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How Much To Edit A Wedding Video

Video Editor Hourly Rate Vs Fixed Fees Video Editing Costs Explained


If you are wondering about the the hourly rate of a video editor or about how much it will cost you to get your video edited, you are in the right place.

We are going to give you real-life numbers. And spoiler alert, the average cost to edit a video is 259 USD.

Do you want to find out how much your video would cost?

But please, do read on as we talk about the different types of videos and how this number may vary depending on your situation.

In general, this is a difficult question to answer.

There are a whole lot of different things that will determine the final cost of a video edit, such as:

  • the total raw footage duration
  • the total duration of the finished edit
  • is there any motion graphic work involved
  • are there any text overlays
  • color grading
  • image stabilization
  • and the level of complexity of the work in general.

With that being said though, I do have a number for you that you can factor in to your total video production costs.

So, how much does it cost to edit a video? Based on thousands of projects we worked on at, the average cost to edit a video is 259 USD.

There you have it.

We actually have a cost estimator here, which lets you put in the details of your project and automatically calculates the estimated cost of your video project.

So thats how much it would probably cost you to edit a video with us.

So depending on your location, or better said on the location of your video editor the price might vary a little bit.

Do Include: A Second Shooter

There’s no doubt about it: Two cameras are better than one. The ability to cut back and forth makes for a more engaging film overall. You get more extensive coverage too, because each shooter and camera films something different, or at least from a different angle. This is crucial at the ceremonythey can capture your partner’s face as you walk down the aisle. At the reception, they can film your uncle belly-laughing as your dad gives his toast. If you don’t have room in your budget for a second cameraman, consider making room for two cameras: one manned and moving around and the other stationary. This will enable your videographer to get a wide shot of the ceremony and close-ups of the action, and incorporate both into the video.

Looking for a videographer? Find one here.

Don’t hire your videographer before asking these questions.

How Elaborate Is Your Video

Wedding videos vary massively from one package to another and from videographer to videographer. If you order a package with all the bells and whistles, then editing time can be at least a week of full-time editing, five to 10-hour days or more.

If you go for a simple documentary edit with no music videos etc., then that could probably be edited in one day.

High-end videographers put a lot of work into unseen elements like colour correction, colour grading, noise reduction in low light shots and sound syncing and mixing, for example. There may be a pre-wedding shoot, trailer which is 3-5 minutes, a 20-minute edit, a full documentary edit and raw footage to contend with which has to be in a format which is watchable by the couple. This can all take a lot of time.

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How Much Does A Photographer Make Per Month

The average freelance photographer with minimal experience makes $3,750 per month or about $865 per week. The top 10 percent of professional photographers earn $6,400 per month or more, especially wedding photographers.

However, keep in mind that most photographers work from contract to contract and do not have steady 40-hour work weeks throughout the year since some seasons are busier than others.

Do Include: A Digital File


While DVDs are still a popular method for delivering wedding videos, most videographers are now offering digital movie files in HD on thumb drives as well. A thumb drive not only allows you to stream your wedding video to your TV via Apple TV or a similar device , you can also easily share the file digitally with friends and family, both near and far.

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Main Components Of Wedding Photography Packages

Today Ive prepared detailed information about wedding photography packages to share. Basically, we will find out what steps are involved and how each one influences wedding photography pricing.

1. Photography Coverage on the Day

In fact, the duration of photography coverage is the first thing that influences wedding photography rates. Keep in mind that it depends on the type of the wedding party or how large the family is. Anyway, the wedding shooting should go naturally and last 6-8 hours on average. Thats how youll end up with a beautiful story of the wedding day.

2. A Second Photographer

As I mentioned before, its really important to discuss the idea of the wedding day in advance. Thats how we will be able to make a decision if the second photographer is needed. For sure, the second shooter stands for awesome and complete wedding story.

3. A Pre-Wedding Photo Session

Believe me, a pre-wedding photo session is an exciting idea. As a rule, it takes a certain period before the wedding day. You can plan everything out smoothly. There is a slight difference between a pre-wedding photo session and an engagement photo shoot. Actually, clients outfit plays the main role. A couple is wearing casual clothes on their engagement photo shoot. Again, wedding photography prices will depend on the duration of a pre-wedding photo session.

4. Wedding Photo Retouching

5. A Certain Number of Digital Photographs

6. A Certain Number of Prints

7. An Online Gallery

8. A Wedding Album

Bonus Tip: The Time To Invest In You And Your Business Is Now

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Well work together using my three core principles: Identify, Mastery and Optimise. Over seven modules to elevate and evolve your business. I have online courses, and also one-to-one trainings, workshops and retreats.

Find out more about the exclusive Evolve Mastermind Group, or jump on a strategy call to discuss your training and coaching needs or to set up a pricing bootcamp call.

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Simple Tips To Editing Wedding Photos Like A Pro

Get clued up on these basic photo editing tips for wedding photo fixing, then use the Photo Enhancer features of Wedding Studio to do the job with just one click.

So you got your buddy Bob to take your wedding photos. You give him a keg of booze and he sends you a hard disk with over 1000 images. Good old Bob did an amazing job and saved you thousands of dollars versus hiring a professional photographer. Now you think you can write a book about how to save money in DIY wedding pictures! But Bobs no pro. Sure, hes got an expensive camera and a good eye for composition, but there were stuff he couldnt control like the dim lighting in the chapel, and your bridesmaids flushed face after her third champagne

Nows the time to use to take your wedding photos to pro levels. Here are 8 top tips you need to know before you muck around with your wedding photos.

How Much Should I Pay For Video Editing: Most Important Factors

How to Edit a Wedding Portrait in Lightroom

Video editing and post-production processes do not offer universal solutions. The amount of work that will have to be done is going to depend on the quality of the source video, the style youre looking forward to and the specific modifications/enhancements youd like to get.

The companies that offer video editing and post-production services will charge clients in two main ways.

Some will charge a fixed fee for the completion of the project. Others have hourly rates and a final calculation will be made upon the finalisation of the editing job.

The latest statistics show that the average cost of video editing is about $260. The sum is more or less the same, regardless of the charging methodology. Theres a simple reason why experienced professionals know how much time the completion of a specific job is going to take. Hence, the charge will be more or less the same, whether they are quoting a fixed amount to clients or theyre using a flexible hourly fee structure.

When choosing between these two options, youll simply have to focus on the practical aspects of the interaction.

A fixed charge for the entire project is better. You have a good idea about how much youre going to spend in advance. Theres no uncertainty or worries that youll be overcharged.

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Tip 7 Create Your Own Wedding Photography Packages Samples

Before you set the price for a photo shoot, you need to determine what will be included in the photo session. You can offer basic wedding photography packages, where all the services are available. Alternatively, you can provide small wedding photography packages, with only some services included. We recommend having different options. So you can please every customer. Offer at least 5 packages. There are always clients that want to order a maximum of services.

Always Get Multiple Quotes First

As youve gathered already, there will be differences between the fees quoted by different video editing professionals.

To make up your mind about the best option on the market, do get multiple quotes.

Receiving quotes from several studios will give you a much better idea about the market range and the averages for the type of job you need to have done.

Good quotes also speak of the studios professionalism.

A quote needs to be detailed. It should give you information about the overall project cost, the milestones and the amount of time required to complete all the work. If you dont get all of these details in a quote, you should potentially keep looking for the right service provider.

Once you get the quotes, dont be afraid to compare them side by side and to ask additional questions on the basis of the information you receive. Make sure there are no hidden fees and charges, as well as processes that have not been accounted for in the preliminary offer.

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What Questions Should I Ask A Wedding Videographer Before Hiring

Its important to find a videographer whose work you love and who is within budget, as well as a professional whom you feel comfortable with. Youre going to be spending a lot of time with your videographer, so he or she should have a personality you love! Here are a few questions that are important to ask a wedding videographer before hiring:

  • How would you describe your videography style?
  • Can I choose music for my wedding films?
  • Have you worked with my photographer before?
  • How many weddings have you filmed? How many weddings will you film this year?
  • When will I receive my finished, edited wedding video?
  • Have you shot at my venue before?
  • Can you describe your editing process? Do I get any input into the final product?
  • Can you share your wedding packages list and wedding video cost?
  • Can I see a finished wedding video that you created for another couple?
  • Do you typically bring a second shooter or assistant to weddings?

When Should I Hire A Wedding Videographer

3 Wedding Photography Editing Styles Explained

We recommend hiring your wedding videographer at least eight months before your wedding date, as these pros tend to book up quickly. Start the research process by reading online reviews of vendors in your area, and viewing their work. Once youve narrowed down the list of videographers youre interested in, reach out and set up meetings with a few.

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Tip 2 Know Your Competitors

Before you decide on your prices, you need to know what your competitors charge. When researching your competitors, create an Excel spreadsheet. In this spreadsheet, list out each of your competitors names in one column, and what they charge for their services in another column. Once youve gathered this information, use a simple formula to determine the range of prices. Now you need to figure out where your photography prices should fit in on this scale. Are your services on the high-end, low-end or right in the middle? Pricing is positioning, so dont undervalue yourself.

How Much Does Wedding Videography Cost In India

If you think gone are the days when people used to invest in wedding videography, you are completely mistaken. While wedding photographs are definitely important to keep reviving your once-in-a-lifetime affair, theres nothing like watching your wedding film which went by in a flash. A wedding video brings your day back to life in a way photographs simply cant. Also, it doesnt matter whether you want a teaser, highlights footage, or a complete film, having those moments captured professionally is crucial.

As much as a wedding photographer is an important part of your wedding planning budget, know that a wedding videographer is equally necessary. However, with so many videographers out there, it can be difficult to know how much wedding videography actually costs in India.

From the average cost of wedding videography to the factors which can affect your quote, here is a complete breakdown of wedding videography prices.

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Additional Edits & Options

Love Story Video +$1000We interview you and your partner with silly and fun questions of what makes you, YOU. Then well go on a casual date and film you in your most candid self. Finally, well mix in any other photos or vids’ youve collected throughout your dating and present it in a way that lets your personalities shine through!

How Much Should I Charge For Wedding Videography

Editing a Wedding Photo From Start to Finish

by Emma | Apr 15, 2021 | Tips

In the ten years of filming weddings and building up a highly successful international wedding film company, Story Of Your Day, the same hot topic remains on the lips of all videographers, How much to charge for a wedding video.

Unfortunately, instead of being driven by their product and service, most videographers are driven by confidence, competition, a desire to film as many weddings as possible andof coursewhat potential clients think a wedding videographer should charge.

According to The Knot and WeddingWire most couples pay their wedding videographer between $1500 and $2500. The average spend on wedding videography is $1800.

Ive done research in several communities of wedding videographers online, and it turns out that among UK-based wedding videographers:

  • 55% of videographers are happy charging even less than $1800
  • 28% of videographers charge between $1800 & $2500, on average, and
  • 11% said they charge above the $2500 average.

But I want to focus on the how in how much to charge for wedding videography. What you really need to know is how much to charge as a beginner wedding videographer, as a wedding videographer with some experience, more experience or even how much to charge for luxury wedding video.

And its not just experience, there are several other factors which you should consider when working out how much to charge.

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