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How Much Does A Cheap Wedding Cost

How Much Food Do You Need For 20 Guests

Wedding Budget – How much does a Wedding Cost?

Some people will eat more or less than expected, a few guests might not show up, or someone might even bring an extra person or two. Its best to overestimate the amount of food by just a bit than to run out.Food for Dinner Parties.FoodSide dishesUp to 10 guests5 cups10-2010 cups20-3015 cups30-4020 cups 12

Ceremony And Reception Venue

Having a wedding in Southern California is pricey! I will admit that the ceremony venue was my splurge item because I wanted a beautiful landscape for our wedding pictures. The ceremony took place at a vineyard in a valley surrounded by hills. The ceremony at the vineyard cost $800 for two hours of use.

Unfortunately, it would have been too expensive and restrictive to have the reception at the same venue so my husband and I decided to split the ceremony and reception into two locations. I researched reception venues that were within a 1 2 mile radius of the vineyard and almost settled on a park. Fortunately, we lucked out! Family friends offered their home to use for our party. The house was on top of one of the hills overlooking the vineyard! This was a generous gift by our family friends that my husband and I deeply appreciated!

Total: $800

Locations we also considered:

  • Rent a mansion we considered renting a private home with a huge backyard for 5 10 days. To find big homes you can start at or If you are considering this option, let the owner know your plans up front and make sure there is enough room for a ceremony and a reception to take place.
  • Parks If you go this route be sure to consider what the rental fee includes. Many parks in our area didnt include a liquor license which would have been an extra fee.

Consider Skipping Attendants And Have Them Involved In Other Ways

Rather than having several attendants for the bride and groom, consider trimming that number down to a single attendant for each, or none at all. This not only reduces the complications of the event, including hard choices about who to include, but can also eliminate small incidental costs such as bridesmaid bouquets. You can include people close to you in other ways, such as asking them to do a reading during your ceremony.

Strategy: Minimize your wedding party Savings: Small, but helps with the next tip

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Hold The Ceremony At Home Or Outdoors

According to The Knot, the average wedding venue costs $10,500, adding up to around a third of the total cost of the big day. While trimming the guest list can certainly help reduce this cost, another approach is to think outside the box with your venue.

You might consider hosting the wedding at someones home, particularly if they have a nice yard or plenty of space. If your guest list is small, thats much more feasible.

Strategy: Have the wedding and reception at a friend or family members property Savings: $10,500

Another approach is to see if you can use a public park for the wedding and utilize any structures the parks and recreation department may have for a reception. Many such departments have nice older houses near parks that can be used for events like this. Contacting local parks services in my area found that such venues were available with a range of $1,000 to $4,000, though there would be some additional costs to help set up some services. While there will still be a notable cost involved for this, its often significantly lower than paying for a full-service venue.

Strategy: Have the wedding and reception at a park Savings: $6,500

Average Cost Of Wedding Vendors Releases 2013 Wedding Statistics

Of course, how much wedding pros charge variesâa lot. It’s always best to research wedding vendors in your area and ask them about their specific rates . An internal study found out exactly what couples spend on different wedding vendors last year on average. See the average cost of wedding vendors in 2019, below:

See how the average wedding cost in 2020 and 2019 compare to previous years’ price tags. Keep in mind the averages from previous years include engagement ring cost, whereas the 2020 and 2019 averages only encompass the cost of the ceremony and the reception. The average cost of a wedding in 2018 was $33,931. Interestingly enough, the average cost of a wedding in 2017 was $33,391, which is down from 2016, when the average spend on weddings reached an all-time high of $35,309. In 2015, couples spent about $3,000 less, averaging $32,641 for their weddings. The average cost of weddings in 2014 was just under $30,000âcoming out to $29,858, while the average wedding cost in 2013 was $28,427.

Looking for some help with your wedding spend? Check out The Knot Wedding Budget Planner.

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Check For Hourly Rates

Do you really need a photographer on hand for eight or 10 hours? The same goes for a florist or videographer, as well. Instead, ask wedding service professionals for hourly rates, instead of day rates or flat fees, and don’t stop asking until you find a good one who’ll work with your hourly based budget. This tactic works especially well with off-season weddings, or weddings that aren’t on Saturday, when demand for professional wedding services is much higher.

Ask For Wedding Help Instead Of Wedding Gifts

Talk to some of the friends and family youre inviting to the wedding and ask them if they would be willing to provide help at the wedding in lieu of a gift. This is particularly true if you have someone on the guest list with a particular talent.

Guests for your wedding might be able to help with photography, provide emcee services, tend the bar at the reception, or perform any of the other endless tasks that a wedding entails. While some guests may prefer not to do this, others will relish the chance.

Many of the roles at our own wedding were provided by family and friends. From our perspective, we felt that everything would be much more meaningful if people we loved were actually involved with the ceremony in some way, and many of them jumped at the chance. Some of them provided supplies as their wedding gift, while others provided discounts.

Getting even a little help can easily shave 5% off of the total cost of the wedding.

Strategy: Ask family and friends for assistance at the ceremony in lieu of giftsSavings: $1,400

With all that money youve saved on your big day, turn to your next big step in life: Buy the home youll love as much as each other. Compare mortgages below.

Check Your Mortgage Rates

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Los Angeles Wedding Venues

From a thriving nightlife scene packed with world-class entertainment to the laid-back beach town vibes of Southern California, the atmospheric diversity of the Los Angeles region is astounding. With five counties representing the Greater LA area, each neighboring region boasts its own natural charm and unique set of attractions that will surely make for an unforgettable wedding experience.

Along the southern stretch of coastal cities, you will find that the surrounding landscape offers a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean reminiscent of a beachgoer’s paradise. Warm sand and gorgeous sunsets render this area a casual elegance that showcases natures beauty at its finest. Head inland and youll transition into an urban blend of trendy boutiques, entertainment hotspots, and cultural attractions that reflect a modern, fast-paced lifestyle charged with energy.

Given such a wide spectrum of environments, its no wonder that the Los Angeles region is a popular choice for wedding venues. Engaged couples will have an opportunity to select the perfect location that embodies their desired atmosphere, making their wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions in Los Angeles all the more special.

While guests are in the Los Angeles region, this is a great opportunity to recommend popular attractions such as Griffith Observatory in Griffith Park, and the Urban Light exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art .

Not Allocating Funds Correctly

how to plan a low-budget wedding how much our wedding cost

Garrett Richardson Photography

Just like buying shoes, an apartment or a pair of jeans, when it comes to financing a wedding, you should figure out how much you need to spend to get what you want. Set your expectations accordingly, and use our budget breakdown above as a guide. To avoid stress, also allot 5% of your budget for a “just-in-case” fund. If you’re paying for your honeymoon yourselves, remember to budget for that as well.

If you’re asking yourself how you can possibly save up for something as expensive as a wedding, don’t worryâit’s doable. As soon as you’re engaged, start putting aside as much of your income as you can for the wedding. Saving 20% of your monthly income is a goodâthough loftyâgoal. The longer your engagement, the more you’ll be able to put away. You can also save up by limiting your spending on small stuff . These changes will hardly affect your quality of life, but after a year, the extra cash will cover some wedding essentials.

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Rely On Docelunas For Your Perfect Wedding In Paradise

Our tranquil, landscaped grounds are the perfect spot to relax before, during, and after your big day. Experience the peace and quiet of Docelunas, while bustling Jaco is only minutes away. Docelunas has hosted numerous memorable weddings and receptions in paradise. We can do the same for you!

Let us make your Costa Rica destination wedding everything youve dreamed of. Our experienced team will take care of everything and ensure you the stress-free wedding of your dreams, and we offer the best prices for wedding packages in Costa Rica. Contact us today to start designing your personal wedding in paradise. You can also use our fast online calculator to get a quick quote.

Hiring Your Wedding Florist

With so much to organize and plan, it can be a huge relief to hire a florist with an innate sense of your style and what to recommend based on your budget. Know your budget going in it will help the florist know what to show and suggest.

Also hire your florist at least eight months before the date to ensure availability and so your florist will be able to give you ideas well in advance that will use flowers in season.

  • Look at the florists portfolios from past weddings and check the businesss online reviews.
  • Do a consultation session with your top three to see which one will be the best fit.
  • Let the florist know of any flowers or colors you particularly dislike.
  • Ask about any additional fees or if the setup and cleanup are included in the proposal.
  • Visit the florists shop on a week day, if he/she has one, to see if the flowers and arrangements look fresh and the florist seems organized.
  • Know the guest count and number in wedding party to get an accurate proposal.

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Have A $50000 Wedding On A $3000 Budget: 8 Great Secrets To A Hip And Affordable Wedding

Chief Millennial Money Strategist – Millennial Money Podcast Host

Pick up any wedding magazine these days and you will surely think that you need to find a money tree to shake to be able to afford a nice wedding. How about Mr. and Mrs. Kanye West? If you have a spare $14-$20 million, sure you can have a wedding of the century. Let’s be honest though. How many of us can afford something as grand, and is it even necessary?

Does the sound of a “budget” wedding make you cringe? For me, it conjures up images of dollies, chocolate covered almonds, bubbles, and food that should be used as doorstops instead of being consumed by humans.

I was recently married in November, in what I consider my dream wedding. We had an ocean view, beautiful music, amazing food, and a signature drink to knock your socks off. I will let you in on a little secret… we had all of that and more for 70 people for a jaw-dropping $3,000. Yes, you read that right. Just $3,000.

You simply don’t need to bankrupt yourself or your parents to have a hip and affordable wedding. Actually, it’s quite silly to do so, even if you have the money. Think of all the things you could do with $50,000:

Feed many small nations Down payment for a new house Pay off your student loans Take a round-the-world trip of a lifetime Start a new business …and so much more

Ready, Set, Let’s Get Wed:

The Eight Great Ideas:

Price Tag: $0

Price Tag: $500

Price Tag: $0

Price Tag: $250-$500

Price Tag: $700

Price Tag: $100

Average Wedding Costs By Type Of Wedding

Average wedding cost infographic

Where you live isn’t the only factor that affects how much you’re likely to spend when you celebrate the start of your life with your beloved. The type of wedding also makes a difference:

  • Destination weddings average $32,000, while hometown weddings average $27,000.
  • First marriages weddings average $30,000, while second weddings average $14,000.
  • Millennials typically spend $30,000, while members of Gen Xers spend $20,000.

Hometown weddings come at a lower average cost than destination weddings for obvious reasons — it’s cheaper to stay local than to incur the costs of travel.

However, some of the extra wedding costs of a destination ceremony may be offset by a lower price tag for the honeymoon, assuming the couple celebrates in the location where the wedding was held.

It’s surprising, though, that millennials — who have faced unprecedented financial struggles — tend to spend more on their nuptials than their older counterparts. This discrepancy could be explained by the fact that social media has played an increasingly important role in driving the price of weddings up. More than half of all couples set up their own wedding hashtag in 2019.

Sexual orientation made almost no difference at all in average wedding costs. Opposite-sex couples spent an average of $28,000 while same-sex couples spent just $500 more.

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Look Ravishing With Free Makeovers

While some brides go DIY, it may save a lot of stress if you get make-up done by a pro. Before you start wincing at the fees, there are sneaky ways around this.

Get your make-up done at a beauty counter in a department store, then simply buy the lipstick to ‘touch up’ .

Department stores also run beauty courses that you could attend. You can learn a new skill, do your own make-up on the day, and even help out at your friends’ weddings.

Alternatively, check out local beauty training schools. They may do your hair and make-up free on the day as part of their training. Check Beautyfinder for a directory of training schools and colleges in your area.

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