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What Should A Man Wear To A Summer Wedding

The Formality Of The Wedding

How A Man Should Dress For A Summer Wedding

Informal Wedding

Some brides and grooms insist that their wedding be informal.

In this case, you could probably get away with wearing the classic business casual combination of a sports coat, trousers and a tie, perhaps with a slight bit of spezzatura.

An example of this would be a navy blazer with trousers, which would preferably be in a different colour to the blazer, such as a grey, brown, or cream.

But we still want to keep it classy, safe and conservative, so bring in tan or brown shoes, a conservative dark tie, and a white, blue, or pink shirt.

Keep it simple.

Formal Wedding

However, if unspecified, or for a concretely formal Italian wedding, a mans attire should consist of a conservative suit and accessories, such as:

  • A navy/charcoal suit

If this is the case, here is a great guide to the morning dress code.

17 Wedding Dress Essentials

When you want to attend any wedding and look glamorous yet casual then you can always rely on these two essentials: bow ties and braces. The great thing about these two accessories is that they add a semi-formal touch to the entire getup and both of these things are hassle-free and easy to carry. You can wear them on any colored button-down shirt with complimenting pants and shoes.

Summer Wedding Shoes For Men

Your choice in the footwears style will largely be decided by your final choice in dress code. Indeed, well make suggestions for these throughout the guide. Nevertheless, the shoes construction is another matter worth highlighting early on.

Shoes are occasionally an afterthought. However, we believe that its something that can really make or break your overall outfit. Wearing scruffy old shoes to your own wedding would indeed be a shame.

Therefore, its no surprise that a lot of men use this opportunity to buy nice new shoes that theyll wear again in the future.

Its often assumed that Goodyear-welted dress shoes are the best and only footwear that you should buy. Indeed, their construction is robust, water-resistant, and allows for nearly endless resoling.

Nevertheless, summer is the season where Blake-stitched shoes can really shine. Often overshadowed by Goodyear-welted shoes, theyre perfect for a summer wedding.

Firstly, Blake-stitched shoes tend to have lower-profile soles, which allows for slimmer silhouettes. Additionally, it means that they are more flexible, easier to break-in, and breathe better in the heat. Furthermore, a Blake-stitched shoe can be resoled many times in its lifetime.

Theyre also cheaper because the technique isnt as labour-intensive. Therefore, theyre great when on a budget. We suggest checking out Beckett Simonon, which offers unbelievable value.

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What Is The Best Color To Wear To A Summer Wedding

Summer is known for its fun hues, but when it comes to color, look for these trends when deciding what to wear to a summer wedding. Depending on the specific wedding attire requirementsthis is the time to explore all spectrums of the color palette. From bold tones to pastel colors for a soft feel, use color strategically to achieve a fresh look that will wow any wedding you attend.

But is it ok to wear black to a summer wedding? Absolutely. A black and white combo is timeless and can be worn in any season. Is color not your thing? Instead of exploring color, play with fabrication and lighten the look with airy fabrics. Linen, seersucker and chambray are breathable options sure to keep you cool and wont compromise the appearance of your summer suit.

Bringing a date to the summer soiree? Coordinate your colors to complement each others summer wedding looks. Dont go all the way twinsies, from neutral to pastel. Find a palette that makes both of your looks shine.

Do Wear A Wedding Appropriate Tie

Pin by JAY DRIGUEZ on casual/Urban wear

If youre a groom or groomsman, then its best to wear a traditional wedding tie. They come in black, white, silver, gray, or navy, often with a checked pattern. You dont need them to match.

Guests can wear just about any tie, but should consider the circumstances. An outdoor beach wedding might call for a different necktie than a Saturday wedding in church.

More Style Advice:

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Garden Wedding Attire For Men

The obvious move here is a floral tie with a light colored suit, but try to find a tie with a subtle floral patternif such a thing exists. Otherwise, a not-too-dark suit in grey or blue is a good base to work from, and those suit colors will complement almost any accessory or tie you can throw at them.

Garden Wedding Attire Inspiration:

10 Best Shoes For Men Over 50

Your shoes say a lot about you, and that fact puts a lot of pressure on you, but the most practical and wise solution is the cap-toe Oxford shoes like Cole Haan Cap Toe Oxfords. They are dressy, but they dont sport the wing-tip stitching with a rather aged and formal look. Theyre sleek and stylish. Theyre also amazingly comfortable, making them an excellent choice for work shoes.

On the other hand, trainers become tricky to pull off as you near your 50s. So instead, look out for shoes that you can slip into. Single or double monk-straps should be your go-to formal footwear, and, when it comes to casual attire, try deck shoes in summer and Chelsea boots in winter.

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What Should A Man Wear To An Italian Wedding

What Should a Man Wear to an Italian Wedding?

What should a man wear to an Italian wedding? Given that youre looking at this article, you probable have no idea.

But as you may know, Italy is renowned for its very stylised sharp suits and tailoring.

Do you need to wear something specific, or culturally appropriate?

Well, the ultimate answer is, as usual, it depends. You have to dress for the specific ceremony formality, the time of year, and location.

So without further ado, lets get into mens Italian wedding attire, so you can make sure youre looking appropriate and at your best for the big day.

5 Summer Wedding Look

How Men Should Dress For a Summer Wedding

Summer means wearing light and easy clothing, the same theory works for summer weddings. In order to attain a casual yet smart look for summer weddings, wear a white or some other light-toned shirt and trousers along with loafers and a colorful bow to rock the entire look. Heres How to Make Bow Tie and 16 Cool Ideas to Wear Bow Ties.

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Creative Black Tie Wedding Attire For Men

What It MeansThis code keeps the wedding formal, but eases up on all the rules. A tuxedo will fit in nicely with Creative Black Tie, but you can branch out a little, too. Dinner jackets are a good choice, and both neckties and bow ties are welcome in patterns or low-key colors. If you opt for a suit instead, just make sure you dress it up to keep up with the black tie part of the code.

What to Wear

Holiday Wedding Attire For Men

Holiday weddings work best when they include subtle reminders of the days festive motifs, and the same goes for your outfit. Holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years and Valentines Day should inform your look, but dont go full Santa suit. I repeat, do not go full Santa suit. Dont even go Santa beard you lucky, beard-growing machine.

What to Wear:

In a perfect world, we would all have closets overflowing with gorgeous, high-end suits and tuxedos for every possible occasion. If you live in that world, take me there.

The rest of us might need to rent that ruby velvet jacket when we need it, and as most of us know, renting can be a hassle. Thats why we made it simple. Whether you want that suit for a week or for keeps, just answer a few questions, order online, and well deliver your outfit to your doorno tux shop required. Plus, itll actually fit. Sound good?

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What Never To Wear To A Wedding

Jeans, Hats, Non-Collared Shirts

The standard rules of being well-dressed for a wedding still apply, so just like a restaurant or private club, the warning of ripped jeans, baseball hats, and non-collared shirts aren’t appropriate –unless it’s at the request of the couple that you dress down.

White or Off-White

Please don’t wear white or off-white dresses or anything that could perhaps photograph as white. Head- to-toe white suits or jumpsuits are also off-limits, too. Pale pastels like the palest blues, greens, yellows, grays, nudes and blushes all have a tendency to look lighter than they are in photos. A white wrap or sweater to throw on if you get chilly is generally fine, especially if it’s after the ceremony. Prints with some white elements are ok but just be sure the colors are much more predominant than any white background. We wrote a whole post about wearing white to a wedding, but we’re sure you get it — please, just don’t!

Anything Too Revealing or Too Short

And of course, don’t wear anything too short or revealing, and don’t look unkempt or wrinkled. If you have to fight with your outfit to keep parts of your body you’d rather not show, it might not be the right choice.

Anything too Formal or Glamourous for the Requested Dress Code
The Wedding Party Colors and Styles
Head to Toe Black,
Red in Some Cases

Even after those general wedding guest attire guidelines, there can still be many gray areas. We’ll go into much more detail about wedding dress codes below!

Opt For Seasonally Appropriate Fabrics

VICHY check shirt

When deciding how to dress for an outdoor summer wedding, comfort is key. “Nothing is worse than getting all dolled up for a wedding and then sweating it out during the ceremony,” says Walsh. If you want to enjoy yourself, breathable fabrics are the way forward. Avoid anything too heavy or itchy and steer clear of materials like velvet that have a distinct winter feel. Instead, opt for linen, silk, cotton, or chiffon attire. For beach weddings, Handspiker recommends a suit made from linen or a wool-linen blend.

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Smart Casual Wedding Attire

For many men, it can be hard to find the proper balance of smart and casual. As a rule of thumb, you should always go for being overdressed at a smart casual wedding as opposed to underdressed. Stick to suit separates with more relaxed tailoring.

These weddings are often a bit more fashion-forward so be a bit more adventurous with your wardrobe. Show your personality by wearing a jacket and trousers with contrasting colors. Try adding interest to your smart casual attire with a printed shirt, socks, tie or pocket square.

What Not To Wear To A Wedding

Regardless of the dress code, there are some things a man should never wear to a wedding. Unless the invitation specifically states otherwise, avoid these 10 things:

  • White jackets: Remember that old saying about how a woman attending a wedding should never wear white? The same rule applies to men.
  • Floral boutonnieres: Remember, this is a wedding and not a high school dance. Just like the white jackets, leave floral boutonnieres to the wedding party.
  • Shorts: No matter how hot it is outside or how casual the dress code may be, no bride wants to see your calves at their wedding. You should always wear full-length pants.
  • Jeans: Even if youre attending a casual or dress-code free wedding, you should still wear or dress pants .
  • Open-toe shoes, sandals, or flip flops: Unless youre attending a beach wedding, its important to wear closed-toed shoes. Similarly, you should never wear sneakers or athletic shoes for a wedding. Oxfords, brogues, or loafers are always your best bet.
  • Anything distressed, torn, or ripped: Its important to look your best when attending someones wedding. Avoid any sort of distressing, whether it be intentional or not.
  • Logos, graphics, and flashy prints: Avoid wearing clothing with recognizable logos or any type of graphic. And please, dont be the guy wearing the goofy tie.
  • Hats: You should never wear any type of hat to a wedding. Ever.
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    Wedding Outfits For Men Over : What To Wear To A Wedding

    Wedding Outfits For Men Over 50. Being in your fifties doesnt mean you have to dress a certain way. Dress right for a man your age instead of imitating the style of a man in his 20s, 30s, and whatnot. Your lifestyle and your work may influence the way you dress.

    While men in their 50s have the ability to make a statement, we can agree that the clothes youre buying in your younger years arent going to help you with your style for the rest of your life, especially when attending weddings. One problem you might have in your 50s is finding clothes that fit. Unfortunately, many brands that focus on fit are solely for younger men and teenagers. H& M and Uniqlo tend to have clothing in smaller sizes only, so it is a question if these brands are appropriate for older men.

    Ensure that everything you wear is well put-together, with deliberate style, and adds up to a well-structured outfit rather than just some random clothes combined.

    Consider The Time Of Day

    What Should Guys Wear for Summer Weddings? : Wedding Style

    The time of the event also plays a role in what makes an appropriate summer wedding guest outfit. According to Walsh, “When attending a daytime wedding, guests have the option to dress a tad more casually with lighter-colored dresses and breezier fabrics.”

    Confused about what to wear to an evening wedding in the summer? The stylist suggests sticking with ankle- or floor-length hemlines for a formal evening event, while knee-length styles are acceptable during the day.

    When it comes to picking out a suit, Handspiker believes that darker colors such as black would fit right in at an evening event. In the daytime, consider playing around with fresh, bright colors.

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    Daytime Wedding Attire For Men

    Wearing a black tux at a daytime wedding is risky, as the black fabric will soak up the suns heat. Thats not to say a tuxedo is completely off-limits for daytime wedding attire, but the later in the afternoon the better when it comes to a tux. If the wedding is earlier in the day, a lighter colored suit is a safe, smart bet.

    What to Wear:

    What To Wear To An Indoor Summer Wedding

    Indoor weddings during the summer come with their own unique challenges . The best way to prepare for rogue AC is to dress in layers. With a three-piece suit, you’ll look pretty sharp with or without the jacket. An understated pashmina is another subtle touch that can easily be added to an outfit. One more thing to keep in mind with certain indoor venues is modesty. You’ll want to make sure you’re appropriately dressed if the wedding is taking place at a religious site.

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