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What Is My Wedding Ring Style

Tiffany Engagement Ring Settings

How to Choose a Wedding Ring (Type, Size, Fit, Shape)

Tiffanys diamond setting standards are the most rigorous in the industry. All Tiffany diamonds are set within customised mountings to accommodate the specific size and shape of the diamond. Our master setters work meticulously to ensure that the proportions and surface quality of each stone are stunning from every angle.

Heres an overview of the types of engagement ring settings we offer at Tiffany.

Your Fiance Is A Trend Setter

Always unique and slightly unconventional. Your fiancée reads up on all the latest and greatest in the world of fashion. She has a stack of British Vogues in her bedroom that have been dog eared.

She is always au courant but done with a twist of her own flair. People are forever asking her where she got any given item of clothing. Her ring has to be as fashion forward as she is. But don’t be a slave to the trends, since they are constantly changing and her ring needs to last a lifetime.

You’ll need to strike a balance between classic and unique. Perhaps a diamond in a unique setting or even a gemstone engagement ring. She isn’t traditional, test the waters – she may want to design the ring with you. It would be right up her alley.

Her ring type: An Asscher cut engagement ring or a gemstone ring that she designs herself.

Her engagement location: The hottest new restaurant that requires making a reservation months in advance

Her engagement & proposal: Very au courant, stay away from the old classics. She won’t need you to get down on one knee – she would prefer it if it was cutting edge. So keep up on the latest trends, they change daily.

How Much Money Should You Spend On A Wedding Ring

Wedding rings vary quite significantly in price depending on the style and finish. If within budget, we suggest going for at least a middle-range option for your wedding rings to ensure that they wont be of a poor quality. After all, it is with these rings that you will vow to stay together forever, so you ideally want them to stand the test of time too!

Your choice of metal will affect the price of your ring. Platinum comes in most expensive yet choosing a diamond encrusted wedding band will bump the price up too. The average price of a small-sized diamond and gold band is just over £1000, but plain designs will be considerably cheaper.

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Consider Personalizing Your Wedding Rings

“One current trend in wedding bands is some element of personalization with many couples opting to write a sweet message or engrave with their name, initials or wedding date,” Kristen Lawler-Trustey, PR Manager of De Beers Forevermark. “If you want some sort of engraving on the inside of your band, make sure you choose one that is wide enough to accommodate your message.” If traditional engravings aren’t your thing, there are other options.

Consider Changes You Want To Make

I just reset my engagement ring

Before heading down to your local jewelers, you should consider what changes you can make to your TwoBirch wedding band. Flexible changes include changing the ring size of your band and the style of the ring itself. However, keep in mind, changing up the style of your wedding band is going to be much more expensive than just expanding or shrinking the size of your ring. If youre having a hard time choosing what changes you should make or can afford, you should speak to a professional jeweler for suggestions.

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What Is The Tiffany Setting

Introduced in 1886, the Tiffany® Setting set the standard for the engagement ring as we know it today. This iconic design features a round brilliant-cut diamond in a six-prong setting that lifts the diamond above the band and into the light, maximising the stones brilliance. All Tiffany® Setting diamonds feature a triple excellent cut, the highest grade in the industry.

What Is An Engagement Ring Quiz

Put together by online retailers. Engagement ring quizzes seem to be very popular. Designed to find an individuals sense of style initially. And therefore recommending different engagement rings based on multi-choice answers.

Contrary to the reason, we have put our own engagement ring quiz together. Designed to either be answered on an individual basis. Or on behalf of a partner that is trying to visualise their partners style.

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Engagement And Wedding Ring Combinations

Pairing an engagement ring with a wedding ringthat were bought separatelyrequires some careful comparisons. The metal type and color, style and fit need to be a near match, in order to look like a cohesive unit and avoid unwanted rubbing between rings. Most jewelers are happy to assist with such a matching request and can help in designing a beautiful pair.

Matching engagement ring and wedding ring in yellow gold

An alternative to matching the rings on your own is to select a matching wedding and engagement ring set, also known as a bridal set. This ensures the metal colors are identical and that the rings will fit together perfectly.

We suggest looking for matching wedding ringsor any rings, for that matterfrom trusted and reputable online vendors. Our years of experience have taught us that when customers work with a reliable dealer, their experience is exponentially better.

We recommend Blue Nile to our readers, as theyre an industry leader for diamonds and jewelry. They offer a range of matching engagement and wedding ring sets. A few excellent examples of Blue Niles offerings:

You can also build your own matching set with James Allens bridal set tool.

Should You Get Wedding Ring Insurance


It is common to take out insurance for an expensive engagement ring, but is it necessary to do so with the wedding bands?

Put simply, if you have spent what you consider to be a lot of money on the rings then it is certainly worth getting them insured. Some jewellery may be covered as part of your home insurance, but it is a good idea to check if the value of the rings exceeds the limit. You might need to list them as special items to ensure that they get the appropriate financial cover, so its also very important that you know their value when listing them.

Whats more, the rings will have strong sentimental value so, although they cant be replaced, it might provide you with some peace of mind to know that they are covered. Nothing can replace them but at least you can invest in another piece of special jewellery if the worst does happen.

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Engagement Rings For Men

The majority of men choose to wear only a wedding band, though some desire an engagement ring to display their commitment. Engagement rings for men are distinct in style from womens rings, and a variety of options exist. Many online dealers list their engagement rings as wedding rings, though they can be used for either occasion.

For example, this platinum engagement ring from Blue Nile offers style, while this classic ring from Blue Nile is smoother and sleeker. These two designs are on the simple side of the spectrum and dont contain any gemstones.

On the other hand, some male engagement rings are more intricate than a plain metal band. Ring styles with diamonds like this channel set ring from Blue Nile or this bevel setting from James Allen combine masculinity and decorative stones. Other styles are fashioned from a mix of metals or contain an inlay color thats different than the outside color, similar to this brush inlay ring from Blue Nile.

For those with an active lifestyle looking for a durable option, consider a band like this titanium one from James Allen or this tungsten carbide design from Blue Nile.

Your Fiance Is An Earth Goddess

She loves nature and does everything she can to protect it. She conserves where she can and eats organic, not because of a fad but because she made it a way of life. You know that she will want to have a green wedding.

She doesn’t get caught up in mass consumerism. Rather your fiancée buys what she needs and reuses as much as possible. Yoga is part of her daily routine. She wishes everyone would lend a hand in making the world a better place. She is a true free spirit.

Her ring type: A marquise diamond engagement ring or any style vintage diamond and setting.

Her engagement location: Something simple. Out at a picnic in the park perhaps.

Her engagement & proposal: Really meaningful and from the heart. Consider writing and proposing with a poem. Make it all about the two of you and your future together.

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Your Fiance Is A True Classic

Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn are her style icons. She is elegant, sophisticated, graceful and always a lady. Her tastes are more traditional and timeless.

She’s a classic and so the style of diamond ring should last the test of time. She is not into the latest trend. The jeweler brand should be from somewhere that she recognizes and has been around for decades. That little blue box from Tiffany’s would melt her heart.

Her ring type: A round solitaire diamond and if she’s got a bit of an adventurous streak, an emerald cut.

Her engagement location: A quiet tucked-away restaurant with a view of the Eiffel tower, a breakfast at Tiffany’s or at a big family gathering.

Her engagement & proposal: If she’s a family girl, ask her parents first. It should be a surprise, feel like it’s from an old Hollywood movie, roses are a must.

Visit A Local Jeweler To Update Your Wedding Band


To update either the size or style of your TwoBirch wedding band, you should visit a local, professional jeweler. You never want to let just anyone change how your precious wedding ring looks, which is why you should take plenty of time to find the right professional with services in your price range. Once at your local jewelers, you should ask the qualified professionals what they recommend changing about your ring, not to tell you what to do, but to give you plenty of changes to consider. After all, its easier to get new changes done in one trip, rather than take a few trips to your local jewelry store to update the size and style of your wedding band.

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Your Fiance Is A Glamor Puss

Everything for her needs to be fabulous. The more expensive, the better in her mind. She takes her cues from P. Diddy, nothing but the best. For her money is no object – the word ‘budget’ is not in her vocab.

She loves to show off and has been known to throw an extravagant party or two. She will want to parade her new rock around and talk about it to the world. We hope you started saving up, you’ll probably need to get something that scores highly on all 4Cs, especially on carat. That rock will need to be seen a mile away.

Her ring type: A yellow or pink diamond pave engagement ring

Her engagement location: The fanciest of fancy places, perhaps a private island or exclusive hideaway

Her engagement & proposal: Over the top. You need to pull out all the stops and your wallet for this one. Think BIG! And then multiply it by HUGE. Everything needs to be top notch and pulled off flawlessly. If there is a crowd to witness the extravagance that’s even better.

Properly Maintain Your Wedding Ring

Once your wedding ring has been updated, you should now focus on adequately maintaining it to keep your band and diamond in its the best shape, so you can continue wearing it every day. Fortunately, taking good care of your TwoBirch wedding ring is easy to do, all it takes is regularly cleaning your wedding ring to keep it sparkling clean and visiting your local jeweler every year or so to take care of any repairs that you might not have noticed.

Updating the size or style of your TwoBirch wedding ring can seem like a challenging process, but it doesnt have to be. Hopefully, with help from this guide, you can have an easier time updating your wedding band. Get started today by comparing TwoBirch rings here and consider finding a reputable jeweler to make the necessary changes to your ring.

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Wedding Rings For Men

Wedding rings for men, also known as wedding bands, range from intricate to more simple in style . More than anything else, personal preference is the most important factor when it comes to choosing a wedding ring for men.

Some couples also try to choose rings that complement their fiances ring. For instance, if a woman has a white gold solitaire ring like this one from James Allen, a mens ring like this traditional white gold one from James Allen may be a complementary match. Again, this choice comes down to personal preference.

Check out our Mens wedding band guide and get more info to make an inform decision.

How To Update The Size Or Style Of Your Wedding Ring

Why I Wear a Silicone Wedding Ring and Why You Should, Too. â Woodworking Tip

Has your ring finger size or style preference changed since you last bought your TwoBirch wedding ring? Not to worry, updating the size or style of your wedding band isnt too challenging to do, which can be incredibly valuable if its causing discomfort to your ring finger. To learn all about changing your wedding ring, follow this brief guide!

Pick your Wedding Ring Style

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What Is A Solitaire Engagement Ring

Honouring its namesake, the solitaire setting showcases a single, stunning diamond. Popularised around the world after the debut of the Tiffany® Setting, solitaire engagement rings highlight the beauty of an engagement diamond. While the round brilliant diamond is the most popular stone for solitaire engagement rings, any diamond shape is a beautiful centrepiece in this classic setting.

Get Your Ring Finger Remeasured

If youre planning on resizing your ring due to a change in your ring fingers size, you should first get your ring finger remeasured. This way, you can determine that resizing your ring is worth the money and so you can get a new ring size can be used for the future. Once youre ready to resize your TwoBirch wedding ring, you should contact and visit a local jeweler to take care of this alteration for you.

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