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What To Wear To My Wedding Reception

Showstopping Reception Dresses To Dance The Night Away In


Image by Heirlume Photography. See more of this real wedding here

Theres nothing more exciting than being able to wear a beautiful gown on your wedding day. So why not take it a step further and wear two! More brides are opting for an outfit change for the reception so they can get down on the dance floor comfortably and wow their loved ones. Plus, who doesnt want an excuse to wear multiple stunning ensembles?

Whether youre searching for a dress that allows you to dance the night away or youre looking for the most gorgeous dress youve seen this year, reception dresses should be equal parts comfortable and showstopping. To help with your dress hunt, weve rounded up 30 reception dresses that are sure to have your guestsand your new spousejaws drop. From sequins and lace to mini dresses and jumpsuits, theres a little something here for every bride.

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What Type Of Location Will The Wedding Be Held At

A great tip when deciding on what to wear to your upcoming wedding event is to look closely at the wedding venue or location. This can be extremely helpful in understanding what would be suitable to wear. For example, an outdoor wedding held on a farm or open alfresco area would suggest that a layered look could work best. This, of course, would be for obvious reasons such as being comfortable in an outdoor environment and not freezing. Also, consider the type of footwear you choose as you donât want to struggle moving around unpredictable terrains of extensive grassland or rough cobblestone street surfaces in a European village while attending a destination wedding.

Tip:Make sure you do your research. Oh Google, how we love you! Always search the details of the wedding location, especially if you are unfamiliar or traveling abroad for the wedding event.

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Ceremony Versus Reception Dress Style

Although worn during the same wedding, a ceremony and reception dress usually have different attributes.

  • Might be more formal or have a fuller skirt
  • May have a long train
  • Can be more intricate in beading or other detail
  • May restrict a bride more in her movement
  • Can be more demure or covering, to accommodate church or ceremony location rules
  • Is usually floor-length and more formal

A reception dress:

  • Can be looser or more flowing, allowing for more movement
  • May be less structured
  • Has a short or no train, to allow for easier movement
  • Might be shorter in length, such as above the knee or tea-length
  • Is usually less formal
  • May not be white
  • May reflect the theme of the reception, such as the ’50s, which would be inappropriate to display during the ceremony

What Is Celebrated At A Hindu Wedding

My mothers " going away"  and wedding dress from 1963 ...

When you get invited to a Hindu wedding, youre going to be celebrating more than just the wedding ceremony like you would in a typical Western wedding. The wedding ceremony is just one component that can consist of the traditional Hindu one, and some may even have another Americanized ceremony, too.

The Americanized ceremony will feel pretty normal to other weddings youve been to, so you can wear what youd typically wear. Before these ceremonies, there are three other days to prepare for what to wear.

In all, traditional Hindu weddings are three days filled with events. There are around thirteen different events for the wedding, and you likely need to change for each different event. Some events and the actions that take place will leave stains, like henna or turmeric, on your clothes.

If you do not have the option of buying thirteen different outfits, there may be quick changes to help with this. You could bring a variety of different accessories and layer appropriately.

Another option is to have the same staple outfit or two for each day and just top it off with different scarves. Usually, a wedding guest will save the most lavish outfit for the wedding ceremony and reception. The days and outfits should build up with the least formal the first and so on.

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Here’s What To Wear To A Fall 2021 Wedding

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With many of last year’s weddings rescheduled for 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may find yourself invited to more than one ceremony or wedding reception this fall.

If you’re unsure of what to wear to the upcoming fall wedding, consider attire with nods to the season, such as jewel tones and velvet. Opt for dresses that pair nicely under fall coats, so you stay warm during any outdoor festivities.

To help you find that perfect wedding outfit, we’ve curated great wedding attire options for men and women, from affordable to splurge-worthy. These fall wedding outfits from Express, Reiss, Petal & Pup and more work within a variety of dress codes, and can be worn to events after the big day, as well.

An Elegant Ivory With White Pants Reception Dress For Men

Image Credits – Sabyasachi

Another elegant reception dress for men, this ivory jacket with incredibly fine embroidery patterns makes it an ideal fit for someone who is looking for a classy look. The high Bandhgala suit design of this jacket has small floral patterns on it. The big buttons are another feature that makes it so elegant. Match the jacket with white pants to make the two colours blend with ease. Else, if you want to adorn the ‘Maharaja look’ then you should swear by the ivory suit that we have cherry picked here.

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Reception Dress A Do Or Don’t

Posted in Wedding Attire0

I love to dance and I love short dresses so what should I do? Get a reception glory dress or just save money and wear my wedding dress to dance in?

I’m having two receptions so I’m kinda leaning towards a flirty one for the big reception. But I would love to know what you lovely ladies think!

Latest activity by Fit Bride, on July 22, 2014 at 10:51 AM

Which Dress Is Best For Reception

What to Wear to: A Wedding
  • A drape style olive lehenenga
  • A pastel green organza leenga
  • A sequin and floral embroidered skort
  • A Peshwa Kurta with a Pant Style Outfit
  • Pink Sleeves with Full Choli on the Blush Lehenga
  • A regal blue velvet lange.
  • Save on Blush Cold Shoulder One Piece Gown.
  • Save this half-and-half organza leenga set.
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    What To Wear To A Wedding As A Guest

    If you’re not sure what you should wear to a wedding, we’ve got you covered. When it comes to wedding fashion etiquette, there are a few rules that’ll help you find an outfit that’s appropriate and stylish. Brush up on these fool-proof tips below before you start shopping so you know exactly what kind of clothes you can wear to a wedding.

    What To Wear To An Indian Wedding As A Guest

    We have shown you every single clothes that you shall not wear to an Indian wedding. What about the clothes and the colours to wear to an Indian wedding. Firstly, at an Indian wedding, you are vigorously encouraged to wear bright and colourful clothes: blue, mint green, orange, pink, etc. Moreover, as a wedding guest, you are able to wear a traditional Indian outfit: what about wearing a saree for girls and a kurta or a shermani for men.

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    There May Be Exceptions

    There will obviously be exceptions to many of these rules. If the bride and groom request a certain attire or mention a specific theme, some of these tips may fly out the window, but for the majority of weddings you may attend, these rules are tried and true to follow.

    For me, this means having that one dress hanging in my closet that I know is always a safe and acceptable option for nearly any and every wedding I attend. When in doubt, if you find yourself stressing and texting your friends about whether or not your outfit is appropriate, chances are it may not be and you’re better off picking something that fits within these safe guidelines.

    Creative Black Tie Wedding Attire For Men

    My grandmothers wedding dress that was proudly displayed ...

    What It MeansThis code keeps the wedding formal, but eases up on all the rules. A tuxedo will fit in nicely with Creative Black Tie, but you can branch out a little, too. Dinner jackets are a good choice, and both neckties and bow ties are welcome in patterns or low-key colors. If you opt for a suit instead, just make sure you dress it up to keep up with the black tie part of the code.

    What to Wear

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    Ruby Satin Charmeuse Dress

    You’ll look like a million bucks in this sophisticated satin maxi dress. This earns a spot as one of our favorite formal fall wedding guest dresses thanks to the dramatic neckline and open back. Pair this unforgettable dress with statement earrings and a beaded clutch to finalize your guest attire.

    What Is A Reception Dress

    A reception dress is often referred to as a ‘second look’ and is an outfit some brides choose to change into after their ceremony.

    For the minimalist bride who covets clean lines and sleek silhouettes, a simple and chic slip dress never disappoints. A summer bride will appreciate a quick change into a mini dress made from light and airy fabrics like linen or cotton. If you’re headed to City Hall for your nuptials, modern jumpsuits and structured sets are the perfect complement to any courthouse wedding. And lastly, for the bold bride looking to make a statement, there are plenty of styles to be found in pretty pastel hues and unexpected vibrant prints.

    Ahead, the best wedding reception dresses for every style, body type, and budget.

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    You Should Opt For Solid Colors Or Simple Patterns

    While this may not be your wedding day, you know there will be cameras taking pictures left and right, so just like the bridal party and family, you want to look and feel your best. In order to do this, Event Planner Brea Carillo suggests that “most solid colors and patterns are probably fine.” She went on to add that navy is her favorite go to option in this scenario.

    With that said, for years we have been lead to believe that we are best to avoid horizontal stripes and opt for vertical if we want to give off a tall, lean physique, which is safe to say is the general goal when we know we’ll be in some pictures. Turns out, the truth is actually the opposite, as studies have shown a narrower perceived width with horizontal stripes as compared to vertical. If you were planning on simple pinstripes for this wedding, switch and opt for horizontal.

    Whats The Difference Between A Wedding And Reception Dress


    Beyond the bride wearing both, a wedding dress and a reception dress likely wont have much in common. In general, the main difference between the two is the formality. Ceremony dresses are more formal to match the tone of the location. Conversely, a reception is a party to celebrate your union.

    Ceremony dresses are typically more formal and go to the floor. They also usually have a long train and a fuller skirt. Many brides like to choose dresses with intricate detailing. Between that and the fit, wedding dresses typically restrict a brides movements.

    On the other hand, reception dresses can be looser, allowing for more movement. While most wedding dresses are white, your reception dress doesnt have to be. Feel free to pick a color that matches your theme or the grooms tie. They also can be much shorter, like knee-length or tea-length.

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    Simple Wedding Dress Designs We Love

    The brides best friend Penelope Cruz wore cobalt blue for the ceremony and black for the reception, and Charlize Theron transformed her slinky taupe floor-length gown into a mini-dress for the evening festivities. Thwarting guests hopes of traveling light, there was also a masked rehearsal dinner the night before. Town And Country

    Spring Wedding Attire For Men

    Weather-wise, spring is a lot like fall, and depending on where the wedding is happening, it could be warm or chilly. If the forecast looks warm, add some color to your look with accessories, and wear a light colored suit. If it looks to be a colder day, try a grey or blue suit.

    What to Wear:

    Spring Wedding Attire Inspiration:

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    Can You Wear Traditional Clothes To A Hindu Wedding

    You should absolutely embrace the culture. One of the best things you can wear to a Hindu wedding is traditional clothing, like saris or lehengas for women and long-sleeved tunics and pants for men. These clothes will be just as glamorous as the wedding itself, so look for vivid colors and embroidery pieces. This outfit should be eye-catching.

    Dont worry about outdoing the bride because everyone else will be dressed in gala wear as well.

    Saris are typically worn in everyday life, but like dresses in Western cultures, there are casual and formal saris. Typically, saris are draped fabric that covers from the shoulders to the ankles. The extra fabric is left to hang free and can be used to cover your head in religious ceremonies if needed.

    Lehengas are a two-piece outfit that has a top thats usually cropped and a full, high-waisted skirt. Both of these should be brightly colored . You can pick almost any color that will catch your attention and those around you. These can also be beaded or embroidered. Hindu weddings are supposed to lavish, and so is the attire.

    Kurta pajamas is an outfit combination worn by men that consists of a tunic top called a kurta and the bottoms called pajama. The top typically goes down to the knees. They can be found in any color and sometimes are very ornate.

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