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Where To Find Wedding Bands

What Else Should I Take Into Account Before Budgeting

How to Find Wedding Bands for Men to Match An Engagement Ring

Function bands will always quote inclusive of any travel expenses and usually come fully self-contained with PA system and lighting. If the band need to stay over theyll either include accommodation in their fees or outline the requirement on their quote.

One thing to note is that the band will always require parking at the venue – so if this isnt available, you may be required to cover parking costs if specified on the contract.

Why Do Prices Vary So Much

As you start to browse the web and the quotes come flooding in, it soon becomes apparent that prices can vary massively, so what actually affects the price of a wedding band?

There are so many factors that come into play but the main five differentials tend to be as follows:

  • The number of band members: The more musicians in a band, the more mouths to feed.
  • Travelling distance from the venue: Always start your search locally before searching further afield in order to get the best deal.
  • Popularity of the band: The more popular the band, the higher their rates become. A professional function band is a business and its only natural that they will increase their fees as demand goes up.
  • Time of the year: With peak summer Saturdays being the most popular in the year, bands will often be inundated with requests for the same dates and so some bands may alter fees to account for this, often offering more competitive rates out of season.
  • Quality: Some musicians are just better than others!

Why Shop At Barons Jewelers

Located in Dublin, California, BARONS Jewelers has been the Bay Area’s leading supplier of top quality designer engagement rings, wedding bands, watches, and fine fashion jewelry since 1967. Along with the designers featured above, we are thrilled to be an authorized retailer of Carl F. Bucherer, Michele, Bulova, Raymond Weil, and Bellarri. We also offer our customers on-site jewelry repair, watch repair, and custom jewelry design services. Known for our “Legacy of Elegance” and voted “Best in East Bay” for over four years, we invite you to visit BARONS Jewelers today and see what our expert staff can do for you!

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Incorporate Your Personal Style

Think about what jewelry you already own and what catches your eye when you’re shopping. Are you more of a white gold or yellow gold person? Do you have a specific cut diamond that you prefer over another? Is your style more trendy and modern or traditional and timeless? Take a look through the jewelry you already own and use this information to help define your personal style. “Choose something that represents you because these pieces truly become a part of you, and commonly become heirlooms that are cherished and passed down to future generations,” says Alex Stuller, senior director of bridal at ever& ever.

Additional Popular Wedding Band Collections

HELP! Cant find wedding band that fits! : weddingring

Mens wedding bands from Triton are engineered with combinations of complex metals and mixed materialsall pieces display rich and natural colors. Popular collections include Raw, which features raw stone and raw edges and Carved, which showcases carved designs and strong, solid cuts. Rogue boasts mens wedding bands with bold lines and mixed metal designs. For the man with a daring aesthetic, these rings are sleek, yet entirely unique. ArtCarved also offers mens wedding bands, along with womens, so many of the designs are harmonious. Customer favorites include the timeless designs in the Classic collection or the visually intriguing Contemporary collection.

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Is There Anything Else I Need To Know

Youre bound to have lots of queries specific to your wedding. Whether they be about dress code, logistical obstacles or otherwise, feel free to email a list of queries to your chosen agency and theyll be sure to offer answers and advice. In the meantime, you may find our FAQs page is a great place to start.

Shipping & Returns Policies

Since each vendor has their own set of shop policies, make sure to check the payment plan options, estimated delivery date as well as return policy as they will vary from shop to shop.

One of the first places to make online diamond shopping a thing, Blue Nile has been around for over two decades. Selling ultra-high quality diamondsat much lower prices than traditional retail, thanks to the fact that they cut out the middlemanthis is a great place to shop for diamond bands. They also have a convenient category of couples rings, pairing options that work well for him and her together in one convenientand very affordableduo. So affordable in fact that many of the combinations come in at under $1000 for both bands.

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The Beginner’s Guide To Hiring A Wedding Band

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Looking for a wedding band but not sure where to start? I’ve spent the past decade searching for the best bands in the business – and I can assure you that its no easy task.

One of the first issues couples tend to have is that there seems to be an absolutely overwhelming number of bands on offer at every turn, from agencies and directories to social media – and not forgetting the friend of a friends cousins band who once supported Scouting for Girls in 2006.

The good news is that agencies like Bands For Hire have already done the hard work for you – so while youre here, why not head over to our wedding bands section to make a start?

How To Find A Wedding Band

How to find the perfect wedding band size by Spexton

Enjoy this informative blog written by our intern, Nick Cardillo, on searching for the perfect wedding band:

The decision to hire live entertainment for your wedding is one that is incomparable to any other option you might have considered. A wedding or dance band has the ability to bring a whole new element of entertainment and fun to your event that no DJ or iPod playlist can provide. But now, the next step in the process is to find the perfect band for you! Taking advantage of the following tips and tricks will make the path to finding a band for your event seamless and stress free.

Start With Your Venue

A great place to start is with your venue. Wedding planners and event executives at hotels, halls, and other locations often have preferred and time tested entertainment specialists. They will be able to refer you to wedding band agencies or specific bands that you would be able to hire for your big day.

Search Online Reviews

Visit Vendor Websites

Once you find a few vendors that have caught your eye, visit their individual website. Any good entertainment and event agency should have live video and bios of all of the bands posted on their website. But a great entertainment and event agency will even go as far as hosting a showcase in order for prospective clients to hear and see their future wedding band live.

Look for Versatility

A Final Note From BVTLive! Founder and Jellyroll Bandleader, Kurt Titchenell

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How Do I Know If A Band Is Any Good

With wedding bands primarily performing at private events, it can be frustrating for couples to not have the opportunity to watch their prospective bands live before booking so how do you decide?

Bands go to great lengths to showcase their talent through their promotional videos, so this is usually the best indication of their live sound. In my experience, its easy to tell the quality of a band from their recordings yes, a good engineer can tune up vocals and add a little bit of magic to spruce things up, but in general, the quality of a recording usually reflects the level that the band are at in many cases, youll find they sound even better live.

Titanium For A Wedding Band

Titanium is a metallic element that can be found in abundance and therefore is made into many different products like golf clubs, air crafts, watches and even wedding bands.

  • Found in the late 18th century, and fittingly named after the mythical Greek giants, the Titans, who personified different forces of nature and also ruled the earth.
  • Titanium is one of the transitional elements on the periodic table and can be found found in many forms.
  • Titanium is a lightweight, affordable metal, that has grown in popularity for grooms-to-be because it offers a luxurious appearance, as well as a high degree of strength.
  • Bands can be found in very light grey/white color and their actual finish can change through different methods of polishing and or brushing.

An important feature to note is titaniums strength-to-weight ratio. It is the highest out of all the transitional metals, which means that titanium is light weight, with a low density, but is extremely strong. So, if you are looking for a light weight ring that you wont feel while wearing, than titanium bands are the one to choose.

Titanium can be split into four grades: 1 through 4. Grade one is the softest form of titanium while grade 4 is the hardest. The best type of titanium for wedding bands is Commercially Pure grade titanium, which is 99% pure. Grades between 2 to 4 CP work best for rings.



  • Cannot always be resized
  • Titanium is a difficult metal to use for intricate designs, which mean ring designs are limited

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Selecting Songs For Your Wedding Music Band

Before your event, we recommend giving your chosen wedding music band two specific song lists. One should be songs and musical genres you absolutely want to hear, along with when you want to hear them . The other list should be songs and musical categories you dont want them to play.

Give some thought to your guests in attendance. While nobody is disputing that it’s your special day, you also want your friends, family and loved ones to have a good time. You might add some classic songs and/or fast and slow songs to encourage everyone to dance.

WeddingWire offers plenty of resources for finding the right wedding live band to suit your musical desires. Don’t forget to check online reviews for advice from couples who have previously hired your band. Start your search and find the live wedding music to complete your celebration!

How To Budget For A Band Or Dj

That moment you find the perfect wedding band for your ...

Now comes the hard part. How much should you spend on wedding entertainers? Sadly, theres not a single answer to this burning question. However, while the cost of entertainers could vary vastly, theres an easy equation you can do that will help you budget well for this part of your wedding.

As with all areas of your wedding, your overall wedding budget will determine how much you can set aside for the entertainment part of your day, says Elliott. Of course, its a personal choice. As a rough guide, 10 to 15 percent of your overall budget should go on your entertainment.

Understanding how much you can afford to spend on your entertainment will give you a clear understanding of the professionals you can feasibly hire.

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Wedding Bands From Shane Co

Shop Shane Co.s incredible selection of wedding bands to exchange on your special day. From sparkly bands lined with diamonds and stones to all-metal bands with vintage-inspired milgrain detail, youll easily find the perfect style to complement your engagement ring.

  • What kind of wedding band styles does Shane Co. offer?

    Whether youre looking for a classic or modern design, Shane Co. offers hundreds of unique bands to choose from. Our wedding bands are crafted with a variety of precious metals including white, rose and yellow gold as well as platinum, cobalt and titanium. Our bands come in a broad range of designs from all-metal infinity bands to contour styles accented with hand-picked diamonds, sapphires and bright red, rubies.

  • Does Shane Co. offer men and womens wedding bands?

    We offer hundreds of beautiful and affordable wedding bands for both men and women. Shane Co. carries an impressive selection of stoneless, pavé set, ccolored-accented, channel-set and swirl bands in all different metal types.

  • Whats the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding band?

    An engagement ring is usually presented at the time of the proposal while wedding bands are traditionally exchanged by the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony. A womans wedding band tends to be less intricate but can still feature elegant details and precious stones to complement her engagement ring. Browse hundreds of rings to find the perfect band to last a lifetime.

  • Platinum For A Wedding Band

    by: Rickson Jewelry


    Yup, thats right. Elk antlers and sound waves made it onto our top list of titanium wedding bands.

    I seriously love the simple design and natural materials used in this elk antler ring. The 10k gold inlay and hand-turned titanium wedding band means you have a truly stunning piece of jewelry to wear.

    On the flip side, a little bit of sound technology is required in order to forge this unique-as-your-voice titanium wedding band.

    I wonder what a soundwave ring for Mariah Careys voice would look like!?

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    Choosing The Best Wedding Music Bands

    Although your wedding venue may have a list of musicians that they work with, you may not be limited to the names on it. Check the contract to see if you can bring in outside musicians. Also, be familiar with any noise restrictions at the venue, or the need for extra power supplies or any other equipment for your band. Keep in mind that a band will likely take up more space than a DJ, so make sure there are ample accommodations. As with other elements of wedding planning, the more information you have available about your wedding music band in advance, the more smoothly your actual event will run.

    Couples should be aware that wedding live bands tend to be more expensive than a DJ but this is a good area to splurge. A live band provides a rich sound and is a memorable option for your reception. Before booking, ask any potential bands if they are performing at any public events in the near future. If so, you can see them in person and decide if they fit your style. Otherwise, ask for some videos of past performances. After searching around, reading reviews and possibly seeing potential wedding bands perform, you’ll be ready to make your selection.

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