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What To Include On Your Wedding Website

Do I Even Need A Wedding Website

Create a Wedding Website: Step by Step Tutorial

Raise your hand if youve ever felt personally victimized by wedding websites. Dont worry, this is a safe space! Weve all seen wedding websites that have missed the mark. Maybe you were struck by the 400 images on the front page or spent ages searching for the details that mattered for you as a guest. If youve been burned before, we get it. It can be tough to see how a wedding website may even be necessary at all. Your guests will still get invitations, your registries will still be accessible online and your VIPs can still get their shout-outs in the program and/or Grand Entrance. No harm, no foul. Right? Welllll, we believe that skipping a wedding website might actually be a big mistake. In the immortal words of Julia Roberts. huge. And today, were joined by household name Minted to talk about the 5 major ways a quality wedding website can serve you.

Lets start with the basics, shall we? The reason wedding websites exist in the first place is to make your life easier! And done well, they can literally save you hundreds of hours hunched over spreadsheets and RSVP cards, building phone trees and collecting up-to-date contact info for all of your guests one by one, etc. How so?

Get Inspired With Wedding Website Bio Examples

First, lets talk about wedding website bio examples. Your bio is the first thing your guests will read on your website. And if youre feeling awkward about talking about yourself, dont be! Guests love to read about the story of how you met, what you enjoy doing together and individual hobbies, and more.

Remember, guests usually know one of you better than the other your wedding website bio is a great place for them to learn more about the other ahead of the wedding date.

Its also a great place to share the story of how you met or how you got engaged. Guests love things like that!

They may even be looking for ideas on what to give you as a wedding gift, tying it into your hobbies, lifestyle, where you live, how you met, etc. So repeat after me: wedding website bios are essential. 🙂

Can you write funny wedding website bios? OF COURSE! No need to be boring, have a little fun with it! And if all else fails, just keep it short and sweet. In your wedding website bio, you dont need to be long-winded or go overboard. If simple is more your style, then, by all means, go with that style.

What To Include In Your Wedding Website Bios

To get some ideas, here are some things to include in your wedding website bio or About Us section.

by susan moyal

You dont have to talk about each point, just whichever ideas seem to resonate best with your story.


Our story began in 2002 when we met in high school on a weekend retreat with thousands of high schoolers in our area.

Where To Include The Wedding Website

A lot of couples choose to create a wedding website to help track important details and keep guests informed. You can put a whole lot more on your wedding website than you can on save the dates and wedding invitations, so we think its a great idea.

The question iswhere does the wedding website go? There are three great places to include your wedding website in your wedding stationery.

  • Save the Dates
  • The first place to include your wedding website is on the save the date. Wedding websites are simple to put together, which means you can create one quickly and easily at any time. So whether youre sending save the dates five months in advance or a year in advance, you can always get a simple wedding website going and include the address on the save the dates.

  • Enclosure Cards
  • You can include your wedding website on the reception card if you like or you can create another enclosure card for specific wedding details like the website address. Some couples add it to their accommodations cards or map cards and instruct guests to visit the wedding website for more information on each.

  • The Invitation
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    This Checklist Has Everything You Need To Include On Your Wedding Website With Joy

    photos by Peyton Rainey Photography and Chelsea Denise Photography

    If theres one part of wedding planning we dont want you to stress over, its building your wedding website. Your wedding website not only gives your guests the information they need about when and where your wedding will be but also helps you keep up with RSVPs and answer every little question your guests may have before the big day. Weve outlined everything you need to include on your wedding website to help you check every box and leave no question unanswered. To make the process even easier, weve teamed up with Joy, who we believe is the best in the wedding website business.

    Joy is a free platform the allows you to create beautiful custom wedding websites. Youll learn more about their extensive list of features as you read on, but a few of our favorites include the guest management tool and digital RSVPs, the photo sharing and live slideshow capabilities, and the app which allows guests to view the schedule, get event information, and even connect with other guests right from their phones.

    Ready to make an amazing wedding website?

    How To Share Your Wedding Website

    What to Include on Your Wedding Website

    If you’re wondering what the proper etiquette is for putting your wedding website on your invitations, there are a few guidelines to follow. Along with your save-the-dates, you can share your wedding website on any pre-wedding event invitations, like bridal shower or engagement party invites. Avoid printing your wedding website URL on your formal invitations, but feel free to slip an additional insert with website info into your invitation suite. And while posting your wedding website on social media seems like the easiest way to debut your site, it could likely cause more harm than goodnon-invited friends could feel left out or someone could offer unsolicited commentary. If you’re going to take the social media route, like Facebook, consider sharing all wedding-related details in a private message or group.

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    How To Get Around

    In case your guests arent renting a car, provide some tips for getting around! What is the most reliable public transportation, how much does it cost, and when does it start and stop running each day? Does the city have rideshare services? Share links to the apps, your preference, or a promotional code if you have one!

    Flexibility For When Things Evolve

    Im sure if you hear the word pivot one more time, youre going to scream. Unless its coming from Ross on the Friends reunion, and for that we are wholeheartedly with you. So instead well just talk about what happens when we sometimes have to ride the wave. When things evolve due to unforeseen circumstances like roadwork or construction, unfriendly weather and yeah, a pandemic, its good to be able to communicate important updates to your guests in a way thats streamlined, easy and efficient. Not all wedding websites allow you to contact your entire guest list in one fell swoop, but Minted does! And in this day and age, this kind of safety net feels a bit akin to heaven.

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    Everything You Need To Include On Your Wedding Website

    Designing a website for your wedding is probably one of the most useful things you can do in preparation for your big day. There are many benefits to having one, but its an especially useful resource for your guests.

    When deciding what to include on your wedding website, it helps to think of it as a one-stop-shop for all details related to your wedding. Mention anything that guests would want to know. Think of it this way: if you were invited to a wedding yourself, what details about the event would you want or need to know?

    Your wedding website should be detailed, but simple and easy to navigate. Its helpful to have a separate page for every important aspect of your big day. No idea where to start? Here are some important subjects that every wedding website should include.

    How To Get There In Detail


    Its not just about providing driving directions to your venue, especially if youre hosting a destination wedding or lots of out-of-town guests. Make sure they know the best method of transportation to get to your wedding city, and note local airports, as well as train or bus stations. On WeddingWires free wedding websites, you can even add a widget that allows guests to search for flights right from the page!

    If many of your guests will be renting cars to get around during your wedding weekend, help them out by providing links to local rental car companies. In particular, Budget offers a special discount code of up to 25 percent off for wedding guestsdefinitely worth mentioning!

    And dont forget about day-of transportation! If youre providing shuttle service from guest hotels to your venue , be sure to share that information on your website and include it in any welcome bags you provide your out-of-towners, so everyone is where they need to be at the right time.

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    Where Can I Build My Wedding Website

    However, before you even get started on the layout of your wedding website and how you want it to look you might be asking yourself where can I even create my own wedding website?

    Below you will find a list of 5 wedding website builders to help you create the best wedding website. The list down below contains a mixture of free and paid options so that you can choose which one would work the best for you.

    • Squarespace
    • Wix
    • Zola

    Now that you have decided where you will build your wedding website, it is time to start forming the layout of how you want your wedding to look and what all you should put on each page of your website.

    Down below you will find each of the categories up above described more in detail of what you should put on that page and how that page should look.

    As stated before, this is your wedding website so you can design it however you like and add whatever you want to it, but this will help give you something to reference off of to get you started.

    So to make it easier for you to reference, I am going to write it all out in list format to help show you how it should look and to help show you what all you should include on each page.

    Wedding Guest Photo App Info And Hashtag

    If you are using a wedding guest photo-sharing app like WedShoots, provide guests with the link to download the app and let them know your custom album code so they can check out the photos and upload their own. Also, let them know your wedding hashtag so they can tag you in their social media posts.

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    What Is The Dress Code

    “What should I wear?” is probably the most-asked question you’ll receive in the weeks leading up to your wedding day. You can’t play fashion consultant for everyone on your guest list, but you can provide some additional information on in your wedding website FAQ section. If you included a dress code on your wedding invitation, provide some specific examples of what it means . If you didn’t provide a dress code, give guests an idea of what would be appropriate to wear to your event . The more specific you can be about attire, the more helpful to your loved ones.

    Details Cards You Probably Don’t Need

    8 Creative Ways to Personalise Your Wedding Website ...

    Attire Cards

    If your wedding venue requires a strict dress code other than simply black-tie or cocktail attire, you may wish to include an attire card. This is especially important in the case where couples are married on military bases and a strict dress code is required for admittance.

    What to Include: Brief attire suggestions, such as lawn-appropriate shoes or beach-casual.

    What Not to Include: A long list of what they should not wear or too many attire suggestions. Keep it short and sweet by including only necessary details.

    Ways to Save: You can skip this card by including all details on your wedding website. You may also notate black-tie or cocktail attire in the lower right hand corner of your invitation.

    Registry Inserts

    Traditional wedding etiquette states that you do not include wedding registry details on any of your wedding stationery. However, many brides may consider it necessary to share this information with loved ones, and for the most part, I agreethis insert can be especially useful for long-distance family and friends.

    What to Include: Only list 2-3 stores that you are registered at.

    What Not to Include: Any other information outside of your registry details, such as asking for monetary gifts or certain items off your registry.

    Ways to Save: Skip this card and include wedding registry details on your website.

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    Things To Include On Your Wedding Website

    This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I may make money when you purchase through them.

    Sharing is caring!

    Wedding websites when I got married were not very common, but today you can create an awesome, personalized wedding website in just one hour! GoDaddy has made it so easy for engaged couples to create a perfect wedding website without previous website-building experience! GoCentral helps couples make their wedding website quickly and then get back to planning the wedding.

    When creating your wedding website, you want to make sure you include all the important things. Read on to find out five things to include on your wedding website.

    Plus 7 Essential Covid

    Wedding websites are a great way to save time and stress as you spread the word about your upcoming event. Your website should provide your loved ones with all of the information theyll need before attending, like what type of dress code is appropriate for an evening wedding or whether its ok if kids come along.

    The most important part of hosting a wedding is making sure your guests know everything they need to. When youre designing your wedding website, you should put an FAQ on there with all the essential information!

    Are you looking for some guidelines? Please keep reading to find out what we recommend you include on your wedding website FAQ and why.

    Where is your wedding taking place?

    One of the most important things to remember when planning a wedding is making sure that you have all your logistical details in order. You may want to include directions and maps so guests can find their way or give them contact information for anyone who might need help finding something on-site at any time. Also, include a timeframe of your ceremony and reception, so they know when to arrive and what to expect.

    Your guests need to know what is happening before and after your ceremony so they can plan accordingly. For example, will cocktails be served at the reception location following the proceedings? Will there be food or drinks available for them during their downtime between ceremonies as well?

    Your guests day should flow smoothly by letting them know exactly where to go next.

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