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Do It Yourself Wedding Videography

Cost Of Hiring A Professional Drone Videographer

DIY Wedding Ideas and Tips: Bouquets, Centerpieces, and more

A professional drone filmmaker can either charge a flat fee or a per hour rate for lending his magical skills to your wedding video. A videographer can charge based on his expertise and skill level.

At 2Bridges, we offer a competitive price for filming a 2-5 minute video, depending on the type cinematography.

Drone operators and videographers can also charge based on the drone models you require, should you have specific preferences. There are several drones to choose from.

One, in fact, to suit every need: DJI Phantom 3 , Inspire 1 Pro , Panasonic GH4 equipped drones, etc.

Drones today can record in varying high resolutions: High Definition , 4K, or even 6K! If you have the budget, you can even opt a 360° Virtual Reality equipped drone that captures beautiful, 360° by 180° field of view.

Consult with your drone cinematographer before you commence the shoot. Show him around the venue and mutually decide upon the best equipment that will serve the purpose.

Every wedding is unique and needs a unique filming treatment to ensure it is best documented in all its beauty!

I Dont Like The Sound Of My Voice

This might sound like a silly reason for anyone not to have their wedding filmed. Yet, although I was previously a broadcaster for the BBC and used to the sound of my own voice, I do remember back to when I was studying radio for my media degree and I hated my voice when I first heard it played back.

This is actually less of an issue these days because so many of us use social media on a daily basis for lives and recordings, or have answering phone messages, and so on.

But if youre still worried about that, I can honestly say that I have never in all my time as a wedding videographer had any feedback from my clients about their voices in the film. And anyway, feeling slightly uncomfortable about your voice at first is a small price to pay as your friends and family hear it all the time.

TIP: If it really worries you that much you can always ask for a music montage style wedding film where there is no audio captured on the day, or ask that it isnt used in your wedding trailer. This is not something I offer as audio is very important in my filming style in order to tell your story of the day.

For Most People Today Having A Video Record Of Their Wedding Is Something That They Cannot Do Without

For most people today, having a video record of their wedding is something that they cannot do without. From catching Uncle Earl dancing badly to hearing a sobby story about the bride when she was 5 from Aunt Edna, these are priceless moments that will become true heirlooms to keep forever. But, hiring a videographer can get expensive, especially if you are on a tight wedding budget. So, how do you get around hiring a professional? Here are some tips and ideas to help you do-it-yourself when it comes to your wedding day video:

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Turn On Image Stabilization And Hold With Two Hands

Your phone should have an option for some kind of electronic image stabilization. Go into your video settings and turn this on. It will take the wobble out of your shot and make things look prettier when you are not on the tripod. And for added I would still hold with two hands for smoother footage.

Make Your Video Totally Personal

Do It Yourself Wedding Bouquet

With no limits on when and where you can film, you can create the wedding video you want and not a video that fits within a set timeframe or package.

Your final video can be whatever you want it to be! You could conjure up ideas with your friends and film fun, unique content. Weve had brides film themselves collecting the wedding dress with loved ones, enjoying group fish and chips the night before, practicing choreographed dance routines, preparing decorations with their family and more! So many priceless moments can be captured and included Alex explains.

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Wedding Day Video Shot List

Regardless of whether your Aunt Gertrude is shooting your footage or youâve hired the best videographer in the biz, itâs important to put together a shot list of moments youâd like your video person to capture. Here are a few basic shots to remember:

  • The bride and groom getting ready
  • The walk down the aisle
  • The ceremony
  • The bride and groom dancing with their parents
  • Speeches from the wedding party
  • The cake cutting

All Of The How To Film Weddings Digital Templates

That’s right! You get ALL of the amazing digital products that we will in our How To Film Weddings Store.

Consultation Guide – Nick and John have gone through every single step of the consultation process and unloaded all of their knowledge from over 15 years of doing consultations. We talk about how you should approach your client phone calls, and in-person meetings. We don’t hold anything back!

Email Templates – Everything from initial inquiry, to 1 year anniversary, and everywhere in between, we cover it all. Think about it. How many times do you write the same exact email? What if you could just have a template email for every situation in your business. Well, now you do!

Wedding Day Questionnaire – John and Nick have combined forces to give you all the questions they ask the bride and groom before the day. From basic info about the wedding, all the way to some pretty intense details. This will ensure you arent showing up to the wedding without knowing everything you should!

12 Month Budget Overview – Weve put together a 12 month budget overview that will help you look ahead and see where you are, finically so that youll never have to overdraft your account again! This 12 month overview comes with an excel spread sheet and a video tutorial to show you how to use it!

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Ask Some Reliable Friends To Help

When you assign wedding day roles to your wedding party, think about the video footage you are looking for. Chose friends that you trust to capture all the fun. Guests that can be in the right place at the right time and know how to use their camera properly. Roping in your friends can be super exciting and ensure really relaxed, real content. Have a think about which key moments you want to be captured on your day. Then simply ask the right guests to be in the right spot at the correct timings.

Why Would We Go For This Style Of Videography When We Could Hire A Professional For The Same Price

Do It Yourself “Scrapbook” Wedding Album – video 1 finished project

We have found that this question comes up every now and again and we think its a good one. A huge amount of work goes into a Shoot It Yourself wedding video, from the maintenance of the cameras and the safe backup of the footage, to the attention to detail in the editing process and the encoding onto a professional DVD.

We courier the cameras two days before the wedding to ensure that those filming have time to check them thoroughly and make sure that they are happy with how to use them. Were also on the other end of the phone if they have any technical questions.

Our website gives our customers their own unique client area where they can upload photos, tell us their music choices and leave us editing notes. Once the video is live they can upload their relatives email addresses and well email them with a link to the wedding video and the password where they can not only watch the video but order copies of the edited DVD, comment using Facebook and download the video for £1 to their phones or computers.

The most important thing that sets us apart, however, is our editing style. Having played no part in filming the wedding video, our editors have the task of watching ALL of the footage before deciding on the very best, personal bits to include and setting it to the clients choice of music.

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Questions To Ask Your Videographer

When youâre interviewing potential wedding videographers, make sure you know exactly what they offer. Here are a few questions you can ask before saying âI doâ to your videographer.

  • Are you available on the date of our wedding?
  • Do you offer any packages? Whatâs included in your packages?
  • Have you worked with our photographer before?
  • How long will you be filming?
  • How many videographers will be there on the day of the wedding?
  • How long will the video be?
  • Will our video include audio?
  • How do you choose music for a wedding video?
  • When can we expect the video to be ready?

Use A Tripod When Possible

Even though you will have image stabilization on, please use a tripod for the longer parts of your wedding such as ceremony and speeches. A tripod is not that expensive. You arent going to be panning or titling so a really basic one is all you need. And you will also need a cell phone adapter so you can mount it to the tripod. Thistripod comes with one and in addition it can be adjusted to 66 inches. You typically want your tripod shots at eye-level. You can go shorter, but it doesnt look as good.

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High Demand For Videographers

The wedding video industry was hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. For over a year, many videographers were out of work collecting unemployment or finding other work, however, wedding videographers have been in high demand as the world finds its new normal and postponed weddings are now back on the books. Couples are getting creative about all areas of wedding planning as many venues are booked with weddings that were scheduled in years past but delayed because of the pandemic. This also means there is a high demand and limited supply for all other wedding vendors such as photographers and videographers. It can be very difficult to find one available and if you can, the price is going to be much higher than it used to be.

How Will My Guests Know What To Film

Do It Yourself Spring Showers Door Hangers

All good film-it-yourself wedding video companies have online video tutorials that show the guests how to use the cameras and what to film. Always ask to see these before committing to this style of wedding videography because theyll help dictate what your friends will be told to film on your wedding day and they are also a good indicator of how professional their editing is.

If the video tutorials that theyre sending out to the friends and family are poorly filmed and not very well edited, it doesnt bode well for your wedding video!

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Find A Diy Wedding Video App

To collate all of your guests footage you could try to collect it all using Whatsapp or a similar mobile app. This can be fiddly and time consuming, not to mention disorganised. But there are apps out their built especially for collecting videos together. Enter the totally free Vidicrew wedding video app. Simply download to collaborate together. You can see the video content from your wedding guests gather into one online gallery in real time. How cool is that?

Do Include: A Highlight Reel

This is what you’ll show to the friends and family who you know won’t want to sit through all of your ceremony readings and your second cousin’s solo performance . If you’re going to devote part of your photo budget to videography, you don’t want the wedding video to just sit on a shelf and collect dust. That’s why highlight reels5- to 10-minute movies that include the highlights of the dayhave become the standard in wedding videos. They’re far more viewer friendly, because let’s face it: As much as you want to relive your wedding day, even the two of you won’t want to watch the entire hours-long play-by-play more than a few times . It’s also an easily digestible way to share the day’s top moments with guests who couldn’t be there. Even if you still want the longer version with all five hours of action, we strongly recommend getting a shorter, more shareable one too.

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Do Include: A Second Shooter

There’s no doubt about it: Two cameras are better than one. The ability to cut back and forth makes for a more engaging film overall. You get more extensive coverage too, because each shooter and camera films something different, or at least from a different angle. This is crucial at the ceremonythey can capture your partner’s face as you walk down the aisle. At the reception, they can film your uncle belly-laughing as your dad gives his toast. If you don’t have room in your budget for a second cameraman, consider making room for two cameras: one manned and moving around and the other stationary. This will enable your videographer to get a wide shot of the ceremony and close-ups of the action, and incorporate both into the video.

Looking for a videographer? Find one here.

Don’t hire your videographer before asking these questions.

How A Drone Can Make Your Wedding Videos Cinematic

Modern DIY Wedding Invitations : DIY Wedding Invitations

Lets face it.

A film shot entirely from the ground level tends to quickly get boring for the simple reason that it lacks perspective. A cinematographic perspective can transform an ordinary to the eye event into a breathtaking scene of awe-inspiring beauty!

A drone views the entire wedding ceremony and backdrop from several hundreds of feet above, and believe us, dramatically alters the perspective. Even otherwise dull looking scenes look great when shot on drone cameras! Such is the power of aerial videography.

If you are looking forward to making cinematic wedding videos, look no further than a drone for this one piece of equipment can radically transform the look of your wedding videos! Drone videography is here to stay.

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Wedding Drone Videography: Is It Worth The Price

Are you considering drone videography for your wedding? Youve seen the Youtube videos. Youve read about it on a blog, but still you have questions with regards to the real purpose, relevance, and benefit of drone videography or aerial cinematography. It can indeed be daunting when it comes to deciding whether or not a drone is really needed to cover a wedding.

The second question is a bit more puzzling: is it worth the hefty price?

The third question will leave you wondering: Should you get help from a seasoned videographer or do it yourself? Sounds chaotic? Well, it really isnt!

Fear not!

Read on to know the best drone videography tips to consider, or what to look for in a wedding drone videographer for that special day!

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