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How Much Do Mens Wedding Rings Cost

Remaking A Badly Damaged Engagement Ring

How Much Should You Spend On An Engagement Ring | How Much To Spend On A Wedding Ring in 2021

If you intend to have your engagement ring re-made, we can re-use your existing gemstones. In addition, we can factor in the existing precious metal.

Example of a Palladium engagement ring, badly damaged. The new ring is shown on the right after a complete re-build in the original design, which included re-setting the original diamond. The final cost of any such work is off-set against the scrap metal of the original ring mount. Price guide $550 USD for the re-made ring including setting and finishing.

The Four Cs Of Diamonds

These are the four elements that an appraiser looks at when determining a diamondâs quality.


The more expensive the diamond, the less color shines through it. According to the Gemological Institute of America, âA chemically pure and structurally perfect diamond has no hue, like a drop of pure water.â Cheaper diamonds throw off a yellowish tint, while a lookalike like cubic zirconia will give off an array of different colors.


Clarity refers to the presence of natural flaws within the diamond that affect its brilliance. These flaws are a natural part of the diamondâs formation. Sometimes flaws are visible to the naked eye, but often they are too small to see without a 10x microscope.


The diamondâs cut affects its ability to reflect light. This factor depends on the skill of the craftsman who cut the diamond.


How Much To Spend On A Wedding Ring

By Michael Fried

Somewhere in the planning process, you need to determine how much to spend on a wedding ring. As with every detailfrom your venue to your flowersyou need to decide how much of your budget to spend.

A large percentage of people go with a ring like this from Blue Nile which goes for under $200 . But some people may drop 5 digits on a show stopper like this ring also from Blue Nile.

Review our guide to learn about the average cost of wedding rings and what to consider when buying a wedding ring. Well also provide inspiration with the best wedding bands for various wedding ring price ranges.

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An Overview Of Cost For Mens Wedding Rings

Men dont always spend a huge amount of time or money on their wedding ring. Having said that, we have many appointments where grooms make considerable effort to ensure they have the most suitable wedding ring.

Whether they try on wedding rings in our showroom, buy online or try a sample ring by post, there are many ways to ensure the perfect ring.

As part of the buying process, grooms must consider metal type, width, style and optional customisation . These details influence the cost of a wedding ring.

Affordable Wedding Band Materials

Unique What Should A Wedding Ring Cost

There are other materials that are used for wedding bands that offer more affordability for men trying to keep things affordable. Theres no need to feel that you are limited to silver or gold wedding bands. Whether youre looking for a mens black wedding bands, a silicone wedding band for the active man, or other more non-traditional metals, its important that you know whats out there.

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What Is The Average Price Of A Wedding Ring

Its no news that engagement rings are pricier than wedding bands. But the wedding ring also packs some costs. In 2020, the average price of a wedding for women is $1,100 while it costs $510 for men. Its also observed women preferred white gold while men opted for tungsten metal wedding ring style.


The 2020 jewelry and engagement study in the knot shows that the average price of a ring is $5,900. This is a country average as price varies by region. It is quite discovered that most couples spend between $1000 to $3000 on an engagement ring. With some spending even below $1000.

$5900 which is the average cost for a ring in 2019 is about 20.5% lesser than the 2018 average price which was $7,829. In 2017, the average cost of an engagement ring stayed at $5000 which is less than both 2018 and 2019 costs combined. These prices are well influenced by regions, personalities, financial strength, and styles of couples.

How Much Does It Cost To Meltdown A Ring To Make A New One

Surprisingly, the process of melting down a ring to remake a new one is more expensive than when we create an item from new Gold or Platinum. The reason is twofold. Firstly, the item is isolated to ensure that the original metal is kept separate from other work. Secondly, the additional work to process and craft the original metal is more involved.

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Men Confess: What I Spent On My Wedding Ring

When Matt Hagel, 28, began shopping around for a wedding band, his primary goal wasnt snagging a good dealit was finding the perfect style.

Hagels first stop on his search was a jewelry store in New York Citys diamond district, where he bought his fiancées engagement ring. The jeweler showed him a sleek tungsten carbide ring, with a black carbon fiber inlay, that Hagel loved. The price: $300. Not bad, Hagel thought.

Still, being an inveterate comparison shopper, he couldnt help but surf around online to see if e-prices for the ring were in the same ballpark. Several internet retailers listed a similar costand then Hagel found what looked to be the same ring on Amazon. The asking price? A little less than $25!

Hagel was skeptical at first, but he figured that he had nothing to lose. After all, Amazon was a reputable online retailer with a generous return policy. If the ring didnt work out, he could easily send it back.

To Hagel’s surprise, when the band arrived it looked exactly like the $300 model that he first spotted at the jewelry store. The most important thing was getting something that I liked, but I was happy to find it priced for much less online, says Hagel, whos getting married in July. I dont need to spend $1,000 on a ring when Ive never spent a dollar buying jewelry for myself.

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Wise Guys Shop Online

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A Penny Saved on a Ring Lost

More From LearnVest

A Guide To Wedding Band Metals

wedding ring price Philippines | Engagement Ring Price | Wedding Ring Finger (2020)

From gold to ceramic, grooms have a variety of options for wedding band materials and they all vary in price point. In general, precious metals like 14K gold and platinum will be at the higher end of the financial spectrum. Hitched carries mens gold wedding bands in white, yellow, and rose gold and in a variety of styles starting at $399. Also available are mens platinum wedding bands starting at just $799.

Theres no doubt that gold and platinum wedding rings are beautiful and timeless, but in addition to the higher price point, it is important to keep in mind that precious metals are soft metals. If youre looking for something a little bit more rugged, tungsten wedding bands are durable and extremely affordable at under $200. Other durable and affordable metals consist of ceramic and cobalt, which are also priced well under $200. For the most affordable option, our titanium rings can be on your finger for less than $100. The best part? You can select five options to try on at home.

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When In Doubt Go With A Solitaire

This classic setting is always a hit, and never goes out of style!

A great way to cut costs with the setting is to choose the solitaire option and concentrate most of your budget on the rings diamond or center stone of choice. Going for a simpler setting may allow you to afford a larger diamond engagement ring.

Cost Implications For Two Rings

Buying two rings can place further strain upon wedding finances. From our experience, many men sacrifice a more expensive wedding ring to enable a greater part of the budget to be put towards their partners wedding ring. This might be a specially shaped wedding ring design or something with a little extra sparkleperhaps a diamond set wedding band. This is often a sacrifice that grooms make to ensure that their bride wears a dream wedding ring.

We appreciate that gaining an idea of popular styles, specifications and costs definitely helps the decision making process. Remember that we are always on hand to answer additional questions with further help.

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Average Cost Of A Wedding Ring 2021


In 2021, the average cost of a wedding ring is between $5968-$6258. This includes both the engagement ring and the traditional wedding band.

  • 73% of engagement rings are made from white gold
  • 1 in 5 brides actually selects their rings themselves.


In 2020, the average cost of a grooms wedding ring is between $389-$547.

  • 1 in 4 grooms chooses tungsten as their metal.
  • Other popular metals are platinum, titanium and white gold.
  • The Grooms Wedding Band: Mens Rings 101

The center stone constitutes the most expensive part of a classic solitaire ring, accounting for as much as 85 percent of its price.

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Lauren Lee Smith, Dillon Casey, Sara Mitich
  • Graeme Campbell
  • Sterling silver band with milgrain edging and prong-set diamond accents
  • Crafted in .925 sterling silver
  • All our diamond suppliers confirm that they comply with the Kimberley Process to ensure that their diamonds are conflict free
  • Imported

How To Buy An Engagement Ring From An Online Diamond Retailer

Lauren B Jewlery Oval Eternity Band .... Absolutely love ...

Yes, it’s possible to buy an engagement ring online, where the average engagement ring cost is much lower. It’s not just possible, it’s also somewhat popular among couples. Eleven percent of respondents in our study bought their engagement ring online. While there are plenty of benefits to shopping online, there are some risks to be aware of. It’s important to recognize the difference between bogus diamond websites and those of professional jewelers. Tom Shane, CEO of Shane Co., and customer service representatives at reputable retailers should be more than happy to disclose this information.

Note that despite the lower engagement ring prices, you’ll want to do your research before purchasing an engagement ring from an online retailer. Make sure you fully understand the company’s payment and shipping methods, and the return policy. It’s also a good idea to read through the reviews on the company’s website. Finally, requesting certification on any diamond is always a good idea. There are a number of ways to verify the authenticity of a diamond, like GIA’s Report Check, and customer service representatives at reputable retailers should be more than happy to disclose this information. Interested in buying an engagement ring online but not sure which stores to look at? Start here, where we break down everything to know about buying an engagement ring online.

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Mejuri Black Onyx Square Signet Ring


How can you go wrong with black onyx and gold? The pair come together in this square signet ring that is perfect for a timeless engagement ring with a bit of edge. Sizes range from 7 to 12.

Sleek and polished, this polished yellow gold ring from Blue Nile is inset with a band of lightweight titanium with a satin finish. It is also available in white 14k white gold.

Cost Of Engagement Ring Vs Wedding Ring: Why Engagement Rings Are More Expensive Than Wedding Bands

Tradition says that the cost of the engagement ring should be equivalent to between two and three months salary for the proposer. According to The Knot 2018 Real Weddings Survey, the average amount many couples spend on an engagement ring is more than $5,600! However, if you are someone who is living month-to-month on your salary or already suffering under the burden of significant student loan or credit card debt, this may not be the most feasible or sensible option.

Essentially, you shouldnt pay more for an engagement ring than what is reasonably within your budget. There are many ways to make this work, including choosing a cheaper, but more meaningful custom design with smaller stones or using a vintage ring that holds personal meaning such as a family heirloom.

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Increasing The Size Of Your Ring

Depending on how much your ring needs to be sized up, there are generally two methods to do this. If it just needs to be modified slightly larger, stretching is the best option to achieve your desired modification.

The limit to this is that stretching can be done to a maximum of a half size larger depending on the material and design of the jewelry. Reworks to increase the ring by more than half a size requires the ring to be cut. Thereafter, additional pieces of metal are soldered into the gap.

This highly detailed ring from White Flash is resizable up to 1 size.

Increasing your ringâs size may pose a problem if your band has an ornate pattern around it as discussed above. If the ring has multiple stones attached to it, it might be necessary to move the diamonds or gems around the band to balance the setting in order to keep its inherent beauty.

Regardless of whether you are enlarging or shrinking your ring, you should always check that the ring had been properly polished and that the ringâs surface is smoothed out evenly with no visual signs of soldering lines.

Wedding Band Vs Engagement Ring: Is The Engagement Ring More Expensive

How Much Should An Engagement Ring Cost? | James Allen

For the bride, the engagement ring is typically a big-ticket item. Many have dreamed of what their ring might look like their entire lives. So is the engagement ring more expensive?

In general, engagement rings are bigger and flashier than their wedding ring counterpart. They typically feature a larger center stone , and are characterized, for many, by their bling factor.

Thus, the engagement ring is generally the more expensive of the two rings. So, how much should you spend on an engagement ring, and whats the best way to budget for it?

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Gold Mens Wedding Bands

Average Cost: $500The Breakdown: When shopping for a gold wedding ring, the knee-jerk reaction is to opt for a higher karat because it sounds fancier. Which we always equate as better. NOT SO FOR GOLD WEDDING RINGS! Save yourself years of hassle and go for the 14k ring instead of an 18k. Gold is a very soft metal that scratches very easily. And the higher the karat, the more scratchy it becomes.

And to be completely honest, no one aside from Superman will be able to tell the difference between 14k and 18k rings with the naked eye. Not only will you save yourself a few bucks in your budget, but you will skip a few trips to the jeweler to get this ring polished and re-polished due to wear and tear.

Color Coded: You can opt for white gold, rose gold, or good old fashioned gold gold. One is not necessarily better or worse than the other, as its all up to personal preference. If you want to rock some rose gold, you rock it, brother.The Verdict: The classic, that never goes out of style.

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