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What Do You Need On A Wedding Invitation

Weekend Schedule And Details For Dinners Parties Brunches And More


Details that you also might want to include your wedding invitations are:

  • Weekend Schedule: Are you planning a special game of bridal bingo before your big day? Information on when and where wedding party activities will be held is usually included in a separate enclosure card. These itineraries can be simple and elegant overviews with more details provided through email. They can also contain all the necessary information.
  • Rehearsal Dinner Details: Do you have a special rehearsal dinner planned? A card inside the invitation is a great place to include the when and where for invited guests.
  • Wedding Website or Registry: If theres a detail you want to highlight, such as your wedding website or registry, let your guest know. Including this information in your invitation makes it hard to miss and easy to refer back to.

All of these details can be included on an enclosure card that matches your wedding theme. These cards typically add between $50-$200 to your overall wedding budget. However, giving your guests something they can pin to their fridge makes it easier to keep track of information.

Response Card And Self

Photo by Lauren Fair Event Planning by Weddings Nosara Event Design by Fête Urbane Stationery by Barely Blush Ink

Response cards are a way to collect your RSVPs, and each should include a sentence with a “reply by” date at the top or bottom of the card and checkboxes for “accepts with pleasure” and “” Traditional reply cards typically leave the rest blank while modern ones include a fill-in-the-blank for guests to write in their names. Collecting RSVPs online is becoming a popular option if that method speaks to you, Cohen suggests still sending a response card telling guests to RSVP online.

“RSVP are the initials for the French words ‘répondez s’il vous plaît,’ which translates to ‘please respond,'” Cohen says. “So, if using ‘RSVP’ on your reply card, it should not be preceded by the word please.”

What To Include In Destination Wedding Invitations

Destination wedding invitations should include all the normal cards and pieces of information. However, they should also have more information on location, directions, accomodation, flight information, and more destination related details.

Also, destination wedding invitations should be sent earlier than you would send normal wedding invitations. Sending your invites earlier enables guests to book flights with more time.

For more information on how to plan a destination wedding and invitations, check out our destination wedding checklist.

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Wedding Invitation Dos And Donts

When the time comes to order and send your wedding invitations, the questions that arise are often surprising. From wording etiquette to understanding stationery timelines, your mind will soon be swirling with all sorts of new questions.

Weve gathered a few of our most helpful tips when it comes to personalizing, addressing and sending your wedding invitations. We hope these words of advice help you when the time comes to invite friends and family to this very special day.

Tips: 11 Things To Include On Your Information Sheet

Make your own wedding invitations, is there any need at ...

The guest list is sorted and youre ready to start inviting boom! In addition to the wonderful wedding stationery, which traditionally holds the invitation itself and the RSVP card, its a good idea to include an information card for your guests.

What is this information card for? Well, if youre having a location wedding or most of your guests dont know the area where your nuptials are taking place, then its pretty handy to have one, and it avoids last-minute queries on the day itself

There is no set etiquette for what details you should write on the information sheet, so here are some useful pointers you might think about including . And if youre only now wondering if theres anything else youve missed on your wedding planning journey, have a look at your wedding checklist tool!

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Wedding Dress Code 101

Mentioning dress code on your wedding invitations is often encouraged. Why? It ensures your event stays as formal or as casual as you want. Plus, wedding guests appreciate knowing exactly what is expected of them for attire. After all, no one wants to show up to a black tie wedding wearing khakis.

But, how do you politely tell your guests what to wear? In your wedding invitation suite.

Featured invitation: Classic Couple Wedding Invitation

But where does the dress code go on the wedding invitation? That’s the easy part! If your ceremony and reception are at the same location, the wedding dress code should be printed at the bottom center of your invitation. For example:

Maxwell and Emma Hanafordrequest the honor of your presenceat the marriage of their daughterRebecca Susan

Saturday, the fifteenth of Septembertwo thousand and twenty fourfour o’clock in the afternoon

The Lilian GardenHanka, Washington

Dress Formal

If the ceremony and reception are in separate locations, your dress code should be printed on the reception card. For example:

Please join us for a reception immediately following the ceremony

Once you learn how wedding invitation dress code works, it’s time to decide what your dress code will be. This part is a little trickier, so we put together a guide to explain some standard wedding dress codes.

Take a look and decide what fits your wedding style best.

Assembling Wedding Invitations: A Step

Youve ordered your wedding invitations, purchased postage, and addressed the envelopesnow what? Once youve received your finished invites from the printer, its time to get everything out the door! The first step of understanding how to stuff wedding invitations is to make sure all of the various stationery pieces are in the proper order. Save time by following our guide to correctly assembling wedding invitations.

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Do Envelope Liners Require Assembly

Minteds slip-in envelope liners come attached with a peel-and-seal adhesive strip for quick and easy assembly. They measure 6.5 x 5.25″ in size and cover the interior of the envelope flap and drop 3/4 of the way into the envelope .

Minteds envelope liners can be purchased as a matching accessory to wedding invitations they are packaged separately from the invitation envelopes, have a pre-applied adhesive strip, and can be easily slipped into the envelope for quick assembly. To assemble the envelope liners, heres what you need to do:

  • Remove the top layer of the pre-applied adhesive strip.
  • Carefully slide the liner into the envelope using the sides of the flap to center the liner.
  • Once lined up, firmly press the liner to adhere it to the envelope.
  • Using the crease on the envelope flap as your guide, close the envelope and press the fold.
  • Or, you can purchase Minteds pre-lined invitation envelopes, which means no assembly is required. Each of your envelopes will arrive with a liner already in place.

    Wedding Invitation Examples & Wording Ideas

    Cricut wedding invitation: What paper do you need?

    Wedding invitation wording templates are definitely helpful, but sometimes it’s better to see how it looks all together. That’s why we rounded up 12 different wedding invitation samples and wrote out their different wordings. If there’s a design you like but you want to change the message, not to worry. The Knot offers free, easy customization so your stationery looks exactly how you want it to.

    The Knot Invitations Muted Floral wedding invitations, from $2 each,


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    Where Should You Include Information About Your Wedding Website

    The list of information you must include on your save the dates is pretty short: names, date, time, location…and your wedding website. Your wedding website is a useful platform for keeping guests abreast of any important event-related information, so youll want everyone to have access as soon as they’ve penciled the big day into their calendar.

    Common mistake: Not having a wedding website.What to do instead: Create a wedding website as a resource for guests and provide the info on the save the dates.

    How Do You Assemble Wedding Invitations Without An Inner Envelope

    The same stacking order described above still applies if you are not using an inner envelope. Stack your invitation suite with your invitation on the bottom and all cards facing up. Then insert the fully assembled invitation suite into the envelope . Your assembled stationery stack should be in the following order:

    • Invitation
    • RSVP card with RSVP card envelope

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    What Time Should We Put On Our Wedding Invitations

    A good rule of thumb is to call the wedding for at least half an hour to 45 minutes before you want the ceremony to begin, and state that time on your invitation. Its also important to be very intentional with what you plan to have guests do for that window of time before your ceremony starts. Its important to make this very purposeful. You dont want your guests sitting in their seats waiting or thinking that youre running late, says etiquette expert Elaine Swann. Have something ready for your guests to do. It doesnt take much, but you want to create a moment that allows your guests to arrive at that time and be involved.

    Meet the Expert

    Elaine Swann is a lifestyle and wedding etiquette expert. She is the founder of The Swann School of Protocol and the author of Let Crazy Be Crazy.

    According to Swann, something as simple as serving spa water, setting up a photo area, or the signing of the guest book is a great way to fill this time intentionally and to be sure guests aren’t sitting down and waiting for too long. Listing this activity on a handheld program or large sign is another great way to make it clear that the start time was intentional.

    When To Send Wedding Invitations

    Which Wedding Invitation Inserts Do You Need?

    There are so many wedding-related events and festivities that take place throughout a couple’s engagement period, and they all require a lot ofstationery andinvitations. At first glance, it can seem a little overwhelming, but it’s manageable if you know what to expect.

    Read on to learn when to send everything from save the dates to thank you notes, and who to send them to. Chances are, you’ll be making more trips to the post office than you have in your entire life, but these invitations are things that you will look back on as precious keepsakes in the years to come.

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    What Time Should I Put On The Invite

    My ceremony starts at 2:00pm but I would like guests there at 1:30pm to be ready and seated for the 2:00pm start

    Whatever time you put on your invite, bear in mind that most guests will know to turn up earlier and not 1 minute before the start time! Some guests could start to arrive up to 45 minutes before the start time on the invite. So, if you have put 1:30pm on an invite, then be prepared for guests to start arriving from 12:45pm onwards. If your service doesnt actually start until 2:00pm then some of your guests may have been waiting well in excess of an hour for the ceremony to start. This might be ok if the venue has refreshments, heating and WC facilities, but if your ceremony is in a more remote location such as on the beach, on a cliff, or in the woods, or if you are using an older building such as a church or a chapel where facilities might be limited, this could be an issue for guests, especially those with children or the elderly.

    Most couples put the actual ceremony start time on the invite with the assumption that the vast majority of guests will know to arrive and be seated before it starts, but if you are still concerned you can simply put:

    Ceremony at 2:00pm Please arrive by 1:30pm

    How To Present The Names Of The Happy Couple Or That Of Their Parents On Your Wedding Invitations

    • The brides name usually comes before that of the groom
    • Always include the titles and first names of parents, mentioned on your wedding invitations.
    • If the bride’s parents are hosting the wedding then the brides first and middle name will follow the phrase to the wedding of their daughter The grooms full name will then follow, preceded by to.
    • In British English, a full stop is not required after titles.
    • Take a look at our traditional and informal wedding invitation wording to see examples of how to present the names of the happy couple and their parents, with variations for divorced or deceased parents.

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    What To Include In Wedding Invitations

    If you’re familiar with the elements of a wedding invitation, reference this checklist as you place your order to ensure you’ve covered all of your bases.

    • Names of the hosts

    If you’re unfamiliar with some of the required elements, we wrote up some explainers. After reading this, you’ll be an expert on what to include on your wedding invitations.

    They Are The First Glimpse Of Your Wedding That Your Guests Will Be Delighted To Find In Their Mailbox

    MINTED WEDDING INVITATIONS: Everything You Need to Know! | This or That

    It’s slim pickin’s out there for “good” snail mail these days. More often than not, mailboxes are full of junk mail and bills. After pulling that pile of junk out of your mailbox, take a second and think about how ecstatic you would be to find a gorgeously addressed envelope with a beautiful invitation inside, personalized just for you… wouldn’t you be thrilled? That’s how your guests will feel, and they will be even more excited for the big day to come.

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    The Ones Youll Probably Need:

    RSVP Card & EnvelopeYoull want to know wholl be filling those seats at your wedding, so including RSVP cards are pretty much a must. Include a deadline on yours so that you get the guest count before you start working with your caterer on meals and figuring out your seating plan. Remember to have all the envelopes pre-addressed and stamps, these are cards you really dont want getting lost in the mail. Note: you can skip this step and have people RSVP online, but this method is tried and true.

    Wedding Website CardYour wedding website will be the digital hub that contains all of your wedding info. If invitations go missing or if a guest wants to send a link to their plus one, itll come in handy. Bonus: creating one early on will save you from stacking up those unnecessary inserts that add extra costs to your mail.

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