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What Is A Couples Shower For A Wedding

What To Write In A Religious Bridal Shower Card

Wedding Showers & Parties : How to Host a Couples Wedding Shower

Many couples will have strong religious beliefs, and if so it may well be appropriate for your card to reflect this. Try these example religious bridal shower wishes for a faith based message. However, its important to keep in mind that if you arent absolutely sure of the couples faith then its better to stick to a standard worded message to avoid any offence.

  • May your marriage be blessed with the love of God
  • May the love of God guide you and help your love grow stronger as each day passes
  • I pray youre bridal shower and wedding are built on a strong foundation of love and faith
  • Keep the Lord in your heart at all times and your marriage is will be blessed with love and happiness
  • Mazel Tov! Heres to a life of laughter and good times by each others side
  • The Lord will grant you joy and a life of happiness together. Stay strong in your faith
  • Congratulations! May God always be at the centre if your lives and bind you relationship together

Forget The No Gift Shower

Even if thats what the couple say they want, encourage them to specify some sort of gift on the invitation or wedding website. Some people will show up to the party with a gift regardless of the couples intentions, leading those who dont to feel awkward. Thats also how you end up with really ugly vases, Naylor says. Just tell the couple, ‘I dont want you to be embarrassed if people are uncomfortable with your request, so lets offer some options that work for everybody.’

If the couple doesnt want to request traditional housewares, go with something off the beaten path: a charity registry registries at local art galleries that allow the couple to begin an art collection for the first time or big-box store gift cards that can be used as the bride and groom see fit.

Another popular option is the honeymoon registry. Some sites, such as, let the couple parcel their honeymoon into discrete pieces shares of the airfare, for example that can be bought as gifts. Also, if the couple will be honeymooning at a resort destination that offers gift cards online, you can link directly to the cards from the couples wedding website and let shower guests chip in on a romantic dinner for two, a golf outing or a his-and-hers massage package.

Just dont ask directly for cash. Stay away from that, Naylor says. Some etiquette experts say its okay, but thats still a developing trend, and youre likely to offend someone.

Does The Bride Need A Registry For A Bridal Shower

Not necessarily. The actual wedding registry can also function as a bridal shower registry. If, however, it’s a lingerie shower, that would require a separate registry should the bride want to register for specific lingerie. As a bridal shower guest, it is in good etiquette to purchase a shower gift off the registry.

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More Second Marriage Showers Questions

How about decorations?Second marriage showers often have a theme that is casual. It might be a luau, music, or western party, with decorations to match.Keeping things simple and fun, will add to your party’s success.

What about games? A great variety of games are available that are suitable for all ages.

What are the best food choices?A buffet is always a good idea. Simple snacks and hors d’oeuvresare also options.

Be sure to have plenty of your favorite punch recipe available.

Are gifts given?This depends on the ages, and financial position of the partners. Some couples remarry at a young age and still need many of the basics. Others are older and well established. These couples may not want gifts. They may request that guests donate to a charity, instead. If this is their wish, state it in the invitation.The bridal party may still want to do something special for the couple. Giving a weekend getaway or spa package, are gifts with a personal touch to consider. Another practical, but often overlooked idea, is a name change kit.

What about music?Songs for a second marriage, can be a combination of the couples taste, or something that coordinates with the theme.*** A final thought:Second marriages often involve children from a previous marriage. Try to involve them in your plans, no matter what the age.This will contribute to successful second marriage showers.

How Much Should You Spend On A Bridal Shower Gift

Couples wedding shower

The amount to spend on bridal shower gifts for the bride is relative to your relationship with the bride. If she invites you to her bridal shower, then you have some kind of relationship. Do not go to just play bridal shower games, spend some money on a gift. Bridal shower gift by relatives and friends falls between $70$150. Acquaintances and colleagues can spend between $50$70. The least amount to spend on a gift is $25. Lastly, always work with a budget. If you plan on getting a gift for the wedding, split your gift money into 75% 25% ratio. The bigger part for the wedding and 25% for the bridal shower.

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Global Prevalence And Alternatives

Though many cultures have events before the wedding, bridal showers are most common in the United States and Canada.

In the United Kingdom, bridal showers have been described as a “consumerist American idea” with “limited acceptability”. In the UK, wedding presents are normally selected from a list provided by the couple, and delivered either at the wedding or by the shop, and sometimes displayed at the wedding. Nonetheless, bridal showers are sometimes held, and shower-planning services are frequently offered by wedding planners.

In Australia and New Zealand, a custom related to the North American bridal shower, known as a Kitchen Tea, was traditionally held before the wedding. During a Kitchen Tea, female friends and family members would gather at the bride’s family home for an afternoon tea, where they would give kitchen-related gifts to the bride. Recently, the influence of American culture has seen a rise in the prevalence of American-style bridal showers as opposed to the traditional Kitchen Tea.

In India, Mehndi is a bridal-centric pre-wedding event where the bride’s female friends and family gather to prepare the bride for the wedding. In the event the bride’s traditional henna tattoos are made.

In Denmark and Germany, the only pre-wedding events commonly held is a bachelorette party for the bride and a bachelor party for the groom.

How To Throw A Couple’s Wedding Shower

This article was co-authored by Ivy Summer. Ivy Summer is a Certified Wedding Planner and the Owner of Voulez Events. Ivy has over 10 years of experience consulting, planning and coordinating weddings around the globe. She has also created a DIY online wedding planning workshop for couples, called “Plan Your Wedding Like A Pro.” She currently resides in Greece where she continues to work with a worldwide network of planners and wedding professionals. This article has been viewed 11,173 times.

Having a couples wedding shower, where the bride and groom are both honored at the same shower, has become a popular trend. A couples wedding shower allows the soon to be married pair to celebrate with friends and family together. Both the bride and groom are showered with gifts, get to play games together, and have a chance to socialize with their entire wedding party. To throw a couples wedding shower, start by selecting a theme for the shower. Then, prepare for the shower so it goes smoothly and both the bride and the groom have a great time.

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Bridal Shower Themes For Modern Couples

From elegant tea parties to the casual bonfire, plan your perfect party with 40 bridal shower themes for the modern couple.

The bridal shower is a celebration of the bride-to-be that welcomes both family and friends to the party. Traditionally it’s been a girls-only event, but many modern couples are opting to plan a joint couple’s shower. Of course, you’re welcome to extend a bridal shower invitation to anyone you’d like to celebrate your upcoming wedding.

One of the first steps of planning a bridal or couple’s shower is choosing your partys theme. Theres no end to theme opportunities, and you can plan any activity or decor you likejust keep in mind that this isnt the bachelorette party and that your grandmother may be there.

From tea time to beach bash, check out all 40 bridal shower theme ideas below, or jump to the collection you want to see most.

Should We Have A Coed Wedding Shower

Wedding Showers : How to Host a Couples Wedding Shower

Coed wedding showers are gaining popularity over traditional bridal showers. Here’s how to decide if it’s right for youplus ideas for coed wedding shower themes and games.

If youre someone who bucks tradition left and right, you might embrace the idea of a couples shower, otherwise known as a coed shower. A coed shower is a contemporary take on the traditional bridal shower and these parties are generally more casual and relaxed. They also involve both sides of the couple in the gifts, games, and everything else.

Of course, the couples shower isnt for everyone. Heres a look at the benefits, potential drawbacks, who to invite, and more.

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What Kind Of Gifts Should Be Given

When it comes to a coed event, the trickiest part is to make sure gifts are appropriate for everyone. For example, if men are present, giving the bride lingerie is a bad idea. Stick to items that can be considered universal or for the household. You can also buy the couple an experience they can enjoy together like contributing to their honeymoon or giving them a gift certificate to a nice restaurant.

Create A Shower Budget

The very first step to plan a bridal shower is to create a budget for the entire process. This includes food, drinks, décor, venue, rentals, event design, photography, videography, and any other vendors or expenses incurred while planning. Depending on the type of shower and what the bride wants, a typical bridal shower can cost anywhere from $10 to over $100 per person.

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You May Not Have Time To Open All The Gifts

With an extended guest list, youll likely receive more gifts at a coed shower. You may not have time to open each gift one by one. Dont feel like you have to work through the mountainone option is to put up a sign on the gift table letting guests know how much you appreciate the gifts and that youre so excited to open them later, at home.

How Do Gifts Work At A Wedding Shower Vs A Bridal Shower


Traditionally, for a bridal shower, guests included all or most of the women who would be invited to the wedding. And gifts from these women might include practical household-type things that the couple could both benefit from and also more frivolous gifts such as household decor items and even lingerie.

Many couples, if not most, set up a registry for their wedding showers. Ive read traditional wedding books say that guests should purchase a gift for the wedding shower AND a wedding gift, but honestly I think that this is outrageous! Yeah, I said it! Its too much. I dont think a guest should be expected to buy two presents for a couples wedding. Thats just crazy to me.

For a wedding shower, gifts are really about the same. The couple decides what they want to put on their registries and the guests can choose what they want to give the couple from that list. Some couples use their registries as an opportunity to upgrade stuff that they already have which I dont know, if its not necessary, this can be a bit wasteful. I would recommend at least trying to donate or sell your old stuff if you go this route.

Some couple dont want anything and would prefer money. This is because many couples these days get married later and already have all of the things that they want and need in their homes together. To this day, theres still no acceptable way to straight out ask for money for a wedding shower or wedding gift.

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Wedding Shower Messages For Daughter In Law

You can show how pleased you are to have your new daughter in law as part of the family with a touching bridal shower card message. Welcome her with open arms and make it clear how delighted you are shes marrying your son.

  • Were delighted youre joining the family and so pleased to have you
  • Im thrilled to have an amazing new daughter in law
  • My son is a lucky man to have found a bride like you
  • I know my son will be in good hands with you. Have a lovely day
  • Welcome to the family! Youll get used to us, I promise!
  • This party is the perfect way to introduce you fully to the family. Everyone will love you just as much as we do
  • Thank you for inviting me to your bridal shower. Its been great getting to know you so well
  • The love I feel for you is so strong already. Youre going to be such an incredible addition to the family
  • We look forward to many more years of having you as part of our little family. Youre a welcome addition and we all extend our love and wishes to you
  • We feel so blessed that our son has chosen such a special person to be his partner. We welcome you with open arms and cant wait see where life takes the two of you

What Do You Do At A Wedding Shower Vs A Bridal Shower

There arent any rules anymore and both a wedding shower and a bridal shower can take any shape or form! From a daytime brunch to an evening of cosmic bowling really, you can celebrate any way you want!

Traditionally, a bridal shower would be a daytime thing and often still is. Many brides chose to have their celebrations at a restaurant, at home, or at some kind of event hall. Theres usually a light lunch, brunch, and/or desserts and maybe some alcoholic drinks. The all female guest list usually plays some games together during the bridal shower.

Some popular games that Ive played at bridal showers in the past include:

  • Trivia about the bride
  • Bingo of things that you hear or see at the event
  • A contest to make the best wedding dress out of toilet paper
  • Hot potato

Its a good idea to have several small prizes for the winners!

Some more modern wedding showersare not limited to activities such as trivia about the bride, but include more activities about the couple, such as a Newly Weds style question and answer game or the shoe game .

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