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What You Should Register For Wedding

How To Set Up Your Wedding Registry

things you NEED on your wedding registry

Its never too early to start your wedding registry unless youre not engaged yet. In fact, many etiquette experts recommend having at least part of it set up within two weeks of your engagement so that family and friends can select from the registry for early events such as engagement parties and the like.

Now, lets talk about how to set up your wedding registry.

Boska Ceramic Fondue Set

For the couple who has a penchant for design, CB2 offers its wedding registrants a variety of options large and small, from sofas and coffee tables to decorative touches like magazine holders and vases.

Where to register: Online or in stores nationwide.Shipping options: Standard CB2 shipping options apply.Return policy: All Standard Delivery items can be returned within 90 days and CB2 will issue a credit or refund at the time of return. Any furniture returns can be returned within 90 days upon inspection and refunded for the purchase price. Shipping charges are not included.Registry will stay active for: 18 months after your event. If you need access after then, you may call CB2 at 606-6252.Gift-wrapping fee: Gift purchases will arrive in one of CB2s shipping boxes with colorful tissue paper and a personalized gift message at no charge when a gift message is added at checkout.

Mistake : Not Using A Universal Registry

Do yourself a favour and set up a universal registry. In the past, it was common to register and three to four big-box retailers. Now, thanks to the convenience of online registries, you can organise everything on one gift list. This is especially ideal for couples with various interests. With a universal registry, you can add everything from hiking gear to charcuterie board tools in one spot.

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What I Really Didnt Need

  • Forty-seven different non-stick pans. I really could have done with just one or two. I love my Caphalon Jumbo Fryer, Anolon Wok, and Cooks non-stick omelette pan, but other than that I use cast iron or stainless for pretty much everything. See the links below for the ones I use.
  • His and Hers anything. This includes monogrammed towels, beer cozies, pillowcases, bathrobes, etc. It seemed cute at the time, but now its just silly.
  • A pizza cutter. Seriously, its the most useless gadget ever. Just use a good knife, or if you make pizza on a weekly basis you could invest in one of these crazy things in the link below.
  • Williams Sonoma Classic Cotton Chambray Napkins

    The Ultimate Wedding Registry Checklist + Free Printable

    Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

    Just like you get plenty wear out of a chambray shirt, youll get plenty of use out of these chambray napkins. Durable, yet super cute, theyre the perfect choice for everyday, casual dining, and come in a charcoal hue that will work with any type of dishware, flatware, or other table linens.

    Air fryers are the it appliance of the moment, well-deserving of all the buzz and hype. Particularly this one thats affordable and effective, yet has a nice and compact footprint so as to not take up too much space on your kitchen counter.

    Its a game-changer for cooking crispy French fries , and also has a dehydrator function that lets you turn things like fruits and veggies into crunchy chips.

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    Cover A Range Of Prices

    Although the wedding is all about you and your fiancé, its important to keep your guests in mind when creating your wedding registry. Be sure to register for items that cover a wide range of prices. Think of whom youre inviting the age and average income of your guests will greatly vary from one end of the spectrum to the other so your registry should as well. You want your guests to be able to contribute to your big day in a way that comfortably fits their lifestyle.

    Wedding Registry Ideas For Home Electronics

    As technology advances, there are more and more home electronics at your disposal to make life easier. These smart electronics can do everything from controlling the lights and locks in your house to providing amplification for music. So when you or your partner are strapped for time, or just need a lift here and there, you can rely on the following items that are ideal considerations for your wedding registry.

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    Amazon Wedding Registry Benefits

    • If $500 worth of gifts are purchased from your Amazon Registry, they give you 20% off of everything else to buy yourself. that arent necessarily registry gifts, I just want to get myself and save 20% on.)
    • Amazon has a gift advisor with popular gifts that you might not otherwise think to add to your registry. This has been a life save for us!
    • Group gifting allows you to break pricier gifts up so multiple people can contribute. So if youve got your eye on a $200 vacuum, 4 of your friends can each contribute $40 to it.
    • A lot of the suggested items come with a free gift with purchase, and some of these gifts are bougie. Im always a big fan of freebies, so this was very enticing to me.

    If you want to , you can get started here.

    Bose Portable Home Speaker

    What you ACTUALLY need for your WEDDING REGISTRY

    Music is one of the best ways to set a mood, whether you’re hosting guests or relaxing just the two of you. And a really good speaker can make a big impact. This portable speaker might look small, but it seriously packs a punch. Better yet, you can bring it anywhere, from the living room to the park.

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    Navigating Wedding Etiquette During Covid

    At HauteFêtes, we know this unique season has drastically changed the wedding experience. There are so many questions, not just about wedding registry etiquette, but about wedding etiquette all together. That is why we are here. If you have any questions regarding how to plan, design, or navigate your wedding celebration now, please reach out to us today. We are eager to come alongside you and ensure your 2021 wedding is truly spectacular.

    Mistake : Only Registering For The Essentials

    Physical gifts like china, linens, and flatware are long-standing registry requests, but you can also ask for anything from furniture and gift cards to luggage or even cash funds. Take advantage of your options and register for items youll use. Suppose youre both agreeing about a pricier object, like a new grill or down payment for a future house, put it on the registry. A wedding registry isnt one-size-fits-all for every couple, so register for things that best fit your needs.

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    When To Start A Wedding Registry:

    Once youre engaged, its never too early to start registering. However, you should have a complete registry at least four months before the wedding day. It can take time to set up a registry and choose your preferred gifts, so give yourself time and make it fun! The longer you wait the more stressful it can become. Its also important to have your registry complete before all the bridal showers and gift-giving events.

    How Many Wedding Registries Should You Have

    Wedding Registry Card Template, Modern Script, 100% ...

    There is no hard and fast rule for how many wedding registries you should have. The more important thing to consider is how each registry serves you and your guests, then select an amount from there. If registries begin to overlap , you might want to consolidate and choose one per category. Its also worth taking the time to consider where and how your guests like to shop. Are they online shoppers? Do they prefer to print out a registry in a familiar store? Finally, how many registries do you actually feel like managing?

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    What Traditional Registry Items Are Okay To Skip

    Cathleya says:“If you’re a city dweller in a small space, I’d omit fine china. Considering many of us starting out live in smaller apartments or condos , it’ll end up sitting around for years before you use it, and worse, could go outdated by the time you use it if you go with a trendy pattern. Buy everyday china in all one color white’s the easiest in different interesting shapes. It’ll end up going great from everyday to entertaining. You can jazz it up with great table decor and chargers.”

    Nancy says:“If you and your fiancé do not need any more kitchen essentials and do not predict formal dining in your future, then by all means do not feel obligated to add traditional items to your gift registry. The registry is supposed to reflect the two of you as a couple, and what you need or want for your new life together…whatever that means.”

    Joanna says:“Anything you don’t love! There are no rules here, so don’t feel pressure to register for gifts that you don’t want/already have/don’t see yourself using. There are plenty of fun items that will make your home the nest you’ve always dreamed of…it’s all about you!”

    The Classic Dutch Oven

    I received a Le Creuset Dutch oven for our wedding 35 years ago. Now its my go-to wedding gift. It now comes in so many great colors something for everyone. Its a gift you dont realize you need until youve got one.

    Laurie Batchelor, Lakeville, Conn.

    A set of Le Creuset cookware from my friends, who all chipped in to buy when my husband and I married over a decade ago. We love our set, and think of our old urban life and friendships in New York every time we use them. Plus, the jolt of color in classic flame always makes us happy.

    Jeannie Bail, Fredericton, New Brunswick

    I love giving items that are not totally practical but slightly extravagant on registries A Le Creuset braiser for short ribs was one of my favorites.

    Yeuen Kim, San Francisco

    Infused with memories and terrific meals Barbara, a friend of my husband, Henry, gifted us the classic Le Creuset Dutch oven for our 1984 wedding. We loved it from day one, inaugurating it with happy meals during our first year. Barbara died of cancer, so early on the Dutch oven brought memories of love and laughter, continuing for 33 years, three kids, a move to the Midwest, countless dinners and endless fun. Henry also died of cancer. The Le Creuset endures, weathered with time and with hope that Barbara and Henry are laughing together with the aroma of love wherever they are.

    Eileen OHara, Overland Park, Kan.

    Charmian Weber, Atlanta

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    What Are The Registry Must

    Joanna says:“1) A great frame to capture your favorite moment from your wedding, 2) china to make even the most casual meal feel special, 3) stemware to glisten on your table and make every day feel like a ‘cocktail party’, 4) the basics for your kitchen stainless-steel cookware and a stand mixer, 5) bedding and bath towels to create your new ‘honeymoon suite’, 6) luggage! It’s the first gift you’ll use, as you’ll need it for your honeymoon!”

    Cathleya says:“Good knives! It’s not enough that you pick ones by price test them out the heft, weight, how comfortable they feel in your hand. To me, they’re investment pieces, so choose wisely.”

    Why Should You Register

    Why You Should Register For Experiences Not Things PLUS 11 Ideas to Add to your Wedding Registry

    You might be wondering if its tacky or old-fashioned to ask for gifts. We hear this especially from couples who already have a home setup together. But were here to tell you this: your people are excited to celebrate you! Guests will be happy to buy you gifts and we certainly dont see it as tacky or old-fashioned. But if you still feel funny about it, weve got several ideas below to give guests an opportunity to celebrate you in a different way.

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    Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer

    Bed Bath & Beyond covers all the bases, from cookware to vacuums and window shades. Couples looking to register for the basics should look no further.

    Where to register: Online and in stores nationwide.Shipping options: Free standard shipping on orders of $39 or more. If an item is on a registry but not available in store, Bed Bath & Beyond will ship it for free.Return policy: Accepts returns for a refund or exchange on any gift on your registry.Registry will stay active for: Two years after the event.Gift-wrapping fee: Complimentary in-store service at the self-wrap station.Discounts to know about: After the event, Bed Bath & Beyond also offers a 20 percent completion discount on all the remaining registry options. The discount can be usedonce online and once in storeanytime up to three months after the event.

    Luxome Premium Bamboo Sheets

    Kick-off your marriage on the right side of the bed, so to speak, by upgrading your current sheets. Namely, opting for these, which are made of 100% pure bamboo with a 400 thread count, the highest there is for bamboo.

    Buttery and silky, theyre softer than even the highest-quality Egyptian cotton, plus are moisture-wicking and eco-friendly. Sweet dreams.

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    Getting Married During Coronavirus Restrictions

    To have a legal marriage ceremony, you only need the following people:

    • the marriage officiant
    • the couple
    • 2 witnesses

    This means that you can get married in-person and follow the order that limits the number of people attending gatherings for the purpose of a wedding. Rules on physical distancing and face coverings still apply.

    ServiceOntario continues to register marriages and issue marriage certificates. However, there may be some delays as we strive to ensure the safety of our employees and physical distancing.

    Find out information about physical distancing and check with your municipality to see if there are further bylaws in place for physical distancing.

    Organization Bins & Tools

    Wedding Registry Essentials // Engaged? Here are the must ...

    Organizational items are another set of products that most people don’t like to buy for themselves however, they’ll be instrumental in organizing your pantry and keeping your often-used ingredients fresh. In addition, you may also want to include some pantry shelves and other must-haves, such as measuring cups, cookware stands, a soap dish or butter dish, etc. While, again, not the most “fun” ideas for a wedding registry checklist, your friends and family will love knowing they’ve provided you with something that will help to keep you organized and mostly stress-free once the wedding planning is complete. Steel Pop containers, $175 by OXO®

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