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Legend Of Zelda Wedding Ring

They Are Filming In Greece

Zelda: The Wind Waker | Iron Boots [19]

The second big announcement in Nia Vardalos’s Instagram post was the reveal that production not only has started but that they are also filming in Greece. Vardalos made her announcement from a small room above the location where the crew was shooting in Athens.

Although there are numerous references to Greece throughout the first two films, this will be the first time that audiences will see the Portokalos family visit the country in person. In the second film, the family is visited by Toula’s uncle from Greece, Panos Portokalos . In this film, it looks like the Portokalos family will be making the trip this time.

Round Zelda Engagement Ring Takayas Custom Jewelry

The men’s version has the hylian shield decorating the band. The men’s ring is a little different, with a special recreation of the clock tower’s sun and moon symbols, combined into one design. It include a 5mm and 8mm band width women and mens ring.this tungsten ring is cobalt free to avoid allergies, high polish finish, comfort fit design, perfect for the one you love.

Legend Of Zelda Wedding Rings

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Legend Of Zelda Wedding Ring Collection

Nowadays, most couples are shying away from the traditional wedding rings and instead, are looking for rings that allow them to add a more personal touch. Some couples are creatively taking this a step further by designing rings inspired by their favorite video games growing up.

In a world full of chaos, this Legend of Zelda inspired wedding collection is the perfect symbol for tying the knot. These rings are composed of white gold and diamonds with the iconic golden yellow triangles that symbolize the legendary Triforce.

Princess Zelda would not have a doubt in her mind when saying I DO to these perfect ringswhile Link continues to destroy Ganon. Will he or will he not? Good luck!

14K white gold Zelda ladies triforce wedding band with 14K yellow gold and diamond accents

Mens Zelda Master Sword Wedding Band Takayas Custom Jewelry

Princess Zelda Engagement Ring Takayas Custom Jewelry

Round Zelda Engagement Ring Takayas Custom Jewelry

14K white gold Zelda trillion solitaire engagement ring with 14K yellow gold and diamond accents

Zelda Dual Shields Wedding Band Takayas Custom Jewelry

14K white gold Zelda mens wedding band with 14K yellow gold hylian crest and triforce by Takayas Custom Jewelry

Custom Made By Abby Sparks Jewelry In Denver Co

Legend of Zelda Wedding Ring Collection

Free shipping on orders over $25 shipped by amazon. 14k white gold zelda trillion solitaire engagement ring with 14k yellow gold and diamond accents. This zelda triforce engagement ring is made of solid 925 sterling silver or solid 10k/14k/18k gold with various gold colors like white gold, rose gold and yellow gold as base metal.

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Zelda Wedding Bands Fit For A Princess Of Hyrule

If you’re the Link to her Zelda, look no further than Takayas Jewelry’s Legend of Zelda Wedding Collection. For a love as strong as the Triforce, choose these white and yellow gold rings with diamonds featuring the Hyrule Royal Crests. The men’s version has the Hylian Shield decorating the band.

We actually witnessed a proposal at a Zelda Symphony! If only the groom knew of this Hylian jewelry to complete his geek engagement! For pricing, inquire on Takayas Jewelry’s website.

Blue Knees Was Madison All Along

The demonic entity was first attached to the children’s book, Blue Knees. Blue Knees attempted to take Elizabeth’s wedding ring to use as a “sentimental object” in the body exchange ritual. In taking Elizabeth’s eyesight and killing her, it succeeded in obtaining her ashes to use as the “human ashes” for the ritual.

The entity then possessed Madison Hale, forcing her to murder her parents and two other people in order to commit the “seven sacrifices” for the ritual. Madison was killed before the ritual could be completed.

Luca is then gifted Madison’s camera for his birthday. Based on the photos of severed limbs discovered in the Sun Box at the start of the game, it would appear that the entity was attached to the camera, and possessed Luca to murder his mother and sister. The sixth and fifth sacrifices.

The drawing of the final vision in Luca’s Notebook shows that originally Luca’s dad was intended to be the seventh sacrifice. However, by finding Madison’s skull in the St. Jupiter’s Cathedral section and placing it on one of the Virgin Mary statues, she becomes the seventh human sacrifice for the ritual.

The fact that Elizabeth’s ashes were waiting in the Ritual Room the whole time suggests that this was Blue Knees’ objective all along. It haunted Elizabeth, Madison, and finally Luca in order to get what it wanted.

By taking his own life, Luca became the final step in the body exchange ritual:“two bodies: a guest and a host”.

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Nia Vardalos Made A Big Announcement About The Status Of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 Here Is Everything To Know So Far About The New Film

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

The film was a critical and commercial hit, with Vardalos earning an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay. The sequel, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, was released in 2016 to mediocre critical reception. Here is everything to know so far about the newest installment in Toula and Ian’s story!


Zelda Gate Of Time Wedding Ring: Ringtendo

Daruk, the Goron Hero! – Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 4

When Robert proposed to fellow Nintendo fan Jeanette back in 2014, he did it with some Zelda-themed scrolls. Naturally, the couple both wanted to keep the theme going when they turned to Takayas Custom Jewelry for their wedding band. I think they did an awesome job. Look at the detail on this Zelda wedding ring based on the Gate of Time in Skyward Sword.

It is a 14K gold wedding jacket engraved with Gate of Time symbols with nine diamonds along for the ride. It also has a ruby, sapphire, and emerald representing the triforces of power, wisdom, and courage.

Any geek would love to be wed with such a ring.

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After receiving the item, contact seller within Refund will be given as Returns shipping
Money Back, Replacement Seller pays for return shipping

The Legend Of Zelda: Wedding Rings Of Time

Posted on August 21 2013 by Legacy Staff

For some gamers, preserving the experiences which they cherish and the stories which they tell is immensely significant. So much so that they record their tales somehow or place them within an object of relevant importance. The recorded adventures kept within objects are happily recalled upon re-discovering the stored-away object.

For lovers and couples whose minds worry about the day when they will exchange vows, another thought to have is of the rings which will also be exchanged. Traditional wedding rings are pleasant and cozy, indeed, but there are couples who consider video games to be a shared pastime and simple silver rings may not suffice.

In such a case, Takayas Custom Jewelry would be the place to contact. Takayas Custom Jewelry has a collection of Zelda-inspired pieces, and The Legend of Zelda wedding rings, geeky and ravishing as they are, are the perfect rings to get for a pair of lovers who also happen to love video games. Though, youll have to contact them in order to learn the price details and anything else.

Well, even if you are too young to get married or arent even thinking about that yet, you can still share your thoughts. What do you think of the rings they look pretty awesome, dont they? Do you have any sentimental attachments to a specific game? Share your story in the comments down below!

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Random: Got A Spare $1000 Then You Might Fancy One Of These Amazing Legend Of Zelda Engagement Rings

  • 46

As Beyoncé once famously sang, ‘if you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it’. Thankfully, if your significant other is as into The Legend of Zelda as you are, there’s no better way to do just that than with a Triforce-style ring worthy of Zelda herself.

We recently stumbled across AllThingsGeekChic on Etsy, who sells the most amazing Zelda themed jewellery.

Please note that some external links on this page are affiliate links, which means if you click them and make a purchase we may receive a small percentage of the sale. Please read our FTC Disclosure for more information.

Image: AllThingsGeekChic

Perhaps the most amazing Zelda-themed item in AllThingsGeekChic’s collection of jewellery is the Zoras Sapphire ring which will set you back a whopping £927 / $1,143. This spiritual stone of water was, of course, passed down by the Zoras, and is sure to turn heads.This lovely ring is cast in 14k gold with 1ct natural sapphire and .30ct tw natural diamond. If you’re concerned about the ring’s quality, you’ll be pleased to know that reviews are overwhelmingly positive, so it seems you can order from this Etsy seller with no concerns.

Legend Of Zelda Wedding Ring

Legend of Zelda Wedding Ring!!

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The Film Will Be Dedicated To Michael Constantine

Nia Vardalos has stated that My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 will be dedicated to Michael Constantine, who brilliantly portrayed Toula’s father, Gus, in the first two films. Constantine died on August 31st, 2021 at the age of 94. Vardalos got together with a few of her fellow actors from the franchise as a tribute to his memory.

Vardalos stated on that Constantine “had told me he wouldn’t be able to join us for the third film and his wish was that we go on.” She also added that she “wrote the screenplay to reflect Michael’s decision and will always treasure his last messages to me.” Part of what has made this franchise successful is the authenticity of Nia Vardalos’s story and characters. The family that fans know and love on screen seems to extend behind the scenes as well.

Custom Zelda Wedding Rings: For Geeks Who Wanna Do It Right

When it comes to combining of the worlds of Zelda and jewelry, the closest we have gotten so far are the Blue and Red rings in the original Legend of Zelda game and the Ocarina of Times Goron bracelet. But now, goldsmith Zsolt Székely took it upon himself to combine the two by designing and creating a delightful custom pair of wedding rings featuring the trademark logo of the Zelda franchise, the Triforce.

The rings feature gold on the outside with a Triforce cut into the front of each , and they are silver on the inside. The inside of one ring has the words Its dangerous engraved and the other ring has the words To go alone. Together, the two complete the phrase spoken by The Old Man to Link in the beginning of The Legend of Zelda, which has become a very popular phrase across the geek community, not to mention the basis for many memes.

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Nia Vardalos Is Directing

The third significant piece of information revealed in Vardalos’s video began with a sort of easter egg. Vardalos wanted to teach her fans the Greek word for director. She then quipped, “Guess who the director is? It’s me!” Although Vardalos has written each prior film, this will be the first time that she will direct a My Big Fat Greek Wedding movie.

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Vardalos has directed before. Her directorial debut came in 2009 with the film I Hate Valentine’s Day. The romantic comedy was also based upon a script Vardalos had written and reunited her with John Corbett. Although the story itself was entirely separate from the My Big Fat Greek Wedding world, one could argue that it is a “sister film” as it features the same writer and same two romantic leads.

Zelda Ring Legend Of Zelda Ring 2 Piece Couple Set Gamer Rings Zelda Wedding Ring Zelda Wedding Band Black Tungsten Ring Celtic Knot Ring Black Wedding Band

Bolson Construction Wedding: Purple Plays: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Part 60

Zelda Ring, Legend of Zelda Ring, 2 Piece Couple Set Gamer Rings, Zelda Wedding Ring, Zelda Wedding Band, Black Tungsten Ring, Celtic Knot Ring, Black Wedding Band

Custom made to order: Ships in 1 – 2 weeks!



We can create any ring design, logo, symbol, text, font, and matching couple sets.


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A fantastic, elegant, and ultra-modern ring will stand out above the crowd. This shiny band showcases a domed edge with an interior polished finish and a polished outer finish. This tungsten carbide ring provides a tough exterior construction that boasts a modern stylish touch. The band measures 8mm wide and 2.3 mm thick to provide that high end feel with eye catching and fashionable look.

Custom made to order: Ships in 1 – 2 weeks!

Rings size measurement

We can create any ring design, logo, symbol, text, font, and matching couple sets.

We strongly recommend that you get your finger professionally measured before placing your order.

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Return Policy

Custom made to order: Ships in 1 – 2 weeks

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Gate Of Time Inspired Legend Of Zelda Wedding Ring

The closest Ive ever come to wearing any kind of jewelry is probably my Call or Duty or Gears of War dog tags because things like rings just arent my thing. Ive seen too many ring related injuries where they happen to get caught on things and end up ripping a persons finger off to ever feel comfortable wearing one. However, while I will never wear any sort of ring, I do really enjoy seeing really geeky ring designs and I love posting about them even more! Well, speaking of amazing and really geeky ring designs, I came across this beautiful Zelda wedding ring that was inspired by the Legend of Zelda Skyward Swords Gate of Time that I knew I just had to post when I saw it.

This amazing Legend of Zelda inspired wedding ring was created by Takayas Custom Jewelry for when a Robert and Jeanette got married. The ring features symbols from the Gate of Time, has nine diamonds, a ruby, a sapphire and an emerald which symbolizes the Triforces of power, wisdom and courage and has the Hylian Crest on both sides of the main diamond made from 14K gold. It really is a beautiful piece of jewelry!

Share this with any Legend of Zelda fans you know! !

Legend Of Zelda Wedding Rings Collection For Nintendo Lovers

You know whats more precious than the Triforce? True love. Its great when people care and celebrate their union, and even better if they theme it after Nintendos very own Legend of Zelda.

This set is the latest production of Takayas Custom Jewelry master, Takayas Mizuno, a ring set themed after the beloved series The legend of Zelda and its beautiful imagery.

Takaya drew inspiration from the land of Hyrule, and created a collection made from white gold, diamonds and yellow gold for the Hyrule Royal Crests seen on the rings, and also added a Hylian Shield on the mens.

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What Does The Ending Mean

The ending of Madison is extremely dark and equally vague. However, without delving too deep, there is one thing the ending of the game instantly reveals to us.

As Luca dies, Madison appears to approach him. When the instant camera takes a photo of Luca in the Ritual Room, now hanging from the noose, the photo that develops is burnt. This photo resembles all the photos that Luca ever took of Madison or objects affected by her demonic influence. Including the Blue Knees children’s book.

You can assume then that the “body exchange ritual” mentioned both by Priest Thomas, and described in the book in the Ritual Room, has been completed.

Madison has taken over Luca’s body. This is why Luca appears to die at first, before opening his eyes again and gasping. It is not that Luca survived, but rather that Madison has resurrected inside Luca’s body.

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