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How Much For A String Quartet At A Wedding

What Are The Most Popular Wedding String Quartet Songs

Wedding String Quartet.

Our quartets perform a whole range of beautiful string quartet songs to walk down the aisle to or to entertain your guests with. Popular choices can range from a Pachelbel Canon in D string quartet arrangement to a Bittersweet Symphony string quartet arrangement – incorporating modern as well as traditional options. You’ll find that most quartets perform songs from a whole range of genres, including jazz, rock, TV and film music, or music drawn from musicals and Bollywood. This means that you’ll be able to cater your setlist to your own musical preferences, whether they’re traditional or not.

Here Is Our Detailed Of String Quartet Wedding Cost:

Sydney Ensemble Musician String Trio / String Quartet Price list:


Overtime rates

For weddings, all available musicians will remain until the recessional has been performed. If the recessional music has not been performed within the agreed booked time you will be charged the normal booking rate of $20 per remaining musician per 15 minutes increment after the complimentary 5 minute grace period.

For more info please visit our FAQs page.

Finally, call or email to ensure your date is available. We are looking forward to talk to you.

Can Wedding String Quartets Play Outside

Good news if yours is a summer wedding – the short answer is yes! However, there a few crucial things you need to make sure of if you want your wedding string quartet to perform outside. Firstly, the area will have to be safe from intervening weather – in the shade to avoid direct sunlight, and sheltered from gusts of wind that will interfere with the sound. Moisture can also wreak havoc with string quartet instruments, so make sure your wedding string quartet is protected from the rain as well. Level ground and armless chairs are also essentials!

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String Quartet Booking Tips:

  • While browsing string quartets on The Bash, be sure to review their profiles and check out photos, audio clips and videos.
  • When preparing a request for one of our string quartets, keep in mind that the more details you can provide, the more accurate the price quote you’ll receive. If you receive a price quote that seems like it needs clarification, don’t hesitate to reach out to the musicians directly to find out more.
  • Make sure you have discussed what supplies the musicians will need for their performance. You’ll want to know what they can provide, and what you’ll need to have on hand.
  • Communicate your expectations and special requests to any prospective string quartets, and make sure to ask about their repertoire especially if you have a particular song that you would like them to perform.
  • If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, be sure to discuss where the string quartet will be situated for the best acoustics and conditions for them to perform.
  • Make sure to discuss what kind of atmosphere and mood you are hoping to set for your event. The more they know, the better they’ll meet your expectations.

Stunning String Quartets For Weddings

Pin on Various String Acts for Weddings in London
  • Please Select County…*
  • Wedding string quartet based in Merseyside
  • 4 classical string performers
  • Classical, jazz, musicals, TV and film music and pop & rock
  • Available UK wide
  • Wedding string quartet based in London
  • 4 Classical String Performers
  • Available within 70 miles of London
  • Wedding string quartet based in Greater Manchester
  • 4-piece strings
  • Classical, pop, jazz, rock hits
  • Option to book as trio or duo
  • Available to book UK wide
  • Wedding string quartet based in London
  • 4 piece acoustic strings
  • Classical, pop, jazz, film and bollywood
  • Option to book as trio or duo
  • Available South East
  • Wedding strings duo based in Gloucestershire
  • Violin and Cello
  • Option to add extra sets
  • Available to book Midlands and South
  • Wedding violinist based in London
  • Solo musician
  • Classical, pop, jazz, house, R’n’B, latin & folk
  • Available nationwide
  • Wedding strings act based in Shropshire
  • Quintet line up
  • Piano, Cello, Violin, Viola, Oboe
  • Classical, film, pop and waltz music
  • Over 8 years of experience
  • Available nationwide
  • Wedding band based in Warwickshire
  • String quintet plus 4 piece band
  • Violins x 4, cello, guitar, bass, drums & keys
  • Modern hot hits plus stylish classical covers
  • Highly-acclaimed performers
  • Wedding string quartet based in London
  • All-female incredible 4-piece
  • Pop and classical crossover songs
  • Wow-factor set plus background music
  • 1-8 piece line-ups available

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How Much Does A Wedding Quartet Cost

So you want to hire musicians for your ceremony, or maybe even your cocktail hour. But how much does a wedding quartet cost? The pricing can vary from state-to-state of course, but the average wedding quartet cost tends to run anywhere from $200-$2,000 and up. How does that break down? And what exactly IS a wedding quartet? Read on!

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Before we get to the good stuff, heres what you need to know. A quartet is technically four musicians singing and/or playing together, while a trip is three, duo two, and soloist is-you guessed itone lonesome musician. A wedding quartet typically consists of two violins, a viola, and a cello if its a string quartet. A harp quarter would be a harp, violin, viola, and cello. Solo musicians typically play the violin, cello, or piano, though you can hire a harpist as well as something funky like an upright bass player which I think is really, really fun for a cocktail hour.

How to Save: Research musicians on sites like Gig Masters or Thumbtack and compare your quotes. I also highly recommend reaching out to your local college music department and seeing if there are any student string musicians that would be interested in playing a wedding. We hired two for our ceremony and they did an amazing job for under $200!

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Classical Quartet For A Wedding

The pricing for any musician of course will depend on the type of instrument you choose, the number of musicians, and the length of the performance.Solo musicians as might be expected will cost you less than string duos, trios, or string quartets.The pricing can vary from region to region and the musician`s experience education, but the average wedding quartet cost in U. S. tends to run anywhere from $325 and $2,000.


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How Much Is A String Quartet For A Wedding

Now you know what to expect, you may be sold on the idea but bound by your budget. So, how much does a string quartet cost for a wedding? Youre looking in the approximate region of £800. But there are a few important factors that can bring the price up or down. When enquiring, consider the following:

  • Set-up costs
  • Location of artists
  • Time and length of set
  • Food and drink
  • Special requirements

String Trio Or Quartet For Wedding Receptionapril : 50 Pm Subscribe

A Thousand Years | Canon in D – PIANO & STRING QUARTET (Wedding Version)

HuronBob6:56 PMtheichibun7:00 PMandrewpendleton7:02 PMwwartorff7:03 PMhugeJaltcoh7:09 PMAlso, if your city has a high-school for music/the gifted/etc. or a university with a music school, call them and ask whether they have an event performance program. I made $40/hour when I performed through my high-school and about $75-$90/hour when performing through private companies . If you book through a school, the musicians will get 100% of what you pay. Otherwise, the company keeps a significant chunk of what you pay.Never, ever deal with random Craigslist people. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been called to cover for such groups in the very last minute.Performances through my high-school were just as if not more talented and professional as the ones booked through entertainment companies. At least with my high-school group I never had a musician not show up at all. Also consider that with the company, I seemed to get paired with quite a few mediocre, washed-up musicians who had no motivation to keep up their skills.Last but not least, high-school students are cuter. Way cuter.halogen7:16 PMLN7:20 PMI have no idea what difference, if any, the extra violin would make to the sound or the range of music that can be playedpalliser7:44 PMDasein7:46 PMDasein7:55 PMthe second movement of Beethoven’s Pathetiquepalliser8:17 PM“Gonna Fly Away” Joad8:20 PMfourcheesemac4:33 AMchrisinseoul7:02 AM« OlderNewer »

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Will My String Quartet Learn A Song Request For Our Wedding Ceremony

Learning a specific song for your occasion is something all of our string ensembles are happy to accommodate, whether it be a traditional classical piece or contemporary number.

If your song request isn’t already in the quartet’s repertoire, there may be a small additional cost to purchase sheet music. In some cases where no song arrangement exists, a member of the band may need to produce a bespoke arrangement for the piece and charge for their time accordingly.

How Much Will A String Quartet Cost

It takes years of training and a very high level of technical expertise to produce the unique sound and performance that comes from these four musical instruments being played together. Musicians need to practice regularly and have top-up lessons as well as buying and maintaining their high-quality instruments. To hire four wonderfully skilled musicians, prices start at around £500 and go up to around £1000 for highly experienced groups. Prices may also increase during busier times of year, such as Christmas and New Years Eve.

This would normally cover a two hour set, usually broken into two performances. However, many quartets can offer longer sets if required, just check with them when booking.

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How Far In Advance Should I Book

We advise booking as soon as possible, especially if you have special musical requests. String quartets are particularly busy during wedding season , so if you would like a string quartet to perform at your wedding, we recommend booking as soon as you have your venue arranged.

That being said, we regularly handle last-minute bookings at Encore and string quartet hire is easy for us to arrange for you at short notice.

If youre looking for a string quartet for an event within the next few weeks, get in touch with our team at !

How Long Can I Book A String Quartet For

Pin on Wedding String Quartet &  Trios in London

In a traditional wedding processional, a 1-hour set is usually broken down to 20-30 minutes of pre-ceremony or prelude music while your guests are taking their seats. The ceremony, which includes the bride and bridal party entrance music and any music selection during the ceremony. And finally, post-ceremony or postlude music, referring to the formal exit of the bridal party including the bride and groom, the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Post Ceremony music is also performed while your guests are relocating to the cocktail hour spot.All of this is included in our 1 hour Silver Package. But don`t forget that string ensembles are portable. If your wedding ceremony and reception are in the same venue, it usually takes 10-15 min to relocate the whole ensemble. You can also use a string quartet during the cocktail hour and/or during dinner. String quartets are great for mood-setting background, chill music. They are loud enough to be heard and enjoyed but not so loud that theyll drown out conversation.

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Travel Time Is Included

Our prices include travel time and are dependent on the location of your event.

We use Google Maps for checking travel times. We enter the venue address and search the distance to the city. E.g. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart, Coffs Harbour or Newcastle.

Our prices include GST.

Borodin String Quartet No 2 In D I Allegro

Weddings are a celebration of two becoming one, and this piece by Alexander Borodin is a gorgeous representation of that same ideal. The piece consists primarily of violin and cello in graceful dialogue yet culminates with the two united as one in the celebratory closing theme. Whether as a stand-alone piece or in an accompanying role, this piece is sure to captivate all in attendance.

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Which Instruments Make Up A String Quartet

A traditional string quartet features four string players to include two violin players, a viola player and a cellist. The violinists take on the main melodies with mid-range and bass parts taken on by the viola player and cellist respectively.

Together the instruments create a full and rich sound loud enough to cater for most weddings without the need for additional amplification.

How Long Does A Wedding String Quartet Perform For

Scarlet String Quartet for Irish Weddings

All of our wedding string quartets offer bespoke quotes to work with your schedule. As a general guide, you may decide to have your string quartet perform for the following:

  • Prelude: 15-25 minutes performance before the ceremony as guests arrive
  • Processional & Bridal Entrance song: The all-important song as the bridesmaids and bride enters
  • Interlude / Signing of the Registers: Two or three songs during the signing of the registers
  • Recessional: A final piece of music as the bride and groom exit followed by the wedding party and their guests
  • One hour during the drinks reception

Our string ensembles are also regularly booked to perform ambient string quartet music throughout the wedding breakfast, charging for the total time spent at the venue.

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Fly Me To The Moon By Frank Sinatra

Taking us back to the age of cabaret, hot jazz, and the swinging 60s, Fly Me To The Moon was made astronomically famous by the king of the crooners, Frank Sinatra. On the original recording, he was accompanied by the one and only Count Basie on piano, and the piece itself was arranged by the inimitable Quincy Jones. Despite this kind of pedigree, the music really does speak for itself.

A light and breezy musical accompaniment for your drinks reception? Scintillo String Quartet has got you covered

Five Great String Quartets To Accompany A Wedding

String quartets bring vitality, warmth and intimacy to any wedding ceremony. Able to accommodate most wedding venues and armed with a wealth of classical repertoire, they provide not only versatility, but beauty and elegance to the occasion. With so much music available, however, it can be daunting to know where to begin. Below are a few highlights that go beyond the standard wedding fare and can help jump-start the process.

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