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How Much To Tip Wedding Dj

What If A Service Fee Is Already Included

How To MC A Wedding (Wedding DJ Tips)

While this is more common in restaurant wedding venues than hotels or exclusive hires, always check if a service fee is included before you tip. If you’re already paying 12.5% on top of your bill, there’s no need to add a tip on top of that!

We hope this helps with any tipping dilemmas – if you’ve got any other thoughts and suggestions, hit us up on and !

Seamstresses Delivery People And Drivers

Though they won’t actually be at the wedding, these workers’ preparatory roles are just as important, so be sure to thank them in some way. The people delivering the flowers and cake should receive at least $5 each at the time they make their deliveries. A gratuity for your limousine driver may already be included in your bill, but if it’s not, consider giving a tip of 15 to 20 percent of the cost . For seamstresses, a cash tip is not expected, but sending a small gift such as a photo of you in your dress is a wonderful way to show your gratitude.

Hair And Makeup Artist

Whats one way to feel more amazing than you already will be on your wedding day? Hiring a , of course. These professionals have the important job of making you and your closest loved ones feel beautiful and polished, and if their service ends up being outstanding, you should consider tipping them for their efforts.

What to tip: Similar to a salon visit, a 15% 20% tip is expected for your hairstylist and makeup artist , though its not required.

When to tip: After you and your bridal party get your makeup done, extend those tips individually. But since you might be distracted by your upcoming nuptials, have a bridesmaid or maid of honor hand out the envelopes instead.

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The Dj Friend Doing It For Free

In some rare occasions you can find a DJ that would play music at your wedding party for tips only. In other words, you are not paying anything, but he would do it for tips.

I must say I never did this in my career. I believe that being a DJ at a wedding party has some big responsibilities and it is hard work. A decent payment, backed up with a contract I consider pretty normal.

But I heard in a few occasions this actually happened. Probably the DJ will not really be a professional DJ with his own business, but a hobbyist and friend of the family. A tip: Be sure to check his skills and experience before actually doing this, as it could turn out bad.

If the tip comes from you , a maximum tip of a few hundred bucks should be sufficient. If he expects more, you could just as well hired a professional DJ with a lot more guarantees of success.

After all, he asked to do this because he wanted to help you out, and he likes doing it .

He shouldnt volunteer to this, only to afterwards knock a couple of bucks out of your pocket.

What To Consider Before Tipping A Wedding Photographer

How Much Does a Wedding DJ Cost? (5 Tips to Save)

If youre considering tipping your wedding photographer, thats awesome of you! Again, its not necessary by any means but if you think it may be a kind gesture, here are some things to consider.

  • Did they provide you with a discount at any point? Discounts come right out of the pockets of small business owners, so tipping can help show you that you appreciate their hard work and want to give back to them, too.
  • Did they shoot for longer than they were contracted for? Whether it was your engagement session or wedding day itself did they show up early or stay late? A tip can be a sign that you value their time.
  • Did they exceed your expectations?Were they there to help you troubleshoot problems beyond those that were photographer-related? Were they helpful with pinning of boutonnieres, with the bustling of dresses, or just super amazing at dealing with stress, tight timelines, and keeping everyone calm?
  • Were they helpful during times of uncertainty and stress? Contrary to the historical idea of dont tip them if theyre the business owner, many business owners went above and beyond for their clients during COVID spending weeks at a time helping clients with details, rescheduling, and postponements without any paycheque coming in. A tip could be a nice gesture to show appreciation for the extra help during the hardest of times, regardless of whether they own the business or not.

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The Average Cost Of A Wedding Dj

The average wedding cost of a DJ is between $610 to $960. The minimum DJs price is $400 while the maximum is $2,200. This is for DJ costs only, as other side toppings attract extra pay. The average wedding DJ price for a 4 or 5hr long wedding is between $600 to $1500. A professional DJs costs for a wedding is between $1000 to $2500. This applies to DJs who are skilled and with years of experience on the job. They do it full time and charge quite a bit high.

DJs who price below $600 are less experienced or DJ part-time. But couples steady spend between $400 to $2,200 on DJs, using Los Angeles, and New York as a case study. This will often depend on the length of the wedding and DJ experience.

We advise that you apportion at least $900 to your DJ in your wedding budget. It prepares you against unforeseen circumstances.

What Kind Of Vendors Do You Need

  • Venues

We all know that weddings can get real expensive, real quick! When budgeting, it can be easy to forget to factor in funds to tip wedding vendors. While gratuities are usually built into most vendor contracts, this isnt always the case.

Not sure when its necessary to tip? Worried about committing a faux pas on your big day? Dont worry Check out our complete guide to which vendors you should tip on your wedding day.

Hair & Make-up Artist

Your glam squad might be up at 4:00 AM to prepare your bridal party for an early morning ceremony or pre-nuptial group photos that fact alone is a reason to tip! Consider their expensive tools and equipment, plus the beautiful artistry theyre sharing. We recommend tipping hair and makeup between 15-20%.

Wedding Officiant

Wedding officiants dont operate like the rest of the vendors on this list. Some will not charge a set fee for their services but expect you to donate to their church or organization. They will most likely suggest an amount. The donation can range from $50 to $500 .

Catering Staff

Many catering companies include a service fee in their contract, so double-check before taking out your wallet to tip. If gratuities are not included in their fee, then check out this tipping breakdown:

Florists, Photographers, Videographers, and Wedding Planners

Delivery Staff

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Cash Tip Alternatives For Wedding Vendors

For other vendors, sometimes a cash tip just isnt in the budget. Thats okay! We get it, and so do they. After years of talking to thousands of wedding vendors, we can confidently say there are things that can mean even more than a tip. For example, a handwritten thank you note.

Youd be surprised how many wedding vendorsespecially those who own their own small businesswill hang on to these notes and revisit them often. Expressing gratitude and appreciation truly does go a long way.

If youre trying to think of a few other ideas, here are ways to show appreciation for your wedding team:

  • Reserve a seat for them at your reception.
  • Send them a thoughtful thank you note.
  • Leave a review on their website or vendor profile.
  • Gift a spa day or your favorite relaxation candle.
  • Recommend their services to family and friends.
  • Tag them in social media posts about your wedding.

While were on the topic of showing appreciation, its always great to learn about common wedding vendor etiquette before the big day.

Your Wedding Vendor Contracts: Have It In Writing

Why Wedding DJs Are So Cheap and How To Fix It | Wedding DJ Pricing Tips

When you book a wedding vendor, you should always have a contract detailing the services theyll provide you. Think of it as a way to hold the vendor accountable if something goes wrong or they dont show up to what they agreed to.

If a vendor doesnt provide a contract, its critical to request one. This legally-binding document serves three purposes: you and the vendor understand the services that will be rendered you and the vendor have agreed upon the rate for the services that will be rendered you can be assured that the vendor has locked down your wedding date and time.

Note: Be sure you pay close attention to the payment details. Is gratuity already included in the total? Watch out for phrasing such as gratuity,service charge, or service fee to give you an indicator, though you should still ask vendors for clarification if anything is confusing. If you see these terms, theres no need to include an additional tip. But if gratuity is not included in the final bill, you may want to tip the vendor if youre blown away with their service.

Here are the most common wedding vendors, in alphabetical order, that couples hireincluding suggestions on how much to tip them and when. After all, the gesture of tipping is an art, one that requires some strategy to get right.

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Wedding Planner Baker Stationer And Florist

As business owners, these pros wont be expecting a tip. However, if you really loved their work or felt they went above and beyond, consider putting cash or a check in the mail after the wedding, along with a thank-you card . If your planner brought an assistant who did great work, be sure to send over a tip for her or him as well. Anywhere from $50-$150 is appropriate for a planners assistant, with the higher amounts for one who really went above and beyond the call of duty.

Where Does Tipping Wedding Vendors Fall In The Budget

Its a general rule of thumb to tip each of your wedding vendors 10 to 15 percent if they charge more than $300 for their services. That percentage increases to 20 percent if the total bill of their service is below $300.

If you want to be conservative with your wedding budget, set aside a little extra lets say 15 to 20 percent for all wedding vendor costs to make sure you have enough on hand. You can still stick to the 10-15 percent rule for those more expensive vendors, but youll be happy to have the extra money in the event of super exceptional service.

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From How Much To Tip To What Songs To Request These Eight Tips Will Make You Your Dj’s Bff


Youre getting marriedand that calls for celebration that has everyone on their feet from cocktail hour until last call! The best way to do that? Craft a catchy playlist so people cant help but spring out of their seats! From your first dance to the final steps, music sets the tone for the reception and has a heavy hand in determining your guests’ experience.

If you and your fiancé opt for a DJ instead of or in addition to a band, youre putting the responsibility in their hands to ensure your wedding reception hits the right notesliterally! Along with finding an entertainment company that falls within your budget and has your wedding date available, you want them to be able to fluent in your favorite 90s boy band hits, understand whats going to go down on the dance floor when your family does the Hora, or know that youll be expecting a heavy rotation of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra to keep great aunt Jane happy. No matter what youre looking for, a DJ and their team should be able to work with you and your partner to make your wedding night special.

Heres what two professional wedding DJs want you to know before you resort to letting Spotify control the tunes on your big day!

Tipping Your Wedding Band Or Dj

How Much Does a Wedding DJ Cost? (5 Tips to Save)


GigMasters clients have asked us in the past what our policy is on tipping performers. While we feel that tips are a great way to show your appreciation, we know that every event and every customer is unique, so we leave this decision up to them. What we can offer are, well – some tips:

Most bands, solo musicians, and variety entertainers have let us know that tips are not expected, but greatly appreciated. They have also told us that in their past experience, they have received additional compensation on top of their performance fee about 50% of the time.

So if you find yourself blown away by a performance, or exceptionally satisfied with an entertainers professionalism and chemistry with their audience, a tip is a great way to show your thanks.

When it comes to the actual mechanics of tipping, you might consider simply adding some extra cash to your payment, whether by cash or check, at the end of your event. If you have already paid your performer in full before the event has taken place, you could offer an envelope with cash or check as the performer leaves.

When calculating the tip, this amount is truly up to the client. If you are more comfortable with offering a percentage based on the performance fee, our members have agreed that anywhere from 5% to 20% of the overall price is appropriate.

Also, if you are attending a public event at a restaurant or bar, and a tip jar is visible, show the performer some love.

We hope this information is helpful!

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How Much Should I Tip My Wedding Vendors

Allotting room in your budget for gratuities is often a forgotten hidden expense. While tipping is not mandatoryit is always appreciated for a job well done and a kind, thoughtful gesture for this service industry. Traditionally tips are included in pre-prepared thank-you notes written before the wedding day. Typically your wedding planners or another trusted responsible guest will distribute the pre-prepared sealed envelopes to vendors during select moments of services during the day. Here’s a helpful breakdown of what’s customary for tipping each vendor:

How Much Do You Tip A Dj At A Wedding

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  • How Much Do You Tip a DJ at a Wedding?

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post. At no cost to you, I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

A DJ can be a great way to make a boring wedding reception fun-filled and rocking. Although DJ is often overlooked in the wedding, bringing one makes things easier for you. The best thing about the DJ is they can pick the right song for the right moment. As a result, you will not require passing a lot of time on picking the music. However, you might be confused about how to pay and tip your DJ. In the below article, we will discuss how much do you tip a DJ at a wedding.

The payment and tip you need to give to the DJ will vary on a lot of things. Things that can affect it include the wedding season, duration, the popularity of the DJ, wedding location, and some other things. In the below paragraphs, we will discuss how much you should tip a DJ at the wedding. Keep following the article to find out more information on this topic.

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