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How To Get Into Wedding Planning

Set Out Wedding Planning Goals

How to become a WEDDING PLANNER! | The truth behind the role & qualifications you need to have!?

It is essential to know what you hope to achieve in the industry, which can form the basis of a business. The options are limitless, and the field is vast. You can choose to become a celebrity wedding planner and plan lavish and highly publicized weddings. Alternatively, the plan may be organizing dream weddings for residents in a particular area. The goal might not be the same as you forge ahead, but having a clear-cut plan at the start can help define your business.

You Can Expect Your Wedding Coordinator To Assist Bridesmaids And Groomsmen In Double Checking Both The Man Cave/groom’s Suite And The Overall Venue Itself To Be Certain That Everyone Has Their Jackets Vests Ties Etc And That Nothing Has Been Shed In A Frenzy On The Dance Floor And Gets Left Behind

Wedding days are long and suits are hot, and often uncomfortable after a while, even if they fit well. We completely expect several of your guys to shed a jacket or vest in some random location after a few drinks. We are happy to be certain that everyone has all the pieces of their ensemble accounted for before they depart for the evening–we’ll even crawl under tables and peek under furniture all over the venue to make sure nothing is forgotten. We just can’t be responsible for returning something we didn’t sign a rental agreement for.

What Do Wedding Coordinators Wear

Wedding coordinators do not have a set attire, as you fill many different roles throughout the process. You should plan your outfits each day based on your tasks at hand. If meeting with a couple and vendors, business casual attire is appropriate. When working in an office or from home, wear whatever is comfortable, unless your employer has a dress code. On the wedding day, you can wear something that suits the formality of the event but does not call attention to yourself. A non-ornate dress or standard suit and tie are the best options for this event.

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Whats Life Like As A Wedding Planner

If youre looking for a wedding planner job description, theres no one-size-fits-all.

But wherever youre working as a wedding planner and whether youre a freelancer or employee you can expect every day to be different.

You might spend your time answering emails from clients and calls from vendors. You might taste cakes one day, and choose flowers the next. You might have to juggle invoices, taxes and other business tasks.

Of course, youll also have to plan and attend many events so its imperative youre OK with working on evenings and weekends.

And lastly? Dont expect it to be easy. As Orwat warns, this job is demanding both physically and mentally.

Get A Marriage License

How to Plan a Wedding Step by Step

If youre thinking about how to plan a wedding step by step, remember one of the most important tasksobtaining a marriage license so that you and your partner can actually get legally married! Every state has different marriage license laws, so be sure to study up beforehand. Make sure that you get your marriage license at the right timein advance if theres a waiting period in your state, but not too far in advance if the license expires after a certain amount of time. If you’re interested in changing your name after the wedding, that marriage license will be a critical step in the process.

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What Does A Wedding Planner Actually Do

Wedding planners are the organisers behind weddings. They make sure the big day runs smoothly and also calm and reassure the couple . There are different levels of service that a wedding planner might offer. It can be a stressful work with long hours, especially in the run-up to the wedding but its a rewarding one, making a couple and their families happy with a memorable occasion.

Full wedding planning involves overseeing the whole event, from the very beginning to the end, and covering every detail. Partial wedding planning means the planner will be responsible for some features of the wedding. And on-the-day management means wedding planners just provide support on the day itself.

If Your Wedding Is In Less Than A Year

There are lots of reasons why a timeline of less than a year might be right for you and your partner. Perhaps you got engaged in December and always dreamed of a fall wedding, but dont want to wait nearly two years to wed. Or maybe you just dont want to wait that longtotally fine! If youre planning on going from just engaged to married in less than a year, we recommend waiting about two weeks before starting to think about the specifics of your wedding. You dont even have to talk about your wedding for this timeframe, and just brush off any questions you may receive from family members or friends. This is your time to enjoy this blissful period, so feel free to ban that wedding talk until youre good and ready.

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Breaking Into The Industry

You dont necessarily have to wait until youve graduated or obtained a wedding planning certificate to start making strides in the bridal industry. At the very least, make a plan and start networking.

Getting Hired

Unfortunately, obtaining a certificate or degree doesnt guarantee youll land your dream job or any job, for that matter. As is the case in most industries, youll likely have to work your way up at a wedding planning company. Dont be afraid to complete an internship or take an assistant position the work will be grueling but itll allow you to learn a lot more than if you were just delegating. Youll also be able to learn the ropes alongside a seasoned professional.

Lisa Gorjestani, founder and event planner at Details Event Planning, told the muse that while starting out, wedding planning newcomers should network and get to know as many venues and vendors as possible.

Interning is a valuable experience. This is one of those businesses in which it just takes experience, she said. Even if you are very creative, you need to understand the business side and logistics involved.

If you dont want to start at the bottom of the totem pole, aim for an on-site coordinator position. Youll be able to work with a variety of wedding vendors while learning the ins and outs of weddings and other events.

Starting Your Own Business

Make sure to also take advantage of free and affordable tools, like the Wedding Planners Toolbox from Planners Lounge.

The Statistics

Do I Need A Degree To Become A Wedding Planner


No, you do not require a degree to become a wedding planner. In fact, with the proper levels of passion, curiosity, and experience, anybody can become a wedding planner. The most critical factor in the profession is experience. No one will hire a wedding planner who does not have a lot of successful weddings under their belt.

Wedding planners can get experience by organizing the weddings of close associates and family or shadowing established professionals. In addition, individuals who want to succeed in their careers should have a passion for helping people and strong organizational skills. The best wedding planners are dependable, responsible, cool-headed, and great time managers.

However, an academic degree is not useless in the field. A background in hospitality and event management can help wedding planners deliver better service to clients.

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Start Thinking Big Picture

The minute you get engaged, everyone will be asking for your wedding date. In reality, though, you won’t be able to set an exact wedding date until other major decisionslike setting your budgetare made. But before you dive into the nitty-gritty details, we recommend thinking about the big picture vision you have for your wedding day. What time of year do you want to host your celebration? What wedding venue style sparks your interest? Are you drawn to intimate, outdoor boho parties, or would you rather have a glam formal affair at a chic city rooftop? How many people do you want to invite? These are key details to consider before you move forward with any decisions. “I always ask my couples to describe their perfect wedding day,” says Mary Thornton, founder of Connecticut-based stationery boutique and event planning company Party Party. “Is it casual? Formal? Large? Small? Do you prefer formal and elegant, or do you want a fun, casual dance party? Once that decision is made the other ones fall into place.”

Hire A Lighting Technician

The most important detail couples forget about is lighting. Seriously, the bulbs and candles you select are what will ultimately light your perfect venue, make your photos just right, and keep the party goingeven after the sun sets. Here are 24 bright ideas, and then here are another 31 picture-perfect candle display ideas.

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Coordinate You Your Family Vendors & Guests

On the day of your event, we act again as that Team Lead in every aspect: From the moment hair and makeup begins to the vendor strike at the end of the night. Our team is constantly checking in on you, making sure you both are happy and excited, all while making sure their vendors have what they need and are running on time as well.

Need a tissue? Well grab you one. Sewing needle and thread? Weve got an emergency kit! Need to push back speeches 5 minutes, to allow for a bathroom break? Well let your DJ/band and attendants know! All of these things are constantly in check to ensure theres no rushing or awkward lags the entire day.

Its a long day of work for Planners, who can be on their feet coordinating and overseeing your event anywhere from 10-15 hours in just one wedding day. Sounds like a lot, right? It is, but we love that we get to serve in this way!

Us Planners love what we do, but its truly not for the faint of heart! We invest more time into our couples and work more hours on one wedding than any other vendor. Based on all of the services we listed and hours we spend on each event, hopefully all of the above helps give those inquiring minds a better understanding of why investing in a Planner is worth every penny.

You wouldnt trust your inexperienced neighbor Tom to take your wedding photos that youll look back on year after year so why take the chance on your Wedding Planner/Coordinator?


How To Become A Wedding Planner: A Step

Consider this significant graphics and look into today information on ...

Whether held at a beach or a hall, a wedding can be one of the most important events in anyones life. Most people already have an idea of what they want on their wedding day. All they need is a wedding planner that can put together all the different pieces of the jigsaw. Wedding planning can be a fulfilling and demanding occupation. This article will break down the steps of becoming a wedding planner.

In the US alone, there were 1,267,877 weddings in 2020, and the average cost of each wedding was $20,286. Wedding planning goes beyond organizing and coordinating different aspects of a wedding day. The bigger picture is to give couples an unforgettable experience and take away the burden of responsibility. Here, well explain what a wedding planner does, their income, the challenges, and every other bit of information to get you started.

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If Your Wedding Is More Than 18 Months Away

Having a long engagement can be a major luxury. You’ll be able to relax and take on wedding planning with a generally slow and leisurely pace, and with less stress. Youll likely have your pick of wedding vendors as wellvendors usually book up about a year in advance, so if your timeframe is longer than that, most vendors will generally be available. And you’ll have plenty of time to make decisions. For these reasons, theres no need to rush to start planning. Spend at least one month enjoying that just engaged feelingperhaps celebrating with an engagement party, but without any pressure to start thinking about the actual wedding.

What Traits Do Wedding Planners Need

First things first: Do you have the skills and personality to become a wedding planner?

According to industry pros, here are some key traits every wedding planner should have:

  • Organization: Juggling dozens of weddings and multiple vendors for each one requires you to be on the ball, all the time.
  • Communication: You wont just need to communicate with vendors and clients before and during the event youll also need to deal with guests in a chaotic environment.
  • Patience: Clients want their weddings to be perfect, which means they can often be demanding.
  • Stamina: On wedding days, youll be on-site, on your feet for up to 15 hours straight.

Many of us choose this career because we thrive on the excitement, the challenge and the madness that happens on the wedding day, explains Debbie Orwat, founder and Chief Inspiration Officer at Planners Lounge, a community for event planners.

We live to solve problems, keep everything on time and manage 20-plus vendors without breaking a sweat. If you can handle stress and keep your cool, then this could be a good career choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions About How To Become A Wedding Planner:

Do you need a degree to be a wedding planner?

No, but it certainly doesnt hurt. Your level of education depends on the type of wedding planning business youre trying to be a part of. If your goal is to be your own boss and run your own one-person business, no college degree is required. However, a degree in a hospitality or event-planning field can help better prepare you for the industry, and it may be preferred by some organizations.

How do wedding planners make their money?

Most wedding planners earn their money by charging a flat fee, an hourly rate, or a percentage of a couples wedding budget.

How long does it take to become a certified wedding planner?

It depends on the type of certification. A Wedding Planner Certificate from Online Courses Australia, for example, takes an estimated 12 study hours. On the other end of the spectrum, the Wedding Academys Certificate in Wedding Planning takes approximately three months.

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How to plan a wedding in 10 steps (10 STEPS TO PLAN YOUR WEDDING)

These fees will be mentioned in your contract as percentages, but its worth it to actually calculate what that’ll mean in real dollars. For example, if your venue has a $5,000 food minimum and charges a 18% service fee, thats another $900 youll need in your budget but its weirdly easy to kind of skim past things like that when youre just looking for the big, visible numbers and/or hate math.

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