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Where To Donate Vintage Wedding Dress

Make Sure To Include Photos


The most important thing you can do to market your dress is to include quality photos, advises Richardson. Include photos from your wedding so brides can see how it photographs and envision how it might look on their own big day. Plus, most gowns look better on a body than they do on a hanger. If you dont feel comfortable showcasing your wedding photos, make sure to include some shots of the dress on your body so other brides can get an idea of how the fabric lays.

Donate Your Dress To A Charity That Provides Dresses For Women Who Cant Afford Them

You can donate your dress to a charity that provides dresses for women who cant afford them. For example, The Wedding Dresses Foundation in the USA accepts donations to recycle and distribute wedding gowns to people in need. You can also contact your local Salvation Army or community center about donating your dress there!

  • The Wedding Dresses Foundation
  • Salvation Army
  • Community Centers

The Wedding Dresses Foundation accepts donations to recycle and distribute wedding gowns, which can be used for free by people in need. For example, the foundation has provided dresses for victims of Hurricane Harvey. Contact them if you want to donate! The Salvation Army also offers a wide range of services, including child care or housing assistance for veterans and their families, Christmas toy distribution each year, and Thanksgiving baskets at some locations. You may also contact your local community center about donating your dress there.

Why Donate A Wedding Dress

Give your wedding dress a second life by donating to a meaningful charity that is devoted to helping women.

Open up new space in your closet or attic by no longer needing to store the dress. Its a great way to Tidy Up Marie Kondo style!

Support Breast Cancer Causes and by receiving a 5013 donation receipt and maybe save money on taxes too!

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Fill Out Your Tax Donation Receipt

Thank you for your donation to Beccas Closet, a 501 non-profit organization . The clothing will be donated to high school students who cannot afford to purchase formal attire for their homecomings and proms, and who would otherwise be unable to attend these events. The donor received no goods or services in return for this contribution. Beccas Closet can provide this receipt as substantiation for contributions only on the date of the donation. This document will serve as confirmation of your donation. See your tax preparer about requirements for donation tax deductions. Beccas Closet may not establish or confirm value, amount or inventory of donated goods. Beccas Closet only accepts merchandise in good used condition. Complete the section below and keep this document for your tax purposes. Please list items donated or attach a separate invoice:

Beccas Closet welcomes donations of new and gently worn long and short formal dresses in all sizes, especially small sizes and large sizes . Please! No wedding gowns, business wear or everyday clothing! Not sure if your dress is appropriate? Check out some guidelines listed below.

What Can I Donate

ARA: Where can I donate my momâs vintage wedding gown ...
  • Wedding Dresses , Formalwear, Mother-of-the-Bride Dresses, Flower Girl Dresses

  • Veils, Belts, Hair Accessories, Shoes, Jewelry, Bras, Petticoats

Should I have my dress cleaned?

YES PLEASE! Many dry cleaners are happy to give discounts on cleanings for dresses being donated, and dresses made of polyester can often be turned inside out and washed in a front load washer. If youre at all considering donating your dress, task a friend or family member with getting it cleaned as soon as possible after your wedding- hem dirt comes out much better if cleaned immediately. If youre not able to clean your dress, please consider including a monetary donation to cover various costs of preparing your dress for the shop.

Can I donate my vintage dress?

We do not currently have a market for vintage dresses in our shops.

Do you accept donations from bridal shops?

Absolutely! Contact for more information!

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How Much Can Dresses Sell For

Whether youre buying or selling a preowned gown, you need to be realistic about the cost. While 10% of designer dresses resale for above $2,500, 70% of used dresses are priced at $1,000 or below, which is something to consider when pricing your gown, says Richardson. Do research to see what other similar used dresses are going for and consider factors like age, wear, and designer.

If youre hesitant about purchasing a pre-owned dress, know that used dresses dont necessarily mean old. Of all dresses sold across A07 Online Medias marketplaces, 25% are from the past year or two, and 37% of all the dresses sold are new. Purchasing from a bride who changed her mind or a boutique with a canceled order could save you hundreds.

Where To Donate Wedding Dresses

Donating your wedding dress is a great way to honor it and give it new life. Through your generosity, someone else can experience the same joy you felt on your wedding day. You can donate to thrift stores, charities, community centers, and many other types of nonprofit organizations. Here is a list of several charities and organizations accepting wedding dresses during COVID-19.

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Where & How To Donate Or Sell Your Wedding Dress

Brides shell out a ton of cash planning their wedding, and the biggest chunk sometimes goes to their wedding dress, which theyll wear for only a few hours.

Yes, it may be the most important day of your life, but you really dont want to leave it gathering dust in your closet for decades, right?

Converting It Into A Table Runner Or Napkin Holder

Dainty Rascal Dancing Unboxing Vintage Lingerie and Dresses!

Converting it into a table runner or napkin holder is a great way to recycle wedding dresses. You can cut the dress into strips and place them side-by-side on a table runner or as handkerchiefs sewn together along one edge, for example.

The possibilities are endless with this idea of how you recycle your wedding dress after it has served its time in being worn by you on your special day.

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Donating A Dress The Ecological Choice

Donate a dress to charity and you wont simply be helping a young woman enjoy one of lifes memorable moments ñ youll also be helping the environment. A dress that can be worn a second or third time around means that fewer reusable, recyclable items are heading off to the overflowing landfills. Donate a dress to charity and make your good deed count twice!

Supports A Bride In Need

From disaster victims to the many couples struggling financially right now, many individuals are looking for affordable clothing, including wedding dresses. With millions of people unemployed or experiencing a significant decrease in income during the pandemic, many couples cannot afford their dream weddings. Your donation can help provide a dress for a bride experiencing financial hardships.

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+ Ideas For What To Do With Old Wedding Dresses

*As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. The price to you remains the same.

A lot of brides may decide to preserve and store their wedding dresses after the big day, but others have no idea what to do with their big bulky wedding dress.

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Some women may want to save their dresses for their daughters but as a 50-something year old woman, I can tell you that not one of my friends ever wanted to wear their moms dress! I know, some families have a special tradition of passing down the wedding dress through generations and it may have a more personal meaning in that case, but for most they will really want to get their own dress to mark their special day.

In the last few years there has been in increase in Trash the Dress sessions where brides will literally destroy their dresses after the wedding day. As an Enviromom, this kind of makes my skin crawl. The environmental impact of creating something just to toss it, especially when it holds meaning of a once in a lifetime day -well, it just makes no sense to me.

I highly recommend before you consider any of the options below you get your dress cleaned and pressed and stored in an eco-friendly way so you can make sure wherever it goes it is the best it can be!

Dyeing The Dress With Tea To Create A New Color

Aww: Man donates vintage wedding gown to charity

Dyeing the dress with tea to create a new color is another way you can recycle wedding dresses. When dyeing the dress, be sure not to use boiling water as this will weaken and tear the fabric of your dress. If using cold or room temperature water, makes sure that its at least 60 degrees Celsius before adding the dyes and then let the garment soak for about an hour to give time for deep penetration into fibers.

A material used with dyeing that helps bring out colors from other fabrics is called vat dyestuff, which contains fabric reactive chemical compounds such as acid values, condensation products of aromatic amines , and metal ions like chromium trioxide.

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The Emma And Evan Foundation

Through the Emma and Evan Foundation, you can support families whove lost an infant. This nonprofit organization repurposes wedding dress donations into infant burial gowns or angel gowns, bonnets, and other keepsake items available to grieving families for free.

Accepted items: Any wedding dresses, bridesmaid and flower girl dresses, prom and formal gowns, bridal accessories, and more.

How to donate: Contact the organization to receive their mailing address and donation release form beforehand. Additional donation instructions can be found on the FAQ page.

COVID-19 update: You can shop on their website for keepsake items and receive purchases via shipment.

Where Can I Donate My Wedding Dress For The Military

Brides Across America gifts wedding gowns that are at most five years old to military brides. They may also accept unique or vintage gowns that are still in style. To donate your gown, you will first need to fill out a form describing your gown. If accepted, they will send you donation instructions.

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Where I Chose To Donate My Wedding Dress

UPDATE DECEMBER 2017: I just learned from a reader that Cherie Amour has changed its policy and no longer accepts wedding gowns older than 10 years old.

I would have been thrilled to send my dress to any of these charities, but many of them have strict guidelines about the dresses they will accept. In most cases, my dress was considered too old .

Lucky for me, I came across Success in Style, a charitable organization based in Maryland whose mission is to help women and men in crisis become self-sufficient by gaining employment. SIS provides free business attire, fashion advice, and interview counseling to its service recipients.

Cherie Amour sells donated wedding dresses to fund Success in Style.

Unlike many of the other charities, Cherie Amour does not require you to clean your dress prior to shipping it. Believe me when I say this is a huge plus, since I probably spent more on cleaning and preserving my dress than most brides spend on their actual dress!

Although I think of my gown style as timeless, the fact that its 16 years old makes it outdated in the eyes of most charities.

Cherie Amour is the only charity I found that accepts outdated gowns. They have volunteer designers/seamstresses that will banish those puffy sleeves from your 1995 gown and transform the dress into a contemporary style.

How fitting that Im headed out today on my wedding anniversary to ship my dress to this awesome charity . Before I head off, I snapped a few photos for posterity:

Stores For Preowned Wedding Dresses In And Around Toronto

Vintage Wedding Titles – (Free TEMPLATE) AFTER EFFECT PROJECT

On the hunt for a fabulous preowned wedding dress? Heres where you should be looking in and around Toronto.

If youre a bride-to-be on a budget, consider going with a preowned wedding dress instead of a fancy new frock. Consignment bridal stores carry big designers at a fraction of the cost and, heres the thing, theyve only been worn once or twice, so theyre still in near perfect condition. Whether youre in the market for something vintage or a more modern silhouette, you should be able to find it at one of these stores in and around Toronto.

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What Else Can You Do With Your Wedding Dress

If you cannot figure out where to donate an old wedding dress, you can also recycle your dress at home. The dress can be cut into a new, less formal design. The fabric can also be used to create other gowns, dresses, or jackets.

You can also use expensive fabrics to decorate a piece of furniture or a pillow. If you have a special occasion coming up, you can ask a tailor to alter your dress into a skirt or blouse. You can also turn your dress into a Barbie gown for your daughter.

If you want to earn some money from your expensive gown, it can be rented too. Almost everything from your gown to your accessories and centerpieces can be rented. You can find some companies online that work for this. It would help if you considered removing extra frills to make your dress more wearable for day-to-day occasions.

Can you sell the dress? Yes. Stores like eBay allow you to sell the items you are interested in giving away. Your wedding dress might exactly be what another bride could have been looking for. If you do not want to earn money but a smile, read further to know where to donate an old wedding dress.

Ideas For Where To Donate Your Wedding Dress

If you do decide to get rid of your wedding gown there are lots of different ways to get it out of your home. One of the most popular ways is wedding dress donation.

Here are some places you could donate your gown:

1. Donate to a local theater group. When the group does plays that include a wedding these dresses can help immensely.

2. Donate to a charity to give your wedding dress to somone else for use, or will re-sell it to give the profits to a charitable cause.

3. Angel Gown programs. There are many of these Angel Gown programs across the country where talented seamstresses and tailors volunteer their time to turn wedding dresses into gowns for babies who passed away at birth.

Since many of these groups are run by a small set of volunteers they don’t always take new donations when they’ve got an excess of old bridal gowns. You have to watch when they re-open for new donations sometimes. Here are a few of the organizations, but you can always do an Internet search for even more of them.

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