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What To Wear To A Mexican Wedding

What To Expect At A Mexican Wedding

What to wear to a wedding

March 28, 2017 · 10 min. readThis article may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

I had a wonderful trip to Mexico, and I saw and learned more than I expected. While most of my trip was full of creepy, strange and downright bizarre locations, the trip’s actual purpose was for a much more normal, although still very magical, reason: the wedding of my two friends, Mari and Luis.

I met the bride, Mari, in Japan several years ago. Since I’ve met many people in my travels I’ve never seen again, I assumed the Facebook wedding invitation I received must have been by accident. A quick email later and I realised it was in fact deliberate. Since it’s not every day one gets invited to a wedding in a different country, especially a tropical country in the dead of winter, I said yes.

I also learned that another friend I had met in Japan, Katarina, would be coming to the wedding too. Katarina is from Australia, so she did a trip through the United States before the wedding. It was great to catch up over the years and swap stories about our travels since Japan.

I learned that since Mexicans are religious, the wedding would be in a church. The weddings are also very colourful, so women would wear bright dresses. Men could dress a little more casually and wear shorts and a loose shirt. There is also usually a beach involved, a roaring ocean, some tequila, a mariachi band and some torches.

Incorporate A Sea Snake Dance

The Sea Snake Dance, or la vibora de la mar in Spanish, is a fun activity for your entire wedding party!

According to Mexican wedding reception traditions, this performance begins with the newlyweds standing on chairs that are positioned opposite of each other. They form an arch while their guests pass through while holding hands and jiving.

Your wedding party will try not to break this snake formation as the music goes faster and their movements follow the change in speed!

Ceremonies And Their Significance

Before the girl leaves for the wedding, her mother says a prayer to protect and guide her daughter as she walks to take her wedding vows. Many a time, the bride and groom along with their families, walk down from their individual homes to the cathedral, more or less like a procession. This is like a public display of the pride and joy that the families experience because their son/daughter is getting married.

After the wedding rings have been blessed and exchanged, it is customary for the groom to give the bride trece monedas de oro or The 13 gold coins blessed by the priest. These gold coins symbolize all the wealth and material possessions that the groom commits to give his bride in their new home. The acceptance of these coins by the bride, in turn, symbolizes her consent to maintain his trust and take care of him and his belongings with utmost devotion.

This tradition is believed to be originated in Spain. The number 13 is considered to be symbolic of Jesus and the twelve disciples.

The wedding is incomplete without the blessings of the Virgin Mary. Before marching out of the church, the bride kneels before the Virgin of Guadalupe and an ofrenda or offering is made by the bride to convey her gratitude. A beautiful flower bouquet is offered at the altar. As the couple leaves for the wedding reception, the guests throw red beads at the bride and groom.

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Ritual Of Holy Communion

After the vows have been received, the couple may take the Holy Communion . The couple kneels at their place or approaches the altar where the priest faces them. He prays for the couple then extends his hands over the bride and groom and offers the blessing. After he distributes wine and bread, beginning with the newly married couple.

Fundamental Mexican Values And Celebrations

Mexican Style Wedding Dress Awesome Pin On Sydne Style I Fashion Beauty ...

The concept of family and its role in society is a significant value for Mexican citizens. It is a common notion that Mexicans do not joke with their responsibilities towards their children and other members of their immediate or extended family.

Due to this factor, there are a lot of procedures placed by Mexican traditions. A man and a woman have to subscribe to these procedures before they get married. The essence of it is to ensure the success of their marriage.

Mexico has also become famous around the world because of its music. Traditional genres of folk songs are distinct according to the culture of a region. However, some of the most popular styles are Mariachi, Norteño, and Ranchera.

These forms of music have contributed to the preservation of the cultural heritage of the nation. Millions of people play their popular songs, as they also know the words of the songs at heart.

Some major celebrations amongst the citizens of Mexico include the Quinceanera, which marks the 15th birthday of a female child. It involves the selection of a unique dress for the child and dancing among family and friends. It is a celebration that signifies the transition of the female child into adulthood.

Also, on the 12th December is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It serves as a day of remembrance to the time the Virgin Mary appeared to an Indian man during the times of the Spanish government. They regard the Virgin Mary as a mother to the nation.

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Mexican Wedding Traditions: Lasso

A wedding lasso is another symbolic element of the Catholic Mexican wedding traditions. Once the couple exchanges wedding vows in front of the priest, the godparents place a lasso over their shoulders to underline their union. Its funny enough because a couple is tied together. Mexicans believe this will keep the marriage healthy.

The Thirteen Gold Coins

The madrina de arras holds the 13 coins the bridegroom presents to the bride. The a coin, or arrhea, was a Roman custom of breaking gold or silver, one half to be kept by the woman and the other half by the man, as a pledge of marriage.

The groom gives the bride thirteen gold coins as a symbol of his unquestionable trust and confidence. He pledges that he places all of his goods into her care and safekeeping. Acceptance by the bride means taking that trust and confidence unconditionally with total dedication and prudence.

The custom of the coins originated in Spain. Thirteen gold coins are given to the bride by the bridegroom, signifying he will support her. Often presented in ornate boxes or gift trays, this represents the brides dowry and holds good wishes for prosperity. These coins become a part of their family heirloom.

The number 12 represents Christ and his 12 apostles. The coins are presented to the priest by a friend or relative . The priest then blesses the coins and hands them to the bride who places them in the grooms cupped hands at the beginning of the ceremony. The coins are then placed on a tray and handed to an assistant to be held until later in the ceremony. Near the end of the ceremony, the box and coins are given to the priest who places the coins in the box and hands them to the groom.

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Can I Drive While In Mexico

Yes. Carry your license at all times when driving in Mexico. Local liability insurance is necessary and should be included in any rental car agreement. The US or foreign auto insurance will not cover you in Mexico.

Take care when driving through towns for pedestrians and animals. Road markings are not as visible after dark so do not plan on driving far if you are not confident. If someone starts flashing their lights at you, they want to overtake. Slow down at police huts they will usually wave you through, but may have a couple of questions. Watch out for topes, Mexicos evil speed, and barely visible bumps, learn what they look like, they are not always sign posted.

Candy Bar With Mexican Traditional Candy

What to wear to a wedding

A candy bar shouldnt be confined to childrens birthday parties. Having a Mexican-themed candy bar at your wedding will definitely illuminate the party spirit among both children and adults. Not only will this provide sweet treats for your guests, but an exciting opportunity to try some new ones!

There are a plethora of wonderful candies you can offer such as Rellerindos, Vero Mangos, and Pulparindos. They all have a spicy and sweet flavor. And if you want to provide something warm for your guests at night, toasty churros are a great option.

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Traditional Mexican Wedding Meals & Drinks

Traditional Mexican delicacies are an important part of a wedding banquet. The main point here is the variety: multiple types of meat, vegetables of any kind, sauces, and salsas. Here are some traditional meals:

Most Mexican-style weddings will have an open bar, serving everything from traditional Mexican beers and tequila to margaritas. Some Mexican banquets will serve sweet, flavored water beverages so-called aguas frescas for the kids and non-drinkers. Traditional flavors for these non-alcoholic drinks are horchata , tamarind, limon , and sandia .

Present The Bridal Bouquet To Mary

For couples who are interested in incorporating Catholic Mexican wedding traditions as a reflection of their faith, consider spending a moment during your ceremony to present the bridal bouquet to the Virgin Mary.

This Catholic ceremony tradition originates from Europe during the seventeenth century and acts as a way to honor this holy figure during the next part of a couples life.

Its perfectly acceptable for brides to prepare two bouquets so theyll have one for their wedding photographs.

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Traditional Mexican Bridal Dress

In the past, Mexican wedding attire depended on the part of the country the couple was from. Vestido de novia could differ from region to region. In the state of Oaxaca located in the south of the country, wedding dresses had a lot of lace and other decorations. A dress in the region of Zinacantan in the state of Chiapas even included goose feathers. They symbolized economic power and beauty. As you see, traditional Mexican attires are a rich inheritance of the local design.

After the arrival of Spaniards to Mexico, Spain fashion and culture influenced wedding dresses. For example, the mantilla style veil instead of the regular veil is a Spanish heritage. The bride and her family members usually sewed a wedding dress at the expense of the grooms party.

Nowadays, la Novia Mexicana :

  • wears a white wedding dress,
  • puts on lingerie with garters,
  • does not put pearls on,
  • uses three different flower bouquets for different moments during the wedding.

There are some rules for the bridal dress in the case of the church ceremony. At the church, a Mexican bride wears a bolero jacket or bridal shawl to cover her bare shoulders. She also has to wear a veil covering her head.

What To Wear In Mexico

Stunning Mexican Lace Wedding Dress Circa ~ 1970s

When it rains in Mexico it rains hard, so plan for sudden downpours by ensuring you have the proper rain gear available to you at all times. Its also good to note that many establishments in Mexico really overdo it on the air conditioning youll seldom be very cold outside unless youre inland in the winter, but you may feel quite a chill indoors. Bring a cardigan or a shawl to help with these situations.

Below is a sample womens clothing list.

While what you wear will vary depending on the region of Mexico that you visit, a good rule of thumb is to wear something comfortable, composed, and not too revealing. Though, in beach destinations, you can get away with wearing revealing clothing. A springtime wardrobe works well in nearly every destination , as it tends to be hot during the day and cool in the evening. Mexican women tend to wear tea length, or full-length dresses, or pants and blouses, along with makeup, jewelry, and often high heels.

Visiting women will feel most comfortable in pants and a blouse, or a dress. Always bring a cardigan or light jacket in case the temperature dips, or you end up in an air-conditioned building. Many cities in Mexico have cobblestone streets, so skip the high heels unless youre heading to a nightclub. Sneakers or walking shoes are the best footwear for the city, as the streets can be dirty or dusty. Sandals are just fine in beach towns.

Below is a sample mens clothing list.

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Mexican Wedding Traditions: Who Pays

Which family should cover expenses might be a daunting question to answer these days. Since following all the Mexican wedding traditions and customs might be expensive, the families try to negotiate and pay for whatever they feel comfortable with.

After all, you would want to make your wedding ceremony an enjoyable, memorable event rather than a hardline code to follow. As a rule, the wealthier family buys the priciest items and services. Yet, you would want to know who pays for what according to Mexican traditions. After all, if you provide certain wedding services a groom traditionally has to cover, you will earn much more respect from the brides family.

What Should One Wear To A Mexican Wedding Grab The Essential Details Here Now

Weddings are important, especially while choosing the attire as one has to be particular regarding it. Different sides of the world have different traditions for the wedding that enables one to blend into the wedding.

We are here discussing what should one wear to a Mexican wedding to fit right into the wedding. If you are going to Mexican wedding for the first time, then considering details stated below would be helpful to know what to wear and how to accurately fit in.

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Catholic Mass Wedding Ceremony

Traditionally, Mexican couples will tie the knot with a mass in the Catholic church. A Catholic priest will preside over the wedding ceremony, oversee the exchange of rings and vows, and offer a blessing to the couple. During a wedding mass in the Catholic church, the liturgy of the Eucharist, or communion, will take place. However, wedding guests who are not members of the Catholic church are asked to refrain from taking part in this religious practice.

Bohemia Del Mar

What Shoes Should I Wear To A Destination Wedding

A typical Mexican Wedding

Find out what kind of ground youll be on , if youre in a ballroom, anything goes.

I love wedges for outdoor weddings because you dont have to worry about grass or sand getting in the way of you having a great time and theyre SO much more comfortable. These ones from Tamara Mellon are my go-tos.

I love investing in a pair of good, comfy nude heels because they go with every dress, so I can wear them wedding after wedding after wedding!

I always go for chunky heels when I know there will be a lot of dancing, SO much more comfortable.

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