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How To Pick A Wedding Florist

Are There Advantages To Silk Flowers Over Fresh Flowers

How to Pick a Wedding Florist | Perfect Wedding

Image: The Blossom Company

Fake flowers have got a lot of bad press, but gone are the days of the dusty plastic daffodils in your grandmas house. The Blossom Company specialises in incredible wedding flower displays using both high-quality silk and fresh flowers that you can rent for your big day and as you can see from the picture above, these silk flowers are gorgeous and completely convincing.

Founder Izabella explains the benefits: Hiring silk flowers from The Blossom Co works out at approximately a quarter or third of the price of fresh flowers. This means you can get really beautiful and impressive centrepieces for an affordable price.

You dont need to worry about the seasons either. If you love peonies but youre getting married in September then you will struggle to get this beautiful flower fresh at that time of the year. With silk flowers you know exactly what youre getting.

Image: Stock Florist

In addition, theres no last-minute substitutions with silk flowers. All my brides get to see a sample of their centrepiece and they know that this is exactly what they will be getting on the day, Izabella says.

Silk bouquets keep forever if theyre treated well and eliminate the risk of allergies. If you want a bouquet to pass down the generations, a silk one would work.

Consider The Color Scheme Or Theme Of Your Wedding

Naturally, you must first consider your wedding theme to make an ideal choice regarding the type of flowers. A white, pink, golden, or rose gold are some common wedding colors. Ideal flower choices for these color palettes include white roses, dahlia, white anemone, or gypsophila.

In fact, any flower company will show you these options first. Similarly, multi-colored hydrangeas and calla lilies go with a musical or artistic-style wedding. As you can see, considering your wedding theme and the color palette is one of the easiest ways to pick flowers that complement the former.

When Should You Book

Meet your florist after youve found your venue, but also once youve picked your dress. This is really important as it will dictate the theme and feel for your flowers. The colours and textures of your dress will determine what core colour is chosen and will run throughout the ceremony and the reception. Where possible, meet with your florist at the venue and take a tour together, your florist may see spaces you hadnt considered.

The lovely Kerry from Foxgloves and Alice

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Whats The Most Important Thing To Consider When Choosing Wedding Flowers

Image: Stock Florist

Your budget, undoubtedly. Work this out first and then meet with a couple of different florists to see what they can offer for what you can afford.

Sam Garner of Stock Florist says, Your budget will impact the styles and sizes that can be created. Its better to be honest with your florist, and, by having a realistic budget to work with, the florist can guide you in the best way and show you possible designs that could become a reality.

Be upfront from the start. Florist are very creative and skilled they can design something beautiful within your budget, we promise.

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Picking A Wedding Florist:

How to Choose Your Wedding Florist
  • Dont choose flowers that have powerful aromas. They can cause allergic reactions among guests. Opt for fake versions of your favorite fragrant blooms or ask your florist to find a lightly scented flower that is the same shape and color as your original choice.

  • Dont delay your search. Avoid costly last-minute bookings and stressful DIY projects by planning your flowers soon after you secure a venue.

  • Dont try to replicate your inspiration board. Trust that you chose the best possible florist who will come up with something similar yet completely unique for your special day.

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    Find Out The Level Of Service A Florist Offers

    Long story short, theres value in service that a price cant convey, says Hansboro. Many couples see a price tag and assume that theyre only paying for the florals themselves. However, that simply isnt the case. See if a prospective florist has a reputation for good service or if they are more hands-off. Find out if the florist offers follow up meetings, and how they want to be contacted with pending questionsand how often. Talk to your designer and understand the service elements that are involved, that way, you can see how invaluable it is to have everything wrapped up in one package, states Hansboro.

    Read Over The Proposal Carefully

    After your meetings, proposals should start rolling into your inbox. You should receive quotes within your budget that include the types of flowers and specific arrangements you requested. Additionally, read the fine print to evaluate the extent of services your floral designer offers. Check whether they simply drop off centerpieces or provide setup and cleanup services in their quote. Carefully assess the proposals, and reach out of you have questions or need clarification. After that, select the florist that rises to the top.

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    Think About Your Wedding Venue And Theme

    The style of the venue and your theme choice significantly influence the flowers you pick. For instance, some outside venues already have some natural flowers blooming around. In such a case, you dont need too many additions.

    Also, your theme will influence the choice of colors of the flowers. Is your theme more of pink, gold, silver, yellow? Color consideration matters since not all flower types will match your wedding theme.

    Communicate Your Vision And Expectations To Potential Florists

    How to Choose Your Wedding Florist

    Communication is paramount from the very beginning when seeking out the right florist, says Cece Todd of CeCe Designs in Birmingham, Alabama. You must make sure the florist both understands and articulates your vision. However, for a floral designer to understand, the couple must communicate about their budget and design. Its our job as florists to be able to translate that vision into a visual product, and we only have one chance to get it right.

    As with any relationship, communication goes both ways, so be open to what a potential florist is verbalizing. If they florists arent hearing what you are saying, or you arent hearing what they are saying, thats when disaster is imminent, says Todd. Again, be honest and upfront when interviewing floral designers. Ultimately, its your wedding day, and your florist wants you to love every floral piece they provide.

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    How Do You Pick Wedding Flowers

    Follow these tips to help you get started!

  • Make a budget. This is the first and most important step when it comes to choosing your wedding flowers.
  • Find a wedding florist.
  • Match your wedding style.
  • Correspondingly, when should I pick my wedding flowers?

    You’ll want to book someone six to eight months out. Florists book up fast, especially if you’re getting married in peak season , so start vetting them alongside some of your other professionals early in the process and lock one in as soon as you can.

    Subsequently, question is, how much should you spend on wedding flowers? Your wedding florist will make your wedding day even more beautiful by providing gorgeous floral arrangements. Depending on your style and needs, your wedding flowers cost will vary, but the average cost of wedding flowers in the U.S. is around $1,500 with most couples spending between $700 and $2,500.

    Then, how do I pick a wedding florist?

    To find the florist to create your wedding day vision, be sure to ask them these questions.

  • Establish Your Flower Style.
  • What are the cheapest wedding flowers?

    Here are a few of their tips:

  • Roses. Shutterstock. Roses, somewhat surprisingly, can be a relatively inexpensive wedding flower.
  • Gerbera Daisies. Shutterstock.
  • Carnations. Shutterstock.
  • flowersTrader Joe’scancanweddingflowersweddingaverage costwedding flowersBridesBridal bouquetBridesmaid bouquetCostcoWeddingwedding flowersofferweddingDIY weddingfar in advancebridal bouquetbridal bouquetvases

    Picking A Bridal Bouquet With Personality

    Dont forget that you can also bring your own personal touch to every bouquet your florist shows you. Many brides will add a brooch, pin or locket that has significance to their life, says Fleegal. Some brides choose to wrap their bouquet in lace from their mothers wedding gowns or add a specific flower that symbolizes a lost loved one. For a bridal bouquet with even more personality, accent it with some items that say something about you, like seashells or golf tees . Its your shining moment, so be yourself!

    So now that you know how to choose a bridal bouquet thats the perfect match for your wedding day, its time to start your beautiful new life with the person whos the perfect match for you!

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    Determine Your Wedding Flower Style

    Before you start your search for a wedding florist, chat with your fiancé about how you want to incorporate flowers on the big day. Maybe you know the exact blooms you want your bouquet or centerpieces to include, right down to the greenery. On the other hand, maybe you dont know the difference between a garden rose and a carnation and would prefer to leave the specifics to a professional. Regardless, figure out if you want the style of your flowers to be classic, rustic, vintage, modern, or something completely unexpected. Begin gathering floral inspiration and wedding flower trends that you can use down the road when the time comes. Just like any other artist, florists tend to have their own styles and design specialities, so its important to have a general idea of what you want and ask them how theyll work with your vision.

    Can They Offer Creativity


    Changes are that you would like flowers that match your specific color scheme or theme. If the wedding florist that you visit can’t offer you several different creative options of what type of flowers or fillers you could use, then they are not the right florist for you either. Why settle for someone with no creativity and passion, when you could look elsewhere and get it?

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    Know The Basics Of Wedding Flowers

    You dont have to become an overnight expert on wedding flowers, but if you dont already know some of the basic blooms, it can be helpful to do a bit of research before meeting with your florist. While youre gathering floral inspiration, take a moment to familiarize yourself with popular wedding flowers . Also decide whether or not you want fragrant bloomslilacs, freesias, peonies, jasmine, sweet peas, and gardenias are among the most perfumed wedding flowers. Knowing a bit of flower lingo will come in handy when youre talking to your florist, and you wont feel completely lost when theyre sharing their ideas for your arrangements.

    It can also be helpful to share any floral trends you do or don’t likefor example, are you in love with the boho vibe of pampas grass, or is it a total no-go for your wedding day? If there’s any type of flower or greenery that’s off limits, be sure to fill your florist in on your preferences.

    Consider How A Florist Makes You Feel

    Theres something to be said for relying on your gut instinct. During the consultation, its important that youre happy with how they make you feel and that youre confident that they can perform, says Hansboro. The type of experience your florist offers should align with your needs and wants for your big day. The journey to the end product is just as important!

    Having a good relationship with your floral designer is also vital. You will be working together for months to create a beautiful wedding, so be sure you gel. You need to feel that their design voice meshes well with your dream wedding look, but you should also have an effortless work relationship, says Hansboro. Even if you hired the top luxury florist in your area, if the personality and comfort arent there, then you wont have the same experience.

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    How To Find Wedding Florists Near You

    The easiest way to find a florist near your wedding is to ask your venue for their recommendations or preferred suppliers. It is also worth looking independently at florists located within a 5-10 mile radius of the venue: This will mean that delivery costs in the morning are minimal.

    Before booking a wedding florist, visit a few shops so you can compare their creativity, interest in your wedding, price and floral stock. Costs are often reasonably comparative, but the approach and ability of florists can vary significantly. Do not get pulled in just by a big name some smaller startups can be just as versatile and more willing to go the extra mile for an outstanding rating.

    How to spot a talented wedding florist
    • When visiting wedding florists, be bold and ask to look at photographs of previous weddings they have provided services for.
    • Look at the range of flowers on offer and the quality/freshness of those on display.
    • Check prices are inclusive of VAT and delivery on the day.

    After exploring options near your venue, it is worth making a shortlist of two florists and organising to re-visit them for a bridal flower consultation. Always go with your favourite option first, and if this goes well, you can cancel the second consultation.

    What to know before visiting wedding florists
    • Ceremony flowers

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    What to expect at a wedding flower consultation

    Questions to ask your wedding florist

    When to book a wedding florist

    Venue and Date

    How To Choose The Best Bouquet For A Wedding Dress

    How to Choose Your Wedding Flowers

    A simple-cut dress benefits from a more ornate bouquet with a range of colors and decorations. Choose hues that complement your wedding attire for a more understated bouquet. Avoid using same colors and consider using accent colors. A lot of resemblance might make the scene bland and difficult to capture. You can also use different textures in the bouquet to add interest to the arrangement.

    If you are having a traditional wedding, stick to classic flowers like roses and lilies. They are easy to find in most supermarkets and they will give a classy impression to your wedding party. If you want to add some life into your bouquet, then opt for colorful flowers like daisies or carnations. They are affordable and can be found at every grocery store.

    For a more modern wedding, brides often choose succulents or plants in glass containers as their bouquet material. These look beautiful and add a unique touch to the wedding party photos. But be careful not to overdo it with these materials if the bouquet is too weird or unusual, your guests may wonder what kind of wedding it is you’re trying to convey!

    Finally, if you are short on time or money, then ask someone who knows you well to help you pick out a bouquet. They might know of some great deals or have ideas about what would look good together.

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