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How To Address Families On Wedding Invitations

How To Address For Unmarried Couples

How to Address Wedding Invitations

How to address wedding invitations to unmarried couples can be tricky, but is determined primarily by the living situation. If you are posting the invitations and they dont live together, you can just send them separate invitations, addressed like you would a single person . If they dont live together but you are hand delivering invitations and want to address them together you can do either name first, but a good idea is to do so alphabetically.

If the couple are not married but live together, place their names on separate lines with no and joining them. Traditionally the man is listed above the woman, but you could choose to go by alphabetical order or whichever guest you are the most familiar with.

How To Address Bridesmaid

If you are wondering how to address a bridesmaid and her husband on wedding invitations, or a single bridesmaid, simply follow the earlier etiquette for married couples and singles if you are using formal wedding invitations. If you are striking a more casual tone or want to specifically honour a member of your bridal party, you could prefix their name with something like to my honoured bridesmaid/groomsman but some people find that a little clumsy.

How To Address Without Inner Envelope

If youre wondering how to address the invitations with one envelope or how to properly address wedding invitations without inner envelopes, you can include the guest and kids on:

  • The outer envelope
  • Indicate the exact guests on the RSVP card
  • Guest address on the pocket
  • Address the guests by name on the belly band

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How To Address With A Plus One

Tackling how to address the invitations with a guest is the least awkward single option because you are offering for them to bring a date/friend. A simple tip on how to address wedding invitations to include a guest is to write Ms. Bennet and guest. It sounds nicer than plus one and is clear that they are allowed to bring someone. This phrase is only necessary for the inner envelope and on the outer envelope you can just put Ms. Mary Bennet and the address. If you already know the guests full name, you can write it on the invitation .

Hot tip: when you write and guest on your invitation, both words are left lowercase.

A Married Couple Same Last Name Woman Is A Judge

27+ Great Picture of How To Address Wedding Invitations To ...

List both names on the same line. List both full names, each preceded by the appropriate title, on the same line with the and conjunction. The womans name should be listed first and preceded by the The Honorable title.

The Honorable Rashida Benjamin and Mr. Eric Benjamin

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How To Address The Invitations With Grooms Divorced Parents Or Brides Divorced Parents

Things may get a bit tricky if one or both set of parents are divorced. And what if they have remarried? You can ultimately judge this case by case depending on your relationships with each parent , as well as factoring in who is contributing financially. Remember that you dont have to include all parents names if it doesnt feel natural. An easy way out of this awkward situation would be to address it from the couple and use the phrase together with their families, but we understand if you want to honour parents specifically.

To People 18 And Older

Unless they live at home with their parents, they should receive their own invitations.

Would you like to receive invitations that dazzle? Check out our wedding invitations for all your addressing needs or request free wedding invitation samples. And thinking about adding more personalization to your wedding invites? Visit our wedding hashtag generator and our wedding invitation wording for some fun inspiration.

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Inner Envelope & Outer Envelopes

Theres also the option to place your wedding invitation and its envelope within an outer envelope to protect it from getting marked or bent in the post. As a general rule of thumb, the outer envelope tends to be more formal, featuring your guests full name with title and their full address. The inner envelope is more informal and can show just a first name, their last name and title, or initials.

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Wedding Invitations : Etiquette on Addressing Wedding Invitations

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Inviting The Whole Family:

There are a few ways to address the family based on your formality preference and whether or not you are using an inner envelope. Options here:

If using only an outer envelope:

Address the invite to The Armstrong Family. This implies that you will be inviting the whole family and that all family members are invited to both the ceremony and reception.

If using an outer and an inner envelope!

You only need to address the adults on the outer mailing envelope. Then, utilize your inner envelope to spell out exactly who is invited.

On the inner envelope, include the name of the parents with the children listed below. The formal Emily Post etiquette suggests using Miss for young girls and Master for boys under the age of thirteen. ????

How To Address Invitations In Spanish

If you are wondering how to write Spanish invitations or how to address a Hispanic family for wedding invitations, you would use Sr. y Sra. as titles instead of Mr. and Mrs. and the children below . If you are planning a bilingual wedding and want to honour Spanish heritage, you could have the invitation written out twice, with English and Spanish side by side, one after the other, or line for line.

Note: if you are doing Spanish invitations in the United States, it can be a good idea to write the outer envelope in English and the inner envelope in Spanish to avoid confusion with the postal service.

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Addressing Those With Professional Titles

This presents the question how to address wedding invitations to higher ups, seniors and people youre generally not all that friendly with, despite a mutual respect. When addressing people with professional titles you will need to use their entire name with the respective prefix. In case they are a couple, you forego the conventional title of Mr. / Mrs. and instead use the professional title as prefix. There can be situations where only one couple holds a professional title in that case you will use the professional title prefix only for that individual.

A Few Etiquette Tips To Stick To When Addressing Wedding Invitations

Addressing Wedding Invitations Easy Steps

Write it out! Names, street numbers and state names should all be written out fully. Nicknames and abbreviations should not be used. Include all invited guests names. Don’t leave any room for wondering about who exactly is invited to the wedding. On the interior envelope of each invitation be sure to specify all children’s names, spouses, or dates you’d like to invite to the wedding. Keep in mind your guests’ preferences. You know your guests best. While it’s important to follow etiquette and respect your guests’ titles, it’s also important to address your guests how they like to be addressed. For example, if your guest is a doctor but never uses that title, you may consider leaving it off.

Remember, these people are your nearest and dearest. If you do make an etiquette mistake when addressing invitations, your loved ones care about you and will likely cut you some slack. Plus, they’ll be so excited to receive what’s inside the envelope a title mishap will be overlooked.

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Without An Inner Envelope Where Do I Include Guests & Kids

Since traditional invitation etiquette suggests that the formal mailing address goes on the outer envelope and the informal address James Jones and Guest, or James Jones and Timmy, Tommy, and Susie goes on the inner, people very commonly ask how to indicate that guests and kids are invited if there is no inner envelope.

This is a great question and a valid point to make, but it is not one to get worked up over! In this modern day many people still use double wedding envelopes, but an increasing number do not. Even without the use of an inner envelope and traditional wedding etiquette, there are several ways to properly address your envelopes and to indicate that guests or kids are invited, which we discuss below.

1. Include Guests & Kids on the Outer Envelope

The easiest way to include guests and kids is just to include them on the outer mailing envelope. For example, Mr. James Jones and Guest, or Mr. and Mrs. James Jones and Family.

Its formal, its proper, its easy for you, and its the clearest way for your guests to see that their significant other or children are invited to your event even before they open the envelope no questions asked.

2. Indicate it on the R.S.V.P. Card

Another option is to use the reply card to indicate that guests or kids are invited. There are two ways to do this, both of which can be done on their own, or in conjunction with including guests and kids on the outer envelope.

1 Add a Line to Indicate Number of Guests Attending

Our Envelope Addressing Options

At Papier, we offer recipient addressing and return envelope addressing. Upload your guests addresses and a return address, special date or initials to the reverse of your envelopes, and well print each one neatly for you. Itll add a beautiful finishing touch to your Papier post and save you tons of handwriting, freeing up precious time so you can get on with planning the rest of your big day.

Recipient addressing 25p per envelope

You can upload your recipient addresses by downloading and completing our handy spreadsheet, or add them manually one by one.

Add your return address – 25p per envelope

Include a return address or add your name, initials or a special date for a sophisticated touch. Whatever you write will show across the back of all your envelopes.

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How To Stuff The Envelopes

  • When two envelopes are used, insert the invitation , so that you see the printed side of the invitation when the envelope flap is opened.
  • When there are enclosuresreply card and envelope, map, printed directions, etc.they are placed on top of the printed side of the invitation, with their printed sides up, in size order with the smallest on top. Again, when the flap is opened, the printed side should be visible. If the invitation is folded, insertions are stacked in size ordersmallest on topbut within the fold. Tissues are optional. If used, they are placed on top of the invitation and below any enclosures. If the invitation is folded, they are inserted into the fold.
  • The inner envelope is then placed unsealed in the outer envelope, so when the outer envelope flap is lifted, the name of the guest is visible.
  • Before sealing the outer envelope, double- and triple-check that the names on the inner and outer envelopes match up.
  • How To Address To A Widow

    How To Send Wedding Invitation To A Child Under 18

    How to address wedding invitations to widow is actually fairly simple. Unlike a divorcee, a widow would be fond of the memory of her late husband and want him remembered, so he is usually honoured on the outer envelope, as shown below.

    Outer envelope: Mrs. Charles Meeks

    Inner Envelope: Mrs. Meeks

    For a widower: Mr. Jonathan Sanders

    For a less traditional take, simply write her name as she currently uses it.

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    Addressing Married Couple With Different Last Names

    Write their names on the same line with the womans name first. If the combined names are too long, list them in separate lines.

    O.E: Mr. and Mrs. Maria Latanya and Mr. David Myles

    I.E: Ms. Latanya and Mr. Myles or Maria and David

    Addressing a married couple with one hyphenated last name

    There are couples who choose to hyphenate their last name they should be addressed using this order. Mrs. + her first name + maiden name + married name

    O.E: Mr. Michael Crane and Mrs. Laura Diamond-Crane

    I.E: Mr. Crane and Mrs. Diamond-Crane or Michael and Laura

    Addressing an unmarried couple

    A couple who are unmarried but live at the same address need an invitation addressed to both of them on one line. The name of the person you are closest to comes first.

    O.E: Mr. Stanley George and Ms. Trish Ashley

    I.E: Mr. George and Ms. Ashley or Stanley and Trish

    Addressing the same sex couple

    In this case, it is acceptable to put either guests name first. You may choose the person you are closer to first or address them in an alphabetical order

    O.E: Ms. Diana Stevens and Ms. Lucy Thompson

    I.E: Ms. Stevens and Ms. Thompson or Diana and Lucy

    Addressing a single guest female

    In this case, use Ms. if she is over 18 years and Miss if younger. The Miss in the younger one should be spelled out not used as abbreviations.

    O.E: Ms. Stephanie McCarter or Miss Stephanie McCarter if younger than 18

    I.E: Ms. McCarter or Miss McCarter or Stephanie

    Addressing a single guest male

    I.E: Mr. Ingram or James

    Keys To Remember For Divorced Parents On Wedding Invitations:

    • Mother is listed before father
    • Names go on separate lines and arent joined by the word and
    • Use the surname that Mum is currently using
    • The correct title for mum if she is unmarried is Ms

    Ms. Elsa

    request the honour of your company

    at the marriage of their daughter

    Cassandra Elsa

    Jacob Michael Kane

    You can incorporate these rules into any format, whether just including one set of parents or both.

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