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How To Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary

Blend Memories With Dcor

Couple celebrates drive-by 50th wedding anniversary

No Golden Wedding Anniversary party would be complete without lots of photographs of the couple throughout their life together. Guests will love looking at these photos taken through the years. A few great ways to incorporate photographs into the décor is to have a family photo tree, use framed photos as centerpieces, or to spell out a large 50 on the wall using the photos.

Watch the video below for more Golden Anniversary décor ideas:

Congratulations On The Golden Wedding: 5 Sample Texts

Congratulations on the golden wedding

The 50th wedding anniversary is something rare. It is not only very important for the bride and groom, but also embodies what wants to be achieved with the marriage: Growing old together, going through the good and the bad times and always being there for one another. For this reason, you should make an effort with your golden wedding wishes. Refrain from wisdom. You no longer have to give this to a couple for their golden wedding anniversary. Since the two partners have already reached a certain age, they are very familiar with life and love. Your congratulations should not be instructive, but appreciative and respectful. Finding a nice formulation and expressing your appreciation appropriately is sometimes not that easy. For this reason we have created the following sample texts for you.

Jun How To Get A Free Anniversary Greeting From The White House

Heres everything you need to know about requesting a free Presidential greeting for a special milestone wedding anniversary.

Did you know that married couples celebrating their 50th, 60th and 70th milestone anniversaries can receive a free anniversary greeting from the White House? The White House greeting, signed by the current President and the First Lady, makes a unique anniversary keepsake gift that will be cherished for generations. The best part is that its completely free, although it does take a bit of planning and patience.

Heres how you can get a free Presidential greeting for a milestone anniversary.

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Gold 50th Anniversary Gifts

If you’ve decided to go for gold with your gift this year, let us point you in the right direction. We’ve got the best 50th anniversary gifts for parents, friends and spouses alike in line with this year’s special theme. No matter who’s on your list, one of these creative golden anniversary gifts is sure to impress.

Hotel California Paris France


Consider visiting Paris if you are looking for a great idea for a romantic fiftieth wedding anniversary. A great place to stay is at the cozy Hotel California situated two blocks from Champs Elysees and within easy walking distance of many restaurants, shops and the Arc de Triomphe. If you want to go a check out more of Paris, you can always grab a taxi or bus to the Eiffel Tower, Place de la Concorde or Louvre Museum. If you want to travel like the locals, try the Georges V Metro station which is only a leisurely 10-minute walk from the hotels front door. If you dont want to go too far, the 1925 era hotel also features an extensive art collection in its diminutive gallery. Lastly, dont forget to sample the sumptuous French breakfast buffet.


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Dont let that super-milestone Golden Wedding Anniversary go uncelebrated! Remember our drive-by birthday parade post? Well, why not a drive-by 50th wedding anniversary, too! Its a creative way to still get family, friends and neighbors in on the festivities, even from a distance.

Front Yard Signs and Decorations for a Drive-by Golden Anniversary Parade

Whether its for your parents, your grandparents, or for yourselves, marking 50 years of marriage is truly a reason to celebrate. Shout out the news with decorations like these!

4 Just Married 50 Years Ago Yard Sign from Card My Yard

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Funny Sayings As Congratulations On The Golden Wedding

The following funny sayings as congratulations on the golden 50th Wedding Anniversary are particularly suitable for married couples who are still young in spirit. They appreciate a few modern or funny words that differ from the monotonous masses of congratulations. Our selected sayings take marriage with humor, but they also take it seriously. Many of these sayings are written in rhyme form, as the older generations in particular can identify with them. The melody also makes it easier to read

  • When you are married, you sometimes have to argue, because thats how you find out about each other.
  • Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

    If it’s feasible, take the celebrating couple on a real trip down memory lane, driving them to visit the church or other venue where they got married, along with parks, beauty spots or any still-existing places where they had their first dates. If they had a honeymoon somewhat locally, you could treat them to a return visit there. Discover other significant spots from their lives together 50 years ago by chatting with the couple, along with friends and family who spent time with them then, and researching the places that might be still around today.

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    What Are The 50th Wedding Anniversary Symbols

    All milestone anniversaries have associated symbols, colors, and traditions that keep them special and classic. Here are all of the main symbols to take into account when planning out decor, gifts, and more for your celebration:

    • Gemstone: Gold is the official gemstone and metal for 50th wedding anniversary.
    • Flower: Violets are the official flowers for 50th wedding anniversaries.
    • 50th Anniversary Color: Gold is the official 50th wedding anniversary color.
    • Traditional Gift: A gold gift or gift that incorporates gold is the traditional gift for a 50th wedding anniversary.

    Choose A Festive Location

    Family finds creative way to help couple celebrate 50th anniversary during COVID-19 pandemic

    A Golden Anniversary Wedding party is a very important affair that must be held at a special place. The venue you choose should be beautiful, romantic, large enough for your guests, and should have plenty of room for catering, seating, and dancing. A banquet hall or a lovely restaurant tend to make the best anniversary party venues, since there is plenty of room for guests, food, and decorations.

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    Facts About The Couple Timeline

    Photo Credit:

    A unique way to celebrate their love story is to set it to a timeline. Think of the years and numbers 1-50 that are most important to the couple: their wedding date, number of children/grandchildren and their ages, or the number of vacations theyve taken to their favorite spot. This will be a fun and interactive display at the party that may help guests learn a thing or two they never knew about the couple.

    What Is The 50th Anniversary Called

    The 50th wedding anniversary is also known as a golden wedding anniversary and its a very special achievement to celebrate.

    The golden anniversary got its name from the early days in Northern Europe when traditionally, a husband presented his wife with a stunning golden wreath or necklace on their 50 year anniversary.

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    About 50th Wedding Anniversaries

    The 50th golden wedding anniversary is one of the most venerable milestones in married life. And rightly so, as it is a rare celebration for any couple.

    Appropriately, the 50th wedding anniversary symbol is gold beautiful, strong and resistant to corrosion. All qualities that are essential for a marriage to last for 50 years

    Pay Tribute To Their Wedding Day

    50th anniversary

    Throw it back to that special day half a century ago. Use their wedding album to guide the anniversary party ideas and design a party that mirrors their reception. Ask guests to wear clothes in the style of the year the couple got married, which in itself is a great party idea! You can also order and serve the same cake flavor. After all the guests have arrived, clear space for a dance floor and incorporate some wedding traditions like the bouquet toss and cake feeding.

    Conversely, if the couples wedding wasnt quite the fairytale day they dreamed of, ask them how they would have liked their big day to have gone. Then, plan the party based on that. This anniversary party can be an extraordinary opportunity to give the couple the wedding day they always wanted yet never dreamed possible.

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    Make Your Parents 50th Wedding Anniversary One To Remember

    You want to make your parents feel as special as their relationship is. And by focusing on their years together, and the people that they have touched along the way, you can be sure their 50th wedding anniversary will be a celebration they will cherish.

    Ready to plan the celebration of your parents dreams? Contact us today! We would be honored to discuss details of your event and answer any questions you may have.

    Revisit Your Bucket List

    If you want to spice up your 50th anniversary and really make it special, have a sit down with your partner and revisit both of your bucket lists. There must be something in there that you can still do together. No matter how old the wish is, fulfilling it will mean a new experience for both of you. A new thing to add to the things weve done together list.

    As you can see, the 50th wedding anniversary leaves you with a lot of options to choose from. After all, you have spent half the century with your loved one and you are the one who knows him/her best make sure to use this knowledge and experience from the life spent in marriage to choose something that is personal and meaningful.

    Are you looking for ultimate yet simple 50th wedding anniversary ideas for your parents? Then read on!

    For any couples, every year of marriage is always treasured. But reaching 50 years is a huge milestone and deserves to be celebrated big time!

    In many cases, children host anniversary parties for their parents when they reach the amazing 50-year mark. Or sometimes, the couple themselves!

    But no matter who hosts, planning a big party is no small task, and coming up with 50 th wedding anniversary ideas for parents is often a struggle. Do you need ultimate yet simple tips and hints to help you create a party to be proud of? Then read on!

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    Special 50th Anniversary Party Ideas

    Fifty years of marriage is no small feat. Celebrate the longevity of a special couples love with an anniversary party that will honor a unique relationship. An anniversary party can be a callback to the couples wedding, as well as a celebration of all they have experienced together since that day. The key to creating a memorable party is to plan one that is personalized for the pair. Incorporate inside jokes, symbolic elements of their relationship, and memories from the many milestones they have surpassed together. To get you started, here are several 50th-anniversary party ideas that the happy couple will adore. Customize each as you see fir to ensure each moment is special and personalized.

    Center The Menu Around The Couple

    50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration During the New Normal| How to celebrate during pandemic

    Your parents 50th wedding anniversary menu is a great place to showcase who your parents are. And the fun part is, you can do this in many different ways.

    Recreate the exact meal they served on their wedding day. Or plan a meal that they shared on their first date. You can even make it as simple as their favorite meal together as a family.

    Just so long as it represents who they are as a couple for the last 50 years.

    Or you can choose a wedding package from the venue. They may have one that will suit your parents tastes perfectly.

    When it comes to dessert, see If you can sneak away a picture of your parents wedding cake and take it to a local bakery. Ask if they can recreate it.

    You can decide to add golden accents or leave it as original as possible. And for the perfect finishing touch, try to get your hands on their wedding cake topper.

    Imagine your parents smiles as they cut into a replica of their wedding cake from 50 years ago. They will have a blast re-living the moment they smeared icing on the love of their lifes face.

    What To Write For 50th Anniversary Wishes

    Wow! Fifty years of marriage is a huge accomplishment. The first word that comes to mind would have to be congratulations, but theres so much more to be said to the happy and lucky couple who celebrates this remarkable milestone.

    Anniversaries mark the passage of time. Chances are a few things have changed since the couple first got married, and the 50th anniversary is the perfect time to reflect on all the ways not only their relationship has grown over the years, but also the way the world has changed in that time.

    Think of everything the couple has faced together over fifty yearsups and downs, children and grandchildren, career changes, travels and more. Your 50th anniversary message is a great time to reminisce about what first brought them together, their wedding day, and other big moments theyve had along the way. As you consider what to write, you can think about how far theyve come, and remember they still have many wonderful moments ahead of them.

    Appetizers And Finger Food

    Traditional appetizers are always appropriate for every occasion. Classic options like antipasto platters will always please as well as deviled eggs and crab cakes. But if you want something different, more specifically themed for a fiftieth anniversary party, or friendly to guests dietary needs, check out these suggestions.

    • Diabetic-friendly appetizer options Serve yummy herbed garlic bread, dill and onion dip or fruit salad for those guests who might be in need of a diabetic diet.
    • Low-fat appetizers Many people think of fruit platters and vegetable trays when they are looking for low-fat appetizers. Instead, make recipes like Garden Quesadillas and Cheese-Stuffed Baby Vegetables for an alternative option.
    • Mediterranean-inspired appetizers Mediterranean foods are often a part of a healthy lifestyle. These yummy appetizers will not only appeal to guests taste buds but will also help them stay on their diet. The Tzatziki Sauce or Dip is a good tasty and healthy choice to serve with salad or as a dip for fresh vegetables.

    A fun way to celebrate fifty years together is to serve fifty of the couples favorite snacks. This is a great option for an afternoon party where you dont need a full meal. Include Chex Mix, chips, crackers, cookies, fudge and other candies, and a variety of salty and tangy snacks like spicy popcorn and garlic bagel chips.

    Game And Activity Ideas

    No party is enjoyable ill there are some games or activities which engage everyone in the celebrations. As the 50th-anniversary party celebrates a couples happy journey, some games can be played to test the compatibility and knowledge of couples at the party. All the couples at the party can play this game. They can be asked questions testing their knowledge about their partner or their response to different things. One other game can be truth or lie about the couples knowledge of each other. Guessing the celebrity couples can also be fun games for couples. In this game, one partner has to guess the celebrity couple on the other partners hints. If the party is hosted outdoor, then games such as three-legged races or find the treasure can also be played, forming a team of couples. Few enjoyable games such as musical chairs or sack races can be played with every guest at the party. The guest will enjoy running around like kids, trying to grab the chair, or hopping in the sack. If kids are invited to the party, do remember to add a few games for them, such as a spoon race or even a drawing contest. A dance floor with DJ will add to the enjoyment of the party for both kids and couples.

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