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Thick Wedding Bands For Her

Wedding Band Care And Cleaning

How to Choose a Wedding Ring (Type, Size, Fit, Shape)

Clean your wedding band at home by soaking it in a bowl of water with a squirt of dish soap. Rinse and and leave to dry on a soft cloth.

You wont need to clean your jewelry as often if you take it off when using sunscreen and lotion, which leave residues that can dull your wedding bands shine.

Don’t wear your wedding ring, when swimming in pools as chlorine can react with the alloy and dull the surface. Gold rings shouldn’t be worn at the beach or in the water, since cold water makes your fingers smaller and rings can slip off and be lost.

What Are The Benefits Of A Thick Engagement Ring Band

A thick band is more durable, so its appropriate for people who use their hands often. It can support a larger stone, as well as accent stones and other decorative work, as well.

Finally, a thicker band can make a bold statement on the wearers finger.

If youre still unsure how thin or thick you want to go, shop around. Go to a jeweler and try on bands with different thicknesses. Or go online to get an up-close view of a variety of rings.

Choosing A Wedding Ring That Complements Your Engagement Ring

Of course, the most important consideration when selecting a womans wedding band is to consider what will look best with the engagement ring.

The general rule most women follow is to choose a wedding band that matches the width of her engagement ring. This gives the ring set a balanced and polished look. In fact, some people choose to purchase engagement rings as a set with the wedding ring, so they fit perfectly together, like this stunning set from .

However, it is not always that simple.

Some engagement rings taper in, getting thinner toward the center. Others may have gems that vary in size, making it difficult to determine the exact width of the ring. If this is the case for you, determine the width of sides of your engagement ring, and attempt to choose a band that matches closely.

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Buying A Shadow Wedding Band

If you like the look of a wedding band that fits snugly against your engagement ring but your ring isn’t straight across, you need whats known as a shadow band: a weddiing band that is designed to mirrow the edge of your engagement ring, hugging its curves. These rings are generally custom made to fit your engagement ring.

An alternative is a criss-cross band, which has an x shape that leaves more room in the center for the center stone of your engagement ring or a V-shaped band. Twist bands can also fit against some engagement rings.

At RockHer, most of our rings are designed to fit with a straight edged band. But we can create a shadow band for any of our engagement rings that don’t have a straight edge without requiring you to send us your ring, since we have three-dimensional renderings of all our designs.

Wedding Band Widths For Women

Wide Band Wedding Rings For Her

While each person has their unique style, there are specific trends seen when choosing wedding band widths. In general, women prefer a smaller, more delicate band that sits nicely with their engagement ring. A 2-millimeter wedding band is a popular choice for just this reason.

Three millimeters is a very classic width for a womans wedding band. At just about the width of a spaghetti noodle, a ring this size will pair well with your engagement ring but is also substantial enough to be worn alone.

A 4-millimeter wide wedding band is about the width of a linguine noodle. While this is a common choice for men, women may also choose this if they do not wear an engagement ring.

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How To Choose Your Ring Band Width

So much goes into the look and design of engagement rings and wedding bands that ring band widths is easily overlooked. But your engagement ring and wedding band will likely be the jewelry you wear the most. So these rings should not only look exactly how you want, they should also be comfortable and suit your lifestyle so you can wear them with ease.

Once a ring is on your finger, even the tiniest millimeter difference in ring band widths can be the deciding factor in whether or not the ring is a joy to wear. While trying on different ring band widths will always be a recommended practice, you can figure out beforehand a desirable ring band width, and were going to help you do that.

What Are The Benefits Of A Thin Engagement Ring Band

A thinner band will make a smaller diamond look bigger. It will also put a fancy shape diamond or any solitaire front and center. It will complement a thin or small finger, as well.

Thin bands are trendy right now for their dainty look, so there are plenty out there to choose from.

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Extra Thick Wedding Band Width:

Size of Extra Thick Wedding Band Width for Her: 11 to 12 mm

What are Extra Thick Wedding Bands

Wedding band sizes were differentiated for men and women specifically. A thickness above thick wedding bands consists of the male option of wedding band thickness. When you choose 11 to 12mm full wedding band with extravagant designs or scrollwork-like styles, you also get a wide area to engrave your names and dates.

Best Wedding Ring Setting for Extra Thick Wedding Bands

Eternity Bands,

Are Engravings Possible On A Narrow Wedding Band Ring

Christina Haack Shows Off Her Massive Emerald-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring from Joshua Hall | PEOPLE

Generally, the artisans can engrave names onto rings that are over 1.5 millimeters in width. Our personal recommendation is that the best minimum width is 2 millimeters for name engravings because it allows enough space for name engravings, and it also reduces the chance that the letters will be blurry. This is so that you can clearly see your name along with your loved one.

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Visualizing Ring Band Widths

Ring size often gets confused with ring width. Ring size is the diameter of the ring and is also reflective of a finger size. . The ring width refers to the thickness of the band itself. Wedding and engagement band widths range from 1.6 millimeters all the way up to 20 millimeters with most women and men choosing between 1.6 millimeters and 8 millimeters.

The width you select will always be a matter of preference related to personal factors, visual styling and physical comfort, but there are some typical sizes for womens and mens rings.

  • Womens rings will typically range from 1.6 millimeters to 4 millimeters and feature more half sizes and ultra-thin bands in the 1.6 or 1.8 millimeter range.
  • Mens rings will typically range slightly wider from 4 millimeters to 7 millimeters.

An easy way to imagine how these sizes look is to pull out some nickels and pennies. A nickel is about 2 millimeters wide and a penny is about 1.5 millimeters wide. So if you play around with a few coins and hold them up to your finger, you can get a rough idea of just what 1.5 millimeters all the way up to 10 millimeters or more would look like on your finger.

Women’s wedding bands

Men’s wedding bands

Diamond Setting And The Width Of The Ring

If you want to set your diamond onto your wedding band ring as well, you should select the size of the diamond and the width of the ring that goes well with one another. This is to make sure your ring looks stunningly whilst also being durable and proportional to the overall composition of the diamond ring.

If you prefer narrower rings that make the diamond appear more full and eye-catching, or if you want to increase the ring width for durability both are good options as well.

And so the primary factor in selecting the width of the ring will be the design of the ring and how proportional it looks on your finger. You can choose this in accordance with your preferences and whatever works best for you as well.

Or if you want to test out how the rings look on your fingers virtually, you visit this page.

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Mens Wedding Band Styles: The Aspects You Need To Know

Its good to have options especially when it comes to wedding rings. When it comes to buying wedding bands for guys, you have to consider a number of things, including:

Width.Width is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to buying a mens wedding band. While womens engagement rings tend to have bands that are similar in width, men have more options. The reason: Men tend to have larger hands that can vary widely depending on a number of factors, including height and weight. Thicker wedding bands tend to be more comfortable for men with larger hands, or those who work in hands-on careers.. In contrast, wedding bands that are thinner or have a smaller width , tend to work well for men with smaller hands and thinner fingers. Thicker wedding bands make more of a statement on the hand since they are larger and more noticeable. For men who are not used to wearing a ring, a thinner wedding band might be the best option. It really comes down to your personal preference and what width you think would work best for you.

Metal.Not all metals are created equally. While every metal used for mens wedding band styles are designed to be durable and stand up to day-to-day life, the truth is that theyre all still different.

What To Consider Before Choosing Your Wedding Band Width

Thick Wedding Bands For Her

So, now that we know what our options are, how should you choose the right wedding band width? Well, here are the main factors to consider before purchasing anything:

  • If your fingers and hands are overly slim, youll probably prefer a thinner ring.
  • If you like classically stylish and dainty jewelry, thinner will be the way to go again.
  • If you work with your hands a lot, choosing a medium thickness of 4 or up to 6 millimeters is advisable. Here were talking about anything from administrators and bartenders/waitresses to nurses and doctors.
  • If you take your ring off while working, then it doesnt matter what your occupation is.
  • If youre more of a contemporary person who rejects most classical styles and types of jewelry, a thicker wedding band will likely suit you better. Many unconventional brides go for 7-8mm or up to 10mm as this gives them a unique look as well as the opportunity to engrave their rings with something more complex and special.
  • If you want your wedding bands to be identical the 6-8mm range is where men and women typically overlap.
  • What materials would you like? If you want a thin, gold ring then youll need to discuss it with your jeweler. Our recommendation is to go for lower karat gold, 14k instead of 18k, for example, as those are harder. Also, rose gold is harder than white and yellow gold because of the copper in its alloy so keep that in mind as well.

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Why You Should Trust Us

Traditional metal rings are simply not practical for people who work and play outside. The GearJunkie team is composed of hunters, anglers, climbers, and other folks who cant stand the hassle of constantly removing and reinstating a metal wedding band.

Many of us have been wearing silicone rings long before we began intentionally testing them for this roundup. Weve owned certain rings through multiple years of heavy active use. While testing a wide variety of rings, we carefully assessed their comfort, durability, aesthetics, and overall value.

After careful consideration, were confident that this list is composed of the best silicone rings on the market today.

Do Silicone Rings Prevent Degloving

Ring avulsion, also known as degloving, is pretty darn terrifying. Basically, it means your ring gets stuck on something. The results can range from a little bruise to full amputation. Its of particular concern to climbers, woodworkers, and anyone who uses machinery.

And while the best option is to completely remove all jewelry during these pursuits, we understand thats not always ideal. And a silicone wedding ring is a great, safe alternative. As QALO explains, silicone rings are built to break free under extreme stress, thereby preventing degloving and saving your digits.

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Wedding Band Widths For Men

While it is the brides ring that generally gets the most attention and holds the most sparkle, we would be remiss to overlook the groom. Mens wedding bands vary greatly in the metal used and the detail on them.

In general, wedding band widths are usually thicker for the groom. This is especially true for men with larger finger sizes. They find that a wider ring feels more comfortable on their hand. However, men with thinner fingers may prefer a smaller ring that better complements their hand.

A ring with a width of 2 or 3 millimeters will look very delicate in comparison to a mans hand. If you are looking for an understated ring that does not draw much attention, this may be the perfect wedding band width.

Keep in mind that some men may find rings uncomfortable because they are not used to wearing them. In this instance, a thinner ring of 2 to 4 millimeters may feel less intrusive on your finger.

Another consideration to make is a mans lifestyle and habits. If he works a job or has hobbies that will put a lot of wear and tear on the ring, a thicker wedding band width may be your safest bet. While a thinner ring is more prone to break, a band of 6 or 8 millimeters will withstand more damage.

This 8-millimeter Tungsten Carbide ring is an excellent example of a durable and solid design.

The Most Common Widths For Men

Brides Guess The Cost Of Engagement Rings

Most men choose wedding band widths between 4 and 6 millimeters. This size ring is generally the perfect balance between looking substantial on a mans hand without being too large for comfort.

Designed for comfort with beveled edges, this 6-millimeter tungsten carbide ring will look great and fit perfectly.

This titanium ring comes in sizes as small as 2 millimeters but as thick as 8 millimeters so you can really get a good feel for a broad range of wedding band widths.

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Pros And Cons Of Wide And Thin Ring Bands

In a side-by-side comparison, there are going to be certain pros and cons for both wide and thin ring bands depending on personal preferences.

Wider bands have a very modern and contemporary feel and work well with modern settings, like a bezel, as seen with our Hanem. Since theyre more durable, they can be made of a large variety of metals. Also, unique design work like a fingerprint or deep channel settings are much better suited to wide bands, as seen with our Lili & Lito bands.

The biggest con with a wide band is that more metal means a higher price for the band itself before even getting to a stone or setting. Also, wider bands typically mean a bigger ring size since the extra surface area makes it harder to fit comfortably over knuckles and then sit around the finger. The larger size can also add to the cost and since there is more metal, these bands are harder to resize.

Thinner bands offer the exact opposite to the cost scenario of a wider band, so they will be less expensive since less metal is used in the overall construction. Center stones and larger side stones look even more impressive in a thin band, and thin bands open more design choices, like twists or rope bands seen in our Shanel, that would be impractical on a wider band. A thin band will also fit more easily on the finger and be simpler to resize.

What About Wedding Band Thickness

When people talk about engagement and wedding rings, diamonds and gold are usually the main topics of discussion. But even if youâve picked the perfect combination of ring elements, the thickness of the band can make a huge difference to how it actually looks on your hand. A beautiful diamond on an elegant hand can be dimmed by a too-thick band. Engagement and wedding bands come in a range of widths.

While some brides are looking for a delicate, elfin feel, others prefer a chunky band make a statement and stand out on their finger. Read on for some helpful tips to making the right choice.

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Diamond Size And Shape

The size and weight of your diamond will almost certainly dictate the width of your band. While thin, dainty bands are pretty trendy right now, something below 3mm will have a hard time supporting a stone bigger than a carat.

On the flip side, if youre going for a smaller stone, a wider band will make your diamond looks smaller, while a thinner band will make it look bigger.

If youre choosing a fancy shape, like a heart or emerald cut, a thinner band will put all the emphasis on the cut of your stone. But if you want side diamonds to frame your stone, opt for a band thats 3 or 4mm.

In fact, a band between 3 and 4mm will give you the most flexibility in terms of stone size and shape. Its not too small and not too big, so it can support a wide range of diamonds and styles.

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