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What Is A Destination Wedding

How To Plan A Destination Wedding

How to Become a Destination Wedding Planner

When planning your wedding overseas or in another state, consider the following factors:

Accessibility for your guests

Are they travelling from different locations? Are there direct flights?

How far is it from the airport to the wedding venue? For some places such as the Amalfi Coast, your guests will face a tortuous road journey from Naples that can take up to 4 hours in high season.

Make sure to visit the venue in person during the planning stage, if at all possible. The service you receive will be much more personalized and it will give you a clearer idea of the venues advantages and disadvantages for your big day.


If youre getting married in a hotel, they will usually arrange all the venue details for you, from the wedding cake to the DJ. However, if youve chosen a different wedding venue, you may need to decide on the wedding planner yourself.

Having said that, your wedding venue probably work with certain wedding planners regularly and can make recommendations. In any event, choose a full-service local wedding planner, who will arrange for someone to clean up the next day. You dont want to have to do that yourself!

Consider enlisting the services of a travel agent who your guests can contact to make their trip arrangements. Theyll help to overcome any language barrier.

Destination Wedding Cost

As for any wedding, cost is an important consideration. The average cost of a destination wedding in 2020 is $32,000, excluding the engagement ring.


What Is A Typical Destination Wedding

by BrideBox Wedding Albums· January 25, 2013

Destination weddings have become popular in recent years, and it is estimated that about 20% of all weddings are now destination weddings. A destination wedding is typically an event where the bride and groom plan an away from home wedding, inviting their closest family members and friends to an ideal location and make the event a semi-vacation. Many resorts offer destination wedding packages and on-site wedding planners who can help couples create the wedding of their dreams.

One of the most popular locations is, of course, Las Vegas. Other common destination wedding locations include Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Cruises also provide exciting venues for destination weddings.

In addition to great locations, an advantage of destination weddings is that they are typically less expensive for the couple, since they are smaller and the couple pays for their accommodations, travel costs and the venue charges. Guests are expected to pay for their own accommodations and travel costs. However, couples can elect to pay for the accommodations of their guests and even cover the travel costs. It all depends on their budget.

In addition to being less expensive, destination weddings can be more relaxed, which further reduces or eliminates the costs associated with bridesmaid gowns and tuxedo rentals. Some weddings, such as beach locations, can be extremely relaxed with a dress code requesting casual attire and sandals.

Plan A Smaller Guest List

Destination weddings can also offer a more intimate feel if there are fewer guests attending. It may not be feasible or realistic for 200 people to attend a wedding in Bali, for example, if most of them have jobs or families requiring their attention. The upshot is that you can tailor your guest list to include the people who are most important to you and would most like to have at the wedding.

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Don’t Expect All Or Even Most Of Your Guests To Attend

Rachel Davidson lives in Chandler, Arizona, but she and her husband decided to get married in Half Moon Bay, California.

“The idea of a destination wedding came up, and we thought, what better way to make our wedding really feel like a once-in-a-lifetime event other than holding it in a place we and our guests had never been to?” she told Business Insider.

But early on during the planning phase, Davidson discovered that several of her close friends and relatives wouldn’t be able to make the trip, including three bridesmaids she had picked out before she was engaged. Out of 150 invited guests, 74 attended.

“For me, this was the biggest downside of a destination wedding not being able to share your special day with all your loved ones,” she said. “They just couldn’t afford to travel to another state or country because of budget and time constraints. At this point, I kept wishing I’d win the lottery so I could afford to fly them all to my wedding.”

John Frigo, who lives with his wife in Chicago, said a lower turnout was something they had to accept with having their destination wedding in Negril, Jamaica.

“I never considered a non-destination wedding,” he told Business Insider in an email. “Personally, I don’t like being the center of attention, so I never wanted a big wedding with a lot of people. We both wanted something smaller.”

Burden Placed On The Guests

10 Reasons Why Couples Have a Destination Wedding

There is no doubt that inviting people to attend a wedding at a distant location places a financial burden on them. No matter how much they want to share in the most important day of the couples lives, they will have to pay for travel, accommodations and a wedding gift. In addition, they will need to take time out of work, make arrangements for pet care, obtain travel documents when necessary and myriad other obligations that go along with traveling to a distant location. For these reasons, its a good idea for the couple to think carefully about whom they will invite and whether or not it will be problematic for them to attend. Many people will go regardless of whether or not it will cause them a hardship, so the couple should consider this when they are planning their destination wedding.

Destination weddings can be fun and exciting for the happy couple, as well as the guests who will be attending. Wedding packages and experienced planners can help the couple create an incredible wedding a long distance from home. However, there are some sacrifices the couple will have to make if they choose a destination wedding, which include the size of the wedding and omitting more than a few family members and friends from the guest list. Regardless, a destination wedding can provide the romance, excitement, fun and memories that the happy couple and the guests in attendance will cherish for a lifetime.

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Travel Opportunity For You And Your Guests

Photo Credit @ CoolBluez

There is nothing more pleasing than an outdoor vacation. Flying away from the hustle and bustle of city life is what everyone dreams of. Destination Wedding gives you and your loved one a chance to spend few relaxing and fun-filled moments while accompanying you for your big day.

Top 25 Destination Wedding Locations In The Us And Abroad

You and your partner are engaged, congrats! Now comes the exciting part planning your wedding! Many couples decide to get hitched in their hometowns or nearby cities, and thats totally ok. Have you ever thought of getting married in the location of your dreams?

Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular and are easier to plan and budget than you would think.

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Budgeting Tips For Destination Wedding Traveling

  • Make a spending planIts important to know how much money you have to work with first, then go from there. Be frugal with your spending and try not to spend so much on little things like table decorations.
  • Search for affordable locationsMany destination wedding locations have many resorts to choose from. Many of those resorts also have wedding packages that could cut costs.
  • Keep it smallDestination weddings call for a lot of planning and money, especially for your guests. Know that many of your guests may not be able to make it to your wedding due to travel or timing issues. Having a more intimate wedding is cheaper and more special.
  • Keep it localSource local things like food, drinks, and flowers as a way to save some money on transportation costs and reduce the stress of scheduling out of town or country vendors.

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More Planning May Be Required

Planning a wedding in a country youve never been toor may have only visited oncecan add a few wrinkles. For instance, you may need to consider things such as the exchange rates for currency, potential language barriers, and marriage license requirements. Youll also need to consider travel restrictions, specifically those related to current limitations, to determine whether youll even be able to visit the destination of your choice.

So How Do You Plan Your Honeymoon Registry Or Honeymoon Fund

  • To start with, break down big expenses into smaller budgets. For example, if youre planning your wedding in Tuscany, you might want to go on a horseback ride through the vineyards, therefore, options for your honeymoon fund might include taxi fares for a day, a horseback ride fee, a wine tour pass and more.
  • Then, to you and your new spouse: Is it a much needed couples massage to release the post-wedding stress? Have you been longing for ages to go on a wine tour in Tuscany?
  • Finally, involve your guests! Include links to restaurants you plan to eat at and activities you plan to do, itll help materialize the experience for your guests and get a grasp of what youll be using their money for.

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Is It Better To Have The Ceremony And Reception In The Same Mexico Destination Wedding Location

It is becoming increasingly popular for destination weddings in Mexico to offer both a ceremony space at their resort that includes amenities like set up, break down, decoration options, decorating help by destination wedding professionals if desired or required, tables/chairs/linen rentals included! This saves you money because you dont have to worry about bringing your own items.

If you are looking for something more private with fewer people around during your destination wedding day activities , some resorts do not allow outside vendors on site so make sure this option will work best for what YOU want out of YOUR destination wedding experience.

There Are No Guarantees

How to Plan the Perfect Destination Wedding in 2021 ...

Planning any wedding means taking a chance on the day working out as expected. Still, a destination wedding could present some unusual risks. For instance, you might be two days into your wedding celebrations when a hurricane or an earthquake forces an evacuation. Or your newly wedded spouse might fall and get bitten by a scorpion while youre exploring the indigenous flora and fauna.

Purchasing wedding insurance and/or travel insurance can help to protect you financially in a worst-case scenario. Depending on the coverage thats included, you may be able to recover some of the expenses you paid when planning a destination wedding if it ends up cut short.

The typical wedding insurance policy can cost $150 to $550. Travel insurance can cost less, averaging $95 for one week of coverage on an international trip. You may consider purchasing one of each type of policy, in addition to any travel insurance coverage you may have with your credit card.

Consider opening a new travel rewards credit card to earn an introductory points or miles bonus that you can use to book your wedding trip.

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What Is A Destination Marriage

A destination wedding is a wedding held in a setting away from your hometown. Oftentimes, a destination wedding and the honeymoon are celebrated in the same venue. Every wedding detail, from the setting to the officiant to the flowers and the cake, can be arranged at the destination to suit your taste.

Special Moments In A Special Place

Photo Credit @ Happy Flashbacks

Your hometown always holds a special place in your heart. No skyscraper town or a cosmopolitan town can ever take that place. A regular wedding gives you a golden chance to celebrate your most special day amidst your childhood memories with all your childhood besties.

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What To Know When Planning A Destination Wedding

Sara HasstedtThe KnotWe have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy lifes biggest moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.

There’s something special about getting married in that far-flung destination where your partner proposed, against a backdrop of mountains or in the sand someplace tropical. As gorgeous as these locales are, don’t forget the legwork that goes into planning a destination wedding. After all, there’s more to take into account than the venue itself . The timing of your ceremony, the weather at the location, and guests’ availability to travel are all concerns every couple planning a destination wedding has to consider. But with a little know-how, you can plan a memorable getaway for you and your guests. Follow these tips to help you pull off a destination wedding to remember.

Who Pays For What At A Destination Wedding

What You Need to Know About Destination Weddings in 2021

Ah yes, the age-old question. Whether youre walking the aisle in Mexico or Jamaica, someone has to pay for this. Between the flower arrangements and airfare, there are plenty of important costs to keep track of. Lets simplify the list:

The Parents

The Wedding: Both parental sides of the aisle usually pitch in, but they are not obligated to.

Rehearsal Dinner: Rehearsal dinners are typically covered by the parents, with food, drinks, and reservation space included in their bill.

The Couple

The Wedding: Many couples choose to pay for a destination wedding over their parents, but parents can still pay for a portion of the cost.

Hotel and Airfare: You are more than welcome to pay for your friends and familys hotel and airfare, but are not required to. If you have the money, great! If not, dont feel obligated to scrape the bank account.

If a guest needs financial assistance due to recent major expenses or other financial stress, you can pick up the bill and keep it private.

Pre/Post-Wedding Activities: Looking into hosting a dazzling sunset cruise or delectable private brunch? You might have to foot the bill. On the bright side, hosting a major group event will allow your guests to mingle and get to know each other before the week of a lifetime. However, many deluxe wedding packages will include a welcome party as an inclusion in the upfront charge.

The Guests

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