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Difference Between Engagement Rings And Wedding Rings

What Is A Bridal Set How Engagement Rings And Wedding Bands Work

Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring: What’s the Difference?

As anyone planning a wedding knows, its an exciting and hopeful time full of romance and fun but the major snag is getting caught up in every little detail along the way to wedded bliss. One big ticket and big stress item to knock off your list? Finding the perfect wedding ring to complete your bridal set. Here, well explain everything you need to know about this tricky pair of rings, when to wear them, how to wear them, and how to pick the perfect wedding ring match for your engagement ring.

Engagement Ring Versus Wedding Ring

Traditional engagement rings typically have one dominant stone, which either stands alone or is surrounded by additional smaller stones. An engagement ring is usually given as part of the proposal, or if not, at an early point in the engagement.

By contrast, a wedding ring is traditionally a plain metal band or a diamond-encrusted eternity band that you receive when you exchange your vows during the wedding ceremony and wear from then on. Typically, there’s also a fairly significant price difference between engagement rings and wedding rings even if the wedding band has inlaid diamonds or other gemstones, their total carat weight is generally less than that of the engagement ring.

You can, of course, throw tradition out the window. According to Taylor Lanore, former public relations director for Lauren B. Fine Jewelry and Diamonds, brides are having more of a say in the choice and design of their rings. And not only are they parting with tradition, but they’re opting to diversify their engagement and wedding ring selections. “People are doing whatever they want, and wedding bands offer the opportunity to have more flair,” she says.

Meet the Expert

Taylor Lanore is the former public relations director for Lauren B. Fine Jewelry and Diamonds.

Whats The Difference Between Engagement Rings Vs Wedding Rings

Now that you and your significant other are planning to tie the knot, youâll quickly realize thereâs an entirely different language when it comes to the big day.

One huge question you might have is âwhat exactly is the difference between engagement rings vs. wedding rings?â Are they not the same thing?

Actually, theyâre not! And yes, traditionally, both a wedding ring and an engagement ring are involved in one single wedding.

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A Bit Of Historical Perspective On Engagement Rings

Historically, the gift of an engagement ring to the bride-to-be was a financial commitment to her family. It was like the guy was financially marrying her whole family. He bought her with a valuable ring. The earlier you go in time, the more you see financial gifts to her family.

The young lady then wore the ring to symbolize that she would consider no other offer for her hand. The engagement ring could also be considered a status symbol for the family, showing that a wealthy man was to marry their daughter.

The wedding band is the symbol that a woman or a man are already married. The wedding band is of simpler design and should not eclipse the engagement ring which is always the star.


How Can You Tell The Difference

Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring: Do You Need Both?

There are no hard and fast rules that dictate how engagement rings or wedding rings should look. The most important thing is that they have meaning to the couple who wear them. Any style or material is acceptable, as long as your wedding rings represent something genuine about your fiancée and yourself.

There are, however, a couple of traditional “guidelines” for purchasing the engagement ring and the wedding ring.An engagement ring doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive, but traditionally it will have a single dominant center stone that either stands alone, or is surrounded by smaller stones.

  • Wedding rings are usually simpler than engagement rings. A plain yellow gold or white gold band without any adornments is generally seen as a “classic” wedding ring, but it can be made in any style or using any material you and your fiancée prefer.

Some couples don’t even choose to have separate engagement rings and wedding rings. Using your engagement ring as a wedding ring on your wedding day is a perfectly valid choice, and one that many couples make.

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How Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring And Wedding Band

Most women know that you wear your engagement ring typically on the fourth finger of your left hand, but what about your wedding band?

Your wedding band also goes on the fourth finger of your left hand. When it comes to stacking, its most typical to see the wedding band inside the engagement ring that way this final symbol of commitment is closer to your heart.

Men also wear their wedding band on the fourth finger of their left hand. This is a universal symbol of marriage and a lifelong commitment to your partner.

How To Wear An Engagement Ring Vs Wedding Ring

With most cultures, itâs common to wear both your wedding ring and engagement ring on the same finger. Usually, thatâs the ring finger of the left hand – the finger right in between your middle finger and your pinky. The ring finger on the left hand has the only vein that runs directly to the heart. And typically, the wedding ring goes on your finger first so itâs closest to your heart.

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Which Is More Expensive And Why

Engagement rings are normally more expensive than wedding rings, and it’s not hard to see why. While wedding rings are usually simple metal bands, engagement rings can include at least one precious stoneoften a diamond or gemstonewhich makes it much more expensive.

The old“three months’ salary” rule has been largely debunked, and how much you spend on wedding rings depends on what feels appropriate for you and your soon-to-be spouse.

Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring On Your Wedding Day

The Difference Between Engagement Rings Vs. Wedding Rings

Assuming that your engagement ring is a showstopper and holds incredible sentimental value, there is a good chance you will want to it to be a part of your wedding day. And good news! You can absolutely do so . Generally, if you decide to wear your engagement ring during the ceremony, its worn on the ring finger of your right hand to make room on for your wedding band on your left hand, wedding ring finger.

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Do You Wear Your Wedding Band On Top Or Bottom

After the wedding ceremony, most people wear the wedding ring closest in to the hand, and the engagement ring on top. This is said to be because the wedding ring is then closest to your heart. Some people wear the wedding ring on top at the ceremony because theyve left their engagement ring on.

To wrap it up: the most traditional meaning of a bridal set is a womens engagement ring and wedding band worn together. As brides become less beholden to tradition and more into embracing their uniqueness, were seeing a lot more variation. Double band engagement rings guarantee youre looking at at least three bands when you add a wedding ring. We also have brides that stack two wedding bands on either side of the engagement ring, for a more symmetrical stacked look. And still, there are brides that opt for engagement ring only or wedding ring only.

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What Is The Difference Between An Engagement Ring And A Wedding Ring

There are a couple of ways an engagement ring differs from a wedding ring.

For one, timing plays a big role. Traditionally, the engagement ring is given by one partner to the other when a takes place. The engagement ring is typically more extravagant than a wedding ring and commonly has a center stone.

The wedding ring or wedding band is worn by both spouses after exchanging vows during the marriage ceremony. For brides, the wedding ring is typically on the simpler side when compared to the engagement ring and is worn directly next to a woman’s diamond engagement ring on her left-hand ring finger.

While the engagement ring simply shows that a woman is engaged, the addition of the wedding band on the same finger shows that a woman is officially married.

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Engagement Rings And Wedding Rings For Men

While it isn’t very common, men can wear engagement rings too. Traditions vary by country and culture when it comes to who, when, and how engagement and wedding rings are worn.

Men’s engagement rings vary significantly from women’s. Among the most popular styles are platinum eternity and diamond bands. Men’s wedding bands are usually chunkier for a manly appeal and they can also have a large center stone.

Similar to women, men are expected to wear their engagement and wedding rings on their left-hand ring finger.

How Should You Wear Your Engagement And Wedding Rings

What is the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring ...

Traditionally, and in most cultures, your engagement ring and wedding ring are worn together on the same finger commonly known as the “ring finger”. Its the fourth finger on your left hand, right next to your pinky. Exchanging rings as symbols of love is believed to have originated in Egypt. They believed that the vein in the fourth finger ran directly to the heart, strengthening the pledge of love and commitment. Romans adopted this tradition, spreading the practice throughout Europe, thus becoming the basis for the U.S. tradition. In reality, theres no such vein, but the symbolism and tradition remain strong.

Before the Wedding: When you receive your engagement ring, traditionally it is worn on the ring finger.

During the Wedding: During the wedding ceremony where there will most likely be an exchange of wedding bands, the engagement ring shifts to being worn on the right hand ring finger. This is done because due to another tradition, as a symbol of ultimate love and devotion, the wedding band is typically worn closest to the heart with the engagement ring on the outside. Wearing the engagement ring on the right hand during the ceremony also makes it easy for the wedding band to slip on the left hand without having to move a ring.

While this is the traditional arrangement, some prefer to only wear their wedding ring on a day-to-day basis, or add additional bands to create a unique stacked set.

Oval engagement ring worn with multiple diamond rings

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Engagement Rings Vs Wedding Rings: A Comprehensive Guide To The Differences

Whether youâre getting started with wedding planning or youâre putting together proposal plans, a big congratulations to you and your partner!

But with those plans comes plenty of questions. You may be wondering what the difference between engagement rings vs. wedding rings is. And do you have to wear both?

On top of it, you might also need some guidance on when to start shopping for rings and how to choose one in the first place.

Weâre answering all of those questions for you in this post.

How Should We Decide On Wedding Bands

Planning ahead is essential, so give yourself at least 3 months to make the wedding bands. That way, you won’t have to worry about fixing any problems at the last minute, and you can rest assured that this crucial component of your wedding is taken care of in plenty of time.

Traditionally reserved for wedding bands, more and more couples are sharing the experience of selecting and sometimes even creating their engagement rings together. Even though this may be your second time shopping for rings together, wedding bands nonetheless call for their own unique set of concerns.

Whenever it pertains to wedding bands, couples can choose from a wide variety of styles. No of the design of the engagement ring, some couples opt to be have their wedding rings coordinate.

It’s possible that some couples would rather the band play music that speaks to their specific tastes. You can choose from a wide variety of metals, stones, and other design elements to create a one-of-a-kind piece that honours your individuality.

When it comes to picking out, creating, and donning a wedding or engagement ring, there is no single, definitive “correct” answer. The possibilities are endless, and collaborating with a seasoned jeweller and artisan will increase the likelihood that you’ll make a wise investment.

Above all else, though, choose a ring or set of bands that may serve as eternal symbols of your love and your union.

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Engagement And Wedding Ring Combinations

Pairing an engagement ring with a wedding ringthat were bought separatelyrequires some careful comparisons. The metal type and color, style and fit need to be a near match, in order to look like a cohesive unit and avoid unwanted rubbing between rings. Most jewelers are happy to assist with such a matching request and can help in designing a beautiful pair.

An alternative to matching the rings on your own is to select a matching wedding and engagement ring set, also known as a bridal set. This ensures the metal colors are identical and that the rings will fit together perfectly.

We suggest looking for matching wedding ringsor any rings, for that matterfrom trusted and reputable online vendors. Our years of experience have taught us that when customers work with a reliable dealer, their experience is exponentially better.

We recommend Blue Nile to our readers, as theyre an industry leader for diamonds and jewelry. They offer a range of matching engagement and wedding ring sets.

Heres an excellent examples of Blue Niles offering: Classic v-curved diamond rings in 14K white gold

You can even build your own matching set with the exact setting you want, using Blue Niles Build Your Own Ring tool.

James Allen is another diamond vendor we highly recommend. James Allen provides high-end customer service and boasts an expansive inventory of exceptional diamonds and settings.

You can also build your own matching set with James Allens bridal set tool.

What Is A Wedding Ring Set

Difference between Engagement & Wedding Ring

Couples often get caught up in choosing the perfect engagement ring, but what about the wedding ring? Sure, the engagement ring is the spotlight, but a wedding ring illuminates it.

Wedding sets are a pair of rings including the engagement ring and wedding ring. There are several options with wedding ring sets: buy an engagement ring and propose, then choose a matching wedding ring together. Or, you can buy a wedding ring set, and the bride-to-be can wear the engagement ring during the engagement. During the marriage ceremony, the bride and groom exchange rings and the wedding ring joins the engagement ring on the brides ring finger.

There is major buyer appeal to wedding ring sets. Namely, a complimentary wedding ring makes an engagement ring look brighter, more brilliant and bigger. Wedding ring sets also solve the problem of deciding between a wedding ring vs. engagement ring. The appeal of buying a matching wedding ring set is that they go together perfectly, just like you and your significant other. Or, perhaps, perfectly imperfect.

Should your wedding ring and engagement ring be the same size? Definitely. Otherwise, there is risk of the rings rubbing against one another and damaging each other, or irritating the skin.

Cant make up your mind? Choose a set and youll have the choice to wear your wedding ring one day, your engagement ring the next, or both at the same time.

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For The Groom: Wedding Bands For Men

Men’s wedding rings, also called wedding bands, come in a wide variety of designs. The most important consideration when selecting a wedding band for a man is the man himself and his unique tastes.

Consideration must also be given to the individual’s way of life and recreational preferences. For someone who is constantly using his hands for work or recreation, a sleek and seamless band like this traditional white gold ring or even this tantalum band would be the better choice.

A channel set ring in 14K white gold, or this one in a satin finish, could be better suited to someone who prefers a little more flair in their jewellery. It’s not uncommon for couples to try to match the style of their fiance’s ring.

This classic white gold men’s band, for instance, would be a nice compliment to a woman’s white gold solitaire ring. Again, it’s all about what you prefer. If you take your time while choosing engagement and wedding rings, you can make meaningful symbols of your love that will endure a lifetime.

Wedding Vs Engagement Ring: One Or Both Its Up To You

Making your engagement and wedding ring choices represents an exciting and memorable experience in a couples love life, so above everything else have fun! Enjoy looking through your options, discussing preferred precious metals and stone color, and creating a ring or bridal set thats 100% you.

*Diamond Nexus strives to provide valuable information, while being clear and honest about our products. The Nexus Diamond alternative is a patented lab grown stone that, among all simulants, most closely imitates the look, weight and wear of a mined diamond, with two exceptions it is absolutely perfect in every way, and it costs significantly less. Price points and environmental facts expressed in this blog were taken from popular online retailers and may vary. Learn more about the environmental impact of mining by visiting our blog.

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