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What Is My Wedding Style

Nerdy Fun Wedding Themes

What is the Best Wedding Dress Style for My Body Type

So video games and movies arent your things, but a traditional wedding isnt quite right and you still want to let your inner child shine through your wedding styles. Be a nerd! Celebrate your passion for incessant learning and worldly culture by displaying it for the world to see on your big day. Heres how.


The simplest way to describe Kawaii is a love for Japanese Pop culture. Hello Kitty, Studio Ghibli, Pink and blue hair, and babydoll dresses with oversized bows can make their way into your table toppers, desserts, and J-pop playlists. Swap the bridal gown for a babydoll dress with oversized bow, and add a Mask to the grooms Tuxedo to pull off this look sure to result in a fantastic photo album. Oh, and dont forget the Japanese photobooth!

Pro Tips:

  • Do think about serving classic Japanese food at your wedding
  • Do have your bridesmaid dress in bright colors
  • Do have a cake that shows off your favorite Kawaii character
  • Dont assume all your guests will know the theme
  • Dont forget to add bright colored sneakers to your wedding day attire

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Ive been avoiding my best friend and feel so let down by him. Hes been calling me but so far Ive ignored him.

I listened to one message where he apologised for taking liberties and blamed the amount hed had to drink, saying he never would have touched her if he hadnt been so drunk.

Newest Stylish Themes For 2022

For the couple that wants to be trendsetters and try something different from the rest, new, different, and otherwise, alternative wedding themes might be the right choice. The key is to keep it stylish and chic, so simplicity and elegance would be key. This type of theme could be minimalist and modern, or even slightly vintage.

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Second What Are Your Values

Do you value family, adventure, travel, decor, food? Make a list of the things that are the most important to you and work backward! A list of values can help you prioritize your budget. Im in the midst of wedding planning myself and am dying to have a desert wedding. Not only for the color palettes, but because I love to travel and adventure, and I would love for my family and friends to experience those same things with me!

If youve never done values work check out this link here for a simple worksheet to start with!

I love that these two decided on bright bold colors, and ended their night with their favorite sweet doughnuts! Who needs cake when you can have your own bride and groom doughnut??

Whats Your Wedding Style

What I Wore For My Bridal Shower

Will your wedding be modern, vintage, or something totally unique? Find out now! Discover your dream wedding style, then learn ways to express it through color, design, and more.

This beautiful quiz has ten pages where you choose your favorite images, which allows your visual intuition to guide the way.

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Wedding Themes For Summer

Summer is a great time of year for a wedding and a theme unto itself. Not just a season, summer represents warmth, and light, and growth, and abundance. These are the perfect sentiments to back into your wedding and youre Happily Ever After.


The beach is a fantastic wedding theme because it merges a destination and a season. Put out any vintage wedding decoration ideas that you can imagine, mix any colors you like and just like the sunflowers the sun and sand will tie it all together.

Pro Tips:

  • There are three main features that need to be considered when planning a beach wedding: seating, ceremony backdrop and location.
  • Seating should be somewhat shaded or planned for a late afternoon event to avoid hot sun.
  • Even though you have the ocean as the background you should consider a ceremony backdrop to create a focal point.
  • The location is key since some beaches are public so you will want to make sure you select a location that takes into account some privacy.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Your new wife and best friend may have been messing around, but what they were doing was completely inappropriate and could very easily have led to more if you hadnt arrived.

So far your wife hasnt apologised and is laying all the blame at your door.

She has made such a fuss about your drinking to deflect attention from her own behaviour.

Be firm even if you were drunk, that doesnt excuse any cheating.

But if you are drinking so much you regularly pass out, then you also need to think about how your boozing is affecting you and your relationship.

In a quiet moment, sit down with your wife and explain you want to make your marriage work.

Ask her what improvements she needs and this is your opportunity to tell her what changes you also need.

Make it clear if you ever find her in such a compromising position again youll see that as the end of your marriage.

Contact, which offers free, confidential help through local centres for those with drinking issues.

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Simple Wedding Themes For Winter

With winter, you can either dive in and embrace it or warm it to its core. Either way, you have yourself a great wedding theme and some fantastic photoshoot theme ideas on your hands. And one thing that this season has that others dont more options! Since its cold you can bundle right up with cute cardies, fur stoles, or long sleeve anything.

What Is Your Bridal Style

Doing My NATURAL HAIR Wedding Day Style | Wedding and Honeymoon Pics

With so many wedding dress styles to choose from, its nearly impossible to know what style suits you best. Take our Whats Your Bridal Style? quiz to discover the best bridal style for you!

  • Vintage Boho: The vintage boho bridal style encompasses bridal style of eras past and mixes it with a laidback, modern vibe. Drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature and making it your own, the vintage boho bride has a one-of-a-kind style.
  • Classic Prep: The classic prep bridal style plays on classic, family and wedding traditions, but with a personal touch. Simple silhouettes and traditional styling are a large part of the classic prep bridal style.
  • Modern Minimalist: The modern minimalist bridal style is all about clean lines and simplicity. Less is more when it comes to the modern minimalist bridal style.
  • Sexy Glam: The sexy glam bridal style is full of stunning, sparkling style and attention-grabbing details. Bold beading and dramatic cutouts lend itself perfectly to the sexy glam bridal style.
  • Dream Princess: The dream princess bridal style is all about creating a fairytale moment. Feminine details, light fabric and dreamy silhouettes all bring the dream princess bridal style to life.
  • Rustic Chic: The rustic chic bridal style ties romantic and natural details together effortlessly. Dreamy lace and soft silhouettes are the perfect addition to any rustic chic bridal style.

Take the quiz and get custom recommendations based on your results!

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Sculpture And Fine Art

iSave to

Couples with an inclination for the finer things in life, but still want a step away from a traditional wedding them will adore the beauty that fine art offers. Decorate your venue with classic paintings and sculptures that you and your bridal party create before the big day. OR, ante up and hire living sculptures to adorn your wedding day space. Its not a small expense, but its your big day and youre worth it.

Pro Tips:

  • Hosting a wedding with a sculpture and fine art theme is made easy when you select a venue that supports the theme. Choosing a museum, gallery or art center offers decor already in place meaning you dont have to add much more on your own. One of our favorite ideas is to name each table after a different famous sculpture and have a picture of it as well.

Search Real Weddings By Style

At this point, you can actually filter and view real weddings on Zola by wedding style to both confirm this is the look youre really digging for your own vows, and to get serious about finding inspiration for your wedding day attire, florals, tablescapes, venue, food and drink offerings, and other details like escort cards, signage, rentals, favors the list goes on.

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Millennial Money: How To Have The Wedding You Want For Less

This one goes out to all you lovebirds who got engaged over the holidays and are now left planning a wedding with zero event-planning experience.

Somehow youre expected to craft a day thats traditional, yet modern. Well-attended, yet intimate. Its about you as a couple, but also shouldnt be offensive to any of your guests. And most crucially, dont overspend, but make sure it looks expensive.

Sure, weddings are fun, but the most important part of any wedding is everything that happens after your real life, together. Dont start that life with credit card debt that lasts until your fifth anniversary.

If you focus your spending on what you and your guests will actually notice, and skip expensive things no one really cares about, youll have a beautiful wedding without the debt.


Before you plan anything, set a budget based on what you can afford. Make every decision with that number in mind, whether its $250, $5,000 or $50,000.

At its core, a wedding is simply a celebration of love, says Jen Glantz, founder of the company Bridesmaid for Hire and an email newsletter called The First Years of Marriage. In that celebration, there are no rules. Look at your wedding as a blank slate, an empty room. What do you want to fill it with? What can you afford to fill it with?


Here are some other ways to save.




What Wedding Venue Is Right For You

What I Wore For My Bridal Shower

If youre having option paralysis by so many beautiful settings to choose from to say I do, let this quiz help you decide which wedding venue type is right for you. In the pandemic, youll likely keep the venue simple, practical and personal. Throw an intimate party for those who matter the most whether you share it on Zoom or at a small wedding with the nearest family and friends.

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Does My Wedding Need A Theme

A wedding theme gives you somewhere to start also it helps you to make decisions on wedding decor and colors. You need a theme to keep the look uniform, or you risk turning your celebration into a chaos of different colors and decor elements. Also, if youre considering some decor ideas or going DIY, you always can ask yourself: is it something that actually fits with my wedding theme? It can be a good filter when you dont know what to choose.

Do You Need A Wedding Theme

It’s the golden question: Do you actually need a wedding theme or style? If you’re not feeling drawn to a particular wedding aesthetic, you might wonder if you have to categorize your big day with a style or theme name. Ultimately, the choice is up to youâbut choosing a theme or style may make your wedding planning process easier. “It is beneficial for couples to choose either a theme or a style, if not both,” says wedding planner Ayanna Stephens. “The theme and/or style helps with a few things: It creates the opportunity for a cohesive design for your wedding, it sets the tone for the type of experience your guests will have, and it also helps to inform your budget.”

Adds celebrity wedding planner David Tutera: “If you want a great wedding that engages guests, it’s all about telling a story from the moment they receive the invitation to the last thing they see, which could be the favor. Having a style or a theme helps you choose the story you’re going to tell.”

If you’re not sure what wedding style is right for you, details like the date or location can serve as a guiding force. “Finding a venue that is realistic to your vision can seem challenging, but it’s the most important part of wedding planning,” says Alyssa Pettinato, owner of Alinato Events. “Then, every decision that comes after locking in the venue will contribute to the theme or style of your day.”

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Wedding Quizzes You Should Take

Is your wedding celebration style rustic, breezy, or sophisticated? What about your wedding dress? Do you imagine a fairytale gown, a glamorous mermaid sheath, or a simple cocktail dress?

If youre not sure wedding quizzes are a fun way to pinpoint your wedding style. Answer the multiple-choice questions with your beloved and a clearer picture of your ideal wedding will begin to emerge.

Why Does Wedding Style Matter

My Wedding Tuxedo (And Every Detail Of What I Wore On My Wedding Day)

You can think of wedding style as the lens through which youre going to examine the masses of wedding inspiration available to you, both on Zola and in the wide world. Once you have some language to describe why you like something, its going to be easier to start saying yes and no to the many choices put in front of you during the planning process.

Nailing down a wedding style early will make the early days of your planning that much more efficient: you wont waste hours looking through rustic details if you know you want a more classic affair, and it will help you find a venue and vendors that are well-suited to bring your style to life.

Additionally, having the right words to explain what you like will be infinitely important to your team of wedding vendors. These people only have a short window of time to get to know you, yet theyre responsible for helping you plan the biggest celebration of your life. By articulating your wedding styleor at least being able to show a curated selection of photos that demonstrates the look youre going foryoull be able to connect and communicate with your vendors from the get-go.

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What Is A Wedding Style

Wedding style, simply put, is what you and your partner want your wedding to look like. Whether viewed as one overarching theme or a series of smaller aesthetic choices, your wedding style covers a lot of visual ground: from your choice of venue to the table linens, florals, wedding attire, and invitations, the list runs right through the entire event.

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