive plenty of time to plan.

How To Share Your Wedding Website

If you’re wondering what the proper etiquette is for putting your wedding website on your invitations, there are a few guidelines to follow. Along with your save-the-dates, you can share your wedding website on any pre-wedding event invitations, like bridal shower or engagement party invites. Avoid printing your wedding website URL on your formal invitations, but feel free to slip an additional insert with website info into your invitation suite. And while posting your wedding website on social media seems like the easiest way to debut your site, it could likely cause more harm than goodnon-invited friends could feel left out or someone could offer unsolicited commentary. If you’re going to take the social media route, like Facebook, consider sharing all wedding-related details in a private message or group.

Don’t Worry About Staying On

Vega also recommends that you dont put too much pressure on having your theme finalized before creating save the dates. Many couples feel that they have to send out save the dates that match their wedding décor or wedding colorsthis is not true, she says. My advice is to choose something that displays your personality, or maybe a favorite place that you have been or something fun. Do something opposite and don’t give away the wedding goods just yet!

Print Vs Electronic Save

Its generally best to send a print save-the-date card via snail mail. However, many people prefer to forego the paper and stamp, and this group is growing as more people have discovered the benefits of doing everything electronically. Make sure you have the correct email address before sending the save-the-date messages electronically, or you may discover that some of the most important people dont receive them.

If you have friends and family members who arent adept at communicating via email, send them a print version. Theres nothing wrong with doing a combination of print and electronic. However, its still good form to send the actual invitation via snail mail with an RSVP card and self-addressed stamped envelope tucked inside.

What To Put On A Save

Wedding Planning Bride on a budget under 10k | STATIONARY SAVE THE DATES, DIY INVITATIONS & MORE!

Youll want to include all the information you have available at the time youre sending the card. This includes the event, location, date, and approximate time. Let the recipients know that theyll receive an invitation with more details at a later date. They dont need to respond to the save-the-date announcement.

Here are some things to include on the save-the-date card:

  • Names of the couple getting married
  • General location of the wedding and reception
  • Date of the big day
  • URL of the wedding website if there is one
  • Hotels in the area

You can add some fun, personal touches to the card, such as something that ties into the theme of the wedding or an interesting tidbit about how the couple met. Adding a personal touch with an interesting approach lets the recipients know that this is an event they dont want to miss.

Do Save The Dates Have To Match Invitations

The most important part of save the dates is sending them on time. Matching save the date cards to the rest of your wedding stationery or wedding invitations is important, but not worth delaying your save the date timeline. If you havenât finalized your wedding invitations, donât worry. As long as your save the date cards give off the same general vibe of your wedding theme, the two cards donât need to match exactly.

Who Should I Send Save The Dates To In 2021

Uh, everyone you want to invite. Seems like a no brainer, right? Well, this might not be the best strategy for 2021. Depending on your state or citys regulations for social gatherings, you may have to limit your guest list. I strongly suggest checking the restrictions for your state or city before having anything printed or sent to your guests. I would create a guest list with ONLY your must-have invitees based on the maximum guest count allowed for your location. Send out Save The Dates to this VIP list only. This way, you wont have to awkwardly un-invite guests in case you suddenly cant have the larger gathering you planned for.

Once you are 6-10 weeks out from your wedding day, you can send out wedding invitations to all guests you originally intended to invite , regardless if they received a Save The Date or not.

Save The Date Etiquette 101

âPassport to Romanceâ by Paperless Post

Because save the dates are relatively new within the category of wedding stationery, they are refreshingly unbound by much of wedding etiquette. Of course you need to send one to every guest invited to your wedding ceremony, but otherwise you are free to get a little creative with your design. You can take a look at the save the date templates on our website for inspiration, but the most traditional formulas are fairly simple and take care of a few key functions. Here are the basics for what to include and how to word your save the dates:

1. Ask your guest to save the date

2. Give the date

3. Provide the city

4. Announce the upcoming invitation

When To Send A Save

To Save or Not To Save

Youll always want to send some type of official invitation to guests for your wedding. Save-the-date cards, however, are optional. Its important to know when to send your Save the Dates if you choose to use them as timing is so important for these cards. Generally, it is never too soon to send a Save the Date – once you have the important details finalised – let your guests know. As a guide you want to send them out 8 – 12 months ahead of your wedding, depending on location .By sending these cards, youre letting people know to reserve that date in their calendar, so they dont make other plans for that time. They can then also ask for time off work, confirm travel plans, save money and organise. The timing for the invitations is much later, usually 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding.

Who Receives A Save

Since save-the-dates are pre-invitations, they should only be sent out to guests who will definitely be receiving a formal invite. If you and your future spouse are unsure about the number of guests youll be having, its best to hold off on sending save-the-dates. Once they are in the mail, theres no turning backand you could find yourself in a save-the-date etiquette fiasco if you have to cut a guest from the list. Youll also want to send your save-the-dates to everyone invited, even those who you already know will be attending, like your wedding party and immediate family. The card will help make sure theyve marked that date on your calendar and some of your family members may keep them as keepsakes.

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