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How Much Do Wedding Coordinators Make

How Much Do Wedding Planners Make A Year

How Much do Event Planners Make & How to Charge your Clients! $$$

The salary of a wedding planner really depends on how many weddings they work a year. Those who do the job full-time obviously make a lot more than people who are wedding planning as a side job.

Typically the wedding planner fee is 10% of the wedding budget or minimum $1500.

That means you can expect to earn around $3500 for the average wedding in the US or UK.

The average wedding planner works 10-20 weddings a year and makes around $40-60,000 per year.

You will also get reimbursed for travel expenses and have a meal provided at the wedding.

Always Put Someone In Charge Of Day

Someonenot youneeds to make sure the wedding day itself runs smoothly and that everything you’ve planned is executed properly. But what if a professional wedding planner is not in your budget? While most venue coordinators and catering managers are happy to handle basic on-site logistics and simple setupslike arranging escort cards on a table or placing menu cards on each platekeep in mind that their allegiance ultimately is to their employer, not you .

“It would be unfair to expect your vendors to handle tasks they weren’t hired for, but it’s helpful to tell them that you don’t have a planner and won’t be securing one,” says Joyce Scardina Becker of Events of Distinction in San Francisco and Los Angeles. “The most professional people certainly will do as much as they can for you.”

The best option is to ask a responsible, trusted friend to handle a few important tasks, like managing the timeline or handling any snafus that arise with vendors, and then to thank the person with a gift card to a store that they like. “But you have to be really understanding that this is not the person’s professiondon’t expect everything to be perfect,” says Leath.

Food And Beverage Costs

Buffet-style meal for guests or plated dinners for everyone? Guests with dietary needs? Open bar or drink tickets? Wedding planners likely already have some catering contacts in the industry they can recommend, depending on your needs. A wedding planner may also have some tips on how to save money on these costs, even down to the plates and cups. Some reception venues will only allow alcoholic drinks to be purchased through them with added costs for a bartender, etc.

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If You’re Going To Hire A Planner It’s Best To Do It Early In The Planning Process

You don’t have to have a wedding planner to have a beautiful wedding, but if you want to hire and can afford a planner, it’s best to book one before you start making any big wedding decisions.

“If you really want somebody who’s going to help you from soup to nuts, find the planner first,” Kristen Maxwell Cooper, the editor-in-chief of The Knot, told Insider. “They oftentimes will know about venues and little nuggets. That’s their job.”

Monus echoed Cooper, telling Insider that planners can make every part of planning simpler.

“Often wedding planners have relationships with other vendors, which makes for a very smooth wedding-planning process since they may have worked together before,” Monus told Insider.

Plus, planners can help you save money as you make these big decisions, as they know the industry inside and out.

“They can help you negotiate better rates with vendors, and many have partnerships with services that can offer you discounts on your stationery,” she said. “They know all sorts of tips and tricks to help you save money that you may not even be aware of since you’ve likely never planned a wedding before.”

What’s Typically Included In A Wedding Planners Fee

How Much Does A Wedding Planner Make A Year

“Every planning company is different,” explains Kimiko Hosaki, Founder and Executive Director of Elements by K.H & co, specializing in destination weddings. “K. H & co. is a full-service design, planning and production company, so we take care of every detail. On average, we put 300 hours into planning, designing and producing a wedding for 100 people.”

Hire a wedding planner to take care of all of the planning and details so you’ll be able to enjoy this joyous time with your family and guests. Hire a coordinator if you want help with the timeline, vendor management and specific tasks for your wedding day.

Interview several wedding planners. You’ll spend a lot of time communicating, so find someone that you like. Ask what their services cover and what they don’t. For comparison, here are a few of the items the full-service planning company K.H & co. includes as they guide you through and manage the entire process:

  • Assist with stationery design and printing
  • Assist in venue scouting and negotiations
  • Assist in vendor sourcing, interviewing and negotiations
  • RSVP and guest list management
  • Floral design, florist interviews, and proposal reviews
  • Rental recommendation and sourcing
  • Catering negotiation, communication and menu development
  • Timeline management

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How Do Wedding Planners Make Money

With the average wedding costing over $35,000, couples are looking to save money where they can and get the most bang for their buck.

Although it seems paradoxical, a good wedding planner can help cut wedding costs by leveraging their contacts and networks.

Wedding planners make money by charging a set fee for their services .

They may also receive kick-backs or commissions for promoting specific vendors. This is frowned upon by many wedding planning organizations as they believe it to be unethical and means you may promote one vendor over another.

Bear in mind, however, that travel agents make all of their money from commissions earned by recommending certain tour operators and hotels so this business model is completely normal in some industries.

When To Hire A Wedding Planner

It’s smart to hire your full-service wedding planner early in the planning stages. Many wedding planners have package pricing, so investing in a full-service package at the start of the process can cost the same as it would a few months in. Hiring someone as soon as you get engaged provides you with the planner’s services over a longer period of time. It also means you’ll get the wedding planner’s professional input on venue, which can save you hours of research and potential heartache. Wedding planners know insider intel like which venues provide what services in the right price range for you. They can keep you from paying a non-refundable deposit on a wedding venue only to later find out they won’t allow the outside caterer you have your heart set on or that VW photo bus you’ve always dreamed about.

Wedding planning services range from day-of coordination to partial packages to full-service packages. Day-of coordination is the most affordable option, while full-service planning will cost the most.

  • Day-of coordination, starting to work with your planner during the month before your wedding, is great for couples who can afford the time to coordinate their venue, guest list, details and vendors.
  • Full-service coordination is best for couples who don’t have time, or don’t want to spend the time, to take care of every detail.

Here are the factors that affect professional wedding planner costs for your Big Day.

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How Much Does A Wedding Planner Make

As of Oct 7, 2021, the average hourly pay for a Wedding Planner in the United States is $20.51 an hour.

While ZipRecruiter is seeing hourly wages as high as $28.85 and as low as $12.98, the majority of Wedding Planner wages currently range between $15.38 to $24.04 across the United States. The average pay range for a Wedding Planner varies greatly , which suggests there may be many opportunities for advancement and increased pay based on skill level, location and years of experience.

Based on recent job posting activity on ZipRecruiter, the Wedding Planner job market in both Saitama, JP and throughout the entire state of is not very active as few companies are currently hiring. A Wedding Planner in your area makes on average $21 per hour, or the same as the national average hourly salary of $20.51. ranks number 1 out of 50 states nationwide for Wedding Planner salaries.

To estimate the most accurate hourly salary range for Wedding Planner jobs, ZipRecruiter continuously scans its database of millions of active jobs published locally throughout America.

Find your next high paying job as a on ZipRecruiter today.

Why Hire A Wedding Planner

How Much Money Can An Event Planner Make?

Planning a wedding is a lot of work potentially the equivalent of a part-time job for six to 12 months. That’s not to say that wedding planning isn’t worth the effort. But if you don’t have time to make it more than a weekend task without sacrificing work, family, or much-needed time off, hiring an experienced wedding planner may be the smartest investment you can make for your upcoming marriage. Wedding planning isn’t just a lot of work it’s also a lot of stress, and not just for you but for your soon-to-be spouse. A full-service planner can keep you from wrecking your relationship before your marriage even begins.

  • Paying a pro means you’ll have an expert wedding consultant guiding you
  • They take care of the contracts and paperwork, handle all the details, and free you up to focus on decision-making
  • Hiring a wedding planner can actually save you money not just by recovering many hours of your life but by giving you access to industry discounts and insider advice.

Wedding planning services coordinate all aspects of your wedding, from rehearsal dinners and the ceremony to the reception and after-party. The more comprehensive the planning help you need, the higher the cost. Common requests include assistance with wedding design, venue selection, vendor selection, rehearsals, rentals, invitations and managing events on the day of the wedding.

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How Much Does A Wedding Planner Cost

In This Article

Most couples need help with their wedding plans. A wise couple will work with a professional planner to ensure a seamless, stress-free celebration. But where to begin? And how much does a wedding planner cost?

While your planner will help you develop your final budget, here are preliminary questions to define whom to hire. Consider location, guest count, how much time you can invest , and how much money is available for the wedding and associated costs. Based on these decisions, you can decide whether a full-service planner, partial planner or a coordinator would be best.

All planners will save you time. Most planners will save you money by helping you create and stick to your budget. They have money-saving strategies, a network of trusted vendors and theyll negotiate to get you the best deal without sacrificing quality. You’re hiring them for their expertise, style, calming attitude, and business acumen. And for your once-in-a-lifetime wedding celebration, you’ll want someone in charge who embodies all of these things.

Become A Wedding Planner Assistant

Become a wedding planner assistant and learn the ropes on the job.

Most wedding planner assistant jobs are volunteer based think of it as an internship.

Working as a wedding planner assistant is a great way to learn from a professional.

Another added bonus if you do a good job, you may get work sent your way if the planner is unavailable for a job.

How do you become a wedding planner assistant?

Contact planners in your area and offer your services for free. Most wedding planners will be more than happy to have a pair of extra hands to help out.

In exchange for some photos for your portfolio and a recommendation letter this can be a great way to gain some experience.

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Create A Preferred Vendors List

Contact wedding photographers, DJs and other vendors in the industry and create a list of preferred vendors who you recommend to couples.

See if they will offer a discount to your clients. Some may offer you a kick-back for recommending their services.

You can also see if local venues will give you a tour or provide you with preferred pricing or free upgrades.

Who Benefits From A Wedding Planner

How Much Do Wedding Planners Make? 7 Factors That Impact ...

Given the variety of services and prices, theres conceivably a wedding planner for every couple. If the logistics of your affair are complex, due to size, location, or the number of days/events, a planner can be invaluable. Many consider them a must for a destination wedding that guests must travel toor any long-distance celebration, for that matter.

For example, one professional couplea public health researcher and a pediatricianwas based in Seattle but wanted to hold their wedding in rural Maryland, near the bride-to-bes childhood home. Needing someone to coordinate cross-country, as the groom says, they located a planner online to find local vendors and do walk-throughs of their rustic venue, figuring out where and how to stage the ceremony, situate the band, and arrange the tables.

A wedding planner can also benefit those with a tight timeline. While the concept of wedding planning suggests an elaborate, long-range affairand some full-fledged consultants do demand an advance period of several monthsplanners can also move fast. Unlike couples, theyre not starting from scratch when it comes to researching florists, stationers, or caterers. They have vendors and venues at their fingertips and can streamline the selection and signing process.

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The Cost Of A Planner Varies Based On The Services You Get And Where You Live

There isn’t a set cost for every wedding planner. Indeed, cost varies from planner to planner, though location and type of service help determine the price.

The national average cost of a wedding planner was $1,500 in 2019, according to a study conducted by The Knot, but where you live and how much help you want will determine the cost. The more you want a planner to handle, the more expensive it will be.

“For full service, you can expect a minimum charge of around $5,000, but that tends to go up depending on size and scope,” she said. “Often full-service rates will be calculated based on a percentage usually 20% of your wedding budget.”

If you’re just paying for a wedding month or day-of coordinator, the cost will be more like $1,800 to $2,000, according to Monus. And many planners will offer something in between and allow couples to customize the services so it fits their needs.

“I’ve developed a middle-range service that I call Wedding Consulting that offers a set amount of consulting or planning hours and wedding management my most popular offering for $2,800 with an option to add on consulting or planning time if needed,” Monus said.

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