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How To Use A Wedding Hashtag

Using Your Hashtag Before The Wedding

How to Create a Good Wedding Hashtag // What is a Wedding Hashtag? // Wedding Hashtag Ideas

Your wedding hashtag is the perfect accessory to all your pre-wedding planning. When crafting your save the date cards, dont forget to include your wedding hashtag. Your hashtag is your lifelong slogan to represent you and your partner. Including it is a fun way to announce your wedding day while getting your guests excited about it too.

After the save the date cards, its time to think about the official wedding invitation. When creating your gorgeous invitations, plaster your hashtag on it too. Let your hashtag be the branding material for all preparations of your wedding. Its a creative way to celebrate your union as a couple.

If you plan on having any pre-wedding celebrations such as a bridal shower or a bachelor or bachelorette party, your hashtag could be used here too. Add your wedding hashtag to any party favors or personalized gifts you plan on giving. For example, you could give out personalized T-shirts to your wedding party with the hashtag printed on them. Or, when it comes time for dessert, you could serve treats that prove just how awesome your hashtag can be.

If you care about a social cause, you can create a wedding hashtag to spread awareness about it and ask people to donate to a charity instead of giving you a wedding present. Using hashtags is one of the best social media marketing tactics for this purpose.

Start With Your Names

This may be a bit obvious, but start with the basics. Use your first, last and nicknames as a jumping-off point. Remember that cutesy mash-up name your friends gave you guys in college? Well, this may be the time you actually want to embrace it. “It makes it easier for the guests to remember, which means more people will actually use it,” Haack says.

So How Do You Come Up With An Original Hashtag

Choosing the right hashtag is extremely important. You do not want to merge your hashtag with someone elses, and you also want to make it easy for friends to avoid spelling errors. The traditional approach to finding a hashtag is putting a spin on last names. There are a few wedding hashtag generators out there that can help you come up with an original one.

Photo by Creative Concepts by Lisa

We like Shutterflys Hashtag Generator which is free, and also has a search option to check Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. WeddingMix also has a free hashtag generator that allows you to customize based off your style. Choose from Classic,Fun, and Offbeat to get the right vibe for your wedding. Finally, if youre hitting walls coming up with the perfect wedding hashtag, Mister Write offers personal services for crafting your hashtag. Note: this is also a great resource if youre looking for customized vows, speech writing, and even proposal ideas!

If youre a crafty wordsmith you can look to movie titles, song lyrics, band names, and dont be afraid to get punny with it. You want something that people will remember and that sets your wedding story apart.

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Inform Your Guests And Invite Them To Contribute

The best part about having a wedding hashtag is getting to see your friends, family, and guests use it. After the big day, you can sit back and scroll through all the different perspectives captured at your wedding. You definitely dont want to miss out on all these photos, so make sure your guests know how to use the hashtag.

Photo by Beet & Blossom

The best way to keep them informed is to have several reminders. Include the hashtag on your invitationit can even just be on the RSVP card. Place strategic reminders out at your ceremony, on the wedding program, by the gifts, and on the reception tables. There are tons of cute props out there to help you do this creatively and aesthetically. We like these printables from Wishful Paperie.

Why Use A Wedding Hashtag

How to Come Up With The Best Wedding Hashtag Ever?

You may ask yourself, Why should I use a wedding hashtag? While wedding hashtags have become fairly standard at many weddings, they actually have various uses other than just hopping on a popular online trend.

You can use wedding hashtags to increase exposure and gain more attention to your post. By attaching a hashtag to your post online, others who search that hashtag may see your post, getting you more likes and followers.

Wedding hashtags can also be used to search for inspiration from other brides, planners, photographers and more. If youre looking for ideas for your own wedding, fantasizing about your dream wedding, or just browsing, you can search through wedding hashtags for pictures from other weddings. Crowd source ideas online by searching hashtags for your wedding inspiration.

Another helpful element of the hashtag is its picture sharing ability. You can share pictures and check out guests pictures from the wedding with a unique, personal wedding hashtag. A wedding hashtag specific to your big day essentially creates an online album of photos anyone at the wedding can add the hashtag to their posts, making it easy to search through guests pictures as well as your own.

Whatever your reason for using a wedding hashtag, there are plenty of options to explore from the top trending wedding hashtags, to creative, unusual hashtags to set your post apart. Find the perfect wedding hashtag or hashtags for you by exploring our options, or come up with your own!

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Use Your Website And Social Media

Many couples these days choose to set up a wedding website that has all the important information, from location and dress code to the wedding list. If you decide to set up a wedding website as well, put your hashtag on it right away and dedicate a short section to explaining how it all works.

The same goes for your wedding social media page and your own social media accounts, of course. Use your own hashtag early on seeing it in your posts will get your friends and family on board.

The Pro account unlocks the embedding function, letting you can easily integrate your wedding wall on your website or as a Facebook tab.

Has Hashtag Been Used

Track your hashtag performance.

If you want more than see how many times a hashtag was used, you can see Summary tab and Analysis tab they store all numbers about your Twitter hashtag. Summary tab is where you can see the summary of the most important data about your hashtags: The most popular hashtag mentions.

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How To Come Up With A Wedding Hashtag

If you are wondering how to create your wedding hashtag, one that stands out, we have a few tips for you.

Personalization is huge and if you can make it relate to you as a couple, the better.

It is also really recommended that you capitalize each separate word so it can be read clearly.

And if possible, stay away from words that can easily be misspelled!

Otherwise, you will get your photos displayed on a whole bunch of unrelated hashtags.

If your last name is really long, try using a nickname or a cute abbreviation.

You can definitely start by looking up popular hashtags on google and even on Instagram to get your creative juices flowing.

Whether you are looking for creative wedding hashtags or if you are looking for wedding phrases for hashtags that can work, I am sure we can help.

I hope with our help, you will learn how to create a wedding hashtag that will work for you.

Keep reading to get a list of wedding hashtags that could possibly work or help with coming up with something unique.

Wedding Hashtag Sign Ideas To Display On Your Big Day

Getting your wedding guest’s photos automatically using IFTTT & Hashtags!

Photo by The Hendricks

A good wedding hashtag can inspire your guests to add their own unique perspective to your “social photo album.” Regardless of your overall wedding style, creating your wedding hashtag is only the first stepyouve also got to spread the word!

You cant just rely on a Heads up! before its time to tie the knot. Youll want to make sure to give the hashtag its moment in the spotlight, which means the possibilities are endless. The most important thing is that guests know the hashtag and use it, so featuring it somewhere prominent is the name of the game.

If youre early in the planning process, you might consider including the official moniker of the big event on your wedding website.

From the welcome sign at the ceremony site to a custom bar menu with the hashtag included, here are 20 inspiring ideas to help spread the word.

Photo by Captured by Katrina

Modern and sleek, a pressed glass frame plays into the minimal style we all know and love. Print a witty note alongside your hashtag, and slip it into the frame you place at the guest book table, or even spread several throughout the reception tables to make sure your guests cant miss it!

Photo by Heather Brulez

Long live the welcome sign! Chalkboards have long been used in recent years for wedding decor for rustic fetes and everything in between. This is the perfect moment to show off your hashtag with a bit of hand lettering.

Photo by Kim Box Photography

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The Best Wedding Hashtag Generators:

Here are a few free wedding hashtag generators we have used and highly recommend. As you know, coming up with funny wedding hashtags or even unique ones can be challenging.

I am hoping you consider using the hashtag wedding generators listed below.

It should not take you too long to come up with something unique!

So if you are in need of a good hashtag creator, start with our suggestions.

Use A Wedding Service

Of course, we know that your love story is unique to you, and your wedding hashtag should be too. Dont go with a hashtag thats generic like #mrandmrssmith because while its appropriate, imagine how many other Mr & Mrs. Smiths are out there.

The key to a killer wedding hashtag is to create one that matches your style and that no one else has. Maybe one thats catchy, playful, witty, inspirational, or downright funny . If you feel that task seems impossible, we recommend using a wedding hashtag service. It truly is the best and easiest way to create a personalized and incredible hashtag for your wedding.

Wedding Hashers, for example, has a team of creative and professional writers that can quickly design a wedding hashtag that matches you and your boo. And the process is easy!

Depending on the type of hashtag you want , the Wedding Hashers dynamic team will create a unique hashtag. They will use a combination of your names and other details, maybe where you met, your favorite pastime, and perhaps even the wedding location, to generate a wedding hashtag thats distinctive to you. Why is this important? If you create a hashtag for your event thats too common, the incredible photos from your special day will get mixed in with other couples using the same hashtag.

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Spread Your Wedding Hashtag Around

Now all that’s left to do is let your guests know about your wedding hashtag! Talk to your stationer about including it on invitations, ceremony programs and menus, and contact one of our recommended décor suppliers about getting a custom sign or prop made. Chalkboard signs work well too and don’t have to be ordered too far in advance.

Featured image credit: Banner and Image by Lantz and Lady on Etsy

Still looking for wedding décor ideas? Check out our handy inspiration posts!

How To Get The Best Wedding Hashtags

Wedding Hashtag Sign Rustic Wedding Hashtag Sign Hand

If you find yourself struggling to come up with a creative wedding hashtag yourself, luckily there are more options to consider. The internet is a wonderful place full of idea generators and businesses dedicated to writing wedding hashtags. Read on and well guide you through the process of finding the best wedding hashtags for you!

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Wedding Hashtag: 7 Different Ways To Use Them

So, youve come up with a wedding hashtag that you love. But that isnt enough. For your hashtag to really work, youre going to have to use it strategically in multiple places.

That brings us to the question:

Where exactly should you use your wedding hashtag?

Just one platform wont really do the trick.

You cant expect your guests to remember your wedding hashtag if they dont see it enough. To help you nail the wedding hashtag game, weve put together a complete guide for marketing your wedding hashtag.

Here are a few creative ways you can use your wedding hashtags on and before your big day:

Put Your Wedding Hashtag On A Screen

Create a social media wall and display it on a screen or project it on a wall at your reception and party. The social wall doesnt just show whats going on at your wedding but also displays the hashtag and further encourages people to post.

Use the free account to set up a simple social media wall for your wedding hashtag. Its for free forever.

If youre looking to use more than one hashtag, you should check out the Pro account. Our Pro accounts are also ad-free and give you more options to customise the look of your wall in your wedding colours. You can also add additional moderators to put other people in your wedding party in charge of taking care of your wedding wall. After all, youll have better things to do on your big day.

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How To Use Your Wedding Hashtag

How you want to use your hashtag is up to you, but its always a good idea to get it on everyones radar early on.

Include it on save-the-date announcements and wedding invites and let them know why youre using one. Encourage your guests to post shopping or traveling photos for your big day or anything else they think youll enjoy seeing.

Also, put it up on your wedding website if youre using one. Same if youre using a wedding social media page.

Dont forget to put up a pretty sign for all to see as they arrive at your wedding asking your guests to share photos on social media using your hashtag.

Of course, as we said before, some couples would really rather go unplugged.

If youve specified no photos at the ceremony but are still using a hashtag for other pictures and communique, put up a creative sign with your hashtag at the reception. Let them know that nows the time for your guests to snap away!

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