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How Long Does It Take To Alter Wedding Dress

Do Not Get Your Dress Altered Too Early

How Early to Buy Your Wedding Dress and Do Alterations

As stated above, brides are generally recommended to schedule their first fitting three months before their wedding day. Getting your dress altered too early is a risky move, as you may end up with a gown that does not fit well. With the stress from wedding planning and weight loss or gain from exercising and dieting, your body might undergo some changes or fluctuations.

What Type Of Custom Changes Are Possible

A good bridal seamstress can do just about anything to a wedding dress. The Bridal Stylist and Seamstress will work together to discuss the changes. First the bodice is altered and then the custom changes start. The most common personalization changes we see are altering the neckline, adding sleeves, changing the size of the dress, and adding beading.

What Does It Mean To Alter A Wedding Dress

Altering a wedding dress is the process of making it fit for the bride. Typically, the wedding dress or gowns are pre-made. Even you get a size available for you, it will still require few customizations to make you look better. To get the alter, you need to set an appointment with the seamstress or the fitter. They will take the measures to make the dress fit and also acknowledge your preference about the fitting. It might require several appointments to make the dress fully ready to wear.

The wedding expert recommends altering the dress even if it requires minimal customization. Its not only about fitness or about the look, its also about you being comfortable and confident in the best days of your life. To make the dress perfect from every angle, the alteration is a must. Usually, it requires around $50 to $1000 to alter the dress completely. It also requires a good amount of time for the work.

The cost of the alteration usually varies depending on a lot of things including the gown type, fabric, bride preference, amount of work, and much more. Make sure that you have allocated enough budget for the alteration along with the time. Below, we will discuss how long it will require to alter the dress.

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When To Buy Your Wedding Dress: Your Definitive Shopping Timeline


You’re newly engaged, and you’re excited…to go gown shopping. While your wedding date may seem like it’s ages away, an important planning point to ponder is when to buy your wedding dress before you walk down the aisle. Because made-to-order wedding dresses typically take about 6-9 months to create, it’s actually a good idea to head to the bridal salon sooner rather than later.

Aside from the fact that it may take you some time to find the one, you’ll need to perfectly time your three fittings, allowing for custom alterations, and then some more custom alterations . However, thanks to the modern, evolving wedding industry and quicker engagements, this dress shopping itinerary is hardly set in stone .


According to Vatana Watters and Sydney Dunbar, the mother-daughter duo behind the romantic bridal line Watters, wedding dress designers and retailers can now go beyond the standard shopping experience and speed up the process to accommodate new generations of brides in search of gowns. “The piece of the pie that’s grown is the option of when to buy your dressthere are so many options to get your dress much faster,” Vatana says. “We realize there are different avenues and different quickness to getting a dress.”

Meet the Expert

Vatana Watters and Sydney Dunbar are the mother-daughter duo behind the bridal line, Watters.

Will Certain Customizations Make Alterations Take Longer

Tailor services wedding bridal dress alterations by Hangs ...

Yes, availing of certain customizations will take more time. The range of time mentioned above is merely an average the final amount of time is dependent on the number of alterations necessary, how complex these alterations are, the availability and skill of your seamstress, and more. Here are some examples of things that can heavily impact the timeline of alterations.

  • Embroidery and lace details such as embroidery and lace are much more demanding when it comes to altering. They necessitate a higher level of care and precision. The seamstress needs to use an overlay when working with embroidery and lace, which will end up taking more time.
  • Beadwork much like embroidery and lace, beadwork calls for more carefulness and exactness. Each bed needs to be removed from the fabric, then resewed individually with the altered measurements.
  • Satin satin is a delicate fabric that is prone to showing wrinkles, making it easier to make mistakes when doing handiwork. Because of this, working with satin can take a lot of time and be wearisome.

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How Long Do Alterations Take Also How Much Do They Cost

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I need to have my dress let out. I am talking to a local seamstress this weekend about what she can do and I just want to know about how long it will take. Also what is an average price to let a dress out? I just want to know if I will be getting a fair deal before I agree to anything she will do. Here is my dress.

on March 13, 2017 at 3:59 PM

How Long Do Wedding Dress Alterations Take

Wondering how long wedding dress alterations should take? Find out now, with this complete guide.

Wedding dress alterations might feel like yet another to-do that you need to cross off your growing wedding day checklist, but dont discredit the process.

Most wedding dresses typically undergo two, three, or even four rounds of alterations. For that reason, youll need to leave extra time before your wedding day, so that your tailor or seamstress can work his or her magic.

A wedding dress is sometimes described as the best tailored dress a woman will ever wear. Thats all thanks to the multiple fittings that youll have before the big day. So, how long do wedding dress alterations take, exactly? This article is going to explain everything you need to know about bridal gown alterations, so that you can plan accordingly for your big day.

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Wedding Dress Alteration: Timeline

It is best to buy your dress around nine months before your wedding day. This gives you ample time to shop for undergarments and accessories. If the retailer you purchased your dress from does not have in-house altering services, this is the perfect time to search for seamstresses that specialize in wedding dress alterations.

Wedding dresses typically have a delivery time of four to six months. Once your dress arrives, schedule a first fitting with your tailor or seamstress. First fittings often take place three to four months before the wedding day. During this appointment, you will discuss your desired alterations and customizations additionally, the seamstress will also take measurements for the hem length and the bustle.

The second fitting occurs four to six weeks before your special day. By this time, most of the alterations you requested beforehand may be ready. The task at hand will then be to ascertain that everything is up to your liking, including the fit and length. Your seamstress will also take note of which details need to be fine-tuned.

Two weeks before the wedding is the ideal time for your third fitting. During this appointment, you will be double-checking every aspect of your dress to make sure that it is ready. It is possible that last-minute changes have to be made, which will then necessitate a fourth and last fitting a week before your special day.

What If Im Doing A Customization

Wedding Dress Fittings 101: What Brides Should Know about Their Alterations

Fantastic! We love seeing how brides change up a gown and make it special for their wedding and your seamstress will have fun working with you. However, that means you will be spending a little bit more time in your alterations and have more fittings, but dont worry its to ensure that youll be happy with everything you are telling us you want. The most popular customization is adding lace sleeves, and this can take time in your fittings for the seamstress to figure out exactly what type of sleeve you want and how you want them to look.

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Does The Bridal Shop Or The Bride Book The Alteration Appointments

Every bridal shop operates their business differently. This is a great question to ask prior to purchasing your wedding dress. It would be a shame to have a beautiful wedding dress, but no knowledgeable seamstress to tailor it. At The Bridal Finery we have seamstresses we recommend. Sarah offers on-site fittings at The Bridal Finery. We have other seamstresses in Orlando area and throughout the country we recommend who offer fittings at their alterations shop. We help coordinate the first fitting and check in to make sure everything is going smoothly.

Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Dress Alterations

Even if you’ve found your wedding dress and signed on the dotted line to officially make it yours, you still aren’t ready to head down the aisle quite yet. Most gowns need some sort of alteration, and the scope of work can vary greatly, depending on where you purchase your gown and how many changes need to be made. The most important thing to keep in mind is the more labor intensive the request, the more time and money you should allow for the process of creating your dream dress. With the help of a professional seamstress or tailor, you’ll be ready for your wedding day with a gown that suits your figure flawlessly.

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Month To Go: Minor Adjustments

After the major heavy lifting is done, its time to make the final tweaks. Maybe you want to fine tune the neckline of your dress or raise the length of your sleeves by a quarter inch. Its hard to make these adjustments until the major ones are taken care of, but now that theyre out of the way, your gown should be close to the ideal you had envisioned.

With one month to go you still have plenty of time to get the details perfect, so dont be afraid to discuss any reservations you may have with your seamstress.

Not Every Tailor Can Do Wedding Dress Alterations

Lace Wedding Dress / Voluminous ruffle Tulle Wedding Dress ...

Wedding dresses are complex garments with multiple fabric layers and intricate details. Any damage to the dress will be irreversible. Hence, it is risky to entrust wedding dress alteration to a seamstress who does not specialize in wedding dresses. Experienced tailors will know their way around wedding dresses. They can alter all types of wedding dresses without compromising the integrity and charm of the design. Contact Love Your Tailor for affordable, but efficient and expert wedding dress alterations in Toronto, Canada.

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This Alteration Does Require Enough Fabric To Accommodate The Zipper So It Isnt Realistic For A Dress Thats Already Pretty Tight

How long does it take to alter a wedding dress. Here are some tips for altering and adjusting the wedding dress to get a gorgeous look on the wedding day ceremony. I am having my entire wedding dress made in 3 months. Alternately if you hate struggling to get into a dress that zips up the back a tailor can remove that zipper and add one under the arm instead.

To minimize the occurrence we have to charge a rush fee for any alterations needed to be done in less than six weeks and we ask that you email or call us to check that we will be able to accommodate. The first appointment will take the longestespecially if youre making extensive customizations like adding sleeves or changing the necklinesince its the first time your seamstress will see you in the dress. After the selection of a wedding dress the bridal salon takes the responsibility to match the wedding dress as per your body measurements.

You dont want rushed work and neither do we. Each of these calls for its own solution. Patience is the key.

We recommend allowing two to three months from your first fitting to your last as an ideal timeline to make all the alterations. Getting the perfect hem length especially with custom made wedding dresses could be a bit tricky. Some alterations can be done quickly such as a button or hemline.

Other Special adjustments and alterations. How long does it take to alter a wedding dress. If you need your alterations before 4 weeks please contact your local store.

Who Should You Bring To Your Wedding Dress Alteration Appointments

Picking a dress is exciting! Brides often bring a large entourage to their original appointments, and some brides think this should extend to the alteration appointments. But it isnt necessary to bring a bunch of people to your wedding dress fittings. In fact, large groups often get in the way during gown fittings.

You should, however, bring someone you trust with you to your fittings. First, you want someone who will help you make any decisions that still need to be made. Additionally, you need someone who can learn how to bustle your dress for the reception.

Check out our Alteration FAQs for answers to some of our brides burning questions!

Are you still searching for your dream wedding gown? Make an appointment at Savvy Bridal today!

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Be Selective When Choosing Your Entourage

Its proper wedding dress fitting etiquette to bring only one or two close friends or family members to get a second opinion. Just like dress shopping, you want to avoid bringing too many peopleall those opinions will stress you out and make the tailors job that much more difficult. At the last fitting, bring at least one person who will be helping you get ready on the wedding daythe seamstress will want to show them how to zip you up, lace your corset, or bustle your train.

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Avoid Overspending on Bridal Alterations Wedding Dress!

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What Should I Bring To My Fittings

Women: To ensure the perfect fit, bring the bra, slip, shapewear, and shoes you plan to wear with your dress or garment. If you dont have your undergarments yet, Davids Bridal offers foundation pieces and lingerie that pairs with every type of dress. Men: Please bring the shoes you plan to wear if you are having pants hemmed.

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