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How To Get Cheap Flowers For Wedding

Cost Of Bridesmaid Bouquets

How to do your own wedding flowers for under $200

While Thumbtack puts a bridesmaids bouquet between $40 to $60, Wedding Wires estimate is a little higher at $75. Bridesmaid bouquets are a lot less expensive than a bridal bouquet, but youll need to buy several of these bouquets.

If the price for bridesmaid bouquets becomes too expensive, keep their bouquets more simple. To do this, make greenery more prominent in your bridesmaids bouquets or stick with more affordable flowers like carnations.

These flowers come in bright colors, so the bouquets will still bring a pop of color to your ceremony. Work with your wedding florist to keep prices down!

For a rustic or bohemian look, you can consider substituting fresh flowers for dried florals. Choose a few fresh flowers to act as the main focus, and surround them with dried flowers and greens.

You may also want to add flower girl petals into your price estimates, though these shouldnt be too expensive.

Diy With Flower Moxie

At Flower Moxie, we help DIY brides choose the best bulk wholesale wedding flowers online at a fraction of florist prices. We offer the best wholesale wedding flowers, choosing florist-quality blooms for our brides and couples. You may be asking, How much do wedding flowers cost? With Flower Moxie, youll save 50-65% of what youd spend with a florist. So if youre asking, Is it worth it to DIY wedding flowers? The answer is YES, its definitely worth it! Not only will you spend quality time with the people you love the most, as you prepare and arrange your wholesale fresh wedding flowers, but youll save so much money by doing it yourself!

Do-it-yourself wedding flowers are an excellent choice when you want to stay within budget so you can put more money towards your honeymoon, more wine, or more swoon-worthy flowers!

How to order bulk DIY wedding flowers? We make it so easy! We have dozens of flower packages to choose from in a broad range of the most popular wedding colors. Youre sure to find the perfect color palette for your wedding! Start browsing our fresh floral kits today! Want flowers a la carte? We sell flowers by the bunch so you can build a cart with exactly what you need.

Fall In Love With Your Wedding Flowers

On average, most couples spend around eight to ten percent of their wedding budget on flowers. In 2019, the average wedding flowers cost was around $2,000. While this figure represents what the average couple spent on floral arrangements, you and your partner may end up spending a lot more if youre looking for larger, more extravagant arrangements, or you can spend a lot less if you follow our budgeting tips above.

For starters, decide on your wedding flower budget ahead of time, then plan your arrangements accordingly. If youre looking for the most cost-effective methods, remember to choose seasonal flowers, cheaper flower types, and use less variety of flowers in your arrangements. How much your wedding flowers cost will ultimately depend upon the number of arrangements you need and how extravagant you wish them to be.

Choosing your wedding fIngrid Blog: 200+ Trending TikTok Hashtags & Best Practiceslowers should be fun. Its always nice to stop and smell the roses amid the stress of wedding planning. No matter how you decide to structure your flower budget, your floral arrangements are bound to be beautiful.

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Where Can I Find Affordable Wedding Flowers

The only limits to finding affordable wedding flowers are the boundaries of your creativity! When shopping for wedding flowers on a budget, look online for wholesalers and bulk pricing discounts, get quotes from your local florists, and contact local nurseries and farms to find the best prices available. Grow or forage for flowers to minimize expenses.

Ways To Save Money On Wedding Flowers

Beautiful bridal bouquet created by Poppies Florist ...

1. Move Flowers from the Ceremony to the ReceptionI didnt want to spend a lot on flowers at my wedding so what I did was transfer the flowers that were set up at the ceremony over to the reception venue. Since I didnt have too many, the person who was in charge of this task had no problem grabbing the altar flower display, taking it to the reception, and giving it to the wedding planner who got it inside the reception hall before anyone entered.

2. Re-purpose the Bridal BouquetsAt the reception, your bridesmaids wont have a need for their flower bouquets, so why not use them in vases as wedding centerpiece ideas or as decorations for the cake table?

3. Choose In-Season FlowersJust like with your wedding food, using flowers that are in-season can save you a lot of money. For example, tulips are beautiful, but they are winter/early spring flowers. If you are able to find them during their off-season, the price could be as much as 5 times the cost during their in-season.

4. Get Cheaper FlowersSome flowers are just cheaper than others. Carnations are probably the cheapest flowers that you can get. Gerber daisies are also inexpensive. If you are not a fan of either of those, use them for some things, like alter bouquets, and then get a more expensive flower for the brides bouquet if that is preferred.

5. Go Green

14. Use Silk Flowers

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Do I Have To Tip My Florist

Florists do not typically receive tips, but you should tip the delivery people who set up your floral arrangements at least $5 to $20 per person. Be sure to include room in your wedding flower budget for these tips, and dont forget to write an online review of your wedding florist after your big day.

Buy Wholesale Wedding Flowers

Looking for wedding flowers in bulk? Consider buying your wedding flowers from a wholesale retailer, like Sams Club or Costco.

This option might require a little more from you because you may need to put together bouquets yourself. However, Sams Club and Costco provide a few different options for wedding flowers that can be more affordable than hiring and buying from a professional florist.

Aside from Sams Club and Costco, there are also websites that specialize in selling flowers.

FiftyFlowers is a great resource to buy flowers and even for DIY advice. If youre willing to do a little extra research to put together your own bouquets and floral arrangements, check out bulk orders of flowers to save big.

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Minimize The Size Of Your Guest List

A smaller guest list means a lower-cost wedding for so many reasons. You book a smaller venue . You also have a more modest cost for food, beverages, service, tables and table settings, linens, and invitations.

There are positives to big and small weddings, but because youre opting for a small one, lets focus on those! Smaller weddings allow you to relax and enjoy the day with your nearest and dearest, rather than a sprawling guest list that includes your mothers book club besties. And while you love your friends from work, theyll understand that you are keeping the event intimate.

Some experts suggest making a guest list and cutting it by 20 percent, and then cutting it by another 20 percent. Others start at zero, add parents, siblings, grandparents, and then a couple of close friends apieceand then shut down the list to new additions without exceptions.

Youll probably need to talk with friends and extended family who arent on the guest list no matter where you draw the line. Most people will understand if you dont have the budget for a large wedding.

Arrange Your Own Flowers

Where I Get Affordable Silk Flowers For My DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Ahead of the big day, attend a flower arranging workshop with your mum or bridesmaids. It could be part of your hen party or just a fun, girlie day.

Then the day before the wedding, head to your nearest flower market and choose the blooms you want early in the morning is best for lots of choice and to get the flowers when they are most fresh.

Arrange your table centres yourselves ready to take to the venue in the morning. Make sure you keep the flowers in water and place them somewhere cool over night.

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Find A Reception Hall That Is Flexible

This is key to a cheap wedding, for two big reasons:

  • Good reception halls will give you price discounts for non-weekend days. We went with a Thursday night and it cut our costs in half versus a Saturday, to just $500. Most of our guests decided to take Friday off and it gave them a nice 3-day weekend, so it worked out great. Saturdays are usually the most expensive to rent out, followed by Sunday, Friday, and then any other weekday. Some locations will even negotiate on price, so it doesnt hurt to ask once youve found the one you want.
  • Perhaps an even bigger cost saver is to find a hall that allows you to use your own caterer. Many reception halls require you to buy their food and catering or they charge you a fee to let someone else come in and do it. Find one that doesnt.
  • Another potential cost saver is to find a reception hall that doesnt have a reputation as a wedding spot. We were married in an opera house . It was as nice as any other reception location Ive seen, with an outdoor terrace, gazebo, and spot along the river. But it wasnt known as a wedding hot spot. It was cheaper than most of the typical wedding reception locations, who will gouge you to no end.

    We decided to have the ceremony on the gazebo and fit all the guests around us. Awesome!

    How Much Help And Time Do You Need To Diy Flowers

    My husband and I did the first step of removing the leaves below the water line and cutting the stems. It took us about an hour to do 200 stems.

    The next day, our two moms, my bridesmaid and her boyfriend, and my sister helped with the flowers.

    I recommend getting a good amount of help but not having a huge group either. The group we had was perfect. If you have too many people, you might have to spend more time organizing people and giving directions than getting stuff done.

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    Go To A Thrift Store For Your Dress Or Suit

    Wedding dresses and suits or tuxes are often a sizable line item on wedding budgets. But they dont have to be. You can find beautiful, vintage wedding dresses and tuxes or suits in thrift stores. Make a day of it and see what you can find. Your wedding finery may need a little mending or tailoring, but even with that cost added on it will be much less expensive than a new dress.

    You can also discover affordable wedding dresses online. Visit eBay and Craigslist, or explore Etsy for affordable originals. Nearly Newlywed offers gently worn wedding dresses for resale, and Rent the Runway lets you rent a stunning wedding dress for four days. Even high-end and popular stores have affordable dresses in the mix. Check out Nordstrom, Anthropologies BHLDN line, and Davids Bridal.

    Leave The Flowers To Open Up

    If You

    The flowers are super dehydrated when they are delivered so you have to take them out of the boxes and put them in water immediately.

    You can use buckets similar to the orange ones you see at Home Depot and fill them up with four inches of water each.

    The flowers need a lot of water to open up and bloom further. Dont freak out if your blooms look closed when you get them. Its part of the process.

    Cheap Wedding Flowers By Season

    Buying out-of-season flowers will tend to be more expensive than buying flowers in season. Roses, for example, are summer flowers. In winter, roses will usually be imported or greenhouse grown, and that adds to their cost.

    The state where you live will also influence the cost of your wedding flowers. If you live in Florida, for instance, the climate is rather too warm for growers to produce cut-flower quality roses without using specialized methods that add to the price but Florida is a great place for low-cost orchids.

    Because the plants that thrive in each season differ so widely from state to state, you might want a little advice from a flower grower. Whats likely to be cheap and plentiful in your wedding month? And if the grower is willing to sell flowers in bulk without going through a retailer, you can save big!

    Theres just one caveat to buying seasonally for cheap wedding flowers. If theres a special day like Valentines Day or Mothers Day on the calendar in your wedding month, cut flower prices will soar.

    Look out for good deals on the following seasonal flowers:

    Where To Buy Flowers To Make Your Own Bouquets

    The first step is buying the flowers. I wanted to buy wholesale flowers to avoid the premium added on by florists.

    I did a bit of research and found the following places sell wholesale flowers.

  • Local Flower Markets I heard about a great local flower market in San Francisco that sells wholesale flowers. We got married just outside of Boston and the wholesale flower market in Boston is trade only meaning for florists and not regular people.
  • Sams Club You can get flowers for less than a dollar per stem at Sams Club. Wholesale flower prices are often discussed in terms of price per stem. Sams Club has great deals on roses and babys breath and you can order online.
  • FiftyFlowers FiftyFlowers is an online wholesale delivery service. The flowers are shipped in from Ecuador a few days before the wedding. You are responsible for hydrating the flowers and putting together the arrangements. These are the ones I went with and I had a really great experience with them.
  • Where To Buy/ Find Cheap Flower Decor

    Consulting your local florist can be an excellent resource to find cheap flower decor. Your florist can work with you and your budget to help you create the flower arrangements you need with the budget you allocate.

    However, if youre looking to buy cheap flowers to create DIY wedding decorations yourself, another spot to look would be your local grocery store. Most grocery stores, including Trader Joes, typically have a fresh flower section where you may be able to find beautiful flowers at a decent price.

    Save Money On Your Wedding Flowers


    No matter what kind of wedding you have in mind, the budget is one of the first topics of discussion. If youre looking for areas to cut costs, flowers are the way to go. Choose from these cheap wedding flowers and get creative when brainstorming ideas for your bouquets and decorations.

    The most important thing is to communicate your budget and preferences with your florist. Or, better yet, engage the talents of a close friend or family member to create DIY designs. As an added way to save, transfer flowers used in your ceremony to your reception. You can also select smaller bouquets for your bridesmaids to carryor even nix them altogether.

    When it comes to how you want everything to look, even the cheapest wedding flower will elevate the atmosphere and make it brighter and more inviting. Its all about how you incorporate them into your decor and make them your own. You cant go wrong when choosing any of these flower options. Theyre all stunning in their own right and will look beautiful in whatever way you decide to use them.

    For more resources on finding the best wedding flowers, see our other guides:

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