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How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost

Hiring Your Wedding Florist

How Much do Wedding Flowers Cost? | Rent and Return Wedding Flowers with Something Borrowed Blooms

With so much to organize and plan, it can be a huge relief to hire a florist with an innate sense of your style and what to recommend based on your budget. Know your budget going in it will help the florist know what to show and suggest.

Also hire your florist at least eight months before the date to ensure availability and so your florist will be able to give you ideas well in advance that will use flowers in season.

  • Look at the florists portfolios from past weddings and check the businesss online reviews.
  • Do a consultation session with your top three to see which one will be the best fit.
  • Let the florist know of any flowers or colors you particularly dislike.
  • Ask about any additional fees or if the setup and cleanup are included in the proposal.
  • Visit the florists shop on a week day, if he/she has one, to see if the flowers and arrangements look fresh and the florist seems organized.
  • Know the guest count and number in wedding party to get an accurate proposal.

What Services Does A Wedding Florist Provide

Your florist has your back through to the end of your big day here are all the services they should provide:

  • Consultation: This is where you sit down and discuss your vision for your wedding. Whatâs your theme? Color palette? Any particular flowers you canât live without? Once you nail down these details, your florist will provide a proposal and quote laying out the arrangements they will provide.
  • Samples: Before the wedding, a florist will oftentimes provide physical samples just to make sure youâre on the same page. Even if they donât provide you with a full-on sample, they will, at the very least, show you examples and photos of past work to help you visualize exactly what yours will look like.
  • Flowers: Your florist will take the time to carefully put together an order from growers to specifically cultivate flowers for shows and eventsâmuch better than what youâll find in your local corner shop.
  • Processing and storage: Once your flowers arrive, your florist will remove thorns and trim each bloom so that theyâre display-ready. These will stay in a refrigerated storage area until your wedding day.
  • Production: Design and arrangement are labor-intensive. There are typically multiple assistants and set-up folks involved in ensuring that your flower arrangements are picture-perfect.
  • Delivery and installation: Your florist and/or their team will deliver your arrangements and set them up personally to make sure they look their best.

Small But Beautiful Wedding

Because of the limited attendees that will significantly cut down your total wedding expenses, you can actually afford a more elegant and beautiful wedding these days. Why not splurge on your wedding videographer and photographer to have really gorgeous photos and videos of your special day? Or you can spend more on your wedding rings or your wedding dress. Its really up to you and your partner.

The bottom line is a simple wedding budget in the Philippines can still create a beautiful and unforgettable wedding, depending on how you work with what youve got.

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What To Do Before Planning Your Wedding

Before getting married, you and your partner should understand some legal aspects that you need to fulfill. According to Philippine law under Executive Order No. 209, both you and your partner have to fulfill these requirements:

  • Both parties must be at least 18 years old, male and female
  • If you or your fiancé is below 25 years old, you must get parental consent or advice
  • Must not have any legal impediments

Once youre sure that you fulfill these criteria, its time to identify your needs and wants for the biggest day of your life. This will help you estimate the cost of the wedding that you need to shell out.

Delivery Set Up And Pack Down

How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost?

Ceremony and Reception Venue Options

Blossom Wedding Flowers offers a versatile venue set up service. We can provide a full set up on the day or a partial set up so you are welcome to DIY.Vase Hirage: We have a large selection of hire vases available in a style to suit every wedding.Set up Rates: Our venue set up rate is $70.00 per hour/per florist, the average venue set up is 1 -2 hours .Venue Delivery: We will deliver to any venue within the Greater-Auckland area. Our delivery rate is $3.00 per/km + $10.00 per each additional delivery address. For large wedding set ups we may require extra van transportation for your flowers and this will be priced on per job.Collections and returns: We can collect vases from the venues after the wedding. Collection fees are priced per job. We also appreciate that our clients may want to enjoy our flowers arrangements after the wedding and return the vases themselves to save a collection fee. Vase return times are within 4 days of the wedding. Collection times MUST be flexible to allow for our busy wedding weekends. We will not be able to accommodate inflexible venue collection times in our peak busy periods.

Blossom Wedding Flowers Delivery Service

We offer an in house delivery service between 10am – 5pm, 7 days a week, so that your blooms are delivered fresh and at the requested time on your big day. The delivery charge is $3.00 per km + $10.00 per each additional delivery address.

Approximate Price Guide By Area:$35.00 North Shore

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Is It Cheaper To Use Fake Flowers For Weddings

No, it is not cheaper to use fake flowers for weddings. Good quality artificial or fake flowers are made of silk and therefore, are more expensive than real flowers. The only way in which you can save money by buying fake flowers is when you opt for the kind that is made of cheap or inferior quality material. A lot of people find artificial flowers more alluring than real flowers and thats the reason they choose them for their weddings.

Is It Ok To Have Fake Flowers At Your Wedding

Yes, its perfectly fine to have fake flowers at your wedding. A lot of couples I have known have used fake flowers extensively at their weddings and have been very happy with their decision. Fake flowers are far more long-lasting and sturdier than real flowers and you will never have to worry about them withering away. Another advantage of using fake flowers is that you can carry them home and use them at your place after the wedding ceremony or the reception has concluded.

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Floral Budget Breakdown: How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost

Here is a breakdown of approximately how much each floral arrangement element in a wedding costs to better help you create a floral budget that works for you. Remember, prices for flowers and services can vary wildly, so use these figures as a general guideline and get real price quotes from your local wedding florists!

Its also important to consider that although these are the average amounts couples are spending, some will spend more on one floral element and not spend as much on another. Know what kind of flowers you absolutely want, and what youre willing to splurge on vs. sacrifice.

Average Cost Of A Wedding Florist

Wedding Decorations & Flowers : How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost?

Although it isnt necessary to hire a florist, a professional will be able to put together a flower order of high-quality floral arrangements.

Florists also offer other services for example, your florist can help you plan your bouquets to match your theme and style, store flowers, and deliver them on the wedding day. Some couples ask family members to help out with the flowers, but florists are worth hiring to make your venue look truly spectacular.

The cost of hiring a florist is between $700 to $1,200, so factor this into your overall wedding budget or floral budget.

When youre looking for a florist to hire, ask your venue for recommendations. Some venues have a list of approved vendors, and other venues can provide florists who have worked there in the past.

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How Much Should I Spend On Wedding Centerpieces

Depending on their budget, people spend between $80 $400 on their wedding centerpiece. The budget for the centerpiece is determined by factors like the number of tables used during the day and the type of flowers you want to put on it. These days, the centerpiece is not the only piece of furniture or table on which flowers are placed during the ceremony. A lot of people use the head table and the dessert tables for floral arrangements as well.

Keeping The Flowers Fresh

Use flowers that do well in the local climate, and make sure they do well out of water.

If youre buying the flowers because friends are doing the arrangements, make sure you buy the flowers from reputable sources so the flowers arrive in good condition and wont die on the morning of the wedding.

Keep the flowers in water until its time to set them in place.

Keep your flowers in a cool location for at least three hours before the wedding so they dont wilt during the ceremony.

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Beach Wedding Reception Venue In Brighton

Host your wedding at one of Melbournes premier wedding venues, featuring waterfront and beachfront ceremonies, four event spaces catering from 30 to 220 guests.

We have celebrated with many bridal couples over the last 50 years in the Wedding Industry and look forward to hosting your special day with your family, friends and loved ones.

  • Owned and operated by the Lee family for over 50 years.
  • Located 12 km from Melbourne CBD on prestigious Brighton Beach.
  • Hosting your wedding from 30 220 guests.
  • Wedding reception and ceremony packages available
  • Beach ceremonies in conjunction with the City of Bayside
  • Elegance & contemporary style
  • Free onsite venue parking for guests

A Glossary Of Wedding Flowers By Season

How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost?

Whether you subscribe to a Claude Monet mindset on flowers, i.e. I must have flowers, always, and always, or color yourself a newbie in the flower department, you will never know more about florals than when youre getting ready to say “I do.” Apart from getting familiar with all the kinds of floral options you should have on your wedding flower checklistfrom boutonnieres and bouquets to ceremony flowers and centerpiecesyoull also want to start thinking about seasonality because every bloom has a life cycle and a resulting impact on your budget.

To learn more about the best flowers for every season, we consulted florists Kristina Oh and Lily Roden. After all, going with in-season stems will always be more cost-effective. However, if you have your heart set on a specific variety that wont be readily accessible when you say your vows, you can always consult your florist on which flowers would make beautiful substitutes.

Meet the Expert

  • Kristina Oh is the owner and design mind behind Fleure Studio in Richmond, Virginia. She specializes in dreamy, garden-inspired florals filtered through a modern, minimalist lens.
  • Lily Roden is the owner and lead floral designer at Southern California-based Lily Roden Floral Studio. She has an affinity for whimsical, garden-style floral design, and pursues all of her work with incredible attention to detail and purpose .

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What Is The Average Cost Of Flowers For A Small Wedding

For a small wedding, the average cost of flowers would amount to around $1,500. Regardless of the size of the wedding, it is advisable to set aside 8-10% of your total wedding budget for the flowers. Two years ago, we organized a small and intimate wedding for my sister and ended up spending around $1,300 on buying the flowers.

Wedding Planner / Coordinator

Hiring a wedding planner or coordinator can take some of the load from your shoulders. A wedding planner organizes your wedding-to-do list and manages the logistics. On the other hand, a wedding coordinator ensures everything goes smoothly.

Wedding planners, on average, charge from PHP 10,000 to PHP 50,000 depending on the tasks they have to do, while wedding coordinators charge from PHP 1,500 and up.

Some couples hold weddings without hiring an event planner or coordinator, relying on family and friends to do the job for free instead. However, getting a professional team for your wedding is a better option, especially if you have 100 guests or more.

There are three kinds of wedding planning/coordination services: full, partial, and on-the-day coordination services. Full and partial services are the most expensive and cater to couples who are based abroad or are too busy to plan their wedding. OTD coordination is the cheapest and the best choice for couples who want to be hands-on with their wedding planning.

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The Average Cost Of Wedding Flowers

The average cost of wedding flowers can vary widely, depending on how many flowers you need, the types of flowers you choose, and whether or not they’re in season. Though no wedding flower costs are set in stone, Los Angeles wedding planner Tessa Lyn Brand of Tessa Lyn Events, provided a range couples can expect certain floral items to cost.

  • Bridal bouquet: $250
  • Cake flowers: $150
  • Flower crown: $100

“Our Los Angeles-based clients usually spend between $12K and $20K on florals, but have done $50K-$80K a handful of times,” reveals Brand. She recommends allotting seven percent of your overall budget to flowers as a good rule of thumb.

Benefits Of Hiring A Wedding Florist

Wedding Florist Checklist

A professional wedding florist can transform the style of your reception, ceremony, bridal party, and wedding photographs. Floral decor is a prominent element in almost every part of a wedding. Hiring a professional wedding florist guarantees that youll have an elegant, stylish and floral-filled aesthetic, and you wont have to stay up the night before bundling all of your own arrangements and bouquets.

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How Much Should You Spend On Fake Flowers For A Wedding

A bouquet of fake or artificial flowers made of silk could cost anywhere between $20 and $100. Everything comes down to your budget. You can get bouquets made of artificial flowers even for $300. With a budget of around $1000, you can have enough artificial flowers for the floral arrangement during your wedding. My friend who got married recently preferred artificial flowers over real flowers and procured them in a lot from an online store.

The General Rule Of Thumb Is 10%

Many wedding couples will argue – “But they will be dead in a couple of days”

Think about it

  • Will you wear your dress again ?
  • The wedding meal will be on its way out to the sea the next day?
  • The Hair & Makeup will be well and truly gone.
  • The favours you spent hours making or hours choosing will be in the end of the fancy handbag until the next wedding.
  • The Music from the band will be over and hopefully people will have sore feet from dancing the night away.

Your wedding will be a memory, with lots of photos and videos posted on social media that will come up in your memories year after year. And what will be in every photo alongside the fabulous wedding couple ?? The Flowers.

Your wedding photos hanging on the wall ?? You guys and Your Flowers

Your wedding flowers will transform your wedding into the magical dream you always wanted. Do look back and say – “I should have got what I wanted “

Suzanne Jackson of SoSueMe said

“In fact, when we were budgeting for the wedding, we wanted to allow for a really nice flower display. When I attended my best friends weddings two years, the first thing I noticed that absolutely blew me away was her floral display, and, being a huge a huge flower lover myself, it was just one of those elements that meant a lot to us. For a reception room, the flower arrangements can really make or break it in my opinion.”

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