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Cool Men’s Wedding Rings

Unique Mens Wedding Bands That Make The Exact Statement You Are Looking To Say

how make custom jewelry – gold rings for men

Apart from the lifetime commitment that engagement rings represent, what message are you trying to convey with your wedding band? Are you trying to display a commitment to style? Are you looking for a well-crafted ring thats in it for the long haul, just like you and your partner? And are you trying to attain these things without dropping a borderline stupid amount of money?

We trust that yes is the answer to all the questions we just posed thats why youre here. When it comes to expenses associated with your matrimonial wish list, reason often goes out the window. Whether were talking floral arrangements, a photographer or wedding rings womens and mens brides and grooms too often make the oh-so-foolish assumption that if it isnt insanely pricey, it probably isnt worth a damn. And the harsh fact of the matter is that pretty much everyone associated with each and every corner of the wedding industry wants you to think this way that if the diamond ring doesnt break the bank, its not for you.

We would also be remiss if we didnt point out that all of our men’s and women’s rings are without exception conflict-free. That means you wont be finding any blood diamonds here. No way.

Black Diamond Channel Set Ring

For a classic comfortable band that is both elegant, masculine, and chic: consider this 14k white gold band. The center of this stunning piece is inlaid with a channel of twenty exquisite, circular black diamonds. The ring is understated and traditional. The ring is available in a variety of karats and the comfort aspect is a polished, satin interior that allows the ring to slide on and off easily.

Why I like it:

Mixed Metal Wedding Bands

Knife edge bands, defined by an exterior of two planes that come to a point rather than one flat plane, are a perennially popular choice. This ring gives the old standard a twist with a combination of platinum and 18-karat yellow gold. $985

Groupings of three have long symbolized various aspects of marriage . This ring nods to that tradition with three bands in three different shades of gold. $1,340

Mokume gane is a Japanese metalworking technique that was originally used for sword blades. It involves fusing several different metals together to create a marbled, wood-grain pattern like what you see in this rings red gold, white gold, and silver streaks. $2,555

A lot of guys dont consider rose gold just because of the name, but thats a mistake. It isnt really pink or very feminine at all, its just a more subtle, coppery shade of gold as seen in this sleek tube band, accented with a single white gold loop. $1,000

This ring doubles down in every sense: two bands of brushed rose gold sandwiched between two bands of polished white gold. Rose, white, brushed, polished it offers a little bit of everything. From $570

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Canada’s Most Unique Mens Wedding Bands

You live in Canada and your looking for a unique wedding band for your man. Maybe youve gone into Michael Hill or Peoples looking for that unique ring. But lets face it, you came out disappointed due to the fact that the ring selection is poor and way overpriced. I mean, I surely would not want my husband wearing the same ring that thousands of other Canadian men wear. My husband is unique and he deserves a wedding ring that is as unique as him.

That was pretty much which sparked Northern Royal which started in Ontario, Canada and now we are just 30min from the Windsor border, located in Michigan. I will admit, we offer some of the exact rings that the large jewelry stores offer in Canada but ours are less than half the price. Go to their website and check for yourself. We can also promise we offer unique men’s wedding rings that you will find nowhere else.

Titanium For A Wedding Band

15 Best Collection of Trendy Mens Wedding Bands

Titanium is a metallic element that can be found in abundance and therefore is made into many different products like golf clubs, air crafts, watches and even wedding bands.

  • Found in the late 18th century, and fittingly named after the mythical Greek giants, the Titans, who personified different forces of nature and also ruled the earth.
  • Titanium is one of the transitional elements on the periodic table and can be found found in many forms.
  • Titanium is a lightweight, affordable metal, that has grown in popularity for grooms-to-be because it offers a luxurious appearance, as well as a high degree of strength.
  • Bands can be found in very light grey/white color and their actual finish can change through different methods of polishing and or brushing.

An important feature to note is titaniums strength-to-weight ratio. It is the highest out of all the transitional metals, which means that titanium is light weight, with a low density, but is extremely strong. So, if you are looking for a light weight ring that you wont feel while wearing, than titanium bands are the one to choose.

Titanium can be split into four grades: 1 through 4. Grade one is the softest form of titanium while grade 4 is the hardest. The best type of titanium for wedding bands is Commercially Pure grade titanium, which is 99% pure. Grades between 2 to 4 CP work best for rings.



  • Cannot always be resized
  • Titanium is a difficult metal to use for intricate designs, which mean ring designs are limited

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Elk Teakwood Tungsten Ring

Across many cultures, elk are seen as beautiful creatures which symbolize courage and strength they are often used to represent taking the next step or a leap of faith. So, quite the fitting symbol for marriage, right? This beautifully crafted 8mm tungsten band, nicknamed The Elk, has two inlays of antler and teakwood. Its a deeply masculine ring that will suit an experienced woodsman or even a flannel shirt-wearing city slicker.

Why I like it:

Black Wedding Rings For Men

Just because there is nothing undercover about your love doesn’t mean you have to kiss your stealthy style goodbye. After all, flying under the radar is a way of life which is something a good partner always understands.

There is nothing confidential about being confident in your decision. Make your vows official in secret agent style using one of our men’s black wedding bands. Join the dark side and dignify your union with one of our black wedding rings for men.

You can even simplify the entire process by choosing one of our Recently Made Boxes featuring black wedding rings exclusively. If you want your wedding ring to be black, you need to try Jordan Jack.

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Unique Mens From Non Traditional Metals

Just like your one-of-a-kind, fairytale kinda love sometimes wedding band preferences do not fit the typical, traditional mold. Fortunately for those people, there are a plethora of unusual and interesting rings out there that are a world away from the norm! Resin Wedding Bands, Silicone Rings For Men, and Wood Wedding Bands are a just a few options to consider!

Black Ceramic Oak Guitar String

custom jewelry – making a men’s saphire gold ring

For a rock and roll band for the rockstar in your life, consider this glamorous black ceramic ring. The 8mm band is scratch resistant and showcases a unique inlay of a real guitar string set amongst gray oak. Despite the material, the ring is actually very lightweight with a ring like this, expect an acoustic serenade every day!

Why I like it:

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Beveled Forged Carbon Fiber Wedding Band

Returning to our Forged Carbon collection, this band is 6.5-millimeters thick and features a sleek beveled shape that emphasizes the marbled color, subtle texture, and cool matte finish of the material. The Forged Carbon Beveled Band was made to stand the test of time just like your marriage.Forged Carbon is a relatively new technology developed in part by Lamborghini, which involvescarbon nanotubes and resin being compressed under extreme heat and pressure.The resultingmaterial is exceptionally durable, yet lightweight enough that you practically dont feel it on yourhand ideal for the guy not used to being weighed down by jewelry.

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On Sale: Koa Wood Ring, Abalone Shell/Blue Inlay, Tungsten Rings, Koa Wood Ring for Men and women, 8mm Koa Wood Band, Tungsten Band, Tungsten Ring

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  • Open the listing page.
  • Choose the options youâd like for the order. This will differ depending on what options are available for the item.
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    Common Metals For Men’s Wedding Rings

    Gold, platinum, titanium, zirconium, palladium, wood, tungsten carbide and cobalt-chrome are all popular wedding band materials. Tungsten carbide, for example, has an extremely high melting point and scratch-resistant surface, but it’s not technically a metal . Platinum, a classic choice for guys’ rings, is more denseand therefore, more durablethan gold, but it’s also more expensive. Wood wedding rings are beautiful, organic and tend to be more affordable than metal rings, but they’re not as tough and might not be your best bet if you live a super-active lifestyle.

    Men’s Gold Rings & Silver Rings At Michael Hill

    Cool Men

    A mens ring is a beautiful and timeless piece of jewellery that can be given on many occasions – as an engagement ring, a wedding ring, or a promise ring for men. At Michael Hill our wide selection of silver and gold mens rings are crafted from precious metals so that you can find the perfect ring for that special man in your life.

    What are popular styles of mens rings?

    Traditionally the most popular style of mens rings has been a simple band crafted from gold, sterling silver or platinum, but modern designs made from titanium or featuring diamonds are also a popular choice.

    Signet rings are another popular style of mens rings, and can be engraved with a special message or date that is meaningful to you both.

    What metals are available on Michael Hill for mens rings?

    At Michael Hill all of our mens rings are crafted from the highest quality metals, including precious metals such as 10ct white, yellow and rose gold and sterling silver as well as black titanium and grey tungsten.

    All of these metals are durable and beautiful choices, and your preference will likely come down to your personal style.

    What are the options available for mens wedding bands?

    A mens wedding band can be any style of mens ring you choose, and at Michael Hill we have a number of options to help you find a ring he will love.

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    Unique Silver Mens Wedding Bands

    It might have been his silver tongue that lured you in but ensure that it is this silver ring that keeps him!

    Silver is a precious metal and it is a great option for a wedding band. It is a good choice as the metal is abundant and affordable. It is the most reflective metal on earth so you are guaranteed a great shine!

    Silver Wedding Band Faq

    Learn more about silver metal

    Pure silver is in fact too soft of a material to be used for a wedding band. What you will come across when searching for a silver wedding ring is sterling silver. That means a .925 hallmark stamp on the inside of the ring.

    • Sterling silver is 7.5% copper alloyed with 92.5% silver .

    Why choose silver for a wedding band

    No other metal has a natural brilliance and radiance than that of sterling silver. Compared to platinum or white gold, sterling silver rings are much more affordable. It is a malleable metal, which makes it a favorite choice among jewelers as design options are endless!

    What does flashing mean in silver?

    The term flashing has a naughty connotation. For wedding bands, you may come across silver rings that are treated with a process called flashing: the ring is plated with a thin coat of 99.999% pure silver to give it some extra shine along with a luster finish. This thin layer of pure silver will wear off fairly rapidly with everyday wear.

    Ways to keep silver looking shiny

    Another option is to treat sterling silver rings with rhodium plate , which will increase the shine and durability. As with flashing, the rhodium will wear off over time and the wearer will need to have the ring re-plated.

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    Hammered Gold Wedding Band

    This ring combines a sleek, modern white gold tone with a totally one-of-a-kind hammeredtexture. At just three-millimeters, it is slender, but packs a major punch, thanks to itsunique surface.Gold is a highly malleable element, and has been hammered for centuries tocreate custom designs. This piece has a matte, unpolished finish for a slightly distressed look.Its smooth interior makes it as comfortable to wear as any other band.

    The Tradition Of The Wedding Ring

    Making silver ring for men – handmade custom jewelry

    The romantic celebrations associated with wedding bands go back to the ancient days. Wedding rings have symbolised eternity since the age of the Pharaohs. They are a constant reminder that love is eternal, with absolutely no beginning or end. During ancient roman times, wedding bands were given to denote a public pledge of marriage. This customary practise was then adopted by early religions and gold wedding rings became an integral symbol of the celebration of marriage. Today, a band worn on the ring finger continues to convey the same message of love, across the several cultures that exist around the world. Even in 2023, a wedding band symbolises commitment and a promise of lifelong togetherness.

    Did you know about the interesting origins that exist around wearing a wedding ring on the ring finger? The Egyptians believed that the vein of love flowed straight from the ring finger of the left hand directly to the heart. Some of our popular wedding band styles that convey the same message of love even in todays age are our classic mens wedding ring collection. Our classic wedding band range delivers our promise of superior quality and fine Australian craftsmanship. Remember, all Temple and Grace diamonds and precious metal is acquired through ethical sources. We treat our environment with care so that you can feel confident when purchasing a wedding ring for him, from us.

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    Durable Wedding Bands For Him

    Just like men come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities, so do men’s wedding rings. If your hunk spends his days breaking a sweat, take a look at our collection of manly rings. Give your lumberjack his own tree ring to count the years with, our wide variety of masculine wedding bands will withstand the grind for better or worse.

    If you are not sure which wedding band width will be comfortable, use our free Home Try On option to find the perfect fit for you. We will send your choice of up to five of our artisan crafted men’s wedding bands for you to wear so you can see if the ring is tough enough to withstand your jobsite. Simply choose the best men’s wedding band for you whenever you’re ready to decide.

    From tantalum wedding bands for active lifestyles to work wedding rings, Jordan Jack has your back.

    Yellow Gold: For The Classic Romantic

    For those that have longed for their special day and planned every detail of the ceremonies to come since they could remember, yellow gold rings are the best. Theyre timeless and forever synonymous with marriage. For the super-traditional man, opt into this classic David Yurman ring. But, for those who might want to be a bit more daring, this Cartier ring puts a new twist on the classic shape.

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    The Outdoorsman Tungsten Ring

    It was his bold and adventurous heart that drew you to him this ring encapsulates all of those qualities into one permanent band. Built for the bold, the piece is constructed of tungsten carbide and features a beautifully detailed forest tree line. The inner lining of the ring is made of aged whiskey barrel, as everyone has a wild side!

    Why I like it:

    Wedding Rings For Men

    Cool Men

    Mens wedding rings come in many different metals, settings, and designs. Heres what you should know when shopping for the right wedding ring:

    Choose a Metal: Start your search for the perfect mens wedding ring by choosing a metal. Platinum, white gold, and yellow gold are popular choices however, these are high-end and expensive precious metals. If these premium precious metals are out of your budget, choose an inexpensive alternative such as cobalt or tungsten. Both of these metals look similar to white gold and platinum, but they are far more affordable.

    Choose a Band: Another factor to consider is the width of the band. Wider bands will stand out and look more masculine on men with large hands, whereas they may overwhelm men with slender fingers. Many men find narrower bands more comfortable than wider bands, but the truth is that both styles can be comfortable as long as they fit correctly.

    Choose a Finish: Next, its time to think about the finish of the ring. Matte finishes are understated and modern, whereas high-polished finishes are traditional. You can also get the best of both worlds by choosing a men’s wedding ring that incorporates both finishes into the design.

    Finally, consider the extra details to include in your ring. Do you want diamonds? What about gemstones? He will wear this ring for the rest of his life, so its essential to choose one that has everything hes ever dreamed of!

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