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Where Can I Get My Wedding Dress Preserved

We Have Made Ordering The Kit Easy We Prefill The Form Foryou And Ship The Same Day

Preserving a Wedding Dress – When to Get Started? Why Should a Wedding Dress be Preserved?

Once the kit arrives to you, simply open the box and place the gown in the waterproofgarment bag. Place the wedding gown in the crush proof shipping box. Review theprefilled forms and place them in the kit. Use our water activated industrial graded tapeto seal the box. Place the prepaid UPS label on the box and your wedding dress is readyto go.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What are people saying about bridal services in Los Angeles, CA?

This is a review for a bridal business in Los Angeles, CA:

“Very thorough with the entire process. We met with Debbie who provided a well-detailed explanation for the gown care cleaning, preparation, and a timeline guesstimate for getting the gown pressed before the celebration. We always enjoyed the stories she shared about what not to do with the dress to keep it in perfect condition. Debbie was always a pleasure to meet with and highly recommend their wedding dress service which they even have for options of what to do with the dress afterwards .”

Can I Preserve My Wedding Dress At Home

There are a few tips for how to preserve wedding dress styles at home, but none as effective as a professional preservation treatment. To DIY your preservation efforts, we recommend you:

  • Have the dress cleaned at a professional dry cleaner as soon as possible.
  • If youre spot cleaning, follow our tips for cleaning different fabrications below.
  • Never use a harsh detergent, bleach, or a hot iron on your wedding dress.
  • Purchase an acid-free paper to wrap your wedding dress in.
  • Seal the gown in a bridal box in an archival storage box. Replace the storage box and paper every three years or so.
  • Do not hang your wedding gown this may lead to stretching or warping.
  • Do not store your wedding dress in a cedar chest or plastic bag. Cedar chests can produce damaging acidic gases, and plastic bags can trap moisture, bugs, and mildew.

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You Are Using Someone Whos A Wedding Gown Cleaner But Isnt A Specialist

Wedding dress preservation starts with a really good cleaning, but this isnt a task for just any ordinary dry cleaner. Make sure the cleaner is truly experienced and specializes in wedding gowns. A good pro will use multiple methods to clean different bridal gown fabrics and embellishments and can choose the right one for your dress.

Ask for recommendations and referrals, and check reviews from other customers before committing.

Got a little dirt on your gown at your outdoor ceremony? Resist the urge to try to get rid of the stain yourself.

Can A Yellowed Wedding Dress Be Whitened

Preserve your wedding dress in a custom framed shadowbox ...

As a general rule, yes, yellowed wedding dresses can be whitened again by professionals. There are some options for wedding dress cleaning and restoring older styles, but as always, prevention is the best prescription. It only takes six months for your pristine white wedding dress to start dulling in color its best to act as fast as possible to avoid cleaning and preservation headaches in the years to come.

If you are dealing with a discolored wedding dress, old or new, research wedding dress preservationists who have proven, reliable experience with yellowing. Look for testimonials with before-and-after photos on a companys website its the best way to ensure youre getting the best service for your specific needs.

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Remember To Consult The Cleaning Experts

You may be overwhelmed deciding where to put your new wedding gifts, but dont let that slow down your wedding dress preservation process. While you may choose to hold off for a bit, the experts recommend waiting no longer than six months to get your dress professionally cleaned .

According to Kathy Wright from Heritage Garment Preservation, some stains are unseen but can develop over time. For example, spills from clear beverages dry clear but will oxidize and turn brown, and body perspiration on your dress lining can also discolor the dress and turn brittle over time.

Its important to remember not to trust just anyone with cleaning your wedding gown. While your local cleaners may be great at getting the stains out of your jeans, they may not have the experience and resources to clean antique dresses, delicate fabric and embellishments. If you choose to bring your wedding dress to a professional cleaner, you can expect the following:

  • Thorough-but-delicate hand-washed cleaning
  • Treatment with special ingredients to remove visible stains
  • Pressing or steaming as needed

Cleaning tip: Dont be afraid to ask questions. Different techniques will need to be used depending on the age, color and fabric of the gown, as well as various beads, sequins and pearls. Ask if the cleaning is performed on site, how they package the dress after cleaning and if they have a warranty.

Not What You Ate On Your Big Day

At Milto, we specialize in cleaning and preserving wedding gowns so theyll age flawlessly. In fact, Milto Cleaners gown preservation might just be the best wedding present you can give yourself.

Every wedding dress is different. And, of course, every wedding dress is special. Whether your gown features delicate fabrics, laces, beads, or sequins, well give it the highest level of care. Once we thoroughly clean and preserve it, well package it so it can be stored safely.

Your dress will be returned to you and ready for storage. Be sure to place it somewhere with low humidity and minimal temperature fluctuation.

Always avoid storing your wedding gown in plastic bags or vacuum-sealed, plastic-wrapped containers because plastic emits fumes that can yellow your bridal gown and traps moisture that mildews your wedding gown.

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Time Is Of The Essence

Professional cleaning is the first step in wedding dress preservation, and the sooner you can get the wedding dress to the preservationist or the dry cleaners, the better. Brides often wait up to six weeks to take their dresses to be cleaned, and that’s no good. By that time, stains will have had time to really set in.

Take your dress off as soon as the reception is over and make sure it gets to the dry cleaner the very next day. If you’re jetting off on a honeymoon, arrange for a bridesmaid or your mother to take it for you.

Q: Can I Include Other Items To Be Preserved To

My Husband & I unbox my preserved wedding dress from The Knot

5 complimentary items can be included to be preserved with your wedding dress. These can include gloves, veil, train, hat, jacket, shawl, handkerchief, cape, duster, garter, ring pillow, money bag, purse, and garter. In the event that you have more than 5 items that you’d like preserved, you’ll be charged $10 for each additional item. We also offer preservation for shoes, slip, and a silk bouquet for an extra $25 each.Call or email us for any additional questions. See you soon!

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I Wont Be Able To See Or Touch My Dress Ever Again

The most common myth about wedding dress preservation is that you will never be able to see or touch your dress once it is preserved. Outdated preservation techniques required vacuum sealing the wedding dress in a bag within the preservation chest. However, this technique actually increased the fabrics yellowing. In fact, to stay pristine and true to its original colour, the fabric needs to be able to breathe in an acid-free environment.

What most people dont know is that when your dress is professionally preserved, you will still be able to open the preservation chest to view it at any time. You can even touch the dress and gently sift through the layers of fabric. The only thing you will not be able to do is completely remove the dress from the chest. In most cases, dresses are secured in place to protect the dress from shifting inside of the preservation chest. Most companies will void their guarantee only if the gown is completely removed from the preservation chest. This way, they can ensure it has not been re-worn. However, this should not prevent you from opening the preservation chest to inspect and adore your precious wedding dress at any time.

How Long Can You Wait To Preserve Your Wedding Dress

Technically, you can wait for months or even years to preserve your wedding dress. However, its important to professionally clean and preserve your wedding dress as soon as possible after your wedding day. Even if your wedding gown seems to be in good condition, there may be invisible stains that will set in, oxidize, and darken in the months to come. Long story short, get your wedding dress cleaned and sent to a preservation specialist within the week youll be doing yourself a huge favor down the line. If months or even years have passed since your wedding day, however, dont fret. Its never too late to preserve your wedding dress!

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Preserve Your Wedding Gown For A Lifetime

After gown preservation and cleaning, the most important step is packing it properly so you can store it for months, years, or even decades. We fold your dress carefully to avoid damage caused by creasing and use the most reliable storage materials available to support and protect your dress. We use acid-free boxes that are the safest and best storage containers to keep your gown in immaculate condition. And because our boxes are water and mildew resistant, they protect your gown from the environment.

What’s The Difference Between Standard Dry Cleaning And Gown Preservation

Bridal Shop In Ohio

Dry cleaning and preservation are two entirely separate processes. If you’re wondering why you can’t just have your wedding dress professionally cleaned after the wedding and expect it to hold up years later, it’s simply because you’re missing an entire step. “Dry cleaning is the treatment of areas, where soiled, with chemicals, explains Karen Jean-Aimee, Bridal Specialist for Madame Paulette. “Once gown is clean, we wrap the dress in acid-free tissue paper and place it in an acid-free archival preservation chamber.” Preserving your gown is the proper and appropriate way to care for your dress post-wedding, given that it places the gown, once cleaned, in a safe, waterproof place for long-term storage.

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Elegance Preserved Wedding Dress Cleaning Wedding Dress Restoration And Wedding Dress Preservation Services

Elegance Preserved is the industry leader in wedding dress preservation services. We offer wedding dress cleaning, wedding dress restoration and wedding dress preservation throughout the United States. We are recommended by high-end wedding dress boutiques all around the country such as Galia Lahav, Carolina Herrera, and Monique Lhuillier to name a few.

We have a number of cleaning methods employed including wedding dress dry cleaning and wedding dress wet cleaning methods described in further detail on the website.

We feel we are referred for our wedding dress services specifically because of our commitment to clear communication with our brides. Our goal is always to set proper expectations with our customers.

The Ultimate Guide To Preserving Your Wedding Dress After The Big Day

There are plenty of unique, meaningful, and personalized things to do with your wedding dress after your wedding. Some brides choose to resell, donate, or upcycle their gown, but most choose to preserve it as a precious keepsake and heirloom for future generations. To make sure your most expensive clothing purchase is kept in its best possible condition, heres our big-picture guide to wedding dress preservation, cleaning, and storage. Whatever questions you have about the process, we have answers. Keep scrolling!

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Systemk4 Is Our World Class Cleaning Technology That Protects And Restores Your Gown

Your wedding gown will be given a museum quality cleaning, making use of ourhigh-class SYSTEMK4 fabric cleaning technology. This procedure defends yourfabric from future damage and yellowing. The gown and five accessories are thenpositioned on a preservation bust and packed into your preservation box.

Wedding Dress Cleaning & Pressing

David’s Bridal Gown Preservation Kit Review

This service is perfect for before or after your wedding- or both in some cases! Your dress will be cleaned, pressed, and packaged on a hanger. This service is best for resale, wearing again, donating, or if youre not sure whats next for your dress.

Bridal dresses represent a significant financial investment, and many brides and their families want to store and protect their dresses for future generations. We understand the importance of preserving and restoring your bridal dress. Its a major step that should not be taken without careful consideration. You can trust us to give your dress the very special care it deserves.

Our wedding dress cleaning processes are safe for all dress types, both young and old. We start with a thorough inspection of your gown to determine the cleanability of your dress as well as the extent of the current damage from the wedding day. We look for loose threads, damaged or missing beading, holes and tears, and soiling prior to beginning our thorough wedding gown cleaning process.

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Do You Have Questions

From Our FAQ



We have multiple sizes in preservation boxes. Thanks to our 100 year experience, weare able to store your gown in the appropriate size box.


The 100 year warranty protects your gown against future yellowing for 100 years.In the rare cases, your gown yellows simply call the Wedding Gown PreservationCompany will reclean and preserve your gown. There is no additional charge.


Absolutely, simply give us a call with your serial number We will deactivate the kit andissue you a 100% refund. It is that simple.


All kits come with a certain amount of insurance. Traditional Kit includes $500 andCelebrity Kit includes $2,000. You can add additional insurance at the time of purchaseor when you receive your kit you’ll find paperwork inside that will allow you to add anyextra amount of insurance. Extra insurance is $3.00 for each $100 of extra insuranceyou’d like to add.


Most brides purchase kits, months in advance. Ordering your kit early is the best way tocheck off your wedding to-do list. After your wedding, the kit is the best way to removeall the dirt, grass, food, or sweat stains. The kit never expires so it doesn’t matter if youorder your preservation kit one day before your wedding day or one year before.

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