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What To Put On Details Card For Wedding

Venue Details And Directions

What information to include in your Wedding Invitations

First thing your friends and family need to know is where your wedding is going to be. The name of the venue is likely to be mentioned on the main wedding invitation, but the wedding guest information cards allow you to add more details. For example, you could include a map with directions. This is especially useful if its a countryside venue thats a little off the beaten track. Alternatively, the full address with a postcode for satnavs, a phone number and the venues website will often suffice.

Theres no need to give away the full schedule of the day on your wedding invitations, but you may want to outline a few important timings. If your ceremony and reception are at different locations, your guests will want to know when they should arrive in each place. You could also include details of any extra activities youre planning around the day. For example, its becoming increasingly popular to have a small gathering the day after the wedding. This gives couples another chance to see everyone, as the wedding day itself can be very busy.

Details of how to get to and from your wedding is always helpful for guests. Depending on your arrangements, this could include:

  • Whether youre providing a minibus or coach transportation
  • Phone numbers of good local taxi firms
  • Public transport options bus, tram or train
  • Nearest airport and cheapest flight options if relevant

It Has Become Very Popular To Hold Important Wedding Details Addresses Your Love Story And Even Photos On Your Wedding Website

What to put on details card wedding. Your wedding website address this day and age your wedding website is an incredibly helpful resource for your guests so don t skip this step. May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy. Reply cards are small so extra details can get lost or appear hard to read.

If you re having an adults only affair it is recommended to address envelopes listing only the parents names. Include your wedding website. On a separate card.

A traditional fill in the blank version provides the first letter of mr. You can use your detail card to direct your guests to your website for more info. What you include really depends on your guests your wedding details but here are a few things i always tell my couples 1.

Almost every wedding invitation will arrive with an rsvp card. Or try a single line such as please let us know whether you will join us with space for. If your reception is located at a different site than your wedding ceremony you can use a reception card to provide details for the second venue s name and address.

Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness. When to order your wedding invitations. These cards include the reply deadline a space for the invitees to put their names and mark whether or not they will be attending.

Opt for short meal options such as chicken beef vegetarian. Do not notate that your event is adults only on this card as it can seem rude. Get started with 10 things to include on your wedding.

Include Details About Your Covid Wedding Safety Plan

Honestly, the more info you give your guests, the more comfortable they will be about attending your wedding during the pandemic, says Darcy. The great thing about a details card is that you can be long-winded as youd like. Youre not fighting for space on the page like you are on the actual invitation card.

You might include your plan for social distancing, mask-wearing, dancefloor limitations, food service safety, and any details guests would find helpful about the venue. For example, if the venue is outdoors or has a wall of open doors for good airflow, you might want to highlight these features to ease your guests concerns.

Many couples also offer guests the opportunity to ask questions about their COVID Safety Plan. A great way to do this is via your wedding planner or a close friend who can take phone calls and emails on your behalf. They should have a detailed plan from you so its easy to tackle any questions without involving you.

The way you write and format your details card is entirely up to you, but you can be pretty informal with this info and just include the highlights. Or, you can set it up like a more formal note to your guests.

Sample text for your COVID wedding invitation details card:

Wedding invitation & details card design by Peppermint Press

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Address Travel Restrictions And Changes During Covid

International and interstate travel continue to prove challenging during COVID, and while that may change over time, its important to let guests know how to get in touch with you if their travel plans have to change unexpectedly and they can no longer attend your wedding.

Would you like them to get in touch via text, email or phone call? If so, can you request a family member or close friend manage last-minute RSVP changes so you dont have to field them during the final weeks and days leading up to your wedding?

Most couples manage RSVP themselves up to the caterers due date, which is usually 2-3 weeks prior to the wedding, says Darcy. With COVID, last-minute cancellations might come in after that due date if travel restrictions change unexpectedly. So, I usually recommend that those last-minute cancellations go through a family member who can communicate with the caterer. Im all for making things as seamless as possible in those final days before the wedding, and last-minute cancellations, even if unavoidable because of COVID, can be really stressful for couples.

Sample travel text for your COVID wedding invitation details card:

No Children At The Wedding


Although it can be a bit of a sensitive subject, it is up to you if you want to invite children to your wedding. Make your stance clear letting your guests know whether they need to book a babysitter or work out the logistics of bringing their child to the wedding. If you are inviting children then you should check with parents whether or not their children need high chairs and plan a specific childrens menu. Take a look below for some suggests wording and poems to let your guests know that there will be no children at the wedding.

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What Is A Wedding Invitation Suite

A wedding invitation suite consists of all paper goods sent along with the wedding invitation. It should always include a response card, as well as important information like directions and accommodations.

Jill Velez, the owner of Copper Willow Paper Studio, suggests that couples understand the guest list, map out which events need extra information, and create a stationery budget. The average cost of wedding invitations varies per printing method. You can spend as little as a few hundred dollars with digital printing, or prepare to drop a few thousand with more extravagant methods like letterpress and engraving.

Meet the Expert

Reach out to designers with your wedding invitation ideas in advance. “Make sure their timeline fits yours and that their capability covers the items desired,” says Velez. “Most stationers can meet stylistic requests, it’s the logistics that can hamper the process.” There’s also the option to use a website to design your own wedding invitations. Minted, Zola, Artifact Uprising, and Zazzle have countless options to choose from and are extremely user-friendly.

If your head is swimming from stationery overload and you can’t tell a reception card from a response card, we’ve compiled a helpful guide outlining exactly what to send with wedding invitations.

The Request To Attend

There are many ways to ask for the pleasure of your guests’ company. The British spelling of “honour” traditionally indicates the ceremony will be held in a church or another house of worship. Here are few options:

  • “the pleasure of your company”
  • “at the marriage of their children”
  • “would love for you to join them”
  • “invite you to celebrate with them”
  • “honor of your presence”

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Timeline: When To Send Wedding Rsvp Cards

When should the host mail out wedding RSVP cards? Eight weeks before the wedding date.

A wedding RSVP postcard or card is mailed out along with the official wedding invitation, which is sent six to eight weeks before the big day.

How far before the wedding should the RSVP reply date be? Three to four weeks before the wedding date.

Do you ever not send an RSVP card with your wedding invitation? You dont need to send out RSVP cards if youre hosting a ceremony-only wedding.

Follow this checklist before sending out your response cards.

The Knot Woodgrain Lace Wedding Enclosure Cards

How To Design a WEDDING INVITATION CARD – Photoshop Tutorial Simplified

Planning a rustic wedding? These woodgrain-themed wedding details cards feature a beautiful floral lace pattern and are perfect to use as a directions card or to share other important details. The reverse side has the same woodgrain background and features both your initials surrounded by a coordinating lace pattern.

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How Do We Let The Guests Know What To Wear

Including an attire card can prove helpful when advising your guets what to wear. Some commonly used wedding attire is Black Tie , Formal , Semi-Formal , and Cocktail Attire . Although you may not be able to make your guests wear specific attire, its always best to offer encouragement. If your wedding is outdoors and on a lawn, it nice to inform your guests to wear shoes appropriate for the lawn. Let your guests know to wear something that matches the theme of the wedding such as country, garden, beach, etc. There are many ways to inform your guest what to wear in a fun and lighthearted way:

  • Put on your cowboy boots, and get ready for some 2 stepping fun.
  • Our wedding will take place over the ocean, be sure to bring a sweater to keep warm from the cool sea breeze.
  • The ceremony & reception will be on the lawn, please choose your footwear accordingly.

When Do You Send An Insert Card

Insert cards are generally sent alongside the wedding invitation, but they can be sent in a Save the Date or other type of invitation if needed. We recommend an insert for anything thats out of the norm for instance, if your wedding takes place on Super Bowl weekend in the same area as the Super Bowl, you may want to include an insert in your Save the Date so people know to book their hotel ASAP.

True wedding invitation etiquette says that you should only include the wedding Ceremony information on the main invitation, so if your wedding reception is in a different location, its customary to send an insert card with the Reception address and timing as well.

You should also send an enclosure card with your wedding invitations to invite guests to events outside of the main wedding ceremony and reception. For instance, if youre having a brunch the day after your wedding an insert card is where youd invite people. If certain people arent invited to all of the events, you can mix and match insert cards depending on which ones each guest receives.

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Include It On The Save

If youre hosting a destination wedding or a wedding where most of your guests are traveling, its a good idea to book your hotel room blocks as soon as possible, meaning shortly after you book your wedding venue. If you have this information before sending out your save-the-dates, definitely include it. The sooner your guests book their hotel rooms, the better .

How To Word A Wedding Details Card

Details Card Insert, Wedding Information Card Template ...

Last but not least, the wedding details card! Our bundled invites come standard with a second insert card that you may use for any additional type of wording you may need. The most common ways our clients use the second info card is to print accommodations/travel information, reception details, a website link, wedding weekend event cards, etc.

Second Insert Card Options

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What About Invitations For International Guests

If you’re inviting just a few overseas guests, send their invitations along with the ones for your other guests, but make a point to give them a heads-up. Give them a call or send them an email with the details, as well as information about booking hotel rooms, so they can start to arrange their travel with time to spare.

Does half of your family live abroad? You might want to consider bumping up the timeline for them and the rest of your guests. Start designing your invitations a few weeks early and plan to send them out a minimum of 12 weeks in advance.

Be sure to follow up promptly with anyone you haven’t heard from to make sure they have plenty of time to book their flights.

You will also want to have all of the information available on your wedding website as soon as save-the-dates are in the mail. Sure, it means you’ll have to start ironing out the hotel room block and transportation information sooner than you’d expected, but you’ll be happier in the long run. Those overseas guests will have all the information at their fingertips, and you’ll have even more crossed off of your to-do list.

Do You Need A Wedding Enclosure Card

If your wedding day involves a lot of moving parts, enclosure cards provide extra space for you to share the key details. The goal is to not crowd your invitation with too much information. Your wedding invites should include your ceremony details and reception location, while the enclosure cards can take care of the rest. Additionally, if your reception is located at a different venue than your ceremony you’ll want to include this info on your details card to avoid confusion on the big day.

A wedding enclosure card is also an important addition if there’s a specific dress code in place. For example, you’ll want to inform your guests if your wedding day is black tie or if you’re getting married in a rustic barn so they can dress accordingly. If you’re planning a destination wedding or a multi-day wedding weekend, an enclosure card is crucial. Use this key piece of stationery to communicate vital location information and instructions.

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