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What Do You Buy For A 40th Wedding Anniversary

What Can I Get My Parents For Their 40th Wedding Anniversary

What Are The Best 40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts? We Have Answers!

Personal presents that youve clearly spent some time thinking through are almost always more welcome than something that has been bought with little thought just because it is expensive. Even hand made craft presents go down well as they show that you have spent time thinking about your parents and want to do something to show them how much you care. Here a few of our own suggestions each of these suggestions can be presented in a Ruby red ribbon or in Ruby red wrapping paper to keep the tradition of the color Ruby alive:

So there we have it. Hopefully this guide to the 40th Ruby Anniversary has offered some good insights and covered a lot of bases, onward and upward to the next big milestone the 50th Wedding Anniversary!

Vietri Cotessa Red Wine Glass

Raise a glass and toast to 40 years of marriage with this unique rendition of the traditional gift. The deep ruby red shade of this blown wine glass makes it a great 40th wedding anniversary presentâjust be sure to buy two so the happy couple can enjoy a glass of their favorite wine or champagne in matching goblets.

Th Anniversary Gifts & Present Ideas

Find a tonne of ruby wedding gifts on this page to celebrate an impressive 40-year marriage between two of your favourite humans on the planet. If you want to encompass the ruby aspect of this special anniversary, we have home gifts, wall art and glass vases which depict 40 years of love. For unique present ideas, explore couple experiences the two can enjoy together. From sophisticated wine tasting afternoons to thrilling driving activities and days out filled with new memories waiting to be created, there’s plenty of choice. For the happy couple who loves to enjoy a tipple or two every week , browse our range of personalised glasses which can be engraved with their names or a special message. Whether they drink wine, beer or whiskey, there’s a drinking glass set for them.

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Celebrate 40 Years Together With A Ruby Anniversary Gift

anniversary giftspersonalised Belgian chocolatesoriginal newspaper personalised champagne flutes

After so many years together you might think theres literally nothing you can buy the couple but think again. If their interests include the great outdoors then our bestselling Personalised Apple Crate Planter is a rustic and practical gift that can be used for a lovely flower bed. Of course theres personalised champagne if they love a bit of bubbly and much, much more. From small gifts to grand romantic gestures, weve got it all.

Ruby And Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Anniversary Sign NEW Nostalgic PHOTO 40th Wedding ...

If my husband reads this in 35 years, babe, this is what I want! There is nothing more classically elegant than a dainty diamond tennis bracelet, and this one gets the 40th anni treatment with intermittent, sparkling rubies. Simply stunning.

Angara classic round ruby and diamond tennis bracelet, $1,889, Angara

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Luna Bean Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

This kit includes everything you’ll need to make your own one of a kind keepsake. The hands casting kit features powder, stone, sandpaper, and easy to follow instructions. The eight inch wide bucket easily fits both hands and after about three minutes, a molding of your intertwined hands is revealed. This is an easy, quick activity that reveals a finished product that can last for years to come.

Wonderbly Ten Reasons I Love You Book

You’ve said “I love you” countless times over the years, so this custom anniversary book serves as a brand new way to express your feelings. Answer 10 questions about your partner and the illustrators at Wonderbly will create a custom celebration of your relationship in 44 illustrated pages. We have a feeling this sweet 40-year anniversary gift will bring happy tears to your spouse’s eyes.

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Personalised Celebration Sponge Cake 40 Marks & Spencer

A moist sponge with rich buttercream and strawberry jam covered with sweet white icing no, we dont know anyone who could resist a slice either. This cake, adorned with an eye-catching ruby ribbon, serves 30, so its fab for surprising the couple of the hour at a celebratory gathering. Order a custom cake topper in advance if you want to go the extra mile.

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Personalized Family Tree Canvas Print

What is the traditional gift for a 40th wedding anniversary?


Its been 40 years since the day your parents got married. It took 40 years of dedication, devotion, love, and laughter to build a home and family as beautiful as yours. On your parents Ruby Anniversary, gift them our gorgeous Personalized Family Tree Canvas Print.

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Swarovski Crystalline Nova Ballpoint Pen

There are lots of ways to follow the 40th wedding anniversary gift theme without giving your partner actual rubies. This stunning rose gold-plated ballpoint pen comes in a rich ruby red hue and is filled with thousands of shimmering crystalsâhow’s that for an upgrade to their office supplies? Designed in the 40th wedding anniversary color, it’s a fitting tribute to 40 years of marriage.

Happy 40th Anniversary Gift Box

Another worthwhile 40 years of marriage gift is this homemade anniversary surprise box. Unlike the typical 40th wedding anniversary ideas for parents, this DIY project is more personal. Buy exciting items in colors for the 40th anniversary, wrap them beautifully, and voilà!

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Brookstone Smart Digital Picture Frame

There’s surely no shortage of photos that have been snapped over the years and if you want to keep them all on display in an organized way, this digital frame is a great option. It can store more than 5,000 pics! Also, if your family wants to share photos or videos with you, that’s a breeze. The frame can connect to other picture frames just like it or even social media accounts.

A Personalised Work Of Art

40 Years Wedding Anniversary Sign

Thanks to canvas printing, you can give your wife a personalised work of art. We love the idea of taking the score of a meaningful song and having part of it printed in red on canvas. Consider using an arrangement of your wedding song or one that expresses your love for her. Alternatively, have a map featuring your wedding venue, where you met, or another location that is important in your own love story, printed on canvas one of the most romantic and sentimental 40th wedding anniversary gifts you can get.

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Gift Suggestions To Purchase For Your 40th Anniversary

There are a variety of ways to celebrate the two decades you’ve shared with your partner. Depending on what you both love doing, we recommend spending extra quality time together, and even incorporating the traditional anniversary gem and gift into your chosen activity.

  • Ruby red glass gifts
  • Plan a trip to Ruby in Arizona or South Carolina, Ruby Valley in Nevada, or the Ruby River in Utah, Ruby River in Washington State, Ruby Falls in Tennessee, the Ruby Golf Course in the Bahamas, or to a Ruby Mine in Cherokee, North Carolina.
  • Ruby red paperweights, vases, wall decor, candles, or candleholders
  • Coupons for dinner at a special restaurant, a trip, etc. wrapped in a ruby red ribbon.

All Things Ruby Colored

Ruby jewelry is the official gift for the 40th wedding anniversary, but it is often something a spouse or very close family member would give. For your parents, ruby earrings or ruby cuff links would make an extra special gift. However, you don’t have to stick to jewelry. Focus on ruby-colored gifts instead. Present the couple with a bottle of top-shelf red wine, such as a ruby port wine, along with a fancy wine opener. You could also give them wine glasses with ruby red piping along the rim or the stem. Consider giving them a ruby red blanket or throw for their living room.

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Bose Noise Cancelling Over

Spoil your spouse with some brand new tech in honor of your 40th wedding anniversary. With these snazzy noise-canceling headphones, your partner can travel back in time listening to their favorite golden oldies. Plus, this revolutionary gift uses Bose AR, a first-of-its-kind augmented reality audio system that uses motion sensors and location data to tailor your listening experience. How’s that for a unique gift?

Traditional And Modern Gift/ Symbol Ruby

Bluff City couples celebrate 40th triple wedding anniversary

Theres a good reason the occasion is known as the ruby anniversary. The highly prized ruby red gem is the traditional and modern gift for the 40th anniversary, whether you are in the UK or the US. Historically, rubies were mined in Thailand, Cambodia, Afghanistan, India, and elsewhere. More recently, deposits were found in Madagascar, Vietnam, and several other countries.

Although rubies are popularly thought to be bright red in colour, they are found in colours ranging from pink to blood red. They symbolise passion, love, nobility, nobility, luck, and life, and because of this, many people still believe the stone has protective powers.

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What Are The Anniversary Colors

A Breakdown of Traditional Anniversary Colors

  • 1st Anniversary: Gold or Yellow.
  • 2nd Anniversary: Red or Linen White.
  • 3rd Anniversary: White or Jade Green.
  • 4th Anniversary: Blue or Green.
  • 5th Anniversary: Blue, Pink, or Turquoise.
  • 6th Anniversary: Purple, Turquoise, or White.
  • 7th Anniversary: Onyx, Yellow, or Off White.

Th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him Her And The Couple

Planning to host a party for your anniversary celebration? Consider having table decorations comprising both gladioli and nasturtium, accompanied by a music playlist of songs that were popular the year you exchanged your vows.

If you have never taken a second honeymoon before, the 40th anniversary is a great time to rectify that oversight. If you already have, maybe its time for a third honeymoon!

Bearing in mind the significance of this celebration, jewellery is always a favoured gift for the 40th wedding anniversary. So maybe a heart-shaped ruby pendant for her and some ruby cufflinks for him? Or matching eternity rings mounted with rubies

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What Should I Say For A 40th Wedding Anniversary

Some simple advice would be to tailor your message to the couple you are addressing. In other words if they are a fun and lively couple then a few good jokes or funny poems will go down well.

On the other hand if the couple are religious then choose a passage from their Holy Book and blend it with some of your own praises.

Regardless of what you say you should remember to keep it non offensive and ensure that you show the couple love and support for their achievement, after all 40 years alone on planet earth is a long time but to have been married for this amount of time to another person, sharing everyday ups and downs is a real feat of strength, determination, compassion but above all else love.

What Are Some 40th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

40th Anniversary Gift 40th Anniversary Gift for Parents

There is no set way to celebrate such a big event, which leaves many people a bit stressed and lost. Do not panic! We at Clean Origin have your back. Remember to focus on what makes you and your partner, or the couple you are planning for, the happiest!

You could try highlighting the activities that you have maintained within your marriage. Alternatively, trying something new for this 40th anniversary could add a spark of romance and excitement.

If youre still nervous, we have included a list of some great 40th wedding anniversary party ideas.

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Celebrate 40 Years With Unique Ruby Wedding Gifts

Need more inspiration for ruby anniversary gifts? Youve got it. How about giving the loved-up couple a 40th anniversary gift they can enjoy in the comfort of their own home. Perhaps they enjoy a cuppa in the morning together? We have anniversary mugs alongside other quirky and unique mug gifts to pour their tea or coffee into. Want to give the magical couple a sentimental gift to celebrate their special day? Explore our range of which include frames, photo cubes and even cushions which can be personalised with a special memory of their marriage.

Are you trying to find ruby wedding gifts that create unforgettable memories? Celebrate the happy couples love with a romantic meal for two. There is a variety of restaurants and gourmet pubs across the UK to choose from. How about you indulge their thrill-seeker side with adventure activities such as water rafting and go-karting. They might be celebrating 40 years of marriage, but we bet theyve got young, adventurous hearts and are ready for anything. Whatever their personalities, explore ruby wedding anniversary presents to suit them and theyll never forget your unique gift.

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Alternative 40th Anniversary Gift Ideas

If ruby wedding anniversary gifts don’t strike your fancy, you’re not out of luck. There are plenty of alternative 40th anniversary gift ideas for that special someone in your life. Even though the 40th wedding anniversary is represented by the ruby, there are plenty of modern gifts that will wow your loved one even if they aren’t tied to the traditional theme. Don’t waste any timeâbrowse our top picks below, and buy your favorites on the spot.

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Ways To Celebrate Your 40th Anniversary:

  • Use sparkly ruby red glitter on flowers, cards, centerpieces, gift wrap, balloons, etc. Set the table with a paper ruby red tablecloth, rent china, and crystal with ruby red trim or tint, use ruby red looking votive candles, place flowers in ruby red colored vases.
  • Renew your marriage vows.
  • Toast one another with a ruby red wine.
  • Plan a picnic with paper ruby red colored plates and cups.

Th Wedding Anniversary Gift Giving Tips

DJ Gig Log – 40th Wedding Anniversary Party

Its always important to celebrate anniversaries, and that includes every year, including the first one. This sets the momentum for the years to come, so you do not fall out of touch with how far you have come as a couple.

Embracing anniversaries gives you a chance to celebrate your life together. And just like birthday celebrations, gifts are in order. The couple may exchange gifts, but you should also remember that this is not just their celebration. Their children, friends, and family may also want to celebrate with them, and they too should be given a chance to express their thoughts through gift giving.

Did you know that there are specific gifts for specific anniversaries? Well, every anniversary year has a number of gifts dedicated to it, and these include both modern and traditional gifts, flowers, and gemstones. Below, we give you tips on how to buy gifts for your spouse or a special couple celebrating this anniversary soon.

The first thing we need to point out is that you have various options. While there are both modern and traditional or official gifts, you dont necessarily have to go with them. You can choose to buy an item that your loved one has wanted for the longest time. Secondly, remember the wedding day. You could present the couple with an album of the memorable moments of their wedding with pictures of their first kiss, first dance, cutting of the cake, and much more.

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