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What’s A Micro Wedding

Determining If A Micro Wedding Is Right For You

Should I Have A Micro Wedding?

Micro weddings, like bangs and jean shorts, are not for everyone. However, for the right couple, a micro wedding could be the perfect fit. At the end of the day, the style of celebration will depend on the intimacy you desire, the customization you have in mind, and the traditional aspects you would like to implement. If a micro wedding sounds like it might be right for you, Colorado Microweddings is a fantastic resource to help you start planning.

I like to think of determining a wedding celebration like a choose your own adventure story. There is no right or wrong answer, only the direction you and your partner choose to go!

Lets take a closer look.

Invite A Handful Of Guests

Minimonies are small by nature, with most couples keeping the guest list around 20 or fewer. As such, youll need to pare your guest list down considerably, but theres still space for your immediate family.

Having close friends and family members there on the day will help your minimony feel more like your planned big wedding ceremony. Plus, with only your closest loved ones there, itll feel all the more special.

What Is An Elopement

The definition of an elopement has evolved in the last five years especially as couples are increasingly personalizing every aspect of their lives. Traditionally, elopements were considered spur-of-the-moment and unplanned events involving an element of secrecy. Today, there is still an air of sweeping romance involved in elopements, but couples are taking the extra steps to personalize it too.

“We always ask first about the memory couples want to create with their elopement,” says Debbie Pribyl of the Moorings Village in Key West, Florida. “Then, we guide them with suggestions as if they’re planning to produce their perfect dream wedding.” The property asks eloping couples to pick dates that are meaningful to their love story, in addition to incorporating sentimental touches into their wedding vows. Of course, dreamy locations are easier to reach for a smaller size group.

“I suggest all couples look for unique attractions at their chosen destination. For example, we have a lighthouse that’s about four miles offshore in the middle of the sea,” says Pribyl. “Couples can go out in a boat with an officiant, and get married on the bows of the boat in front of the lighthouse.”

Sarah Falugo Photography

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How Venues Are Accommodating Micro Wedding Requests

While other resorts and venues may not have a preset micro wedding package , they are certainly feeling the increase in requests for micro weddings that toe the line between quickie elopement and traditional, wallet-zapping nuptials.

We receive inquiries daily about hosting 30 to 40-person weddings here at The Colony, says Elisabeth Munder, whos in charge of event planning at the historic resort on Palm Beach Island in Florida. Since were a boutique property, we can easily put together packages to accommodate these smaller, more intimate weddings. After setting a budget, well sit down with each bride and groom to find out as much about them as possible. I always ask what their dream wedding looks like, what colors they envision, and how they want to feel when they walk down the aisle. Our goal is to ensure that these smaller celebrations are not approached in a cookie cutter way.

The trend has, unsurprisingly, also reached international waters. For example, Live Aquaan adult-only resort that overlooks the sparkling turquoise ocean in Cancun, Mexicooffers guests an intimate wedding via its Serenata Package. Its $1,675 USD for the couple and comes with an officiant, ceremony on the beach along with all the decor, a wedding cake, sparkling wine, a private dinner, and then honeymoon amenities including massage, private cabana, and breakfast in bed.

Harbourside 1950’s Glamour In Circular Quay

50 Micro Wedding Ideas  Whats A Micro Wedding?  Parade ...

Capacity: 35 people all fully vaccinated

This capacity limit includes everyone in attendance, the celebrant , the two people getting married, the two necessary witnesses, photographer, videographer, and guests.

Packages: Start from $1,049 The wedding ceremony will take place in the award-winning Hyde Hacienda Sydney Lounge + Bar, located in the Pullman Quay Grand Sydney Harbour.

It is a luxurious, modern city wedding venue with elevated views of Sydney Harbour.

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Get The Best Of Both Worlds

Most couples who opt for a minimony bring everyone together later in the year or on their anniversary date for a sequel wedding. This celebration will look like the original wedding that was planned with a bigger venue, larger guest count, and plenty of entertainment.

Minimonies work great for couples who want intimacy as well as a party atmosphere. You can get married in front of a handful of your closest friends and family members, then host a second, larger wedding where you can focus more on mingling with guests than remembering your vows.

Why Have A Micro Wedding

The reasons for having a small guest list vary hugely. Emma Caddis and her husband Paul own award-winning Cornish venue of Treseren, which specialises in weddings for up to 20 guests. We asked for the most popular reasons their couples choose to have a micro wedding.

1. Youll Enjoy a More Relaxed Day

The average wedding now has 82 day guests and 103 evening guests. Planning an event that size is a huge undertaking that involves juggling multiple suppliers, chasing RSVPs, planning seating arrangements, and ensuring theres enough food, booze and entertainment for your guests on the day. If parents financially contribute, they may feel its their right to have a say in your day, which can lead to conflict. Understandably, some couples find that pressure off-putting.

A small wedding of up to 20 guests is often much less stressful for couples. It strips the planning process right back to the things that are most important to you as a couple: the people you absolutely want by your side and the experience you want to create for yourselves and your guests.

The main reasons our couples give for opting for a small wedding is that they want their day to be relaxed, they dont want the stress of a big event, Emma explains. Some because they dont like the idea of being in the spotlight, others because they want their day to be very personal and meaningful. Its all about how they want their wedding to be and not about pleasing everybody else.


2. You Can Save Money


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Is A Micro Wedding Right For Me

  • Does the idea of planning your wedding stress you out?

  • Do you want to stray from tradition?

  • Are you a hopeless romantic?

  • Can you picture yourself getting married somewhere unique?

  • Does the thought of researching vendors give you a headache?

  • Do you get overwhelmed thinking about all the vendors, intricate details and logistics to ensure you have a seamless wedding day?

Micro Weddings Let Your Creativity Soar

THE TRUTH ABOUT HAVING A SMALL WEDDING (brunch wedding, saving money, and more!)

We all desire to celebrate our big day in a unique way. Large traditional weddings bring in a whole host of formalities and responsibilities, making creativity to soar a little difficult. But micro weddings offer couples the freedom to think outside-the-box and let their creativity soar.

There is no pressure of hosting a wedding a certain way. You can make your day totally unique without having to bother about what others would think. You can host a simple wedding in a temple or a lavish micro wedding on a cruise.

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Planning A Micro Wedding Advice From Junebug Wedding Professionals

After reading the benefits of hosting a micro wedding, its normal to have ideas running through your mind and a beat of excitement in your chest. We asked our pros what theyre been hearing about micro weddings from their couples who have done it. When youre ready to start planning, keep their advice in mind.

Its 100% okay to break the rules. You dont have to do, or not do anything. Hannah McMaster

Some couples feel the guilt of not having all the people they know at their wedding and are scared of what uninvited people are going to feel. First, we want to say that if its the only thing holding you back you can always have a bigger party later to celebrate with them. Second, if people dont understand your priorities and why its simply not you to have a large wedding then too bad for them. This is YOUR wedding day. People having large weddings made that decision and nobody blamed them for it, everyone is entitled to make their own decisions when it comes to their wedding day, period.The Archivers

Bring Your Own Plants From Home

The Oak Leaf Cottage in Trenton, Georgia can accommodate weddings as small as 25 and as big as 125! With ethereal grounds that give off total Twilight wedding vibes, it sits on 28 acres, features an upscale barn structure, and feels super tucked away. You can get married at their mountainside site, in the forest, at the cottage, or in the barn and they also offer special elopement and micro wedding packages, too.

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Here Are Our Top Micro Wedding Tips:

For couples of the less-is-more persuasion, a micro wedding is a great opportunity to showcase your personality, creativity, and adventurous spirit without overwhelming your budget. Here are some of our favorite ideas for a micro wedding extravaganza:

PC: Lindsey White Photography

Incorporate a unique detail or twist! Adding a unique detail or element to your wedding is a fantastic way to make your day more meaningful. Try incorporating a cultural element, something meaningful from your relationship, or a semi-bizarre twist that fits in with your personality and wedding theme. For this couples picturesque micro wedding in the mountains, they had a cute donkey friend to keep them company!

Hire real entertainment! Consider wowing your guests with fire dancers, a live band, interactive theater, a petting zoothe list goes on. Whatever your fancy, we say go all out with the merriment and accoutrements!

PC: Amberlee Namini Photography

Focus on food and beverage! You could hire a top chef, a local farm-to-table restaurant, or a cheeky mixologist to create a truly memorable and deluxe meal experience for your honored guests. Or opt for something intimate and rustic by putting your table settings outdoors! Hosting an outdoor reception is a great way to make guests feel comfortable during COVID-19.

PC: Jaimee Morse Photography

Why Should I Have A Micro Wedding

Pin by Liliana Flores on Wedding

There are many reasons to have a micro wedding, but we will expand on a couple of them. The first is one of the biggest issues when it comes to getting married, cost. By having a micro wedding, it is possible to have your dream wedding on a much smaller scale.

According to Hitcheds national wedding survey in 2019, the average cost of a wedding was just under £32,000. Paying that amount, especially when so many are struggling financially with the aftermath of Covid-19 would seem ludicrous. Cutting the guest list alone could halve that amount, therefore making a micro wedding much more attractive.

Another reason for choosing a micro wedding would be the ability to really personalise the occasion to the lucky couple. It may not be a big wedding, but it does not mean it cant take on your desired theme and décor. The key is in the name, micro wedding. Every aspect of a traditional wedding just scaled down.

So, there are the basic facts of a micro wedding. Want to know why everyone is planning them?

Akilah x

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Your Micro Wedding Experience

What You Get:
  • Planner for Pre-wedding Management & Day of Set Up plus Coordination

  • Officiant to perform a Customized 30-minute Ceremony

Meet The Team

Just call me your wedding planning bestie! I’ll take on the worry, stress & responsibility of creating a micro wedding that includes meaningful details that are important to you and your partner!

Sophie Fortier

I’m the girl who’s going to make sure your wedding day lasts a lifetime. With 10 years of experience in the industry, I promise to make the whole experience as fun and unique as your story!

Amber Stemmler

Difference Between A Micro Wedding And An Elopement

As you see, a micro wedding is not a large scale event. But its not an elopement which usually involves only the couple and wedding official. Elopements are usually very affordable events and allow the couple to create a more intimate and personal atmosphere than in a traditional wedding. Also, the idea of elopement is focusing on the couples honeymoon, not on the celebration itself.

In comparison to an elopement, a micro wedding can include the features of a traditional wedding. But a wedding in mini format is organized on a smaller scale and with a more relaxed vibe. Thus, to plan a small wedding you still need to create a guest list :).

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A Vintage Elopement At The Superstition Mountains Arizona

This couple wanted their wedding day to represent the style they loved. After postponing their wedding day, they didnt want to risk pushing their special day even further.

They planned a vintage micro wedding in the gorgeous Superstition Mountains in Arizona. They bought a vintage car, drove all the way to this epic destination. Their two friends and son were witnesses to their intimate ceremony.

It was more than just something good enough for the time being, It was meant to be the entire time. Everything fell into place as though the plans were set all along, and we were exactly where we were supposed to be in each moment.

We have quite honestly forgotten about our traditional wedding plans. We shared the video of the ceremony with our loved ones, and they were able to have this moment with us no matter the distance.

Our advice to other couples would be to let things fall into place, itll find you in the quiet and unassuming moments of your life. When you find that deeper meaning, go with it all in.


Videography: Archie Film Co.

Our Favourite Micro Wedding Venues

What’s in my camera bag? Wedding Photography with Nikon Mirrorless

River Cottage Axminster, Devon

The iconic Devonshire farmhouse can hold weddings of up to 20 guests. Your ceremony can take place inside or in River Cottages walled garden, and then youll have full use of the Kitchen Garden, dining room and famous farmhouse kitchen from midday to midnight. Their chefs can whip up a delicious meal for between 10 and 20 guests to celebrate.

The Georges Vault Rochester, Kent

Although this venue can hold up to 70 guests, its ideal for weddings of 20 and fewer too due to its cosy vibes. The Georges Vault is a 14th century wedding venue in the heart of Rochester, near the Cathedral. Its split over three floors, but the one you want is the basement crypt which is bursting with atmosphere.

Fox & Hounds Country Hotel and Treetops Treehouse Chulmleigh, Devon

Intimate micro weddings can be held in the Fox & Hounds Country Hotels amazing Treetops Treehouse. While this is usually the bridal suite for the newlyweds, it is also a truly unique venue for a wedding of up to 10 in total. It features a log burner and cute interiors that make it ideal for a rustic micro wedding.

New House Farm Cockermouth, Cumbria

Located in the pictureseque Lorton Valley, New House Farm is a luxury country house that can host up to 20 guests for an intimate wedding. With open log fires and pretty, secluded gardens, its great for a wedding all year round.

Cherrytrees Kelso, Lothian & Borders

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