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Where To Put Attire On Wedding Invitation

Approximately One Bazillionty Wedding Dress Code Wording Examples

How to Word Dress Attire on Wedding Invitations : Event Etiquette & Inspirations

So you want to give your guests a little guidance on how to dress for your wedding? You dont want to be bossy, but you also want to make sure theyre not uncomfortable? Well, Offbeat Bride is here to help. We asked our readers for wedding dress code wording examples, and they came through. Here are approximately one bazillionty samples of wedding dress code wording everything from short and sweet, to elaborate and nerdy. Were covering everything from casual outdoor weddings to costume weddings and everything in between.

How To Word Dress Codes

There are a list of acceptable termsfor a dress code on wedding invitations. From most to least formal,here’s a list of acceptable terms.

  • White tie

  • Formal, formal attire or black tieoptional

  • Semiformal or dressy casual

  • Jacket required

  • Casual

If the ceremony is outdoors, feel freeto write outdoor ceremony on the invitation instead of thedress code. This alludes to more casual attire, but for guests, remember tocheck the weather for how to dress. In addition, women should opt forsandals or wedges, as high heels could get stuck in the grass.


If Our Wedding Reception Is For Immediate Family Only Is It Okay To Invite People To The Ceremony Only

This is a tricky situation. Standard etiquette dictates that everyone who attends the ceremony should be invited to the weddingthat means the ceremony and the reception. By inviting guests to one and not the other, it could send the message that you want them there for the actual ceremony but you either don’t want to pay for their plate at your party or don’t care enough to have them there to actually celebrate your newlywed status.

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Casual Wedding Dress Code

How to say it on your invitation: Casual Dress

What it means: Casual dress means wedding guests can wear pretty much anything they want.

What to wear: We recommend a casual dress for the ladies and dress pants with button-down shirt or polo shirt for the guys. But, if the wedding is at a rustic location, or extra casual like a barbeque, even jeans and cowboy boots will do!

Wedding Invitation Wording If The Couple Is Hosting

Wedding Dress Code Wording

If you’re paying for the wedding yourselves, the invite wording will look slightly different. Essentially, the greeting will skip the host line and begin with the request linehere’s an example.

Formal Wedding Invitation Wording Sample:

The honor of your presence

is requested at the marriage of

Jack Alexander Smith

Saturday, the seventeenth of May

two thousand and twenty

at half past four in the afternoon

Casual Wedding Invitation Wording Sample:

Jack Alexander Smith &

invite you to share in their joy at their wedding

Saturday, May 17, 2020

at 4:30 in the afternoon

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Why Follow The Wedding Dress Code

It is a sign of respect for the couple and the event to get dressed up for a wedding, and your attire should always be respectful, conservative, and appropriate. But keep in mind, the rules of etiquette were designed to help one feel more at ease and comfortable in all social situations. So simply remember your cheerful presence at the wedding is what counts here, and you’re likely to have a good time no matter what you decide to wear.

If You Need To Use Modifiers Only Use Those That Make Your Dress Code More Casually Descriptive Like Beach Or Festive

Wedding dress attire wording. This might require a line of explanation below the dress code. We both think were awesome. You can gauge the expected level of formality by looking at the invitation to the beach wedding.

In general daytime weddings are more casual and so lighter fabrics festive colors and less-formal attire is the rule. Cocktail Attire Semi-Formal or Dressy Casual All three of these phrases are asking guests to dress somewhere between formal and casual. Black tie tuxedos and formal gowns Formal black tie optional suit and tie and dresses Semi-formal suit and tie and cocktail dresses Cocktail attire suits and party dresses Beach or garden party attire summer suits and summer dresses.

For men a well-tailored suit in a mid-to-dark neutral color like gray blue or charcoal is appropriate. Black Tie Tuxedos and formal gowns Formal black tie optional suit and tie and dresses Semi-formal suit and tie and cocktail dresses. Jul 24 2013 – Andrew and I looked everywhere for a cute dress code wording to put on our invitations and we finally just decided to create our own.

Our style is going to be Victorian Tim Burton-esque. Attire tips are usually included somewhere on the invite ie. Wedding attire wording is the specific notice to guests on how the couple expects them to dress up to their wedding.

In this case you have a formal theme so youll let the guest know in a separate enclosure card. Traditional wedding attire wording. Formal Attire Wedding Invitation Wording.

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Casual Wedding Invitation Wording

Theres really no hard fast rule to writing casual wedding invitations adults only wording. The tone of the invite will take on the idea of the wedding youve got. Since its casual, the wedding wording invite will be toned down, slightly comedic and loose. See a casual adult-only wording below.

Christina Marshall and Randy Howerequest your presence at their marriageJune 17, 2017, 11:00 AMSan Francisco City Hall 1 Dr. Carlton B Goodlett Pl San Francisco, CaCelebrate with us at an adults-only reception to follow

Let Your Guests Know The Requested Attire

Wedding Etiquette: Invitation Wording Ideas

Somewhere towards the bottom of the wedding invitation, you will want to be sure to let your guests know what they should be expecting as far as attire and dress code goes. If you do not mention the requested attire, your guests will naturally assume the formality of your wedding based on the formality of your wedding invitation. Here are the most common wedding dress codes from most formal to most casual:

-White tie



If you would rather not include the requested attire on the invitation itself, consider including a link to a wedding website. In doing so, you can communicate important information such as dress code, further details regarding the location of the wedding venue, and RSVP information.

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When Should We Send Out Our Wedding Invitations

Traditionally, invitations go out six to eight weeks before the wedding. That gives guests plenty of time to clear their schedules and make travel arrangements if they don’t live in town. If it’s a destination wedding, give guests more time and send them out three months ahead of the wedding. Most couples also send out save-the-date cards so that their guests can hold the day in their calendar before getting into the nitty-gritty details. Save-the-dates typically are sent out six to eight months before the wedding.

What Do You Wear To A Black Tie Wedding

Typically, guests are asked to wear a tuxedo or an evening gown to a black tie wedding. You really cant overdress for a black tie affair, so if you have been saving a really chic suit or dress for a special occasion, then this would be the one.

While a tux should be the first choice for men, a nice suit is an acceptable substitute. A dinner jacket is also a fine choice. No matter what type of suit youre wearing, you should definitely include a black tie or bowtie . For women, a full-length dress is the norm. So, no mini-dresses or skirts. If you dont have a long evening gown, you can definitely choose a tasteful dress that hits just above or below the knee just ensure its elegant and feels elevated enough to fit in with the vibe of the evening.

Shoes are to be kept classic and timeless, whether you choose a pump or a high-heeled sandal. Accessories are another must at a black tie wedding. After all, this is a time for you to literally shine with any bling you might have. Elegant embellishments, pearls, gemstones, and diamonds are all welcomed at this type of fancy soirée.

As far a color palette goes, aim for muted and neutral tones and colors, like black, white, grey, and navy blue or deeper jewel tones like emerald green and ruby red.

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Name Line Wording Examples For Casual Wedding Invitation

and are trying the knot!

and are getting married!

and are getting hitched!

and found their happily ever after!

You are invited to the wedding of and .

and invite you to share the joy of their marriage.

and are saying I Do.

and invite you to their wedding

Please join and as they exchange their marriage vows.

and would love for you to come and join us in celebration of our day.

Request Line Wording Examples For Casual Wedding Invitation

WaW Wedding Tip Sheet: Invitations

Help us celebrate our happily ever after. Youre invited to the wedding of and .

Nothing fancy, just love. Join us for a casual party to celebrate the love and marriage of and .

Eat, drink, and be married. Please join and for our wedding celebration.

Booze, food, and bad dance moves. and are getting married and wed love for your to join us on our big day.

Because you have supported us and shared in our love, and invite you to share in our wedding day.

Join us as the love story continues and will be pronounced husband and wife.

I do! Me too! Now lets celebrate! and will tie the knot on . Please join us for the wedding of and .

No fuss. No dress code. Just and Please join us for our wedding.

With joy in our hearts, and invite you to share in the day of our celebration as we become husband and wife.

Join us for a casual party to celebrate the love and marriage of and .

Together with their families, and invite you to join them in celebration of their marriage.

Together with their parents, and invite you to join them in celebration of their marriage.

Together with their parents, and request the pleasure of your company at their wedding.

Together with their families, and request the pleasure of your company at their wedding.

Your support and friendship has helped us become who we are. and invite you to share in joy and love as best friends become husband and wife.

There are lots of examples here, choose the casual wedding wording invitation that works for your relationship.

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Where To Include The Dress Code

Most people include the dress requirement onwedding invitations or on their reception cards, but if your dresscode could be seen as unclear, you might want to include theinstructions somewhere else. You can either add an extra dress codecard in your invitations. If you have a website for the wedding, putit under the FAQ section.

Beach Formal Wedding Dress Code

How to say it on your invitation: Beach Formal Attire

What it means: Beach inherently indicates casual, which is why formal is tacked on to the end it’s still a classy affair.

What to wear: We recommend a formal summer sundress with flats for the ladies and a summer suit with linen shirt, linen pants or khakis and sandals for the guys.

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Wedding Invitation Wording Etiquette

So you’ve picked your stationery design next comes figuring out how to write a wedding invitation. Of course, you’ll want to include a date, time and location, but what else? There’s a lot to consider when deciding on a wedding invitation format, especially considering one that includes all pertinent information your guests need to know.

We recommend including your wedding website on a separate insert so your guests can have easy access to details about your day as well as your registry . Plus, our wedding websites allow guests to digitally RSVP, so you can keep track of who’s coming in real time.

In case that wasn’t enough, there’s moreThe Knot Invitations allows you to match your wedding website to your invitation design. After your guests receive your wedding invitation in the mail, they can go to your wedding website and see the same colors, patterns and designs. This offers your guests a cohesive experience allowing them to appreciate your aesthetic all while getting excited for your nuptials.

Also, feel free to deviate from traditional wedding invitation wording whenever you see fit. Wedding invites are inherently gendered and exclusive. There’s no need to feel pressure to use “Mr.” and “Mrs.” at allit’s more than OK to just use your guests’ names without titles. If you’d like to go the traditional route, know that “Mx.” is a gender-inclusive option you can use on your invites. Whatever you decide, make sure it feels genuine and authentic to you .

Wedding Dress Code Wording Ideas If Youre Doing A Faq On Your Wedding Website

How to Write a Wedding Invitation E-mail

Many couples give additional information about dress code on their wedding website, often using the FAQ section to give a bit more information. Here are some real wording examples from what Offbeat Brides have used that you can remix to fit with your own wedding theme, style, or venue!

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Casual Wedding Invitation Wording Samples For The Laid

  • Pin856

Not every couple wants or needs a formal wedding. For the casual couple, here are some wedding invitation wording samples for a laid-back event.

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes. If youre having a casual wedding, everything from the decorations to the dress code might be a little more informal than your typical traditional wedding. This includes the style and wording on your invitations.

There are plenty of etiquette rules for traditional weddings but since your wedding is casual, you can abide by any etiquette rules youd like.

What Never To Wear To A Wedding

Jeans, Hats, Non-Collared Shirts

The standard rules of being well-dressed for a wedding still apply, so just like a restaurant or private club, the warning of ripped jeans, baseball hats, and non-collared shirts aren’t appropriate –unless it’s at the request of the couple that you dress down.

White or Off-White

Please don’t wear white or off-white dresses or anything that could perhaps photograph as white. Head- to-toe white suits or jumpsuits are also off-limits, too. Pale pastels like the palest blues, greens, yellows, grays, nudes and blushes all have a tendency to look lighter than they are in photos. A white wrap or sweater to throw on if you get chilly is generally fine, especially if it’s after the ceremony. Prints with some white elements are ok but just be sure the colors are much more predominant than any white background. We wrote a whole post about wearing white to a wedding, but we’re sure you get it — please, just don’t!

Anything Too Revealing or Too Short

And of course, don’t wear anything too short or revealing, and don’t look unkempt or wrinkled. If you have to fight with your outfit to keep parts of your body you’d rather not show, it might not be the right choice.

Anything too Formal or Glamourous for the Requested Dress Code
The Wedding Party Colors and Styles
Head to Toe Black,
Red in Some Cases

Even after those general wedding guest attire guidelines, there can still be many gray areas. We’ll go into much more detail about wedding dress codes below!

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