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What Are The Roles In A Wedding

Fathers Of The Bride And Groom

Every Role a Starring Role – Wedding Planner | Disneyland Resort

Typically, the fathers take on the financial and logistical role, and while it used to be a tradition for the brides family to pay for the bulk of the wedding, modern couples often receive financial help from both sides or even contribute their own finances. As the ceremony approaches, fathers typically help with shuttling guests to and from the airport as well as making sure the venue staff is paid and tipped.

Mothers Of The Bride And Groom

The typical responsibilities of the mothers include more of the planning and organizing. Theyll be at bridal showers and help couples to include family and cultural traditions in the ceremony. On the big day, theyre escorted down the aisle by ushers or groomsmen at the beginning of the processional.

Groomsmen / Junior Groomsmen

Similar to bridesmaids, groomsmen are tasked with supporting the groom and assisting with wedding-related jobs. A groomsmens responsibility differs, however, in that they are usually much less involved – unless otherwise requested. They remain hands-off, except for attending a suit fitting and helping to plan the bachelor party. Sometimes they might double as an usher, to help guide guests at the wedding. The same applies to junior groomsmen, who often consist of younger siblings or cousins.

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A Main Roles Of The Bride And Groom From Preparation Until The Wedding

Wedding Roles Infographic
  • Setting the budget– The bride and the groom need to work together to develop the wedding day’s budget. They are responsible for planning the number of people expected at their wedding, the expenditure on food and beverages, wedding gowns, and everything that touches on the big day’s expenditure. Setting the budget is an essential part of determining whether the day will be a success or a flop.
  • Choosing the wedding venue– They have to decide on the venue, the date, and the time. Since a wedding is conducted only once, having a dream wedding is a priority for everyone. A dream wedding involves selecting the best venues where the bride and the groom will take their vows. It also involves setting dates for the wedding and reception venue. The bride and the groom must agree on the dates and venues to be communicated later to the guests.
  • Meeting the ceremony’s officiants– The bride and groom need to schedule an appointment with officials who will officiate their wedding and plan for the day. The officials may include religious leaders who will officiate the vows, master of ceremony, attorneys, and others.
  • Coordination of the invitees, video, and photography- The bride and groom are responsible for sending invitation letters to the important people in their lives. They should also plan on or the video personnel who will capture the moments for future reference. They also need to shop for wedding bands and capture their vows.
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    Maid Of Honor And Best Man

    The maid of honor and best man are two of the most traditional wedding party roles, and while their responsibilities include making sure the bride and groom are relaxed and having fun, there are also serious responsibilities. In the months leading up to the big day, they act as emotional support, help with any preparation tasks, attend showers, and organize the bridesmaids and groomsmen, especially for bachelor or bachelorette parties. On the day of the ceremony, theyll help the bride and groom get ready. Both are typically witnesses on the marriage license, and they often hold the rings during the ceremony. During the reception, they both give a toast and help get the party going. Because these wedding party roles are such an integral part of the day, choose someone who is both a close confidant and someone you can rely on.

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    Alternative Wedding Roles And Responsibilities

    Looking for additional wedding roles for friends? There are plenty of non-wedding party related roles at a wedding. Theyre the perfect way to honor other friends or family, whether the task is large or small. The reality is that having additional people help with your wedding will lessen the burden you feel, and make these people feel special due to being involved.

    Usher / Junior Usher

    The role of an usher is sweet and simple! They will stand at the entrance of your ceremony space or venue, to greet guests and guide them to their seats. They typically wear suits but can dress according to the brides clothing recommendations for guests. Many times, this role is assigned to friends or family members of the bride and groom that arent in the main bridal party. Its great for uncles, as well as older cousins.

    Personal Attendant

    Never heard of a personal attendant? No problem! This person will assist the bride on the day of the wedding but is not a bridesmaid. It is usually a friend or family member who didnt make the cut for your bridal party, and therefore a great way to avoid any hard feelings or guilt. They can still be included in a lot of the festivities that bridesmaids are, including the bachelorette party and getting ready for the wedding together. Sometimes, theyll even wear the same style of dress as the bridesmaids, but in another color.

    Wedding Guest Book Attendant / Wedding Program Attendant

    List Of Wedding Roles

    Your Catholic Wedding: Roles of Family & Friends

    Weddings celebrate the strength and uniqueness of your love story that has led you to say I do. Surrounded by family and friends who have watched your relationship grow, you and your partner take the next step into a life together. To honor those who have played important roles in your lives, asking your loved ones to fill different roles in a wedding ceremony lets them continue to be a part of your story.

    As you prepare for the big day, this wedding roles list will help you find special positions for those who have always supported you.

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    Ushers And Guestbook Attendants

    There are a few other wedding roles for friends that let you include more of your loved ones in your big day. While the groomsmen often act as ushers, this is another option for friends or adolescent family members. Typically, ushers will be matching in outfits coordinated to fit with the wedding theme. However, their responsibilities are limited to the start of the wedding as they escort guests to their seats for the ceremony. Guest book attendants stand at the entrance of the ceremony, asking guests to sign the guestbook and giving our programs.

    Each of these different roles at a wedding allows you to honor your loved ones and have them join in with you in the celebration. While some of this wedding roles list have significant responsibilities that require both a time and financial commitment, there are also smaller roles that friends and family members can help with, making your day special and meaningful, a day surrounded by love and support.

    A Guide To Wedding Party Roles

    As traditions change its hard to keep track of who does what and when. But dont stress yet: basic wedding party etiquette has actually remained the same. Make your life easy and refresh your memory on some of the different roles and responsibilities of your wedding-day entourage.

    Mother of the Bride:

    • Helps the bride shop for her gown and change into it at the ceremony.
    • Compiles a list of ideas for the entire wedding.
    • Keeps track of wedding gifts.
    • Helps compose a guest list.
    • Dances with the groom at the reception.

    Father of the Bride:

    • Pays for all or part of the wedding expenses.
    • Walks down the aisle with the bride and gives her away.
    • Offers a toast during the reception.
    • Dances with the bride at the reception.

    Grooms Parents:

    • Arrange a meeting with the brides parents soon after the couples engagement.
    • Pay for some ceremony expenses.
    • Pay for some reception and honeymoon expenses .
    • Help compose a guest list.
    • Plan, co-host and pay for the rehearsal dinner.
    • Father dances with the bride, mother dances with the groom.

    Maid/Matron of Honour:

    • Helps the bride in any way she can throughout the wedding planning process.
    • Plans and hosts the bridal shower and bachelorette party.
    • Helps the bride shop for her gown, bridal accessories and bridesmaid dresses.
    • Keeps the grooms ring safe until the ceremony.
    • Adjusts the brides veil and train when she reaches the altar and holds her bouquet during the ceremony.
    • Gives a speech at the reception.

    Best Man:


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    Wedding Party Roles And Responsibilities

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    The Spruce

    One of the most personal and important aspects of your wedding planning process will be choosing your wedding party! Your wedding party will include not only the people who will help you plan your big day, but they also are those you will want by your side when you walk down the aisle and say your vows. Typically your wedding party is made up of your sisters, brothers, and closest friends or family members.

    The following will serve as a guide to share all of the duties, roles, and responsibilities that are involved for each participant of the wedding party.

    Where Do Your Family And Wedding Party Fit Within These Traditions

    Guide to wedding roles

    These days its common for key members of the wedding party to be based out of town, or even overseas, meaning their ability to assist with their wedding party roles may be limited. The Bride and Grooms to-do list can be overwhelming and as we all know life is busy! Never fear, assistance is available to help you create your perfect wedding in the form of a Wedding Planner!

    The Collective Concepts team, having not only been brides ourselves, are experienced event and wedding planners and can assist with some or all of the planning. Whether our role is just to coordinate your wedding plans on the day, or if its full planning you require, wed love to hear from you!

    Contact us for a complimentary, one hour consultation.

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    Members Of The Wedding Party

    Maid/Matron of Honour / Chief Bridesmaid Best Man Bridesmaids Other VIPs chosen for special roles The officiate Minimum of two witnesses: people who will be witness at your wedding and who will sign the register afterwards. They can be family or friends.

    Usually a wedding party involves between two to six people, with a bridesmaid and usher for every 50-55 guests, but it’s entirely up to you!

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    Maid Or Matron Of Honor

    The Maid or Matron of Honor is the brideâs closest confidant who helps plan the wedding. This person is the head of the bridal party and coordinates the bridesmaids. They also arrange the bridal shower, bachelorette party, and give a speech at the wedding reception party.

    If the brideâs best friend is male, the responsibilities remain. Some modern brides loathe archaic wedding party tiles and will choose another name for the role altogether.

    What matters most is that this person is willing and ready to be there for the bride and ease any tensions. The ability to keep a calm head and be a good listener is crucial for this role!

    Dont Be Afraid To Mix It Up

    UNEXPECTED ROLES of a Wedding Planner (this was NOT in the job description)

    Although these notes are a helpful guideline to follow, you can definitely tweak them depending on what you and your wedding party are comfortable with!

    We recommend having an upfront conversation with the members of your wedding party, to ensure everybody has a clear idea of their roles and responsibilities both before and during the day.

    Dont forget that each member of your wedding party will have different skill sets, different commitments and different situations when it comes to free time and finances. An honest conversation will make sure everyone feels comfortable with whats expected of them.

    And the best part once all of the tasks have been ticked off these to-do lists, you can finally relax, let your hair down and spend the whole night celebrating with these incredibly important people. Cheers to that!

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    Maid And Matron Of Honor And Bridesmaids

    If youve been dreaming of your wedding for years, you may have had these wedding roles for friends filled long ago. To honor more friends and family with traditional wedding party roles, invite single and married friends to be your maid and matron of honor. They will be in charge of bachelorette parties and stay by your side through showers and wedding prep. The bridesmaids role in a wedding is to help ensure that you look your best and feel relaxed throughout the day.

    Maid Or Matron Of Honour

    If the woman the bride chooses as her right hand gal is married, she is referred to as the matron of honour. If she isnt married then she is the maid of honour. If youve chosen a man to be your wing-man on your big day, he can be known as the Man of Honour. This role should be given to someone whom you love and trust, as they will be helping you with your wedding planning and will be a support system for you throughout the process.

    Traditionally the MOH plans the bridal shower, might toast the bride and groom, sign the marriage license, make sure the bride looks beautiful at all times, and hold the brides bouquet during the vows. The MOH is also in charge of planning the bachelorette party and keeping the bridesmaids on task, making sure they all have dresses and shoes on time for the big day.

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