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Is There A Difference Between Wedding Ring And Engagement

Which Finger Does An Engagement Ring Go On

Difference between Engagement & Wedding Ring

A: In western cultures, engagement rings are worn on the ring finger of the left hand. In some countries, however, including Russia, Spain, India, Greece, and Poland, the engagement ring is more frequently worn on the ring finger of the right hand. Ultimately which finger you choose to wear each ring on is up to you, but people will typically look for a ring worn on the left ring finger as a sign of engagement or marriage.

How Much Do Wedding And Engagement Rings Cost

Wedding rings and engagement rings can vary greatly in price depending on the materials used to make it, the size and your location. Most engagement rings include at least one diamond and most wedding bands do not have any gemstones, so engagement rings are usually much more expensive than wedding rings. A general rule of thumb that many people choose to follow is to spend about two to three months salary on an engagement ring. Of course, how much you choose to spend on any of your wedding jewelry is entirely up to your preference and tastes.

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Your engagement ring and wedding ring both represent the unity and bond that youve committed to one another on your wedding day. Whether you choose to go with an extravagant jewel or an understated band, this piece of jewelry is something that will indicate to the world and to yourselves your commitment to one another as a married couple. Theres so many different types and styles of both engagement rings and wedding rings, guaranteeing that you and your partner will surely be able to find the perfect ones for you.

Engagement Rings: What Betrothal Rings Mean

Betrothment rings are considered one of the fundamental aspects of a proper wedding announcement. Historically, betrothal rings signified that the brides dowry had been paid. Today, these rings are more of a romantic symbol. Partners use engagement rings to propose and promise marriage, and by accepting the ring, the recipient promises to commit themselves to the relationship.

Traditionally, the common belief was that the ring finger connected directly to the heart. And a betrothment bands circular shape indicated that the relationship will be bound to eternal love, infinity, and faithfulness. So as an indicator of perpetual connection and immeasurable love, the engagement band was made to connect the two and prove that they will soon be married.

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Engagement Ring Vs Wedding Ring

Traditional engagement rings typically have one dominant stone, which either stands alone or is surrounded by additional smaller stones. An engagement ring is usually given as part of the proposal, or if not, at an early point in the engagement.

By contrast, a wedding ring is traditionally a plain metal band or a diamond-encrusted eternity band that you receive when you exchange your vows during the wedding ceremony and wear from then on. Typically, there’s also a fairly significant price difference between engagement rings and wedding rings even if the wedding band has inlaid diamonds or other gemstones, their total carat weight is generally less than that of the engagement ring.

You can, of course, throw tradition out the window. According to Taylor Lanore, a diamond consultant and engagement ring designer for Lauren B. Fine Jewelry and Diamonds, brides are having more of a say in the choice and design of their rings. And not only are they parting with tradition, but they’re opting to diversify their engagement and wedding ring selections. “People are doing whatever they want, and wedding bands offer the opportunity to have more flair,” she says.

Meet the Expert

Taylor Lanore is a diamond consultant and engagement ring designer for Lauren B. Fine Jewelry and Diamonds.

Engagement Rings Vs Wedding Rings

Engagement Ring vs Wedding Ring and Wedding Band Differences

An engagement ring is traditionally given during a marriage proposal. It usually has one main centerpiece stone, although may have additional stones accompanying it. An engagement ring tells others that the person is taken and awaiting to be married. In years past, it also showed the social and financial status of the womans significant other. These days, technically no engagement ring is required at all and fewer people are paying attention to the value of the piece.

In the United States, the engagement ring is usually much flashier and more expensive than the wedding ring. The wedding ring can be as simple as a solid metal band. In Europe, sometimes the opposite is true, although a lot of people are picking up on the American trend.

Wedding rings are normally worn by both partners after the ceremony. They symbolize the official bond of marriage, and in some venues theyre a requirement to have for the marriage vows, even if theyre not worn after that day. Today, some men dont wear any ring at all after the wedding or opt for another piece of jewelry, such as a watch, as a substitute. Likewise, some women choose not to wear anything afterwards, either.

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When To Pick Out Wedding Bands

Lanore suggests that couples pick out wedding bands at least two months before the wedding. “That way, you can account for any last-minute wedding planning details that might pop up, and your rings are already in production.”

If you’re unsure about the kind of wedding band you want initially, wear your engagement ring for a few months before you choose the wedding ring. Your preferences might change, so take your engagement ring for a spin to get a better grasp of the wedding band you’re envisioning closer to the wedding day.

Do You Have To Wear Your Wedding Ring All The Time

Nope! You definitely don’t have to wear your ring all of the time. Of course, if you do decide to go a few days without it, you may want to discuss this with your partner and explain why you feel like taking it off from time to time. That way, he or she won’t start to think anything has changed regarding how you feel about the relationship.

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How Do I Choose An Engagement Ring

Before you think about how to choose an engagement ring, decide on your budget. When you know how much you intend to spend, you can look at all the options.

  • If you work with your hands, or enjoy active sports, choose a simple, slender band that is easy to remove. Doctors across the US deal with thousands of horrific finger injuries every year, including avulsions, deglovings and amputations. Most of these are incurred at work, during sports, or performing household chores. N.B. If youre in any way squeamish, dont Google these injuries
  • Choose a ring that will look good whatever youre wearing . If youre considering a ring that makes a fashion statement, bear in mind that your tastes may change over the years. Rings are like tattoos what was flaunted at 20 can be regretted at 30 and hated at 40.
  • If youre not used to wearing rings check the sensitivity of your skin. Specific allergies to metals are fortunately rare, but a silicon ring is a good choice if you have sensitive skin.

Ultimately Its All Up To You And Your Spouse

Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring: What’s the Difference?

Not sure which ring traditions to keep? Just remember that its all up to you. Whether you want to go for it and invest in a striking engagement ring that commands attention or you prefer to forgo the jewelry altogether, as long as you are doing what feels best for your future marriage, know you are making the right decision. If you decide to go big with a pretty engagement ring or wedding band, start by checking out the Verragio rings near you!

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How Much Should You Spend On An Engagement Ring Or Wedding Ring

According to the 2020 WeddingWire Newlywed Report, which surveyed more than 27,000 recently married individuals, the current average cost of an engagement ring is $5,900. But when you’re shopping for wedding jewelry, remember that there’s no “right” or “wrong” amount of money you should spend.

The cost of your engagement ring vs. the wedding ring will ultimately depend on the carat weight of the center stone, the type of metal the band is made of, and most importantly, what you feel comfortable spending. The first step is finding a reputable jewelry store in your area . A wedding jewelry expert will help you get the most out of your budget, but they’ll also help you determine which engagement ring styles and wedding bands are best for your lifestyle.

Plan to start shopping for your wedding ring at least three months before the big day, or longer if you’re thinking about working with a jeweler to design your own rings. This will give you enough time to browse and consider all of your options without feeling rushed, plus it leaves enough time for resizing your bands or making other customizations. And while you’re at it, take the opportunity to give your engagement ring a deep professional cleaning to get it ready for its wedding day closeupit’s also your chance to replace damaged stones or any smaller diamonds that have fallen out.

Samantha Iacia

Difference Between Engagement Ring And Wedding Ring

From a traditional standpoint, significant others have exchanged rings going back many millennia during the marriage ceremony. In todays modern world, many people are beginning to wonder what is the difference between engagement and wedding rings. Even more telling is they arent sure of the answer to the question, are wedding rings and engagement rings the same?

If you arent particularly tuned in to all things revolving around weddings and engagements, you may not know the answers to certain basic questions. Id like to help dispel these myths for you today, so you better understand the difference between wedding band and ring and other important topics.

Are you ready to learn the truth? Keep reading to find out more.

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Have You Got A Question Or A Story

A Wedding Band with a Story

I hope I have answered your marital ring questions about the difference between wedding rings vs engagement rings and amused you along the way, with a little help from the internet! And full disclosure, Ive asked many a stupid question in my day and I welcome all questions. I used the stupid question thing for fun, not to be judgmental. Id love to hear if youve got a question in this area or an amusing story to share.

Wedding Rings Jeweler,

Wearing Both Rings On The Wedding Day

Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring: The Difference

Lets begin with the wedding day. According to tradition, immediately before the wedding ceremony, the bride switches the engagement ring onto the ring hand. This happens so that the wedding ring can be put on the regular finger during the ceremony. Afterward, the bride puts the engagement ring back on the usual finger, above the wedding ring.

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Is There A Difference Between Wedding Bands And Wedding Rings

Fundamentally, theres no difference between the two.

Compared to an engagement ring, the wedding band or ring typically has a more subtle design and focuses on the metal rather than the gemstones. That said, theres a mind-boggling variety of options available today, and styles like full/half eternity wedding bands do put the spotlight on glimmering gems.

So theres no hard-and-fast rule for what a wedding band or ring is supposed to look like, and yes, theyre the same!

Wait How Did The Wedding Ring Come Into Being

It is said that the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs were the first to exchange rings. The circular structure of the band was created to resemble the sun and moon. Most of the rings showcased the Ouroborossymbol, which represents the eternal cycle of life.

When the Greeks conquered the Egyptians, they adopted this tradition and added motifs of Cupid to their pieces.

This custom was eventually picked up by the Romans, who started using the rings during their wedding ceremonies. Copper and iron were the preferred metals, while motifs of the key represented the wifes control over the household goods.

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Ring Of Engagement And Marriage

As we have seen, the difference in use is clear. However, there is also a difference in the design and characteristics of the objects.

The engagement ring is usually white gold with a brilliant that crowns the metal ring. This type of ring is easy to achieve in a standardized way or it can also be manufactured individually for each pair.

The tradition of placing a stone has its foundation in that this is the hardest material that exists and,

therefore, symbolizes the hardness with the durability of the commitment.

Tips For Ring Shopping

Engagement Ring VS Wedding Ring – What’s The Difference between them?

When youre headed ring shopping, keep a few things in mind before making your selection. You can

  • Find a clever way to find out your partners ring size. Without giving away the surprise, do your best to find out your partners ring size so the ring fits perfectly during the proposal. If youre unable to do this, you can still take the ring in to get sized with your new fiance after the proposal.
  • Take a photo of the rings youre considering and consult with your partners close family and friends. As long as your partners loved ones can keep a good secret, its a good idea to ask them what they think of the ring options and get some feedback on what your partner would like.
  • Buy the engagement ring and wedding ring/band all at once if you and your partner have discussed plans for marriage prior to the proposal.

After getting engaged, your next step in the wedding journey is taking engagement photos with your loved one to capture this special moment in time. You can use our guide on when to take engagement photos if you need a bit of help with your timeline. After scheduling your engagement photo session, you can then decide on a concept and what to wear using our detailed guide on engagement outfit ideas.

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Are There Engagement Rings For Men On A Budget

Yes Jewelers know that its a lot harder to persuade men to buy expensive jewelry . They also know that men are generally far less enthusiastic about receiving an engagement ring than women are. The average cost of a mans wedding ring in the US is just over $500. Compare that to an average price of over $5,000 for a womens wedding ring. Average prices are always skewed by super-expensive purchases at the top end of the market, but you start to get the picture

There are whole ranges of simple and well-designed rings that look good and wont break the bank. One modern design trend is a move towards non-precious metals. Many men love the striking high-tech look of a black titanium ring, or even black stainless steel set with a black agate or other semi-precious stone. Another choice could be a cobalt ring, inlaid with tiny black laboratory diamonds.

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