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When To Register For Wedding

Why You Need A Wedding Registry

How to Register for a Wedding Registry

A wedding registry is a collection of curated gifts from which wedding guests can shop. Why are they necessary? Thats simple. They make the shopping experience easier and more efficient for wedding guests. They also ensure that you receive gifts that you actually want. Friends, family, and loved ones are usually very eager to purchase gifts for newlyweds as a token of their affection and a thank-you for your wedding invitation and including them in your big day. Being able to purchase registry items helps them feel confident that theyre getting you something youll love!

Gone are the days of traditional wedding registries existing only in brick and mortar stores. Online wedding registries simplify the process enormously , allowing an engaged couple to pick items from multiple stores or include a cash donation on their wish list. Plus, an online wedding registry is easily accessible with a link on your wedding website, which you can include in your save the date or invitation suite.

Check out our guide to all of the registry basics you need to know and create your ultimate wedding registry checklist.

How Many Gifts Should We Register For

So how many gifts should you register for a wedding? Aim for two to three gifts per guest, with the idea that not every gift on your registry may get purchased. Every guest has a different budget, so while one guest might only be able to afford that beautiful picture frame for your wedding photos, other guests may want to bundle things together into themed presents. And if you are worried folks will go off the registry having a fuller registry that doesnt run dry is a good way to prevent this.

The Ultimate Wedding Registry Checklist


Though dress shopping, cake tasting, and selecting your stationery are thrills in their own right, many couples find that creating their registry brings a new level of enjoyment to wedding planning. After all, whats not to love about creating a shoppable wish listespecially one that will help you and your partner begin married life on the right foot?

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Why So Many People Still Insist On Wedding Registries

Wedding Gift Etiquette in the U.S.

People insist that you have a wedding registry for two reasons: They want to show their love through gift-giving and they want to get you something that you actually want or need and Theyre afraid of breaking with any sort of tradition or wedding etiquette and offending you, or someone else.

Read any old wedding etiquette book or ask any Martha Stewart-esque wedding expert, and theyll tell you that you absolutely must have a wedding registry with gifts on it, and that its in poor taste to ask for money etc, etc, etc

But there was a time when registries were just starting to become popular and many people thought, A wedding registry?! Where you tell people what to buy you? Thats so tacky!

Sooo what Im trying to say I guess is that no matter who tells you what about wedding traditions, its mostly baloney. Wedding traditions arent static, but are constantly changing despite what some people think. Most of the things that we think of as traditional at weddings are actually pretty modern additions . But we can only think so far back in our little personal human histories, so we think of many things as being traditional and I think it brings us comfort.

As far as wedding registries I think the way we think about gift-giving for weddings has to shift to better match our modern culture. These days, most couples getting married already live together and have all the stuff they need. Registering for more stuff, if you dont want it, doesnt make sense to me.

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Wedding Registry Etiquette 101 For Engaged Couples

So, what is the etiquette for a wedding registry? It actually can be really tricky to navigate, especially for the couple. Heres the wedding registry etiquette you need to know to get started on your own gift list.

Creating a wedding registry can be intimidating! There’s traditional wedding registry etiquette for guests as well as the happy couple and sometimes the rules arent very well known. Here are a few wedding registry tips from how many gifts to register for a wedding to how a registry actually works. Plus, a few ideas for your guests to follow as well.

What To Do If Your Family Really Wants You To Have A Wedding Registry

The best tactic may be to simply direct your guests who ask to donate money to a charity or foundation that you love, in your names. Thats a win-win for all involved. Or ask for something practical, such as bottles of wine .

The bottom line is that your family and friends love you and some people show their love by giving gifts and feel kind of lost if they cant give you something! In some cultures, gift giving is absolutely not a question and so it doesnt matter if you register or not youre going to get something!!

And you can always thrift it, sell it, or give it away to someone who needs it more

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In This Post Youll Learn:

How to Register for Wedding Gifts When You Prefer a Honeymoon

How does a wedding registry work? Here is how! A wedding registry is a service either an online or walk in the store provides. The store is your help tool to pass on the information and point for the purchase of gifts you prefer for the wedding to your guests.

It begins by picking out where to register, visiting and making sure they have all you need in stock. Open an account with them and create a list of all you want from that particular store in stock. File this list with them, so that they can make it available to guests on request. Guests can also access the list through yours and your partners families.

Have it in mind that they can know the registries to check, only if you put up the info on your wedding website. Once a guest buys any gift, the store automatically updates your registry list and crosses off bought items. This prevents multiple gifting of any item or gifting the couple anything they do not need.

Having answered the question what is a wedding registry? it will be a good idea to educate you on how to register. It is not hectic at all if you follow these rules. You will do all that is necessary for no time at all. You will also be getting only what you want and probably, things you didnt even remember. This applies to both offline and online registries.

Here is the process:

  • Split any expensive item you love into units so that your guests can easily pay for them.
  • Some of the most popular registry gifts include:

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    Where Should We Register

    Pick favorite stores that match your style and include a variety of gifts that youre interested in. You can certainly register at more than one place, but as far as wedding registry etiquette goes, you should keep your list to two or three stores and no more. And if you choose to register at a small, local boutique, make sure you have at least one national or online retailer so out-of-town guests have a place to buy.

    Is It Possible To Register Too Late

    Now you know how far in advance you should register for your wedding. But is there such as thing as registering too late? Technically, you can make your registry at any point in the planning process. Keep in mind, though, that the longer you wait to make your registry, the more likely it is that guests will buy something you don’t want.

    While each couple’s wedding timeline is different, aim to have your registry set up by the time you send save-the-dates. Even though traditional etiquette indicates that your registry information shouldn’t go on your wedding invitations, guests will start looking for gifts as soon as they receive day-of details. Plus, we recommend including your wedding website on your invites as well. And, if you’ve opted to link your registry to your site , guests will be directed to your gift list as soon as their invite lands in the mailbox.

    The exception to this rule, though, revolves around your shower invitations. If your bridesmaids, wedding party or family members will be hosting a wedding shower in your honor, it’s perfectly acceptable to include your registry information on the invitations since it’s a gift-giving event. In this case, it’s vital to have your registry ready to go by the time the invites go out to guests.

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    For the chef looking to stock up on all the best cookware and kitchen essentials, a Sur La Table expert is ready to help guide you throughout the registry process.

    Where to register: Online or in stores nationwide.Shipping options: Standard Sur La Table shipping options apply.Return policy: Returns accepted 60 days after the event or purchase date providing proof of purchase.Registry will stay active for: 18 months after the event. Contact Sur La Table at 559-2041 if you still need access after that time.Gift-wrapping fee: $5.99 per item.Discounts to know about: 10 percent completion discount on all remaining registry items in addition to any new items you wish to add. The discount is valid for six months after the event date.

    Williams Sonoma Wedding Registry

    Things To Consider Before Your Wedding

    I admittedly had only a few items on this registry. But I added it because we found some items at this store that weren’t sold at any of the other stores we registered at.

    This includes waffle plates for our Breville indoor grill! And if all else fails, you can add gift cards to your registry!

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    How Many Registries Should You Have

    Most couples have between one and three wedding registries. A versatile supersite like Zola allows couples to register for material goods and cash all in one place and is always a good place to start. From there, a couple might also register at a department store , a big box store , or other national chains .

    A couple might also have more niche goals for their early married lifehome renovations, art purchases, major honeymoon adventuresor could be interested in supporting a charitable cause in lieu of gifts. Registry sites exist for all of these options, and couples often find that using a combination of a few is the best way to cover everything.

    Time Is Of The Essence

    Congrats to the happy couple. Here are two crucial distinctions regarding when you set up your registry that are important to recap:

  • There is no right or wrong answer for when you can or should set up your wedding registry. Create and curate your registry whenever you feel like doing it, and Zola will be your guide to making it look amazing.

  • There are prototypical timelines based on wedding etiquette regarding when you make your registry available to friends, guests, and family. For example, between one year and nine months before your wedding, and at least two weeks ahead of your first wedding shower.

  • With easy categorization and access to hundreds of top brands, Zola is ready to create the perfect registry whenever you are. Register now and see for yourself how exciting it is to set up and add to one of our famously easy wedding registries. You can always save it and send it out when the time is right.

    Zola is the perfect platform to ensure that you make the most of your registry experience. Zola’s competitive pricing, access to thousands of classic gifts, and our universal registry feature make Zola the top choice for couples all over the world. Whenever you choose to set up your wedding registry, one thing is certaina Zola wedding registry is an unbeatable experience.

    For more resources from the wedding experts at Zola on creating your registry, see below:

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    Start Early If You’re Having An Engagement Party

    If you and your future spouse decide to have an engagement celebration or if a close friend or family member is throwing one for you, it’s important to create your wedding registry beforehand . While some couples opt for a “no gift” message to spread before an engagement party, most people will still want to give a gift to celebrate your milestone. Without registering prior to the celebration, you might end up with a ton of “Mr. & Mrs.” décor, or stuff you don’t really need . While all gifts should be graciously accepted and appreciated, if you can register before your engagement party, it’s ideal.

    Determine The Right Registry Retailer For You

    Tips For Your Wedding Registries

    Start by doing your research: browse your favorite stores to see who carries products you love and in the style that you like. Create a registry with two or three different storesbut heres an insider wedding registry tip: Dont go beyond that! It can be a lot to manage. Theres nothing wrong with choosing a local boutique for your registry, but make sure you have at least one national brand with a robust online presence to make it easy for guests to shopespecially for folks coming from out of town.

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    Select Two To Three Places To Register

    Youll want to do more than one store in order to have a wide price selection for all budgets as well as to cover all the items that you may need.

    One recommendation we have is to choose both a big-box store as well as a local shop with a personalized wedding registry process.

    Popular wedding registry stores such as Pottery Barn, Target and Bed Bath and Beyond have a one-registry solution that makes multiple stores available within a single registry to manage. For instance, Pottery Barn registries also include Williams-Sonoma and West Elm.

    Three Things to Keep In Mind When Selection Your Registry Locations

    • Do they have a good return policy?
    • What is their completion program?
    • Do they have other perks such as honeymoon or experience funds?

    Some of our favorite perks are Targets group gifting feature, Pottery Barns personalized registry experience with help from a staff designer and Bloomingdales rewards on their clothing when couples register for home items.

    When youre picking where you want to register, dont overlook anything. If youre needing furniture to set up your new home, look at furniture stores and dont be afraid of registering for basics like storage and organization items.

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